Gotta Keep Up That Chink-Bug Panic Porn!!

If you're a cult following Branch-Covidian who believes that; COVID-19 isn't just an extra contagious real bad common cold that is on average 99.7% survivable, that will obey your evil overlords and wear the "MASK OF OPPRESSION" or blindly follow the diktats of the evil little elf St. Anthony of Fraud-Xi as well as Marxist politicians & bureaucrats, and then run around in a frenzy trying to get an experimental jab of God knows what... you might want to leave now, `cause I am surely going to commit heresy and offend your ass. Feel free to grovel about in fear elsewhere!

Sunday, September 19, 2021

They Need To Be Destroyed

Governments, politicians, bureaucrats, political appointees, healthcare professionals, media, big tech, big pharma... they are all enemies of freedom loving people around the world. They are suppressing the truth about the jab, in efforts to get absolutely everyone injected with their poison concoction. 

 This post from The Burning Platform has a good example of what I mean. If the truth EVER comes out, The WWII Nuremberg trials will pale in comparison to the trials and executions that would take place for the genocide occurring now. After The Holocaust, the cry was "Never Again!" yet here it is happening again, driven by a propaganda machine that is so effective, people are driven by false fears to willingly get their death jab. Hitler himself would be envious of such success.

Friday, September 17, 2021

Planning On Doing A PGR Mission Tomorrow

USAF Senior Airman Deanna K. Richards bridge dedication.

She passed away in January 2017, and the PGR was already committed so they could not render honors at her funeral. The bridge dedication was cancelled last year because of C-O-O-O-O-VID!! 

The very first PGR mission I did was the naming of the Bristol, RI Post Office in honor of the highly decorated Green Beret 1SGT Andrew McKenna who was KIA in Afghanistan. That was 3 years ago yesterday.  It's a nice change to do a mission that is not a funeral.

I wonder how 1SGT McKenna's family feels about the fucked up retreat from "The Rockpile" after their son made so many sacrifices there?

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Approval Numbers Continue To Plummet

(p)Resident* Gropey Joe the Sniffer continues to fuck up everything he touches. His approval ratings tell the story. Obviously, Republicans don't approve of his shenanigans, but it seems like there is a substantial amount of "buyer's remorse" from the living humans that supported him. The dead and house pet voting block could not respond to pollsters for the normal reasons.

Scroll down for a solution...

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There it is!

Tuesday, September 14, 2021


It stands for "Bullshit Kabuki Theater" and I have used it in passing here and there. But now I am going to use it more regularly to describe the situation we find ourselves in with regard to the Chink Bug. Mask of Oppression, social distancing, phony baloney "vaccines," tyrannical orders and mandates, and the steady march to armed conflict with those of us that refuse to comply.

H/T to Midwest Chick

Monday, September 13, 2021

Looks Like New!

Back at the end of April and early May, I did a couple of posts on a deck rehab project at my hacienda to replace rotted floor boards, and to replace the rotted stairs with wider ones. The plan was to then power-wash and then treat the entire deck. Birds nesting underneath and a shitty wet summer was not conducive to power-washing and treating the wood. To review how bad the deck was at 16 years old:

I had just started replacing the worst floor boards. It was really gray and weathered

A closeup of the rotten original stairs

The new wider stairs in place. Now 54" wide

New railings in place

Construction complete

Wifey and I spent a good chunk of yesterday power-washing the entire deck. The far side requires being on a ladder to get the outside of the railings since it is on a slope that puts it at second floor level. I took care of that and then had to head over to my sportsman's club for a couple of hours to do a work party I volunteered for earlier in the week. While I was gone, she did the inside of the long side railing and the floor. When I got back I moved the ladder and got the outside of the long railing. I am always surprised by what a power washer does to old weathered wood.

From this morning... you almost can't tell the old wood from the new

I use ZEP Power Wash Concentrate mixed at double normal strength of 10:1. It really breaks up grime and removes mildew and lichen growth. The weather this week should be mostly not rainy, so the wood will dry nicely. I HATE working with Thompson's Water Seal (actually "painting of any kind) but I like how it repels water. I can't stand how it makes everything sticky. I am admittedly a messy painter. My wife has volunteered to do it all herself. She did the front porch last year and it didn't seem to take her too long, plus she didn't make a mess. Hopefully we can get it done this coming weekend. I will help by getting on the ladder and doing the outside railing.