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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Gas Cans

I had a discussion about Jerry Cans with two brothers that are friends of mine the other day. A guy they know is selling off his "stuff" and has a pile of WWII era cans. I related that I have several modern NATO surplus ones for my generator, and the older brother asked if I wanted to buy any. I declined because of their age, probable condition of the insides, and my spout won't fit. The older version has a screw on cap retained by a chain. Mine have the smaller opening with a lever operated cap and a locking pin. My spout mounts to the opening in place of the cap. These containers are forbidden to be sold in Kommiecticut by state law courtesy of the environazis that prefer safety cans that spill gas all over. Some companies don't give a shit and sell them anyway with a disclaimer about not using them for fuel. HA!

Today I read a couple of blog posts on Commander Zero about gas cans, prompting me to want to buy more for myself. I went to where I bought them from before, Lexington Container out of Kentucky. Not only were they HOLY SHIT! expensive ($79.99 for a 5 gallon can), but every version of their NATO Jerry can was out of stock. Then I saw the link in this post and checked it out. Such a deal! Four brand new cans for $179.95, and my math says just under $45 per can, which is less than what I paid several years ago. They don't play tax collector for Kommiecticut so add only the $23.83 for regular ground shipping and they are supposed to be here by Friday. That will give me 50 gallons of safely stored on hand gasoline down in my barn. All my gas is treated with Sta-Bil 360 and the cans are tagged. All the gas is cycled out and replaced every 6 months or so, and the generator tank is completely emptied and refilled once per year. Gas treated with Sta-Bil 360 can supposedly go two years, but I don't risk it. My generator starts right up and runs smoothly every time. 

As soon as they arrive and I inspect them, and they are as promised, they will get the Glypto Thumbs Up Endorsement. Stay tuned. 

UPDATE 11-30-22: It's official... The Glypto Thumbs Up Endorsement for these cans and roverparts.com. My Jerry Cans arrived this afternoon, but were delivered to Mrs. Bitchy McBitchy Bitchface's my neighbor's house. In a strange twist of personality, she actually brought my large package down and placed it in front of my garage door. I spoke to her over my Blink Outdoor camera. She asked if she should leave it in front of the garage and I told her that would be fine, and that I would be home in a few minutes to retrieve it. I thanked her for doing that and will also send her a hand written "Thank You" card. I then filed a complaint with FEDEX when I got back to the firehouse. The box was completely broken open spilling out the contents and soaking wet from the pouring rain, besides delivering to the wrong address. Luckily, none of the Jerry Cans were damaged. Unfortunately I had to give them one star out of five, because you can't leave a zero on a survey. Out here FEDEX drivers are contractors that do a shitty job with a simple task like delivery, and they drive like fucking maniacs.

UPDATE 12-1-22: Text of the "Thank You" card to my neighbor:

 Neighbor's Name

Thank you so much for bringing my misdelivered package down to
my house. I especially appreciate the extra effort it took in
terrible weather because it was large as well as damaged and
hard to handle. Fortunately the items inside were a little wet
but not damaged.

I slammed FEDEX in a delivery survey for their address screw up
and damaging my package. We'll see if it helps.

My Name

Sunday, November 27, 2022

This Is My Personal Preference

I'm cleaning the rest of my guns from Friday's range outing this evening. I cleaned my SR9c right after I got home since at the moment it is my main concealed carry firearm. It seems most folks I know use Hoppe's No. 9, but this is my preference.














Since I don't shoot naked lead cast bullets, I don't need a lead solvent. My bores have copper fouling from my plated hand loads or jacketed commercial ammo. The receivers, mags, feed ramps, slides, and cylinders are covered in burnt powder residue. This product does an excellent job tackling both issues for me.

A Fire Before It Rains

My fire pit was full of dried brush so I decided to light it up before the rain predicted for this afternoon. As the brush got going good I threw on some well seasoned split hardwood to get it good and hot. The 2x4's are from a bench that needs new wood, so I took the chainsaw to it and cut about an inch away from the uprights. I won't add any more wood and just let it burn down.




Now there will be room in the fire pit come January if I need to dispose of my Christmas tree. I will offer it to the farm next door again first because the goats love it.

Saturday, November 26, 2022

Black Friday? No... Bang Friday!

A weekday off means the opportunity to go to my club range. I loaded 200 rounds of .45 ACP last night, planning on shooting my Colt MarkIV Series 70 (which hasn't been shot in years) and my 45 Shield. I also had some old reloads, both purchased and my own to burn up. I wanted to do some more work with my two current carry guns from holster draw. The long guns were mostly going to be for fun banging the gongs, except my sniper type rifle. That was going to entail some scope range changing, as well as a comparison between my precision hand loads and commercial ammo.


