Q: Why do I think there's a commie behind every tree?

Utilize the language with the same manipulation the Commies do, using the phrase "VACCINE FREE" instead of "UNVACCINATED" or "NON-VACCINATED"

Monday, January 31, 2022

A New Lie? Sure, Why Not

It would appear that the administration, FDA, and complicit media propaganda machine are at it again.

Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine Wins Full USA Approval

I only bothered to post a link to the PBS article, since all of them seem to match word for word anyway. They must've all got the memo from the WH press office and Little Red Lying Hood, and just did the old copy and paste.

Using the same falsehoods and tricks as they did with the Pfizer "Comirnaty" vaccine (which is NOT the same Pfizer jab everyone has been and continues to receive under the EUA) it would appear the Moderna "Spikevax" has now won approval. As yet, Comirnaty is still not yet available in the U.S., and the news articles do not state when exactly "Spikevax" will be available. The article interestingly also laments the fact that there was no jump in jab compliance after the Pfizer phony approval that the Brandon Administration hoped for.

My advice as always is to stay strong and committed, and just avoid the jab and boosters at all cost.

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Storm Winding Down

Still windy and snowing, but the intensity has lessened. It's impossible to tell snow depth because of the blowing and drifting. Over the course of the day I shoveled a good 20" outside my basement door for the dogs. It kept piling up between the house and the retaining wall. The big cleanup will be tomorrow. My Blink Outdoor camera says it is 11 in my driveway.











It looks like a lot of the snow blew off the driveway, but I won't know until tomorrow morning. Cleanup will take all day.


This is my generator setup outside my garage all dry and secure. I have a 30' long heavy tow chain with a heavy padlock at both ends securing the generator to my deck. The exhaust faces away from the house. To run it, the tarp is rolled back on the far side leaving the whole side open. An advantage of using the shelter is how much quieter it is in the house while its running. We never lost electricity, and with the worst of the storm over, we probably won't. Murphy's Law prevailed for me once again!

Friday, January 28, 2022

Storm Prep - Plus

Storm Prep

I am working a 12 hour shift today at the FD. In preparation for the big Nor'easter coming tonight and mostly tomorrow, I will be very busy this evening. The list is by priority.

Generator: I have a Generac portable generator that runs my whole house, is stored in my garage, and the fuel is down in my barn. Whenever we have a big Nor'easter coming, I pull out and set up my generator, including the collapsible weatherproof shelter I built. When not dealing with winter storms, I only set it up after power is out. Doing that in heavy snow would be a bitch, so it will be completely ready to turn on when needed. I'll bring up enough fuel containers to keep it running and go get more fuel if power is out long term. The emergency supply of 30 gallons in Jerry Cans will stay in the barn. That is for a large regional power outage where the gas stations don't have electricity. Doing this will ensure it is not needed (I use Murphy's Law to my advantage) like always, and it will just have to be broke down and put away. The longest we were without power was 10 days during the surprise October snowstorm of 2011.  Gas stations were up and running, but because I live on a rural back road that saw heavy power line damage, I was out for a long time. I can run my generator for 15 hours on 7 1/2 gallons each day. The generator is shut down at night. I also have oil and filters on hand because oil needs to be changed every 100 hours of run time. BTW... I have kept meticulous records of every run and preventative maintenance done since I bought it in May 2005.

Chickens: The flock will be confined to the coop. Food and water will be moved inside and I'll crack the window for some air. I will add some wood shavings to the floor for more insulation. The heat lamp has been on steady for a couple of weeks, but I will move it to the timer so it only comes on overnight. If we get as much snow as they are saying is possible, it will take some digging and snow blowing to get down there to reopen it.

Flagpole: The flags will be removed, and the telescopic pole pulled out of the sleeve and stowed in the garage. I will cap the hole, place a traffic cone over it (makes it easy to find and won't get accidentally damaged), and turn off the floodlight. The prediction is for winds gusting to 65 MPH, and that WILL shred flags, even weather-resistant ones. It will go back up Sunday morning when I am clearing snow.

