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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Fibbie Abuse of The No-Fly List

I just watched a report by Michelle Malkin on Newsmax that people of a certain "political persuasion" (HINT: not BLM, PANTIFA, anti-gun hoplophobes, enviro-nazis, religious persecutors, pro-abortion, Marxists, etc.), are secretly being placed on the terrorist "no fly list." The no fly list is actually just an extension of the "terrorist watch list." The Homeland Security goons and The Fibbies are in charge of placing citizens on this list, in secret of course, with no notification, reasons, or remedy to get off of it. The only way to find out if you're on it is to buy a plane ticket, get denied boarding, write a letter to The Fibbies requesting to know if you're on the list, wait for their written confirmation that you're on it, then request back to them in writing you be removed, and wait to try getting on a plane again? They will never disclose why you are/were on it, or what witnesses they interviewed. There are classifications of people on the list, of which I am a member of a couple of them, that get denied other things beside flying if they're on it. So I know I am officially not on it.... YET! My C&R FFL, commercial drivers license, pistol permit, and state EMT credentials are all still intact. I purchased and received a brand new firearm back in February with no issues.

I am, however on the no-fly list by choice because I refuse to get the jab of experimental glop. I will never possess, comply to produce, or discuss a "Vaccine Passport" to anyone that is not my doctor or heath care designee. I decided months ago that I will simply never fly commercial again, have no reason to leave the continental U.S. and will just drive wherever I need to go. That will only change upon a successful challenge in the courts that forever kills any notion of having my special tattoo (QR code), yellow Star of David, or scarlet letter. Since my wife and I both believe we had the Chink Bug over a year ago (before it was supposedly here so there was no test for it) we believe we possess the best kind of immunity there is... having and getting over the virus naturally. I believe tens of millions of people had it and got over it thinking it was just a cold that also have the natural immunity, not any special immunity because they went and got the "not a vaccine" jab.


  1. My wife got covid this past winter. She never, never had a fever. Her main problems were a bad cough and a worse headache. Her symptoms let up, after a couple of weeks, but she still suffers from horrible exhaustion, and the occasional headache, which she never had before.
    She had breast cancer a couple of years ago, and her doctor told her that the vaccine can sometimes cause the lymph nodes to get hard, forcing them to do the same follow up that they would do if they suspected she had a remission of cancer. That means lymph node biopsy, which they don't tell people that it is just as debilitating after the cancer has been declared gone, as the pain of the cancer itself was.
    She had to have me wrap special tape on her lymph node areas, to help direct the fluid to the other lymph nodes that were left, to take care of the extra fluid.
    I am not getting the vaccine either. Let the followers of the New World Order be their beta testers. And yes, I have lost not only friends over my stance, but close relatives as well. My brother's wife now hates me, because I won't just accept that it is my job to take care of someone else's grandmother, by wearing a mask, etc. I was planning on going shooting with my brother this weekend, but due to her attitude, my brother backed out. I don't blame him, his first responsibility is his wife. His wife actually jumped on me on FB, telling me that she just had a double mastectomy, and somehow relating that to me not caring about about her, due to me not wearing a mask, or getting a vaccine. I make my own mind up, and it doesn't depend upon circumstances, or what others think or say. So why would I allow them to make me change my mind?

  2. Hey Mysterious Blogger;

    I will not get the Job either, unless my Job forces me to get it, then I will have to decide what i will do. I had covid back in January and I believe that the 2nd shot killed my dad so I ain't in no hurry to be a Guinea pig for "Our Betters".


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