First up was my Colt Mark IV Series 70. When I bought it in 1983, it was pretty much in standard government type issue, just like a 1911 marked "U.S. Property" would have been, but with a shiny blued finish. Mine now wears adjustable sights, a rubber Pachmyr grip, has a slide stop bushing, all new springs, pins and screws, and a barrel bushing compensator. Internally there are some bits from Chip McMormick. Skeletonized trigger and hammer, a high rise beaver-tail safety, and a sear set. I had forgotten how well this gun performs. After reacquainting my self with some target practice. I easily whacked the swinging plates at 25 yards, and then went to bowling pins. My hard hitting 200 grain flat point rounds hit the pins on the blue "American Bowling Congress" shield and took the pins cleanly and completely off where I had them sitting. This was my pin gun from back in the day, even before I tweaked it. I won my share of matches back then, maybe I'll get back into it.

Next up was the S & W 45 Shield for some draw and fire practice from both my OWB and pocket holsters. 7 yards at a B-27 silhouette using some older Hornady Critical Defense rounds I had put aside for this practice session. Recoil is only slightly more than my target rounds and easily manageable for me.

The last pistol I shot was my Ruger SR9c with some draw and fire practice from my On Your Six Designs OWB holster. I was going to do a full "Dicken Drill", but since I didn't have a shot timer and was trying more than 7 yards for the first time with a carry gun, I opted to start at 25 yards. I did OK, and am confident I could take out a target from behind cover, especially if I can brace myself. I then went to holster draws at 7 yards using a B-27 silhouette target. I did notice that I never had one instance of fail to fire with light primer strikes like I did on my last outing. Amazing what gunk inside the slide in the area of the firing pin will do to reliability. This is the first time firing it since I did that thorough cleaning. I only fired my 115 grain round nose copper plated hand loaded target rounds. I did not shoot the (ghost gun) other pistol in the case, or the Ruger GP-161 I had loaded on my hip for the day.



Another member and his guest showed up to shoot. The member has a S & W M&P 15-22 he brought just to plink with, but his guest was looking to verify zero on a Winchester Model 70 in 7mm Remington Magnum. I put my shooting on pause because he asked for my assistance. As far as he knew, his rifle was zeroed and he was just going to verify zero and holds. Well, something was amiss, because he wasn't even on paper at 100 yards and he asked me to try it out. First off, that rifle has a much stiffer trigger than I was expecting or used to, but at 100 yards I was holding on the center and should have been at least on paper. Nope. Then he started fiddling with the scope and things did not improve. I recommended they stop trying until they can shoot against a large sheet of paper to see where it is really hitting. They agreed and packed it in. The guy said the ammo was $47.99 for a box of 20. YIKES!

I brought several rifles with me but only fired my sniper type rifle. Rather than try precision shooting, I decided to engage targets as though they needed to be quickly eliminated, which would be more real world. I started at 200 yards with the 5 remaining rounds of PPU commercial ammo in the box to give me some more fire formed brass. At 200 yards it would have definitely been a kill, but the group was large and to the right of center. That was to be expected, since the commercial ammo is loaded with .308" bullets and my barrel slugs out to .311" I put 3 rounds on paper and whacked the 200 yard 12" gong twice. Then I switched to my precision loaded ammo using .311" Sierra MatchKings. Much tighter group at 200 yards and in the center of the target. I then dialed the scope back to the 100 yard zero setting and put 3 rounds right in the center of the target at 100 yards. Dialed back up the needed two inches of elevation and easily plugged the 6" gong at 200 yards, which makes a distinctive sound when hit. Back down to the normal setting and 2 rounds dead center of the 12" 100 yard gong (I saw the paint removed where the bullet struck) and that was that. There was no need to burn up any more precious ammo. I am confident in my ability to eliminate long range targets. Right now my dope card for actual fired rounds only goes to 200 yards, and until I can shoot at longer ranges, I have the estimated required elevations.

I packed everything up and spent the rest of the afternoon at the clubhouse, hanging out with several of the other members.


In the wake of the tranny club shooting in Colorado and the Walmart in Virginia, the demented meat puppet at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is ratcheting up his anti-gun rhetoric being pushed by his string pullers against all semi-automatic firearms, no longer just dreaded black rifles. HEY FUDDS & BUTTERS: think your favorite hunting firearm is safe from the gun-grabbing hoplophobes... HA!

Keep your powder dry and rope nearby.

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Nice Addition

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers.


So this arrived last night and got put into service this morning.

Proctor-Silex Model #31124 6 slice/12" pizza Toaster Oven

Our firehouse has a simple residential type kitchen, not the big fancy commercial kitchens like you see on TV shows or in movies. We have an electric range, a microwave, a side by side refrigerator, and a four slice bread toaster. No dishwasher either. We have other things like crock-pots and coffee makers, but nothing fancy. When the station was built, career staff manning the station was unheard of. Now several people are in the shift rotation, and everyone brings leftovers or cooks. There have been many times I wished we had a toaster oven for leftover pizza, chicken wings, Marie Calendar's pot pies, or appetizers like jalapeno poppers or pizza bites. Homemade cornbread or muffins sliced in half don't fit in a slice toaster. So I proposed getting one to the leadership. This came from the Proctor-Silex website direct and listed for $74.99. On the main page is a 20% off coupon good until December 5th and all orders over $50 are free shipping. With Kommiecticut's money grab off the sale (sales tax) made the total come to $63.80. I made the purchase and had it shipped to my house, and the department has agreed to reimburse me.

