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Utilize the language with the same manipulation the Commies do, using the phrase "VACCINE FREE" instead of "UNVACCINATED" or "NON-VACCINATED"

Monday, February 28, 2022

Changed EDC

Strictly for ammo capacity. My typical loadout is the gun in "Condition 1" and two spares in a carrier at 7 o'clock. With the S&W 45 Shield and 7 round mags that is 22 rounds of Hornady Critical Defense 185 gr .45 ACP. Since it is still winter and I can easily conceal it, I have gone back to the Ruger SR9c with the 10 round mags and factory fingertip extension. Carrying the same way and loadout gives me 31 rounds of Hornady Critical Defense 115 gr 9mm ammo. Comparing ammo capacity between the two is almost one more full mag. I could carry my full sized Glock 21 in .45ACP, but that fucker with 2 spare 10 round mags gets heavy when carried all day. I will strap that on for certain circumstances, though. Think classic "soft target" scenarios. When warmer weather returns, I will want the slimmer profile of the 45 Shield for under my biker vest, or in my pocket.

The reason for the change? The world is inching closer to WWIII. Having the U.S. protected from invasion by another country by two oceans is 18th century thinking. We are presently being invaded on our southern border by tens of thousands of people with no intention of becoming loyal legal U.S. citizens. We are susceptible to cyber attack, ICBM's whether nuclear destruction or EMP, and the whims of world oil producers since we shut down our own energy independence. Then there is the nationwide crime wave and criminals acting with impunity. Any of these factors could trigger bad actors already on our own soil to become even more emboldened.

I don't get into the whole "9mm vs .45 ACP" debate. I use both, but just like .45 a little better... its personal and a little nostalgic, thats all. Those Fudds & Butters that personally try to goad me into such discussions are still thinking all 9mm ammo is the FMJ version the Germans used in WWII. It certainly is not. I end such arguments by asking if 9mm is so harmless and ineffective, can I shoot them with it?

Saturday, February 26, 2022

The New Surrender Response

For almost 80 years, the classic defiant response to being offered a chance to surrender was "Nuts!" as presented by General Anthony McAuliffe to the German command at Bastogne on December 22, 1944.

Now, thanks to 13 brave and defiant Ukranian (and dead) soldiers on Snake Island, the new defiant response to an opportunity to surrender is "GO FUCK YOURSELF!" While certainly a death sentence for those 13 soldiers, just how much inspiration and morale boosting do you think this will give to the average Ukranian citizen fighting trained Russian soldiers on the streets to defend their country? I'll bet a lot!

I will permanently add that in my list of responses to those that would oppress or otherwise cause me harm. So, let me start here... directed at every level of government:



Friday, February 25, 2022

More On Last Night's Post

A glaring issue popped into my head when I woke up this morning about this post from last night.

In Kommiecticut, there is no Florida style Castle Doctrine. The only possible exception is inside your own home, and even then law enforcement would rather you still "retreat" instead of defending yourself, but your chances of prosecution are slim. In this incident, the victim did what cops and gun-grabbing legislators always say you should do, run away. Don't fight. Give them what they want. The guy got shot in the hip, which LEO and the hoplophobes will say is a good thing because everyone is still alive. Well, do you know how devastating and life altering any hip injury can be, never mind it being a gun shot? For all anyone knows, that victim may never walk again. I say "FUCK THAT SHIT!" Run up on me and my gun is out of the holster. Trip my flight or fight response and it is up with my booger hook on the bang switch. Don't properly process my muzzle in your direction in that instant and the lead pills fly.

I'll stick with kill them before they kill me, thanks. I have the Ultimate Plan from CCWSafe, so I don't have to second guess or delay a deadly force decision because I could face financial ruin. I highly recommend them and if you are a veteran, ask for the veteran discount when you sign up.



Some Anonymous joker came up with this and I laughed out loud.

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Comply - Get Shot Anyway

That's what happened at a gas station in Manchester, CT this morning at 2 A.M.

Man Shot During Armed Robbery At Gas Station

I am always acutely aware of my surroundings, and have always said I refuse to rely on the good graces of a criminal to not kill me. That piece of shit would most likely be looking for a different victim after scouting me anyway.

