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Monday, October 31, 2022

Oh How I Hate This

Holding Court; and I don't mean in a legal sense, presided over by a judge.

Definition: a person that is the center of attention, surrounded by an audience of others that listen with great interest to every word.

"Jim is in the conference room holding court again."

It happens a lot at the firehouse. Every time I see it starting, I bolt. The worst offender is someone that grates on just about everyone in the department, yet when he starts they sit there listening to old repeated stories. It's like they're afraid to get up and walk out.

So prompting tonight's post was Halloween standby and Trick Or Treat at the firehouse. Sure enough, you know who was here and holding court down the hall. He was so loud I had to close the door to the TV room because he was drowning out the TV. Trick Or Treat ended at 9 PM, so the last hour will be nice and quiet.

Field Day At The Club

Yesterday was the Field Day event at my club. This event is not open to the public, only to members and their guests. The intention is to have a replacement for the old Turkey Shoots which have fallen out of popularity and attendance since before I joined. Instead of just a simple turkey shoot, it also includes pistol bullseye, trap, and archery, as well as a buffet food service. Tickets are $20 and include all you can eat plus 5 rounds at whatever event(s) you choose. Additional rounds cost two bucks each. As usual, I showed up a couple of hours before start time to work in the kitchen and did not head out to shoot until the food was put out at about 11:30. The only event I participated in was the pistol bullseye shoot. None of the others interest me, nor do I have the equipment for them.

For my shooting I chose to only do small bore meaning .22LR, and brought my Browning Buckmark URX as well as my 1935 vintage S & W K-22 Outdoorsman revolver equipped with Pachmyr Presentation grips. I never liked the standard wood grip, feeling like it was too small for my hands. The originals are stored in a cookie tin full of spare parts. I used all 5 of my "free" rounds in Round 1. Bullseye targets were an "X" drawn corner to corner with a Sharpie on a 4"x6" index card at 12 yards. Ammo was a partial box of CCI MiniMag HP. I knew I would not need much ammo so I didn't bring much. My plan was two cards with the Browning and two with the S & W, and the 5th and following cards would be with whichever gun I did better with. That turned out to be firing the S & W in single action using a modified Weaver Stance, and got me the win for $15 of prize money in Round 1. My best shot was dead center of the "X" and the next closest shooter was off by a good 3/8". All of my shots were close to center, and with 3 shots per card I would stop shooting a card when I was done with three shots, or close enough for a possible win. I packed up my stuff and headed to the clubhouse for a quick lunch. Afterwards, I returned to the range for some more fun.

The event could gave been better attended, translating to more rounds of shooting. I purchased two more bullseye cards for $2 a piece for Round 2 and shot really well heading for another win... until the range chairman shot. My best shot was just barely to the right of the center of the "X". He was shooting a borrowed compact semi-auto .22LR and was all over the place on the target cards, until his last lucky shot... dead center of the "X". Oh well, can't win `em all, and I was pleased with my marksmanship for the day. Since there were no other shooters for small bore, there were no additional rounds. I headed back to the clubhouse to clean up and put away leftovers. There wasn't much leftovers, and the pasta with meat sauce and garlic bread will get used up at an executive board meeting this week. There was enough of the kielbasa and sauerkraut left for only two portions, so I put it in a Ziploc bag and brought it home for the wife, which was appreciated. As always, I invited her to the club for the event, but she declined. There were many females there shooting and that is one of her fears about attending.

Thursday, October 27, 2022

WTF Is This Shit??

I watch reruns on TBS in the early evening after work while having dinner and doing stuff in the family room. Big Bang Theory, Family Guy, Young Sheldon, sometimes a movie, whatever. Starting this evening, TBS began broadcasting commercials for the dead fentanyl consuming thug criminal from Minneapolis' foundation named in his honor and starring the sister. I will not name said thug criminal or link to the foundation. I'm sure you can figure out who I mean since he was the most recently canonized saint.


Fuck that rotten piece of shit and his whole damn family.