I chose this particular model for a reason. It is a newer version of the one I have on my kitchen counter that we ended up with after my wife's grandmother passed away in 2008. When we cleaned out her place we were using a small Back & Decker unit, so grandma's was put up in the attic. Being from the depression era, Grandma Gladys saved everything, so it was safely stored in the original box and packing. When the little Black & Decker unit died, we put the Proctor-Silex into service. It has been over 10 years and still works great.

The toaster oven got its inaugural use to warm up the Thanksgiving blueberry pie for dessert this afternoon. My wife cooked a Thanksgiving turkey dinner and brought it down to the firehouse with her handicapped brother from his group home. She's awesome... what a feast! One of our engines needed fuel, so I took her brother with me to get diesel up at public works across town. He thoroughly enjoyed it. I did run the lights, siren, and air horns on the ramp before we got on the road.

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

So Now We Need Common Sense Rope Control?

Noose found at RHAM High School - Fox 61 CT

But was it really a noose? Ever since NASCAR's Bubba Wallace noticed a garage door rope pull that had loop tied on the end and called it a noose, that turned out not to be one, the media have stopped showing photos of the suspected noose in subsequent "incidents," of which there have been several here in Kommiecticut.

Looks more like a simple loop than a noose to me























So before the mental midgets start calling for rope control, let me offer my expertise with ropes and knots as a certified Firefighter III. I carry this length of rope in the truck box in the bed of my pickup truck. It is in an organized untwisted coil, so whether I had to throw it for a quick rescue or use it to tie an object down, it will deploy properly.


This is the running end of a rope.


This is the same piece of rope with a simple half-hitch or "granny knot" in it. It is not a noose.


This is the same piece of rope with a bowline tied in it. It is a loop that stays in position and the knot actually gets tighter with tension, but is easily untied. It is one of the most useful knots in the fire service. This is what is usually tied on the end of garage door release ropes. It is not a noose.


This is the same piece of rope with a slipknot tied in it. Useful if you don't need a lot of strength and want the loop to tighten when you pull the standing end. OK for light lashing. But it is not a noose.


Now this... THIS is a hangman's noose. If tied correctly the loop is adjustable, the knot normally has 13 turns (I was lazy tying this one so it got 11), and the end is locked into a loop at the top of the knot. 


When a person is properly executed by hanging, the loop is placed around the neck and snugged up. The knot is positioned dead center at the back of the skull. This causes an instantly fatal C1-C2 fracture that severs the spine at the brain stem. The amount of free rope to allow the condemned to fall properly is based on a weight chart like the one below. Too much rope and free fall distance will rip the head right off. Too little rope and the condemned slowly dangles and strangles, suffering for several minutes.

Now the last documented lynching of a black man for simply being black was Michael Donald carried out by the KKK on March 12, 1981 in Mobile Alabama. While tragic, it was pretty much a one-off since regular lynchings stopped years earlier. I get it, it's a painful reminder of a horrific past. But every rope with a loop in it is NOT A HANGMAN'S NOOSE unless it is specifically tied as one. And even if it is, what is the context? When I lived in a more urban area where we had fun on Halloween with lots of Trick-Or-Treaters, a skeleton in a hangman's noose was always part of my display. No one was offended. However we moved from that house in March 2004, so 2003 was our last Halloween. Wokism wasn't a thing yet.

IMHO, the only people that should REALLY fear the hangman's noose, is the fucking commie traitors of the Uni-Party Establishment that permeate every level of government. Because swinging at the end of a rope is one of the ways they will be dealt justice.

Sunday, November 20, 2022

I Am An Advocate...

... for shooting them in the fucking face when they come to your door to remove your children. From the blog The Wanderer:

"At issue is SB 107, legislation signed into law in late September by Gov. Newsom. Essentially, the measure allows California courts to take what is termed “emergency jurisdiction” of any child who comes to the state for “gender transitions.”
Essentially what this means is that the state can strip parents from any state of their custody rights if their children seek such sex mutilations in California — or even through telemedicine with a California-based doctor."

RTWT here

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Didn't Quite Work With Guns, Now Its On To Knives

So this happened the past Sunday in Moscow, Idaho

Four Murdered College Students in Moscow, Idaho - KTVB 7 News


All four were stabbed in their beds and found around noon time. According this article in the NY Post the knife used was possibly a USMC Ka-Bar or similar large "Rambo style" fighting knife (their words, not mine).

An original style KA-BAR


In my weapon stash, I have my own modern version made by the Cutco cutlery company.

The incorrectly named "blood groove" the original has for strengthening the blade against lateral motion and breakage is not required because of the strength of the steel from Cutco. Cutco's version combines their famous "D-Cut" serrations and a straight edge on the blade. The knife handle is synthetic instead of leather, which is easier to clean blood and guts off of. The knife locks into the Kydex sheath at the hand guard with a positive click and the strap at the top keeps the handle from flopping outward while carrying. It is the perfect knife for stuffing in a brain stem or going full H.L. Mencken after spitting on your hands and hoisting the black flag. Chops vegetation and small diameter firewood with ease.