Vehicle Gas: I will make sure both our vehicles are fueled up. It will probably be pretty close to 9 PM before I am done with everything.


Q: Just how sick is it to make the main qualifications to be a justice on The Supreme Court ethnicity and genitalia?

A: Considering the sick individual making the nomination it would be normal. Just look at his record and his publicly made (and mostly recorded) statements while in politics.

Can you imagine how trivial it would feel to be confirmed to SCOTUS as such a black woman knowing you only beat out other black women, and not every other potential nominee? This is a form of racism, being perpetrated by the Racist in Chief.

Thursday, January 27, 2022

January 27th

Mass Formation Psychosis Recognition Day

Q: How did ordinary Germans think supporting the Nazis was a good idea and turn a blind eye to the horrors of The Holocaust? How did the people of Jonestown line up to drink the Kool-Aid? How about the mass suicides of Japanese citizens on the island of Saipan in WWII?

A: Mass Formation Psychosis


From the blog The Other McCain. Let's make this an annual thing so people never get taken in by such bullshit ever again! The fucktards on the left claim Mass Formation Psychosis is a made up thing and a dog-whistle to the "science deniers" that are not subject to plandemic panic porn and against all the jabs. I'm gonna do my part here.

  1. Call attention to the censorship campaign by which COVID-19 panic brigades are attempting to suppress criticism. If you look at the Google results, you’ll notice that the first page of results (which is all that most Googlers ever see) is dominated by “fact checks” and people endeavoring to “debunk” Mass Formation Psychosis as a “conspiracy theory.” This obviously reflects manipulation of the Google algorithm in an attempt to support censorship of Joe Rogan and others.
  2. Explain what “Mass Formation Theory” really means. There is nothing outlandish about the theory that Dr. Malone has outlined. When the “dominant narrative” is promoted by politicians and major media organizations — when they’re all on the same page, so to speak — most people will believe what they’re being told and react the way they’re instructed to react. The theory is a bit more complex and nuanced than can be summarized in a sentence or two, but the basic idea isn’t at all crazy or “extremist,” no matter what the self-declared “fact checkers” claim.
  3. Most critics of COVID-19 policy are not “anti-science.” This has been the problem with public reaction to the pandemic from the start. Various “experts” (including Dr. Anthony Fauci and the science/medical commentators on TV news outlets) presented themselves as having all the answers to COVID-19, and advocated restrictive policies as the One Right Way to fight the virus. Because these experts were presented as being the voices of “science,” anyone who criticized the restrictive policies was implicitly accused of being “anti-science.” This involved an appeal to a common prejudice among college-educated people, who cherish a self-image of being on the side of enlightenment, and who view themselves as engaged in a war against ignorance. To such people, it was easy to see Dr. Fauci as a heroic knight doing battle against the dragon of “anti-science.”

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Am I Wrong?

For the glory of The Motherland, right Vlad?

Where "mind the gap" doesn't refer to a woman's anatomy, but the Fulda Gap.

Monday, January 24, 2022

Time For The DOJ & FIBBIES To Get Busy

Rounding up (not arresting because that means "due process") and imprisoning those that dared defy the regime by protesting Chi-Com Xu Flu mandates in the D.C. shithole yesterday. Yesterday should be considered J6II and those involved should be treated accordingly! [/sarcasm]

Friday, January 21, 2022

Something I have Been Advocating

You tyrants want to impose some kind of martial law with jab mandates? I have said all along; take away my ability to provide for me and my family... I become a murderous marauder TAKING what I need and leaving a trail of bodies in my wake. Is that REALLY what you want? No? Then

Leave Me The FUCK ALONE!!


H/T to Mike at 90 Miles From Tyranny (again!) He always has some great stuff.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Make Transgenders Mentally Ill Again

Remember life when this was considered mental illness and abnormal? With very little exception, men were men, and women were women. No one would dare use such a ruse for special privileges, like competing in women's sports as a champion, or getting in female restrooms to commit sexual assault. Except....

From the TV show M*A*S*H.  Corporal Maxwell Q. Klinger on guard duty


Can you imagine seeing that on guard duty? I'd piss myself laughing.