But if someone decides to try and take a shot at me, it will result in a mag dump and a blood bag on the ground with multiple large leaks.

#TBT - 2-24-2022

Remember the days when pickup trucks were spartan utility vehicles, not loaded luxury vehicles? This is what we did before built-in cup holders.

Cup holders were never necessary with large flat dashboards.


Commuter coffee mugs once had large bottoms with non-skid material to keep them in place on the dashboard. Unless you were in a serious accident, they did not move. Driving like a normal human being, even this cup stays put with no spillage.

I was behind the wheel of a former CTNG 1984 Chevrolet "CUCV - Cargo Shelter Carrier M1028" this morning. Vinyl seats, floor mats, radio delete plate, no A/C. It's super-duper options were power steering, power brakes, and an automatic transmission. In the 1980's the military decided that some vehicles could be COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) which for vehicles translated to CUCV (commercial utility cargo vehicle), instead of expensive specially built vehicles. Of course, the military still modified them for their purposes. 24 VDC electrical system, blackout lights, etc. The M1028 was meant to carry a slide-in communications enclosure... a radio shack if you will. I only operated out of one once in my time with the Army Signal Corps. My unit motor pool had the Dodge version of these, designated M880. There were many other variations set up to carry or tow other types of equipment. Below is a photo of its data plate.

Tell Me Again....

What POTUS is Putin's stooge? 

Sorry LIBTURDS and "Never-Trumpers," guess again. (Hint: it never was Donald J. Trump)

It is current (p)Resident Dopey Gropey Joe Xiden. HE IS THE "FECKLESS CUNT" (h/t to TBS' Samantha Bee for that description she used for Ivana Trump on her TV show) for displaying weakness not seen from a world leader since before WWII.

But don't worry. Later today Jen "Little Red Lyin' Hood" Psaki will tell us (p)Resident Dopey Gropey Joe Xiden's weak foreign policy had NOTHING TO DO with any of this. They'll blame it all on Chi-Com Xi Flu, like they did with high fuel and transportation costs, the broken supply chain, as well as the ongoing violent crime wave.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

A Small Window For A Ride

Between the wet roads and murky skies this morning, and the front coming through now at sunset with dropping temperatures was an opportunity to get some ass time in the saddle of "The Beast."

I had errands to do and left late morning. I took my male poodle with me because he loves road trips with Daddy. First to Kohl's to exchange some jeans my wife got me for Christmas that I did not like. Next to the Toyota dealer practically next door to get oil filters and drain plug gaskets for the wife's RAV-4. I had gotten a $100 gift card to Cabela's from my daughter for Christmas so I figured I'd go see what they had. Poodle boy got to go in the store and he behaved himself as expected. Ammo is coming back, but nothing for me. I bought another 50 round rifle cartidge case for my 7.62x54r ammo. A whopping $4.24 off the gift card. I then took a ride down to Hoffman's Gun Center to see what they had for ammo. I was looking for one 50 round box of Federal .357 Magnum. Nope. The only 30 caliber ammo they had was some 350 Legend and the new 30 Carry. They also had shitloads of the new CCI Velocitor hyper speed hunting ammo. They had a lot of 9mm, 40, 45ACP,  5.56, and shotshells. They used to carry a large and varied selection of paper targets, but had squat. I left to head home with my Christmas VISA gift cards intact, but stopped at Wendy's first for a quick lunch.

By the time I got home and ready to ride, it was closing on 4 PM. It was still warm and sunny. My first stop was the firehouse to taunt my usual shift partner and fellow biker that had to work today. I circled around in front of the Day Room window honking my horn. He saw me. Now before you think I am just a mean prick, a couple of Saturday's ago it was warm and sunny. I had to work while he cruised the shoreline with his friends on bikes. I got a constant stream of picture text messages from him, so today was a little payback. I did a loop of about 46 miles through Windham County and a long straight stretch on US 6 where I wound it up to about 85 MPH. When I got to Hampton, I stopped at the Shell station convenience store for a snack of a Hostess cherry fruit pie (just what a fatty like me needs). I cruised through Mansfield Hollow State Park and was surprised how much ice was gone leaving open water. I stopped back in at the firehouse for a few minutes to chat with the boys. The sun was going down and with it the temperatures when I pulled into my garage. That ride should hold me for a while.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

What Assholes!