I got this as a free premium from my Cutco representative because I bought so many knives for myself and as gifts at one time. That was back when it listed for $170 and it was a Big E show special at their booth. I added the paracord at the base of the sheath for securing around my thigh. The only blood it has tasted so far was my own when I first got it and my thumb got in the way. Luckily no stitches were required.

Friday, November 18, 2022

"What Is A Woman?" It's Not Hard To Figure Out

There are a shit-ton of mentally ill people out there, the worst offenders being those in the "medical profession" or education confusing those folks that are easily swayed. You know, like young children for example! Below is a link to the movie which I was able to download and then share, so if it goes away, I can re-post it.

"What Is A Woman" - FULL MOVIE 

Matt Walsh explores a lot of concepts about truth and people's perception of it. A real teeeee-dious interview with a male libturd college professor starts around the 19 minute mark. Then the California congress-critter... HOO BOY! He walks out of the interview because Matt put conflicts in his brain that he could not resolve or explain. I found this movie difficult to watch at times, because so many people Matt spoke to totally suspend any scrap of reality to spout their nonsense that they truly believe themselves, and I actually felt like my brain was being poisoned. Gender fluidity is whatever someone decides it is at any given moment, but the biology you were born with NEVER changes, regardless of drugs or surgical modification.

What prompted me to write this post is the showing of this oh so controversial subject movie last night on the campus of Central CT State University, and the protests it set off. A link to the news story from last night on NBC CT at 11:00 PM is below:

Protests Over Showing Of The Film "What Is A Woman" by Matt Walsh at C.C.S.U.

Yup, as expected, the fat, ugly, green haired, tatted and pierced weirdos screaming through a megaphone. Because the only free speech allowed on campus is that which doesn't offend delicate snowflake LIBTURDS or go against commie ideology. 

For the record... I am not transphobic, because the "phobic" part means fear. I don't fear them, I wish they would get REAL mental therapy to get well. But I certainly DESPISE them when they want to get in my face, force me to participate in their delusions or use made up gibberish words as pronouns. Well if not playing along gets me labeled a hater, then so be it, I really don't fucking care. So stated for the record:





Thursday, November 17, 2022

Official Position of This Blog - Post II

The libturds and RINOS in congress are working on passing legislation codifying and strengthening the SCOTUS decisions on marriage. Because like most controversial issues in America, they were NEVER voted for or directly supported by the American people, but came from mostly flawed decisions from courts. I think the root cause is lawmakers abdicating their responsibilities by not doing the difficult work of legislating and therefore insulating themselves from being voted out of power. From the website Ace of Spades HQ:


Twelve Senate Republicans voted with Democrats on Wednesday for the far-left “Respect for Marriage Act,” which is reportedly designed to provide federal protections for same-sex and interracial marriages.

Lawmakers voted for the measure 62-37 after a bipartisan group of senators made changes to the bill to include a clause about religious liberty. With the amendment agreed upon, the bill will go back to the House before going to President Joe Biden. The White House has expressed support for the measure.

The 12 Republicans who voted for the bill include Sens. Roy Blunt (R-MO), Richard Burr (R-NC), Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV), Susan Collins (R-ME), Joni Ernst (R-IA), Cynthia Lummis (R-WY), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Rob Portman (R-OH), Mitt Romney (R-UT), Dan Sullivan (R-AK), Thom Tillis (R-NC), and Todd Young (R-IN). . .

. . . The measure passed the House in July with the help of 47 Republicans, but Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) agreed to postpone a vote until after the midterms so that lawmakers from both sides of the aisle could attempt to address religious liberty concerns. . .

. . . Family Research Council President Tony Perkins said the bill “opens the door to American persecution.” He wrote for the Washington Stand:

Not only is this language light years more radical than the justices’ ruling seven years ago — cracking down on parents, charities, adoption agencies, teachers, Christian schools, counselors, and Bible-believing professionals — the government would be declaring open season on anyone who believes in marriage as it’s always been: the union of a man and woman.

The advancement of RFMA is yet another instance of Senate Republicans providing the votes needed to pass overreaching Democrat legislation, which includes broad-sweeping bills concerning gun control and infrastructure.


I have never taken issue with interracial marriage except that its not for me and unless it is something other than "one man and one woman." But I and this blog support only true "MARRIAGE" between one consenting non-related man and one consenting non-related woman. Anything else is something else like "gay marriage" "polygamy" "incest" "bestiality" etc. and I WILL CALL IT AS I SEE IT... SJW's can fuck the fuck off. If in the wake of the overturning of Roe v Wade congress finally starts doing their fucking job, its probably not a bad thing. But they should be forewarned, they will be held accountable if they do not properly represent their constituents ideals.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Message - 2022.0549

"Saturday is laundry day."







2.36773830x10 e35 combinations for the key.