For those too young to remember the show, or are unfamiliar with it, M*A*S*H was about a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital during the Korean war. Corporal Klinger wanted out of the Army, so he was trying to get out by way of a "Section 8" psychiatric discharge, because what is OK now was once severe mental illness. He wore dresses all the time saying he was really a woman. This was funny on so many levels, and because his antics were not taken seriously by anyone, he never got his discharge, but he kept it up for a few seasons anyway. The character had a huge wardrobe and ordered all the latest fashions with accessories. I remember an episode where he showed up in formation wearing a frilly flowered ladies hat. When asked why he would wear such a thing he answered, "It's Spring, SIR!" Even funnier, was the fact that Jamie Farr is a very hairy man of Lebanese descent, which just added to the sight gag of it all. Eventually his character stopped wearing dresses after being informed by his Commanding Officer, Col. Sherman T. Potter (played by actor Harry Morgan) how actually getting a Section 8 would adversely affect his life after the Army. He wore the standard OD green utility uniform from then on.

I heard an audio clip on the afternoon local talk show of Michael Phelps stuttering and stammering a non-answer answer when asked about the freak show occurring with the UPenn Women's Swim Team. He said a whole lot of nothing in the clip, understandably to protect his millions in endorsements from woke corporations. Since I don't have any such riches or positions to protect and write under a pseudonym, I will help out Michael Phelps (who is no stranger to mental illness himself) because I can not be cancelled by stating the following:

Protect women's sports...

Transgenderism IS MENTAL ILLNESS!!

Monday, January 17, 2022

If You Think It Doesn't Affect You

The whole defund the police movement that is, you could be quite wrong. Yesterday I was in my final class to renew my EMT license, designated NCCP Part C and the topic was "EMT Safety." A discussion ensued about dealing with criminals, psych cases, or otherwise unruly patients. There were several area cops in the class, so we got the LEO perspective. HOLY SHIT... have they been hobbled, and that has put me in a precarious position I didn't realize. In my area of operation, we always stage for the state police, and only go in to the scene when state police give the all clear. As part of that "safe to proceed in" was patting down the patient for weapons, needles, or anything else dangerous. It dawned on me that the last couple of these types of calls, I had to "remind" troopers to do a pat down, thinking it was because of brand new troopers, or new to the area. Nope... LEO in Kommiecticut are no longer allowed to do a pat down on first contact unless they are actually doing an arrest. Those cops in my class made it sound like in certain circumstances, they can get into trouble just for asking for consent for a search. According to those LEO's, they only have the legislative diktat to operate under, since there is no case law refining the rules yet.

We will be doing department EMS training this week, and I will be sure to inform fellow members of this development, that scene safety with these patients isn't what it used to be.

Sunday, January 16, 2022

Oh, I Am Already There


Shooting fuckers in the face at your door, decorating lampposts, or lined up against a pock-marked and blood spattered wall. Any way you do it, trenches full of bodies covered in lime and forgotten. As we restore The Republic, we'll remind them we just wanted to be left alone.


H/T Ninety Miles From Tyranny where I shamelessly lifted the meme.

Saturday, January 15, 2022

Update On Wifey's Injuries

We got home and to bed after midnight Thursday morning and 4:45 came real early for me. She was  understandably miserable trying to go to sleep, and stayed home from work Thursday. I caught some shuteye at the firehouse from 06:00 to 08:30 and was good for the rest of my day. It was hard for her to move her hand or fingers. By yesterday, she was way better. Swelling had gone down, no more oozing, some discoloration, and while she doesn't have full grip back yet, she can move her hand and fingers with not much pain. She actually went in to work for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon to pick up a few things she left behind Wednesday, and start filling out work place injury paperwork. We're not looking to go after the dog's owner, because my wife knows the risks associated with her job and has been bitten before. But it is certainly not going to cost us one dime in lost wages, medical expenses, or replacement of her broken brand new FitBit. She believes the FitBit saved her wrist from injury.