We got bagged with a late shift ambulance call today. For routine calls we respond to the scene with no lights or sirens and the flow of traffic. The transport to the hospital is the same. If it is a critical emergency or one that involves a paramedic response then it is lights and sirens to the scene, and then with the patient to the paramedic intercept point. Once the paramedic has done their on board evaluation, they determine whether they stay on board or downgrade the call to BLS (Basic Life Support). If they ride in with us ALS (Advanced Life Support) they make the call for lights and sirens or flow of traffic.

Today's call required lights and sirens to the scene. Kommiecticut state law is very clear when it comes to when and how to yield to emergency vehicles. We actually have the same power as a school bus driver. If we get your plate number for failing to pull over and stop, you WILL get a ticket on my say so... no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

I pulled the ambulance out of the bay onto the ramp and hit the lights and sirens, and started proceeding down the ramp to the road. There was no traffic from my right, but a couple of cars approaching from the left. The lead car did not yield to the lights and siren, but obviously romped on the accelerator to get by the firehouse and the ambulance. The cars behind him stopped to let us out. A short distance up the road, I caught up to that jackass because he got stuck behind someone doing the speed limit with no place to pass. Both cars pulled over and stopped as well as a pickup truck coming the other way. As I went by I glanced in my mirror to see the idiot pull out and go around that lead car while it had not yet started moving again, Here he comes up my six.

About a half mile up the road was the address we were going to. Oncoming traffic, seeing my lights stopped well up the road out of the way to wait. The guy coming up behind me was not up my ass. Since the house was on the left and I needed to back into the driveway, I pulled over to the left to swing my nose out across the road to line up on the driveway. That impatient fucknut, ignoring my brilliant emergency lights operating, did not stop and almost took the nose of the ambulance off as he made sure he got by. Unfortunately he got away with it. But it didn't stop there.

After we picked up the paramedics we transported to the hospital ALS non-emergency. As I was passing the entrance to the shopping mall, a white Ford Explorer wanted to execute a right turn on red to come out in front of me... without the legally required stop first. They jammed on their brakes at the last second when they saw I was coming and not slowing down so they could squeak out. At that point the road is 2 lanes in both directions but just past where we turn right to go to the hospital, it is left turn only to get on the highway. As usual, an impatient ass-clown passes me on the left, then cuts across in front of me to turn right ahead of me. At least today, the driver had room and time to do this without the usual having to slam on the brakes on the ambulance. Patients and techs in the back LOVE THAT sudden stop!

Three traffic lights later, I was at a busy intersection that includes a highway exit ramp. That intersection gives simultaneous green lights to crossing traffic in both directions, but then gives a solitary green to the exit ramp, and then to the frontage road I was on. While the light was green for the exit ramp, red for me and crossing traffic, this idiot coming from my right simply ran the light in his piece of shit beater car. He slowed slightly and then stepped on it to get through. The traffic coming down the ramp had to stop to let this dickhead go. Luckily, traffic was light. The rest of the transport was uneventful.

I don't know who was there and why, but there was just about every hospital security guard and two local cops in the ER outside a closed room. There was a lot of loud talking and yelling going on in there. Usually the nut jobs end up in a padded room down "Crazy Corridor" so it was probably a criminal.

Leaving the hospital is a four-way stop sign at the entrance/exit. In Kommiecticut, the law says whoever gets there first has the right of way. In the case of a tie, the person to the right has the right of way. There were other cars going through the intersection and then I pulled up to my stop sign the same time as a woman in a sedan on my right. A lot of times people wave us through, `cause hey... we're the boo-boo bus. I looked at her for several seconds to see if she would go or give me the wave. Nothing, she just sat there, so I start to go... then she starts to go. I stop. She stops. Since I am much larger so I just go through and never even look at her. Fuckin' dummy.