Have fun FED

Saturday, November 12, 2022

The Verdict Is In

In reference to the previous post, my new Stihl BR-800 C backpack blower was money well spent. After spending a little more then an hour cleaning my gutters for the final time of the season, I got started on clearing leaves. I began by finishing the driveway all the way to the bottom and blew them across the road into the woods. I then completely cleared the backyard, pushing everything down the hill in a big pile near the fire pit. I turned my attention to the dog yard and the chicken yard. The dog yard was completely cleared in little more than half an hour. I was also able to hit part of the front yard through the fence. In the chicken yard, I started by using the little Tanaka unit and clearing the roof of the coop and pen. I then used the Stihl to clear everything from around the base of the coop and pen. By spring every scrap of leaf will be gone because the scratching chickens grind them into dust. Down to the lower yard by the fire pit and around the barn. That Stihl machine took that three foot high pile of leaves and put it into the woods where I wanted it. I called it quits with another pile down there to finish as well as the front yard. We had the remnants of Hurricane Nicole coming, and since I was in the middle of refreshing my generator fuel supply. I did not want to get caught short, so off to do some errands and get gas. I have a couple more hours of yard work left at most. But, I accomplished in 4 1/2 hours what would have taken a couple of days, because the little Tanaka can't push those big piles, requiring me to drag the leaves on a tarp. Very labor intensive. 

Another pleasant surprise was the fuel consumption. I thought it would use much more than it did for the usage I gave it. I normally drain the fuel and store my leaf blower for the season. This year, the Stihl will remain fueled and ready to go with my snow blower for snow removal duty. Because of the gravel driveway, I need almost four inches for the snow blower to be effective. A couple of inches of powder will now be able to be removed easily.

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Time For A Long Needed Upgrade

Once upon a time, when I lived in the more urban environment of Rockville and was young and fit, I thought leaf blowers were tools of the grumpy old man. I raked and picked up the ankle deep pine needles and leaves on my .2 acre city lot. It took over a week and multiple trips to the town leaf pile. Every night after work a couple of trips with barrels full in my pickup truck. It was such a relief when it was done and I could concentrate on getting ready for snow removal.

Then I got a leaf blower as a gift, a Craftsman hand held very similar to this one pictured below. It also worked as a yard vacuum and shredder. My backyard was completely fenced in still requiring me to pick them up in barrels, but in the front of the house the leaves were blown to the curb for the town vacuum trucks to come by and suck up. Picking them up with the vacuum in the backyard reduced the volume about 4:1 meaning less total trips to the leaf pile.

I had it for several years. Then in the middle of autumn cleanup in 2002 it just died. Running one minute and then quit like it was shut off and would never restart. Not even a little cough... as though the spark plug were unplugged. It always had a fresh oil and fuel mix, never old skunky gas. When I took it to a repair shop called Rockville Equipment, they refused to even look at it, telling me that the way those were built, they were basically not repairable. I purchased this replacement machine from them pictured below.

My 2002 vintage Tanaka Pro Force THB-2510 Blower/Vac

Twenty years of hard service and still running like a champ. It has a vacuum/shredder conversion and bagger kit as well. I keep all of my gas powered equipment so well maintained, that when I fuel them up for the season to use, they all start on the first pull. The problem I had was, as good as it is, I need more power. I was already toying with the idea of getting something more powerful. My little Tanaka moves the leaves OK, but doesn't move the CFM like a backpack blower and if the wind is against me, it takes repeated sweeps to get them where I need them to go. If they are wet or mashed down it is even more effort. My property is 3.5 acres mostly wooded, but the lawn area around the house and along the driveway is a total of about 1.5 acres. Then we had a leaf clearing work party at the sportsman's club this past Sunday. It was pretty breezy that day and while my blower did OK, I watched a line of 6 guys with assorted Stihl backpack blowers clear a 1+ acre area of lawn against the wind in like 10 minutes, then they were gone and moved to another leaf covered area. That did it, I started shopping and then saw the text from this ad on the Stihl website.

The BR800 comes in two flavors, the -X and the -C*E. The C*E allows staring while wearing. WINNER!

"Our biggest, baddest, and most powerful backpack blower" OK... THAT'S WHAT I WANT!! I called the first Stihl dealer that came up on the dealer locator, Cash True Value in Willimantic on Sunday afternoon. They didn't have any and they are on back order. The salesman said it could be as soon as a week, or four weeks or longer. He took my name and number and put the order in, not needing any payment until I took delivery. All the other dealers were closed until Monday, so first thing Monday morning I called the next one down on the list and told him what I was looking for. He said they were all sold out as were the smaller BR700's and he wasn't expecting any until next year, but he did have a BR600 in stock. I told him how I liked the ability of being able to restart the BR800-C*E while it was on my back. He tells me to stay away from that model because there are a lot of additional moving parts and potential for breakage. He then asks me if I could call back because he is with a customer. I told him I would. While I was on the phone, I got a voicemail from the first dealer. They received a BR800-C*E from another store. WOO HOO!! I called him right back and said I'd take it! I never called back the second dealer. A couple of points to consider; A) Is there really parts breakage and extra servicing required on the BR800-C? Is the side pull starting system really that fragile? Is it maybe caused by the extra heavy use and abuse by professional landscapers that are causing issues? I baby my equipment, so I am not really too worried. Plus the fact that Stihl quality is pretty much unmatched. The reviews are all mostly good, rating an overall 4.7. Or is it B) was he just trying to get me to buy what he had available in the store? I tend to think "B" based on the reviews I read.