Friday, January 14, 2022

It Hasn't Happened Yet

But just in case someone gets up the nerve to confront me in public for not wearing the virtue signalling compliant #MaskOfOppression, I have a new response:

"Two weeks to flatten the curve was almost two years ago. Quit living in the past, fool."

Also, I have met several more Jab Free Pure Bloods as well as folks that got an initial jab(s) and will not get any more. In my immediate vicinity, it would appear people are waking the fuck up.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Sitting In The E.R. Waiting Room - ARMED!

I am sitting in a hospital E.R. waiting room while my wife seeks treatment for multiple dog bites on both hands. This occurred at work where she is a dog trainer. She was brought here by one of her co-workers, and I didn't know where she was until after I got off shift and home. I took care of the one dog at the house and headed for the hospital. Of course because of COOOOVIIIIDDDD! I can't be with her, so here I wait, wearing my N95 face diaper under my nose and breathing freely. A few other people are wearing theirs the same way. What a fuckin' joke.

I am glad I strapped on the 45 Shield and two spare mags. The hospital, like most is in a shitty urban area. The doors just open when someone goes in or out and there is no security in the waiting room. If some nut were to burst in here with a weapon, he would normally be able to maim or kill everyone in this room unimpeded. But not tonight. I am sitting in the back of the room, back to the wall and facing the door. Unlike the hospitals I usually transport to, this one does not have any signs designating it a GFDZ*. Not that those signs ever matter to me, but normally I only really need to carry to go to and from the parking lots. Here, even inside, I would be a sitting duck.

So Wifey just texted me. She is headed to X-Ray and then getting sutured up. I will text her to make sure she gets a DPT shot since I am pretty sure she is out of date. She says it hurts like hell and that she is pretty hungry since she hasn't had supper.

*GFDZ: Gun Free Death Zone

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

A Conspiracy Theory Becomes A Caution

The other day, I read a blog post or an article from a source I don't remember. The subject was one of the dumbest things I've ever read, and does nothing to help the position of those of us against the phoney baloney jabs. Perhaps it was a psy-op meant to be deceitful, who knows. The jist of it was that jabbed people were injected with micro electronics and are now active bluetooth devices and show up on your smart phone looking for a pairing connection. The article then spun this tale about being remote controlled yada-yada-yada... a bunch of nonsense. I was sitting near people that I know have been jabbed so I checked my own phone. Unless I am actively using bluetooth it is turned off on my phone. Sure enough, when I turned on my bluetooth, several MAC adresses showed up as available to pair. But it wasn't the individuals that were broadcasting pairing invitations, it was their devices. Three cell phones, a tablet, and a laptop, all verified as to which MAC address went where and all were accounted for. This article/post was total tin foil hat nonsense because everyone has their devices near or on them and that's what you see.

All that being said, I recommend you do the same as I and turn off bluetooth completely on all capable devices unless you are actively pairing with another device. Tyrants love to use their Chi-Com Xi Flu "contact tracing" via bluetooth to "keep you safe" by tracking your movements. I say FUCK 'EM, don't give them any assistance what so ever.

The Market Will Determine Their Existence

Smart Guns Finally Arriving in U.S., Seeking To Shake Up Firearms Market

They will ONLY be marginally successful with government mandates and/or taxpayer funded subsidies. Let's see how many military units and police departments jump on board for these pieces of shit. My guess is none will. Smith & Wesson learned a hard lesson by being boycotted for working on this concept in 1999, so hopefully all manufacturers will learn from that lesson and stay away from such stupidity.

As for me... yeah, no thanks. I'll stick with a gun that reliably goes bang when I pull a mechanical trigger. Especially if my life is on the line. There are hundreds of millions of firearms out there, so there will never be a need to purchase a smart gun. Last week they were talking about putting "kill switches" in future new cars. Who doesn't think they would be able to do the same with smart guns? Imagine entire areas flooded with smart gun jammer signals, because GUNS BAD! All my firearms are already absolutely safe, providing anyone handling them observes the Four Rules of Gun Safety. 

Monday, January 10, 2022

New Blog Page

I have decided that instead of creating a post, I would do a page that I can easily update or change and I can easily reference in the future.   

