Q: Why do I think there's a commie behind every tree?

Utilize the language with the same manipulation the Commies do, using the phrase "VACCINE FREE" instead of "UNVACCINATED" or "NON-VACCINATED"

Saturday, July 31, 2021

Ooh...LOOK AT ME, For I Am Most Virtous!

This fucking piece of shit douchebag got in front of me on I-84 on my way home from Manchester earlier.

From my dashcam. It's a little blurry, but it says "I Denounce White Supremacy"

This vehicle was being driven by a 45-55 year old solitary white dude. Nothing but virtue signalling here to be sure. I guess he buys into the media propaganda and still thinks we are back in the old days of the KKK and American Nazi Party. Or he thinks he is in 1950's Mississippi, not 2021 Kommiecticut.

Having to state you denounce something as stupid and non-existent would be like me denouncing EE asteroids bound for Earth and have just as much effect. Does white supremacy exist? Sure, there are idiots of all kinds walking around. Is it the claimed "systemic" or institutionalized version? Not for about the last 60 years anyway.

It's not often I think of meting out violence just because. After all, I am armed all the time and follow the "armed society is a polite society" rule and get along quite well with people I disagree with. But this ass-clown needs a good beating like a dweeby worm in high school, complete with the obligatory whirly and atomic wedgie in the restroom.

Wow... Just Wow

The conditioning of the Branch-Covidians is nearly complete. All they need to do now is get them to start killing us non-believers like the "religion of peace" does.

I just left the BJ's in Manchester.  In one week we went from almost no masks of oppression, to at least 70% of the store patrons demonstrating their full compliance with their overlords potential diktat of mandatory face diapers again.

The wife and I are going to Six Flags tomorrow with my niece and sister-in-law. In preparation I went on their website to review their "Health and Safety" policies earlier today. It basically says the risks of any exposure is on you. Masks are only "recommended" for the non-jabbed. Since I already had the Chink Bug 17 months ago, I have no worries enjoying the day with my natural immunity and no mask of oppression keeping me from breathing some nice fresh air.


For You Masochists

Beta cucks, or those that just have "Daddy Issues"...

Ooh... It hurts so good.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Resistance To The Agenda & Narrative

UPDATE 7-29-21: Link to the webinar changed to archive space from live view.

America's Frontline Doctors free webinar from yesterday. Pretty long, but an alternative to the lies, spin, narrative, and corruption of the plandemic and ensuing tyranny.

Did you know that the deviant fucking commie liars have gone as far as to redefine the words "vaccine" and "immunity" if you look them up online to make what they're doing to seem OK? For the real definitions open a printed copy of Merriam-Webster and look them up. That is, until the tyrants start burning them all.

FUCK YOU, CHINA JOE XIDEN for I will disseminate any information I want on my blog.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

So Which One Is It?

Referring to which lie is the lying fuckers in the gubmint sticking with?

1). The "not a vaccine" is truly not a vaccine but an experimental medical procedure that DOES NOTHING to curb the spread of Chink Bug.

2). Gotta wear your #MaskOfOppression because that is the only way to stop the spread, jabbed or not.

I ignored the mask mandates last time and will do it again. My only exception was on an ambulance transport and in the hospital. As soon as the patient interaction is over and I stepped out of the ER, my mask was ripped off and tossed in the trash. I totally abuse (and will certainly continue to) the jab/mask honor system, and I believe I will have more fellow non-maskers this time around.

Kind of like this.

Monday, July 26, 2021

Pretty Smoky `Round Here Today

Courtesy of the wildfires on the west coast, our entire dispatch area is smoky with only a hint of fire smell. We have fielded several calls from residents today wondering if there was something burning locally (like someone's house) or if there were any valid brush burning permits out. Dispatch has been inundated. Our current wildfire danger is low after all the rain we've had recently so that chances of that are zero. We had an ambulance call in the northwest quadrant of town which is a few hundred feet higher in elevation, and you can actually smell the fires that are burning 3,000 miles away up there. To me, it is reminiscent of when I was in Montana in the summer of 2016 and half of Yellowstone was burning. The smell was so strong it was like a punch in the nose when you stepped outside, and it made your eyes burn and water.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Reflection On Last Night's Post

It occurred to me this morning that yesterday's poker run was another event to benefit the victims of a motorcycle accident, though this one wasn't fatal. This one I wrote about in May was. More recently, off-duty South Windsor police officer Ben Lovett, 25 was killed riding his motorcycle by a drunken piece of shit in Tolland. Kid had his whole life ahead of him, and ironically was about to receive an award from M.A.D.D. for his efforts combatting drunk driving with SWPD. Then there was this one in May not too far from where I live. John Wade of Dayville, CT was killed and his passenger critically injured when a car quickly turned left in front of them to get into Cumberland Farms. Then there was the huge blow to the biker community when 7 riders of a USMC motorcycle club were killed at once in New Hampshire in 2019. The druggie driver of the truck didn't think he was impaired at the time. I am sure he is in some type of protective custody, because there is sure to be a bounty on his head.