So that's today's driving adventure. I am off tomorrow and if the rain ends early enough and the roads dry up enough, tomorrow afternoon I plan on taking a ride on "The Beast." I haven't been out since before Thanksgiving, and it is supposed to be almost 70 degrees before turning cold again.

Monday, February 21, 2022

Gonna Engage In Some Domestic Terrorism Here

And this is how, by LOUDLY criticizing what passes for our current government. 

Oh, what fucking idiots in Washington dwell.... the incompetence is at absolutely incomprehensible levels. Let's just list those in the administration, shall we?

(p)Resident and drooling meat puppet, Dopey Gropey Joe Xiden. Always on the wrong side of history and foreign policy. He has NEVER accomplished a thing in life except for creating one totally fucked up family and great family wealth by shall we say, "questionable" means.

Vice (p)Resident Heels Up Harris. Never accomplished a single thing without a powerful man's dick in her mouth or in her nasty snatch. Her horrific cackle is eclipsed only by Killary's.

Sec. of State Anthony "Winken, Blinken, & Nod" In a sucession of failed demon-crap SecState appointments over the decades, here is a cuck beta-male diplomat. All talk, no action. Its all about the processes, not results.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. This little old fat turd makes our economy a little worse every day by simply waking up and still having the ability to speak because she didn't stroke out in her sleep the night before.

Sec. of Defense Lloyd Austin. First name on the list that should be standing on a trapdoor wearing a hemp necktie for his actions. Blew the exit from Iraq giving us those peace loving ISIS guys. Then blew the exit from the rockpile, killing service members and leaving $85B in top notch US military equipment for our sworn enemy the Taliban. Now he is on the precipice of starting WWIII with the Russkies, which can only end with global nuclear winter.

Attorney General Merrick Garland. Name #2 for the gallows, standing next to the previously named big doofus. Between perpetuating lies about Donald Trump, declaring defiant parents at school board meetings "domestic terrorists", along with veterans and other assorted Patriots, and treating the J6 protesters as political prisoners locked in his gulag with no constitutionally protected due process. I would debate whether we are better off with him as AG instead of 1/9 on SCOTUS.

Sec. of Labor Marty Walsh. Former mayor of Boston, knows how to keep the labor unions happy-happy. How you doin'? Wink-wink-nod-nod.

Sec. of HHS Javier Becerra. Overseer of the cluster fuck on the medical side that is the Chi-Com Xi Flu. Has his share of the blood of dead Americans on his hands.

Sec. of Transportation Pete "Buttplug" Buttigeig. Another former mayor, this one from South Bend, Indiana. More concerned with his personal life and playing the homo card. Doesn't have a clue how to solve the supply chain issues or the racist crumbling infrastructure. Yes, Mr. Lily White fag boy actually said infrastructure is racist.

Sec. of Energy Jennifer Granholm. This stupid cunt actually laughed at the idea on national television that the excutive actions taken on 1-20-21 (and since) by the demented drooling meat puppet had any effect on transportation and fuel costs. I guess when dotgov provides all your personal transportation at taxpayer expense you can laugh at such foolishness.

Sec. of Education Miguel Cardona. I apologize to America because this douche was imported to federal government from my own state of Kommiecticut, where he was the LIBTURD in charge of state education. A total stooge of the teacher's unions. A doctorate in education just like Dr. Jill, and that's how they demand to be addressed. Usually when you ask them what kind of doctor they are and they tell you, the normal response is, "Uh.... oh." 

Sec. of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas. #3 man on the gallows for his abject failure to protect our borders, sovereignty, and enforcing immigration policy. 

Press Secretary Jen "Little Red Lyin' Hood" Psaki. A closet commie (she loves her pink fur hat with the red star on it). She'll circle back to you on that. Oh wait, she answered you, do you have another question? She actually NEVER answers questions. How do you know when she's lying? Her lips are moving.

The rest of the cabinet and administration toils away as good little unremarkable bureaucrats in the swamp. Certainly doing damage but maintaining a low profile.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

One Year Blogiversary

It has been one year since this blog went live. The readership traffic here is almost double what I had in 5 1/2 years on my previous effort. That also goes for the comment activity. For that, I thank you all! While I make nothing monetary off this blog, I get pleasure in knowing my words are read by so many and that readers participate.