No To The Jab - Point By Point

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Apparently, Blogs Have Been Hacked/Hijacked

Cold Fury and BustedNuckles blogs are not responding after going to war with scumbag fuckin' SJW's. Phil is a guest author here, maybe he can put up a post to update us. I will reach out via email.

If you are such a free speech cancelling SJW, know that you will be in the trench covered in lime with the traitors and tyrants you support.

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Some Goings On Today

I spent today in class for my EMT renewal at the end of March. We have to take 20 hours of instructor lead CEU's, 10 hours of state certified on line instruction, and 10 hours of local training. The final 8 hours will be next weekend. Because I did not want my concealed firearm to be exposed to anyone that might freakout while doing practical evolutions I left it locked in the truck. I planned on going to the nearby BJ's afterward, so I had my spare mag carrier as well. Temps today never got out of the twenties and I was in class about 8 hours.

Face diapers were mandatory in the facility, and I "kinda" wore one because I have to take this class to maintain my EMT license. I spent the entire afternoon post lunchtime with it under my nose so I could breathe freely. No one said a thing about it. I do wear one intermittently during the day when doing ambulance transports which is easy to tolerate, because the duration is short. But wearing one all day fucking blows. I don't know how people just do it without killing someone.

When I went to leave, I went out to an ice cold truck and strapped on an ice cold gun and spare mags. I was actually shivering until the truck warmed up for the short drive to BJ's. 

Ah yes, BJ's... the Walmart of the warehouse clubs. Full of all kinds of face diaper wearing weirdos. This BJ's happens to be near a "community" of little smelly brown people from southwest Asia. Since they are used to being told what to do by a dictator calling themselves "President" all were compliant. There were several no mask free citizens like me walking around. You know what I noticed? We were all white men. No women or "people of color" just some white supremacists.

On the way home I made a couple of stops, the first one being my sportsman's club to make sure everything had been shoveled out. It was the first opportunity to get over there since yesterday's storm. Sure enough, no one shoveled the back kitchen/basement door or the deck. I spent about a half hour taking care of it and as luck would have it, the House committee chairman was there to see me get it done. Nothing like a probie scoring brownie points with club higher ups.

After that I stopped at the firehouse to repack my bunker gear that got wet yesterday, but not from a fire. An inconsiderate jackass parked his POV inside the rear bays with a foot of fuckin' snow on it. When it melted it flooded the entire floor and got my gear I had laid out and ready to jump into on the other side all wet. I spread it out to dry last night before I left and went back to stow it up on the rack.

When I got home, Wifey had dinner ready, a steaming hot pot of home made French Onion Soup and fresh loaf of French bread. Nice and warm on a cold winters night. She also has a roast going in the crockpot for tomorrow. She is the best!

Thursday, January 6, 2022

January 6th, Not A Date To Commemorate

But not for reasons LIBTURD politicians and their propaganda media state. This date to them is way worse than 9-11, or the favorite phrase "threat to our democracy!" First off, nothing rankles me more then calling our Constitutional Republic a democracy. Anyone with a brain knows a democracy is nothing more than MOB RULE. That's what has the LIBTURDS so aggravated by Joe Manchin. 

Nope, today should not be commemorated because it is the date of a missed opportunity... to decorate every lamppost in that shithole "swamp" with the body of traitor politicians and bureaucrats operating there, leaving their bodies to rot in the sun and be picked apart by the crows. Instead, we have anyone that isn't of the proper political party that happened to be in D.C. that day being held as a political prisoner in Garland's Prison, and LIBTURD demon-craps doubling down on full commie.

They refer to it as an "insurrection." They have no idea what a REAL ARMED INSURRECTION would look like. But they may... soon.


Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Stay Committed... No To Jabs And Boosters


From "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" 1978 remake. So very appropriate.. replaced humans.

Yup. Dead.

I'll stay in this group, thanks. I would answer "YES" to all but the last two. The top three are the top three for the obvious reasons.

