Thursday, March 18, 2021

How Many More Times?

From the greatest rock band ever... Led Zeppelin "How Many More Times" Live 1969 on Danish TV

The question: How many more times will I have the opportunity to turn down the experimental jab?

The Answer: Three so far, so I guess until they stop fucking asking!

This post was prompted by a new PSA from Community Health Centers of CT I viewed during the local morning news featuring a black female doctor. The video is of her story initially rejecting the "vaccine" because of distrust, but then she took it and is now dispensing it so "people that look like her" will also be comfortable getting it. The part that annoyed me above treating "people of color" differently was the lecture at the end telling me I need to "do the right thing" when it is my turn. Bite me, lady! That experimental crap IS NOT going in my arm. I tried to find a copy of the PSA on line but it isn't out there to grab. If it does become available, I will embed it in a new post and link back to this one.

Here is the amusing and now most ironic PSA. UConn Ladies Basketball Coach Geno Auriemma (the highest paid state employee in CT BTW) lecturing us not to be selfish and to do the right things. The PSA video is a few months old. Guess who was infected and is currently in 14 day quarantine? That's right, Coach Geno has to sit out the playoffs because somehow he tested positive. That begs he question; is he a lying hypocrite that did the old "do as I say, not as I do?" Or are all the safety measures just bullshit Kabuki Theater that does NOTHING to prevent infection? Perhaps a combination of both?

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