To the snowflakes, SJW's, FIBBIES, DOJ, DHS, big tech, legacy media, and all snooping fed alphabet agencies I say....


Too much? 😏

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Thursday, February 10, 2022

#TBT - KAMJ-8574

When I was a kid and we got our first C.B. radio, the FCC was still issuing licenses. My Dad dutifully filed the application and paid the small fee. I thought I remembered the number correctly, and I did. He stenciled it on the back of the radio with an engraving pen. I have that 23 channel Radio Shack transceiver in my garage, and it still works. We had one in each car, and a base station with a roof top antenna on the house. We could talk to our Dad on the way home from work as soon as he got on the Charter Oak Bridge and crossed into East Hartford. I don't remember what channel we used, but I know it wasn't 19.

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

More On My Oil Tank

This post was prompted by yesterday's oil delivery, when I went out this morning to secure the tank.

Ever since the first term of The Jackass Obummer, when home heating oil hit its all time high of $4.19 per gallon, I have had a locking cap on my oil tank. Since diesel and heating oil is the same fuel, just taxed differently, people were stealing it from unsecured tanks. Homes, schools, businesses, and municipalities lost lots of fuel to thieves sucking it right out of the tanks at night. My issue is living a mile down a back country road, and the view to my house is obscured by woods and a steep hill. Even during the middle of the day, a truck parked in the driveway sucking my tank dry would probably go unnoticed and unseen. So, since the winter of 2008-2009 my tank has been locked in the following manner.

The open locking cap on my fill pipe

The cap screws on to the threads where the original cap was, and is secured from removal by a pair of set screws. While this will not stop a determined thief, the whole idea is to make the run of the mill scumbag look elsewhere for an easy score.

Closed and you can see where the padlock goes

This is the padlock I use. No exposed shackle means bolt cutters are useless.

I have three of these locks from back when I had three 10'x30' storage units that held my stuff while we had our house built. 

Closed and locked until next delivery

I had never heard any stories of oil being stolen from homes, but I try to think like a criminal. Follow the oil truck around for the day and take note who has a nice full tank, then go after the easy pickings. Same thing with my generator being chained to the deck during a long outage. All you have to do is drive around and listen to where one is running and grab it. I try to make things difficult.

Tuesday, February 8, 2022


I am getting a delivery of home heating oil today. I am not on automatic delivery. I know how much we use and keep an eye on the tank gauge, and call for a delivery when the gauge goes below 1/4. When oil was less than $2 per gallon, a fill up cost not quite $400. I have a 330 gallon tank, which can only hold 300 gallons, so when I call for a delivery it's 200+ gallons.

So I called the oil company yesterday and was told the price per gallon is $3.49/gallon cash or pay in 7 days price. The minimum delivery is 150 gallons or you pay a $15 surcharge. So I ordered a minimum delivery which is going to cost me a whopping $523.50! You wanna tell me again how shutting down pipelines, drilling, fracking, coal mines, and other means of energy independence by executive order on day one of (p)Resident* Gropey Joey's administration isn't the cause? DELUSIONAL FUCKING LIARS!

Never mind the fact that a fill up on my truck that was $40 prior to 1-20-21 is now $75. Is it any wonder gas station attendants can't scrape these off the pumps fast enough?


Monday, February 7, 2022


As a real American Patriot, I normally don't give a rats ass about the British monarchy. It is just background noise. That said, all over the news the past few days is the statement from Queen Elizabeth, that upon her demise when her eldest son ascends to the throne, Charles' wife shall be called "Queen Consort." They just did a segmant about it on Newsmax. Gross.

That jackass divorced one of the world's most gorgeous women, to marry his fucking horse.

Sunday, February 6, 2022


 I left my house this morning just before 10:30 to go on a solo shopping trip. Advance Auto Parts, Staples, Lowe's, Agway, BJ's, and finally some lunch. I got home and put everything away before composing this post.

I live a mile from the main road. As I got down near the intersection, I see my neighbor that lives down that end standing in the middle of the road, using a pair of binoculars, and looking up in the sky to the north. I pull up to him and ask what he's looking at. He has a big smile on his face, and he says, "Not one, but TWO Eagles!" I park my truck right there and hop out for a look myself.