For Christ's sake people.... pay some fucking attention while you're driving! Motorcycles have been on the road as long as cars... well over a 120 years. The excuse of "I didn't see him" is all on you. "The Beast" is equipped with brilliant LED lighting all around. My headlights are properly aimed but I drive with my high beams on during the day, so it is like looking at the sun. Even so, I had a six wheel box truck start to pull out in front of me, but he stopped in time and I was ready for him. Off the throttle and ready on the brakes. IMHO, being shit-faced behind the wheel and taking one of us out should result in summary execution at the accident scene. Hit me regardless of reason and they'd better kill or incapacitate me, or I will crawl to where they are and choke the life out of them with my bare hands. I'll be sure to pull my helmet off first so they can see my face and the murderous rage in my eyes.

Saturday, July 24, 2021

First Ever Poker Run

Earlier this spring I did my very first "Blessing of The Bikes" event. In all my years of riding, it just never worked out to be able to attend one. Today was another first, a benefit poker run.

Flyer from today's event





















I left the house at 09:00 to meet the guys at 09:30, but I ended up arriving 10 minutes late. Today was the day that state DOT decided to fix all the road washouts from the recent flash flooding in my area. I got stuck at no less than 7 active flagged construction zones with one lane alternating traffic. Not until I got well west of my hometown did I have a clear ride. We didn't hang around long because the other two guys had not yet had their morning coffee. I did at home, and had a thermos of hot java in the trunk of "The Beast." A quick ride to the DD a few miles away and the other guys were all set and I enjoyed a second cup of my own brew. We set out for the ride from Manchester to Deep River on 2-lane state roads, no interstates. The ride was pleasant and uneventful.

The Sobieski Club is a Polish-American Club, not a motorcycle club. The parking lot is a fucking nightmare for big heavy bikes like mine or the Harley full-dressers, because it is gravel on an incline. I dropped "The Beast" on her crash bars in a flat gravel lot a few weeks ago just standing still, I was hoping NOT to have a repeat performance. Close, with some slippage under foot, but no drop. We got ourselves registered and some refreshments and headed out to the first stop. We decided to hit the closest one first, The Rusty Rail Cafe.

For those unfamiliar (as was I before this poker run), here is how it works. Pay your entry fee, sign the obligatory waiver, and get your score sheet and a wristband. I also bought raffle tickets and entered them for the prizes I was interested in. At each stop you draw a physical playing card from a shuffled deck and it gets recorded by contest officials on your score card. You go to each stop once and in whatever order your riding group chooses. The game ends at a set time and you return to the starting point to receive your final card and turn in your score sheet. I was on my way to a straight; with a 5 of clubs, 8 of spades, and 9 of diamonds, with two more stops to go hoping for a 6 and a 7. Nope, at the fourth stop I picked the fucking Jack of diamonds, making my hand garbage. We received our final card at the Sobieski Club which was a 3 of something but at that point I didn't care anymore. I just wanted to eat.

When we left at noon there was no pig cooking, so we assumed there would be one of those pig roasting trailers that restaurants or caterers will bring in, and VOLIA! piggy is served. Nope... they cooked it themselves and got a very late start. Instead of eating at 5 PM, they didn't start cutting up Mr. Piggy until 6:45PM. I wanted to be well on my way home by then. We scarfed some down and hit the road. Since it was just me and my bud with his Goldwing, we were going to just hop on the interstate and do a high speed cruise home. Getting to the highway was tricky. The road the GPS initially wanted us to take was closed until August 25th with a bridge out. The next road we tried started out good, But we stopped pretty quick when the road suddenly ended in a huge puddle of unknown depth across the entire road, and the road beyond that was a dirt road mess. We tuned around and went up to road #3 and this time got over to the highway with no issue. By this time the sun was getting lower in the sky, so we pulled over on the entrance ramp to deploy hoodies. It was cool but tolerable in t-shirts on the back roads, but would be too chilly at 80 MPH. We split up on I-91 north where he continued on towards home and I veered off  to head east on I-84. I had to make one quick stop at the bank to hit the ATM and replenish my cash. I ended the day with 215 miles on the trip meter and an aching butt. I will sleep good tonight!