Saturday, January 1, 2022

New Years Day Outing At The Range

Wifey out of town all day, so several hours of fun at my club range. A couple of weeks ago, she cleaned out the pantry and spare refrigerator of some old expired canned goods, perfect to blow apart on the range, so I scavenged it all. I also brought nine refilled 1 gallon jugs for distilled water from Dollar General. These have a plastic carry handle, perfect for hanging on the S hooks that are at the range for the steel plates. For rifles I brought a lever gun in .38 SPL/.357 Mag, and a .22LR bolt gun. For pistol work, my two winter carry guns, a Glock 21 Gen 3 and my S&W 45 Shield.

I started with paper targets for both rifles to check zero, then went to 1 gallon water jugs which were less than impressive with .357 Magnums, and a waste with .38 Spl. It is strange how water jugs react better with certain calibers, and dramatically with others. More on that later. I then moved onto some cans. 2 old 12 ounce Coke cans absolutely exploded when hit with some old Remington Thunderbolt .22's. I guess the extra pressure from carbonated soda and thin skin aluminum cans did the trick. A .22 against an expired 12 ounce V-8 juice can just punched hole, knocked it over and leaked out the juice. Hitting those with the .357 Magnum blew them apart well along with 1 can of Campbell's Tomato soup, an old can of Del Monte green beans, and a large can of diced tomatoes. Those last two were glorious to watch. A fellow club member showed up with several AR platform rifles in different calibers. As usual while shooting, we each offered up guns and ammo to each other. I had never shot 6.5 Creedmoor before, while he enjoyed a mag in the .22, the Glock, and the 45 Shield. He also blasted half of my water jugs. The Creedmoor at 200 yards was the best. It blew the jug in half from top to bottom and turned it inside out. The most interesting was .308 It punched a perfectly sized .308 holes completely through, and popped a small hole in the center of the bottom, simply letting the water drain out. Not once, but twice in the exact same way. We had to go down range to inspect the jugs to see what exactly happened. I then whacked an expired cylinder of C.O. test gas that was fun. I used the .357 Magnum rifle, punched a clean entrance/exit hole 1/3 of the way down, and it took off sideways cartwheeling at high speed across the grass, spewing all the gas instantly in a gray cloud. About this time, one of the older members showed up. He hunts deer with a black powder rifle, was done for the season and needed to unload his rifle. Of course the only way to do that is fire it. He asked if we minded because of the all the smoke. We said absolutely not and cleared the line to let him go undisturbed. He took aim at a water jug at 75 yards but missed. He stuck around a little to look at what we were shooting then left. Here's a short clip of him touching it off. I posted it because he was wearing a mask and his identity is safe.


I then turned my attention to my pistols starting with the Glock. I wanted to be sure my accuracy and gun handling skills were still good with it. Yup, 3 mags banged all the steel plates without a single miss at 25 yards. One target is a small silouhette with a smaller circular hinged plate at center mass. I effortlessly hit that center every time. I then switched to a full size paper silouhette target at 7 yards for the 45 Shield. For this, I held at the low ready, and then on a mental go signal, I came up to a Modified Weaver stance and did a "2 to the heart, 1 to the head" as quickly and accurately as I could. Perfect. I taped over the holes and did it 3 more times. I then tried my luck with the 25 yard plates. Last time with the 45 Shield I didn't do so well, this time not a miss. I think last time I was suffering from new gun jitters. Satisfied, I offered up my guns and ammo to the other shooter. For the .45's, I was shooting my target handloads. Speer brass, Winchester large magnum pistol primers, Bullseye powder, and Berry's 200 grain copper plated flat point bullets. The .357 Magnum and .38 Special target round are also my handloads. Both use Federal brass, Winchester small magnum primers, and Berry's 158 grain copper plated flat point bullets. The .38's use Bullseye powder, while the .357 Magnum uses Hogdgon HS-6 powder. 

When we were done shooting and all cleaned up, we hung out for a while longer discussing The 2nd Amendment and the folly of gun control and insanity of gun free death zones. Always good to chat with like-minded folks, and the club members I have spoken to all seem to have a like mindset.

I came home and stowed my gear, and then cleaned and lubed all my weapons. I still have a couple of long guns to clean from a previous outing, and may tackle those tomorrow.