If you have never seen American Bald Eagles in the wild, you are deprived of a fantastic sight. I have seen so many over the years within 25 miles of my house in many different settings. Most of the time they are in flight, and they are easy to spot. First, they are huge birds, with a wingspan of 6-8'. Their body and wings are dark brown while the head and tail is brilliant white. Very contrasting, especially against a bright blue sky. Other ways I've seen them is perched in trees, on the ground in someone's while yard returning to town with the ambulance, on the shore of a lake eating a fish, and flying from tree to tree down a river staying ahead of us in our kayaks. We got really close to the one on shore as we drifted along in our canoe. He flew off with his fish as we slid past and got behind him. Must have made him nervous.

For the most part, the two eagles today were soaring near each other but in independent circles. Then all of a sudden they had a brief aerial tussle but no loss of altitude. I read that is supposed to be a territorial thing for breeding season. However, after only a few seconds of battle, they began soaring together in formation about 10 feet apart. They continued to fly this way until I left a minute or two later. Of course, when I came home a few hours later, they were gone.

There are plenty of bodies of water and waterways in town, so I am sure I will be seeing them again as the weather warms up.

This Is How I Know Its Been Cold

Besides the fact that spending any amount of time outside doing anything not properly covered up and have the beginnings of frostbite. We have had multiple days in the teens and twenties, with single digits and below zero at night. One early morning last week, my truck outside temperature read -6 F as I pulled into the firehouse.

My house has a 12'x18' all wood outdoor deck that is completely open to the elements. I rehabbed it last spring in this post. When it is this cold out, it makes all kinds of noise expanding in sunlight and contracting in the dark. Pops and bangs so loud, it sounds like someone hitting the deck just outside the door with a large hammer. It freaks out my female standard poodle, my other dogs not so much. I try to keep it shoveled and clear, since it is a means of escape from a fire or other emergency. Right now it is covered with the icy crust we received the other day, but not enough to shovel and it will be gone in the next couple of days. Easy enough to open the door and walk out.

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Keep Lying, Bee-yatch!

The bee-yatch in question is he fugly, bug-eyed Indian woman that is the commissioner of the state health department in Kommiecticut, Dr. Manisha Juthani.

Her buggy eyes don't show up in a posed photo as well as they do when she's talking. They were really bugging out when she was pissed about Kommiecticut not getting the test kits they were "promised." She starts at the 0:51 mark, but watch the whole video and see how pissed they all are icluding Gov. Jolly Ned, NG LT Gen. Evon, and House Minority Leader Vincent Candelora.

FOX 61 CT - Coronavirus At Home Covid Test Delivery Delay Update

Funny thing was, they made it sound like they got ripped off by a shady internet deal, but that's not what happened. Nope, they lost out on their delivery of home test kits to someone or some entity that fronted the cash. If you got a purchase order.... so what? You did not send the money in a timely manner so, YOU LOSE!

The big lie prompting this post is a PSA starring the good doctor, ABSOLUTELY LYING about Chi-Com Xi Flu jabs and boosters preventing infection and spread, and being "the only way we are going to defeat this." We all know that only true vaccines under the traditional definition prevent infection and spread. These jabs maybe only keep you from getting too sick when you catch it, but there is no guarantee and certainly no guarantee you ain't gonna die! And what about natural immunity? They can't be too proud of these PSA's because I can not find them online. I have only seen them on live TV in commercial spots.

Tuesday, February 1, 2022


More and more municipalities here in Kommiecticut are giving up on their individual mask mandates. My theory is people will shop and eat out in places where a face diaper is not required, so keeping such a mandate means losing business traffic. This was a minor story on the local morning news today. They interviewed a Branch Covidian outside on the street while wearing her cloth face diaper. According to this dipshit, you should continue wearing one "to make others feel comfortable." NEWSFLASH: unless I am an HVAC service technician (which I am not), I don't give a flyin' fuck about another person's "comfort." If you are too scared or "uncomfortable" to be around mature adults breathing freely while showing their face, then YOU NEED TO STAY THE FUCK HOME!