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

More D/S/C Propaganda

This morning on my local Fox affiliate they referred to Doomberg's "Everytown" as a gun safety organization. BULLSHIT! Unless you make the stretch from reality and count complete civilian disarmament as some kind of safety measure.

In reality that only ensures safety for tyrannical dictators and their police state, as well as the criminal thug element. Certainly not for those of us citizen patriots looking to maintain "the security of a free state."

Friday, July 16, 2021

A Nice Outing, But Cut Short

Friday is my normal day off, and my wife suggested taking our kayaks out this afternoon. We are backed up with Hello Fresh meals, so I suggested I make a nice big lunch and we go after that. It was really hot and humid with a heat index approaching 100, so an afternoon paddling and swimming would be refreshing. The meal I made was a pork loin with cherry jam, a carrot and apple slaw, and scallion mashed potatoes. I cleaned up the kitchen and loaded up the boats, and a cooler with drinks. A quick stop at the firehouse to get ice for the cooler and we were off. Our destination was Bigelow Hollow State Park and Lake Mashapaug.

As we got into Union it was obvious that a heavy rain shower had come through. When we got to the launch area, everything was dripping wet, but the sun was back out and blazing away. The thunder was in the distance to the east and moving away. We unloaded the truck and got the kayaks set up to launch. I parked the truck and off we went.

We paddled out of the cove where the boat launch is and to the left along the south shore. We went in and out of a couple of other coves ending up on the little island at the end of a sandbar. We decided to hang out there because the wild blueberries that grow on the island and along the shoreline are late this year due to the overly wet weather. We picked the ripe ones we could find for breakfast tomorrow... blueberry pancakes. We went for a swim on the sandbar for a while and then noticed the darkening skies to the north. A quick check of the radar showed a line of thunderstorms heading east right towards us. A quick pack up and we started paddling with purpose back to the boat launch. Now we're hearing thunder but not everyone is heading in. Oh well.

We got to shore, loaded up, and out of there in a few short minutes but the storms were coming in fast. The rain was coming down in buckets by the time we hit the main road and the wind had picked up. Vivid lightning and instantly booming thunder said it was right on top of us. I pity those still on the water that did not make haste getting in, but you can't fix stupid.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Old School Series - Part 6, A Little Family Story

This post is inspired by a photo in a post courtesy of fellow blogger Tam over at View From The Porch. 

Promo shot from "Smokey And The Bandit"

My Mom loved that movie and Burt Reynolds, and REALLY loved that car. She kept telling my Dad
she wanted one for Christmas. This was decades before Lexus made that a thing. My Dad never
said no, but kinda the "we'll see about that" type of vagary. Then came Christmas morning.

At the end of the opening of presents, my Dad hands my Mom a small gift wrapped package
containing a velvet covered jewelry type box. Inside was a brand new set of GM keys. My Mom's
eyes got as big as dinner plates and she actually squealed like a little girl. My Dad told her to go
look in the garage. Sitting in the garage where my Mom's car normally was sat a brand new Trans Am. Unfortunately for Mom, it was an 8" long plastic toy car version. Dad had her car moved to the
neighbor's house the night before when she wasn't looking, and had the keys made up at a dealership. Instead of being mad, Mom knew it would be impossible to afford the real car and loved her present. That car sat on her desk at the bank until she retired. I don't know what ever happened to it, but I know she treasured it until her death in 2010.
Not the exact version, but the closest photo I can find of the one Mom received

The fact that Mom didn't actually receive the real car probably extended her life a good 30 years. You see, Mom was a VERY aggressive driver, and when she was driving Dad left his fingernail marks in the dashboard. She would have pushed that car hard, emulating her idol Burt from the movie, I just know it. It would have shortened her life in the same way handing a 16 year old kid that just got their license a brand new high performance 1100cc sport bike would.

Oh Yeah? Come Get Me!

So supposedly, the Xiden Administration, using their DOJ goons, are going to target as "extremist" anyone who questions the 2020 elections on-line or in social media. So here you go (p)Resident Dopey Gropey...


Let's dance, motherfuckers

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

I Did Not Think It Was Possible

To despise and distrust the federal government more than I did during the two terms of (p)Resident Obungo, or Slick Willy before that. But here we are, only 175 days into the Gropey Joe Xiden term and my hatred of anything federal is completely off the charts. Other than filing my tax return, I will have no further interaction with any of them. The reasons are numerous and I am not going to bother listing them because it would sound similar to the list of grievances against George III in The Declaration of Independence.