I picked it up Tuesday night after work. I got out the door for $776 of which $39.99 was the one gallon can of Stihl brand Moto-Mix fuel. The standard warranty is two years, but by purchasing the can of fuel mix or a quantity of Stihl 2-stroke oil at the time of purchase, I doubled the warranty to four years. I got it home and set it in the garage because I had a meeting to attend at 7:30 PM. After I got home from my meeting, I cracked open the owners manual. Yes... I am one of those that actually reads these things. The first 11 pages are all the safety warnings. Some are stupid and common sense (think Darwin Award winners), but a couple were actually good to know. Open the fuel cap slowly so you don't get sprayed with gas. The fuel tank can become pressurized. They also say to NOT wear gloves while running the machine. A significant static charge can build up in the tube. There is a grounding system connecting your bare hand through the control handle that keeps the charge potential from building up. Wearing gloves will insulate you from that and you could then get whacked. Another warning was about letting the recoil starter snap back. They want you to hold onto it and retract it under control. That's probably how shit gets broken. Yet another warning is about taking frequent breaks. The constant vibration can cause temporary numbness or a more long term condition known as Raynaud's Syndrome.

Pretty and shiny. We test ran it at the store.

It has full backpack suspension, shoulders and hips



On the lower end models, the hip support is an add-on, but is included on the BR800's. Last night after I got home and took care of the animals, I threw on the driveway floodlights, filled the tank of the blower, and started it up to warm the machine for use. The side pull mechanism is easy to pull, and the machine started right up. Once it was warm and the choke was fully open, I shut it off to throw it on my back. The straps adjust very similar to the firefighting SCBA pack I wear. Once it was on it was comfortable and well balanced. I started it up and got busy.

Holy crap that thing moves serious air! I ended up clearing a small section of my front and back yards and most of both sides of the 300' driveway (I went are far as the lights reached) pushing the leaves far back into the woods. What took me less than 20 minutes to clear would have taken about 2 hours, especially since I pushed old wet decomposing leaves a good 10 feet farther back in the woods from where I used to stop. I will easily be able to clear my entire yard in a day, instead of 3.

So my plan is to spend my day off tomorrow tackling my fall outdoor cleanup. What I don't finish tomorrow will be completed Sunday since I have to work Saturday. I will start by cleaning the gutters one last time before the snow flies. The back of my house is two plus stories up, so I get up on the roof and walk the edge with the Tanaka to blast the leaves out like I always do. I don't want to take a chance with the Stihl on my back and lose my balance up that high. The Tanaka is light and easy to handle, and gets hauled up on a rope just like a vent saw in the fire service.

The other winter preps are bringing the snow blower up from the barn, properly storing the summer power equipment, and moving all the porch furniture down to the barn. Gonna be a busy coupla days for sure.

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

You Really Wanna Join?

At my November sportsman's club monthly meeting this was on the floor in front of the head table where the officers sit as members arrived. It is also right on the spot where new members stand for swearing in (yes, we actually swear an oath... to the club, preservation of land, game, and obeying conservation law).

Feelin' brave?


Now I know what you're thinking.... "Holy shit, a set bear trap? That's fucking dangerous!!" Well the guy who brought it in walked over and stepped right on the trigger plate, which sprung the latch and nothing more. You see, it was originally made for demonstration purposes and given to the club member. The "springs on either side are simple soft steel permanently bent to resemble being under tension. He brought it to the club to offer it up as a wall hanger which was graciously accepted.

Monday, November 7, 2022

Friends Don't Let Friends...

                VOTE DEMON-CRAP...EVER!!

Because if you do, they are voting against their own best interest on every issue. Yes, even if they are on the dole and get that EBT card every month from the government version of Santa Claus. They are voting for the policies that keep them dependent and technically a SLAVE ON THE DEMON-CRAP PLANTATION. De-funding the police increases our chances of becoming a victim of violent crime. Gun control makes it more difficult for everyone to defend ourselves against the animals on the street. Higher fuel prices due to a self-inflicted lack of supply because of some green dream unicorn fart fantasy drives up the prices of absolutely everything. Think saddling big corporations with punitive taxes are gonna teach them a lesson about being greedy? WRONG those taxes on the corporations will be passed on to EVERYONE as higher prices! I could easily list 10 more examples but on Election Day eve, the stupid, the ignorant, and the uneducated just can't help themselves.


Friday, November 4, 2022

A Couple of Items

I meant to post this sooner, but totally forgot until I came across the photos on my phone yesterday. Then I got interrupted while putting the post together late yesterday afternoon when an impatient moron ran a red light and caused smash-up derby to occur. Luckily no one was hurt. I then tried to finish the post last night from my home computer, but the computer was doing some kind of update and would not even let me log in. Arrrrgh!

