In February 1950, Sen. Joseph McCarthy (R) Wisconsin had a list of 205 suspected Communist party members working in the U.S. State Department. I contend that these days, you'd be lucky to find 205 people working in the entire federal government that aren't FUCKING COMMIES!

Q: Why do I think there's a commie behind every tree? A: BECAUSE THERE IS A FUCKING COMMIE BEHIND EVERY TREE!!

Saturday, December 4, 2021

Got My Test Results

For the Chi-Com Xi Flu antibody test. They came in today's snail mail from my doctors office. Finally after almost a week of waiting and seeing nothing on Quest Diagnostics' website. I had created an on-line account and kept watching for my results, but the status still says "In Process." 

Anyway, the results came back incredibly, negative. But... the paperwork does say "A negative result does not rule out the possibility of a infection with SARS-CoV-2. Samples from the early (pre-seroconversion) phase of illness can yield negative findings." There is also something called "seroreversion" which happens when a long period of time has passed since contracting the virus. I believe I had the ChiCom Xi Flu in early March 2020 after catching it from my wife. I also believe she caught it from clients at her work, many of which are world travelers that were still coming and going because travel had not yet been restricted. 

So although I officially tested negative, there are many indicators that in hindsight, lead me to believe I did actually have the ChiCom Xi Flu in March 2020. For those reasons, and the fact I have been exposed to many COVID+ and suspected patients without even getting a case of the sniffles, I will continue to remain a Pure Blood and shun any and all jabs. So far, flying under everybody's radar I have yet to be hassled about it.

Friday, December 3, 2021

S&W M&P M2.0 45 Shield No Tool Disassembly

A short video of an alternative way to field strip the M&P M2.0 45 Shield. Mine has the tritium night sights and no manual safety. If you have a version of the same gun in a different caliber that disassembles the same way, this video may work for you too.

This is my first foray into recording and adding videos to my blog. Feel free to put some words of encouragement or constructive criticism in the comments section. 

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Two For Two

I finally got up the nerve to ask my wife last night if she was planning on getting a booster jab. Her answer was a resounding "NO!" As I suspected, she only got the J&J because it was claimed to be "one and done."

When I asked my shift partner, who got his jabs in the first rounds of availability, the same question, his answer was the same as my wife's. He said he is pretty much over the whole thing.

At this point 100% of the people I've asked are done with this jab nonsense.

I am still waiting for the results of my antibody test. It has been twice as long as Quest's website says it should be. I am starting to get suspicious.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Wounded And Cornered Animals Are Extremely Dangerous

A guest post from Bustednuckles

 If you have been paying attention to events over the past couple of months you should have detected a couple of things by now.

One being that the Propagandists at the MSM have completely lost the narrative.

They fling outright lies out these days in rapid fire trying to get anything to stick so as to keep you distracted and misinformed.

It has gotten blatant.

When called out, they revert to a different version of the same lie, sometimes multiple versions.

The MSM is finally dying and I for one am ecstatic to be alive long enough to watch it's Death Throes.

Since I was a child in the 60's watching Hunter-Brinkley and Cronkite bring the government approved propaganda about the Viet Nam War into our living room every night I could sense that there was a narrative being sold.

As I grew older it became more obvious until we are at the point now that it is a parody of its self.

They said that the Internet killed the Radio Saar, well it is also killing the Talking Head of the Evening News.

Another sign that things are not going well for the Globalists is the amount of Tyranny we are seeing being doubled down on in regards to this China Flu bullshit.

Australia has already gone  Full Potato.

Austria is not far behind and Germany has the pedal to the metal trying to catch up. Greece just announced they are going to fine the people who haven't taken The Jab $100 Drachmas,Shekels or whatever passes for currency over there every month. Retiree's that are trying to live on 750 of those are going to get slammed. 

Over here The Bidenista's are pulling out all the stops trying to get as many people as they possibly can to roll up their sleeves with multiple Unconstitutional Mandates, Peer Pressure, Propagandists' and stupid shit like Free Donuts for the really stupid.                                                                                               

Let's get one thing straight right out of the gate.

These "Vaccines" are poison.

The number of deaths and permanent injuries caused by this Death Jab are in the millions but you will never know that because they hide the data.

People are already dropping like flies due to the effects of what's in this shit.

Over 100 EXTREMELY healthy Soccer players around the world have dropped dead already.

Do an internet search for "Sudden Death and start counting the hits.

For those who may be a little slow on the uptake,


The good news is that enough of us figured this out early and aren't having any of it.

There are enough of us that it has thrown a huge Monkey Wrench into their plans and now that this has dragged out long enough for the Great Die Off to start pumping out serious numbers, more people are waking up to this every day.

This is why they have gotten desperate and the cracks are starting to show.

Millions upon Millions of people around the world have been demonstrating against this crap in the streets for months but if all the news you get is from the Talking Heads on the Idiot Box then you won't know anything about that.

Yes, they have been wounded and yes they are trapped in a corner on a round planet.

There is nowhere for them to escape to at this point so they are going All In.

They are losing now and they are going to lose everything before this is all said and done.

The final outcome is still years away but know this,

Ultimately they are going to lose and then there is going to be a purge the likes of which will be talked about for a thousand years.

New Guest Author

 Yup, he has accepted my invitation. Words of wisdom interspersed with funny shit and curse words... 

I give you Phil from Bustednuckles!

There may be other guest authors invited to post here in the future.