What prompted this post is the announcement and the leaked details of these federal pukes going door-to-door to discuss jab status. They'll probably include personnel qualified to jab you on the spot if you knuckle under to the "pressure". The fact is, I am possibly facing a situation I don't want and it will most likely end badly. I don't usually dwell or worry about things, but this is on my mind and has me in "Condition Yellow" about it. As it says in my bio I JUST WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE! Hopefully it will be such a colossal failure before it gets to me that the program will be dissolved.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

No Longer Hesitant

In regards to the "not a vaccine." I am now full blown NO FUCKING WAY! Not now, not ever. As I stated before, I am not an anti-vaxxer, I have plenty of immunizations and get an annual flu shot. THIS IS AN EXPERIMENTAL MEDICAL PROCEDURE, and I am not interested in a role as a lab rat.

Never mind all the bad stuff I have and continue to read about any of the jabs. The fact that supposedly vaccinated people are frightened of the unvaccinated (us pure unaltered humans) should tell you something. 

Gayle King To Ban Unvaccinated Relatives From Thanksgiving

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Good Ride, But A Wet One

I say if you're never donning the rain gear on the side of the road in order to get where you're going without getting totally soaked, you don't ride enough. Either that, or you are an unprepared knucklehead that deserves to get wet. My Frogg Toggz raingear got deployed this afternoon for the ride home and kept me nice and dry. Don't get me wrong, I am not hard core enough to be venturing out in a rainstorm or doing a long distance road trip where a rainy travel day becomes necessary. But missing out on a whole day of riding because of the chance of isolated showers doesn't make much sense to me. I have plenty of storage space, so the raingear is always in my right saddlebag.

The ride started out like normal. I filled up with fuel before getting to our meet up spot. Hazy sun off and on and temps in the mid 70's made me ditch my sweatshirt once I got parked. The restaurant we normally get breakfast sammiches from is closed for vacation until tomorrow, so I had to settle for the microwave version from 7-11. The sammich wasn't terrible and the date thing is just a coinky-dink. The planned ride was to head for the northwest corner of the state to the town of Falls Village for a town wide car/truck/motorcycle show. It was KSU about 10:15 and there were 9 bikes hitting the road. This group tends to minimize interstate miles, so we did a short run on I-84 west to get across the river and onto RT.44 over Avon Mountain. A quick stop at the Cumberland Farms in Winsted for coffee and fuel and we were off to our final destination. I was thinking there would be no stops, but we're an older crowd, so...

Apparently, the town roads of Falls Village are where the show happens. Through traffic is blocked except for show vehicles and open to spectators on foot. We were allowed in on our bikes and parked at the post office which was closed for Sunday. Even though the skies were kinda gloomy, we viewed lots of show vehicles. Then it was time for lunch. The local VFW had a grill tent set up with hotdogs and hamburgers for cheap. That's when the sprinkles started off and on. Just enough to get things slightly wet, but after the 3rd round was when the guys without rain gear wanted to leave to try and get ahead of the rain. Shortly after they left the show cars started their exodus, and that's when my Goldwing bud and I also made our exit. I keep a good sized white towel in the left saddlebag for two reasons. First, as a cover for my seat when the sun is blazing. The seat is black and gets wicked hot and the white towel keeps it cool. Second, like today when I can quickly wipe it dry from rain. I let a Harley rider that was leaving the same time we were use it to dry his seat. Kinda guy I am.

We only got a few miles up on RT. 7 when it became obvious we were gonna need our rain gear. We pulled into a parking lot to put it on. I had my doubts whether it was necessary, but those doubts went away as we headed east on RT.44. Through Canaan, Norfolk, and Colebrook it was light steady rain. Then we hit Winsted where the rain got harder and was absolutely pouring just east of town. Not only was the rain a problem, but the temperature dropped into the 60's thanks to the rain. Another benefit of raingear. Some of the riders in our group only had shorts and t-shirts. Once we got into Canton that was pretty much the end of it. The rest of the ride was uneventful. As I got closer to home I got a hankering for ice cream, and got some at a place that sells locally made Shady Glen brand. There are plenty of places to get soft serve, but I am not a fan or 4 years old, and that's just not ice cream.

Friday, July 9, 2021

I Need....

...a good long day at the range. Shooting some water jugs with some powerful softpoints, some .22 exploders, and other assorted reactive targets. It won't be for a couple of weeks because of upcoming club events.

Message 2021.0432

"The axe in the barn needs sharpening."

"Bill drives a red pickup truck."

"The dog needs to go out."

"Patty can recite the alphabet."

More instructions later.

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

The Xiden Gang Going Door-To-Door

To see if you've been jabbed, and try to convince you to get one if you haven't. There will only be ONE response from yours truly while openly armed...


Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Old School Series - Part 5

Cable television did not come to the areas of Kommiecticut outside of the cities and larger towns until the mid-1980's. By today's standards, those CATV systems were primitive and limited. Prior to that we had what was available over the air and in those days it was standard broadcast, not HDTV. I grew up in the sleepy little dairy town of Ellington. It is located in the northeastern part of the low lying flat Kommiecticut River Valley, so we had no obstruction of TV signals. Our house had a large VHF/UHF directional antenna on the roof mounted to the chimney, and it had a rotor system. We got the local CBS, ABC, NBC, and PBS affiliates from Hartford, New Haven, and Springfield. At night we could pickup Channel 19 and Channel 10 out of Albany and Channel 6 out of Providence. In the summer when atmospheric skip would occur, we could occasionally pickup Channel 38 out of Boston which had programming not available in our normal market. This is what sat on top of our 25" wood cabinet Sylvania color console TV.

The antenna rotor control head from Radio Shack

When installed properly, the antenna was oriented to the compass points on the dial. I believe it came with a sheet of decals with all the channel numbers (2-13 VHF and 14-83 UHF). Once you knew where to point the antenna for a particular channel's best reception, you put the corresponding number sticker on the dial face so you could find it fast in the future. On this particular model, you would spin the dial to the desired location, and the motor pointer would follow one tick at a time. It was moved by a solenoid mechanism, so at each tick mark it made a loud "bzzzzt!" noise about once per second. It was really annoying if you were turning the antenna 180 degrees or more

There were 3 sets of cables that came down from the antenna and went into the house as well as one bare aluminum ground wire that went to a ground rod for lightning protection. One cable was for the VHF part of the antenna and reception, another was for the UHF part of the antenna and reception, and the last cable powered the bi-directional rotor motor. The controller dial did not go 360 degrees around so as not to wrap the cables around the antenna mounting pole, eventually breaking them.

If you did not have a directional antenna with a rotor system, you either had an antenna pointed in one direction, a weaker omni-directional antenna on the roof, or at worst a set of rabbit ears sitting on top of your TV. Rabbit ears were OK in a big city with multiple TV stations located nearby, but otherwise sucked.

The first job I ever had was working for a TV shop in East Hartford. We did sales, service, and installations. I was 18 years old and installing rotor antenna systems on peoples houses. We sold the Channel Master brand of antennas and rotor systems. The control box on those did not use a solenoid to move the dial, but a nice silent smooth motor. An install could take a few hours, especially the ones that were not just replacing an antenna or adding the rotor, but having to do the entire shebang. One hard lesson I learned was about putting the ladder on the van roof rack properly. I did not do that once, and had the ladder hanging too far off the back of the van. I put it through our warehouse window as I backed the van up in our parking lot. The boss made me fix the window.

Leave a comment if you remember such a device from your youth.

Sunday, July 4, 2021

This Blog

Is a replacement from my former one (that will remain nameless) for which very few people know the connection. It will stay that way for SAFESECS. The old blog was up for just under 5 years and had a total of 83,000 views, of which 16,000+ were some kind of bot activity. This blog, which has been up since February, is currently at 52,550 views of which I figure only 3,000 or so are bots. Also, the comment activity is much higher. There are probably as many posted comments so far as there were in total on the old blog. I write this blog mostly for me, and do not make a penny off of it. The fact that it is freely shared with folks that want to read it amazes me, and I thank you all.

I refuse to refer to today as "The 4th of July," it is INDEPENDENCE DAY and America's birthday and should be celebrated as such. So have a happy one.

Saturday, July 3, 2021

As The Saying Goes...

"If you shoot at The King, you'd  better not miss."

I am the King Of My Realm (meaning ALL of my property) and I am always armed. To the Fudds that think that is just crazy I say "FUCK OFF!" What happened yesterday morning in the normally quiet wealthy Hartford suburb of Glastonbury should be a wake up call to everyone. A woman heard a noise outside and went to check. She opened her front door and saw thugs attempting to break into her car. She yelled for them to stop, and the thug response was to fire a couple of shots at her. Luckily she was not hit because as we all know, not being proficient in firearms or shooting a gun gangsta style does not make for effective fire. In my younger days, getting yelled at by someone like that for doing something bad would make me want to just run away, not attack them. Like a rabid dog, these animals cannot be helped and must be "put down."

A link to the story on NBC CT can be found here.

Pull that shit at my house muthafuckas. Go ahead, I dare you. You will simply disappear off the face of the Earth and maybe just become a missing person never to be found. We can all laugh at your momma's tears on the evening news as she cries about her missing good boy(s). I have learned long ago that out here, the cops ain't comin'. Although I have carry insurance through CCWSAFE (their Ultimate Plan), I would rather not have to use it.