First up, my new "No Trespassing" signage. I needed to put one up to keep politicians, Jehovah's Witnesses, sales people, gubmint looky-loos or tyrannical goons, and any run of the mill trespassers THE FUCK OFF MY PROPERTY. With the sign there, I can have trespassers charged by law enforcement if I catch them. It was in my eBay watch list for months, so I finally ordered it and received it about a week and a half ago. I then looked around for a suitable signpost, but was unable to purchase one locally. Instead, I repurposed a u-channel fence post I had in the barn and just had to drill the lower hole for the sign. The main difference is the lack of pre-drilled holes and upward facing hooks on the backside for hanging wire fence on. The sign is just into my driveway from the shared portion, and the post is in a spot where I won't have to mow, trim, or snow blow around.



I first saw such verbiage on a sign when Bill Cosby was on trial, and they showed video footage of the gate of his Massachusetts home on TV. I figured the wording would be more palatable to my wife, than the much more threatening version I would prefer. I wouldn't mind one of the "NO TRESPASSING! If You Can Read This, You Are In Range" versions that shows a person in crosshairs. Closer to the house, my Blink Outdoor camera takes over with full color HD video. I have the black and white night vision turned off, because my motion activated floodlights come on and provide much better quality video at night.

I also re-installed my game camera, facing the sign and the area just in front of the sign. That way I will capture anyone seeing the sign and backing out, as well as protect the sign. Protect the sign? Read on, my friend.

The cam on the pole. Pole numbers blotted out.























On the back side of my sign is a printed warning I added that the sign and area is under video surveillance. The game camera is in a heavy gauge steel camera lock box, attached to the utility pole with 3" long by 5/16" lag bolts. A small Master padlock holds the box assembly pin in place, and has a steel loop cable securing the entire thing to the pole. This is because my neighbor's asshole wife, Mrs. Bitchy McBitchy Bitchface (H/T to Mr. Garabaldi again for the name) has a reputation with me for damaging and removing my property, as well as the trespassing. I have so far been unable to actually catch her in the act or on video, but eventually I will. And I have a list of incidents. I would not put it past her to think my sign is directed only at her (*especially after the recent horse escape incident) and come down on the tractor to try and rip it out. Even smashing the camera won't help, because the video will already be on the chip. I will review video clips as necessary or once a month. I will prosecute her ass into oblivion if I can prove it.

Next up... I did this post a couple of days ago about a power failure and needing to utilize my home generator. I went to the local gas station to get fresh gas to refuel the generator on board tank. All of the following photos were of the same pump that I used.

Someone must have gotten a quantity of these Fuck Joe Biden "I Did That" decals and had themselves some fun. I looked around the station to see if all the pumps were so decorated, but mine seemed to be the only one. That demented moron and his current brain, "The Lyin' Lil Moptop" still blame petroleum issues on everyone and everything but the true source, occurring on January 20, 2021.

*Horse escape incident: On Friday May 27, 2022 I was off work and at home when my Blink Outdoor camera alerted me to motion in my driveway. Below is the video that got recorded before I switched to the live view. Since I refuse to pay Amazon for a subscription and save my videos on a local USB drive, live views don't get saved.


By the time the camera went on live view, all I saw was Mrs. Bitchface in my driveway. I immediately went out and confronted her. The horses were gone and she tells me she is trying to get her horses. I told her they're obviously not here, so get lost. It was only after I saw the recording to include the pile of fresh horseshit in the corner of my driveway that pissed me the fuck off. The horseshit was picked up and heaved onto her property. Anyone that even remotely has a clue about horses know that chasing them while screaming at them is not how you get them back. Watch the donkey in the video keep moving, and the horses look at her and think "Yeah? Fuck You BITCH!" and take off in the same  direction as the donkey... AWAY FROM HER. No... you grab a bucket of oats or their favorite treats and entice them back. You talk in a calm nice voice and praise them for coming back. None of them were wearing a bridle, so there was no ability to attach a lead. She has something in her right hand, but it doesn't look like anything substantial enough for controlling three animals. The area of my property where they took off to at the end of my video is a steep and rocky hill. She is lucky none of those animals were injured going down and back up the gully, or that they did not cause any property damage.

So how did they escape to begin with? This COTHO is a supposed horse enthusiast. I ratted her out to her husband a few days later and he informs me this was at least the fourth time it happened. He told me it's because she is lazy and leaves the gate open when going in and out of the paddock. I told him "SHE IS A FUCKING IDIOT!!"

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Wear The Label With Pride. I Do

"Threat to democracy..."

If a mush-brained moron like (p)Resident Gropey Poopy-Pants "thinks" folks like me that want to restore The Republic and destroy the LIBTURD version of democracy in America are a threat.... FINE! 

Be that domestic threat they think you are.

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Well, Which Is It?

This post was inspired by a line of text that came across the Newsmax crawler earlier this morning, about Biden "speaking to" the inventor of insulin... that died before he was born.

Is (p)Resident Gropey Poopy-Pants simply following the Killary play book, or something else? Dementia? Time travel?

Biden Spoke To Inventor of Insulin... that died BEFORE he was even born!!

For a trip down memory lane, let's revisit the campaign of 2008, where the claims of Hillary Clinton being named after Sir Edmond Hillary resurfaced upon the passing of Sir Edmond Hillary in January of 2008 at age 88. The story originated from claims of the same bullshit for the previous decade.

Article About Hillary's "Whopper" From Gateway Pundit

The problem is one of timing. Edmond Hillary and his Sherpa guide Tenzig Norgay of Nepal made their successful ascent of Mount Everest on May 29, 1953. Prior to that, Edmond Hillary was a mountain climber and explorer, and if you were a reader of National Geographic magazine you may have heard of him. It was the reaching of the summit of Everest that made him famous and got him knighted by Queen Elizabeth II on June 6, 1953, earning the title Sir Edmond Hillary. The problem is one of timing for Killary's fable, because she was born October 26, 1947 six years before the general public ever heard of him. Certainly no American parents were naming their children after him. No time travel ability would be possible to explain that piece of baloney.

Biden was born on November 20, 1942. The discoverer of the hormone insulin, Sir Frederick Banting died on February 20, 1941 at age 49... a full 21 months earlier. Obviously a famous doctor is not going to have a conversation with a newborn infant, nor would the infant be able to recall it, so the 21 months would have to be added to the former age of adulthood which was 21, meaning at the earliest November 20, 1963. THAT is quite a stretch of time. And truth.

So the question becomes, is Gropey Joe; A) following Killary's playbook by pretending to have an association with a famous person that ACTUALLY accomplished something, B) having false memories conjured up by the defective gray matter sloshing around in his skull, C) or using government secret time travel and he said something he wasn't supposed to from a different time line?

I'm actually going with "B" since that also explains all his other gaffes and antics.

Tuesday, November 1, 2022

6 Hours On Generator Today

At just a hair past 05:00 this morning, I had just gone downstairs to continue getting ready for work, while my wife was still asleep upstairs. Packing breakfast and lunch for work, making coffee, cleaning out the chicken coop and letting the birds out for the day, and hitting the bathroom before heading out the door. Whoops... I am now standing in a pitch dark kitchen because the power just went out. I knew I had a battery operated (and super bright) LED lantern and a large beam flashlight in the cabinet above the stove. I used the screen on my cell phone to locate them and used the lantern to light up the kitchen. I packed up my food and then headed out to the chicken coop. Since my fire pager did not go off for either a car versus pole M.V.A. or a tree with wires down, I thought it was probably an outage out of town, meaning a larger outage than just my neighborhood since I am familiar with the power distribution scheme. At that point, I was hoping the power would come back on and I would not have to set up the generator.

Since the power was out, it was all dark down at the chicken coop, so I wore my old work hardhat with an attached headlamp. When I got back up to the house it was obvious that power was not coming back any time soon, and in order for my wife to be able to get ready for work, the generator was going to have to come out. It lives safe and sound in the garage, so I wheeled it out to its spot. I keep it full of fresh fuel and run it for 15 minutes under load every quarter for preventative maintenance, so it is always ready. First, I went down to the electrical panel and turned off the breakers for unneeded loads, and heavy loads that need to be turned on one at a time. I went outside to connect the 30A power cable and clamped the ground cable to the ground rod. The engine fired right up and came up to RPM with no load. I went back to the basement to throw the whole house transfer switch and load the generator. I then added the heavy stuff like the water pump, boiler, and extra refrigerator and the freezer. As I came up the basement stairs my sleepy eyed wifey was coming down to the kitchen because the engine noise woke her and the dogs up. I finished up by covering the generator sensitive electrical areas with a large plastic can liner because it was heavily drizzling, and went back in to finish getting ready for work and making my coffee. I left and she was able to get ready for work as normal. Before she left, I had her put eyes on the electric meter. If it was lit up and power was back, I'd have her shut down and switch to street power. Nope, still out, so I had her just leave it running. I work so close to the house that I could run home to shut down or refuel if necessary.

The power company's online outage map initially showed 70 outages in town, but around 10:30 that jumped to 314. I only checked because the power went out at the firehouse and the automatic generator kicked on. They apparently had to shut down a larger area to make repairs. Around 11:30, the generator shut down and the firehouse had commercial power again. Right after that, I got the text message from the power company stating power at my house was restored. I was able to run home, shut down the generator and stow it in the garage, and put the transfer switch back to street power and restore all the breakers. I updated the generator log book to reflect the run times for the 6 hours it ran. When I get home after shift, I will drain the remaining fuel from the generator tank, dump it into my pickup truck, and replace it with fresh. Going forward I will be rotating all my stored generator fuel by burning it in our vehicles. I rotate out all my stored fuel in less than a year. It is stored using Sta-Bil 360 which is a gasoline stabilizer and ethanol treatment. I have been doing this for almost 18 years, and never had an issue with skunky gas for any of my power equipment.