I'll Definitely Support This

Shamelessly borrowed from WRSA: Western Rifle Shooters Association and the only type of mail in voting I'd be willing to support. Sending a surprise "ballot" package to your favorite Uni-Party Establishment candidate would be the ultimate example of cancel culture.





















Ted is a genius and was ahead of his time.

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Official Position of This Blog

Prompted by the story coming out of the University of Southern Maine, as administrator of this blog I will issue the following position statement:

"There are ONLY TWO biological sexes." 

I will also add that "ANY OTHER CLAIM is a manifestation or enabling of mental illness."

I am not transphobic, because I don't fear this nonsense, I just vehemently oppose it. 

Cancel this, motherfuckers.

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Proof That Guns Are Not The Problem

Gunfire rings out on the streets of every Demon-Crap controlled shithole city almost every night, yet they are with little exception, bastions of strict gun control. Only the connected "elites" are able to get a carry permit in places like NYC or Boston, but of course they are not the ones shooting up the streets. Almost every night on our local newscast, the "BREAKING NEWS" graphic comes up with reports of the latest shithole city shooting. I always say to my wife, "Whaaaaat? A shooting in [whatever shithole the report is from]! Say it ain't so!"

The eastern Kommiecticut area I live in is a collection of small towns with high per capita gun ownership, yet the only gunfire heard in my town is during the day mostly on the weekends from target shooting, a couple of rifle/pistol/trap ranges, and hunters during hunting season. The last shooting in town was caused recently by a moron's negligent discharge into their own leg. I mean what idiot fiddles with a red dot sight on a loaded handgun? Ever hear of The Four Rules of Gun Safety, idiot? Luckily the gun was loaded with FMJ target ammo, not defensive JHP so the wound was not total destruction of his limb. Prior to that was a couple of suicides by firearm, one a lever rifle and the other a shotgun. I know many people that carry all the time, myself included. The chances of a criminal surviving a violent encounter with an armed resident will be slim. There have been a couple of murders of unarmed people in the area over the past couple of years. A man was hacked up by a nut with a samurai sword who then proceeded to kidnap and kill others in NY and PA in 2020, and this past spring a guy was shot dead in his driveway by an acquaintance. This one happened a couple of weeks later and remains under investigation.

As I said, high per capita gun ownership. Most of the gun owners I know have multiple firearms and if they are any kind of shooter, THOUSANDS of rounds of ammo. Then there are the reloaders like myself that along with commercial and reloaded ammo have pounds of powder, thousands of primers, thousands more bullets, and countless brass. The ammo, along with the multiple firearms stored in safes harm no one. The same applies to that firearm and spare mags concealed on my belt standing next to unsuspecting patrons of the local store.

Sunday, October 23, 2022

New LED Floodlight Is A Winner

One of the first things I did when we moved into our house almost 18 years ago was put up the brand new UncommonUSA 20' telescopic flagpole I had purchased beforehand and had in storage. Knowing that the US Flag is supposed to be either lit or taken down at sunset, I originally chose to put a 150 watt halogen lamp with a dusk to dawn sensor on the overhang of my garage at flag level aimed right at the flags. LED light fixtures weren't really known or readily available, then when they became available they were prohibitively expensive. Lowe's recently had a fixture made by Lithonia Lighting for less than $60 with my military discount. I had decided the next time the 150W halogen lamp burned out would be the last. Yesterday morning, I swapped out the fixture. 

The one I chose is rated for 2500 lumens, but the light temperature is switchable, from 3500K/4000K/5000K. The power rating regardless of light temperature setting is a minuscule 17 watts and it has an integrated dusk/dawn sensor. I initially had it set for 3500K mimicking what I had. But last night when we came home after dark I thought it was too dull and yellow looking. So this afternoon I threw a ladder and climbed up to switch it to the whiter 4000K. As I suspected, it made the colors of the my brand new US Flag really pop.

The flags tonight at 4000K



The fire hydrant was a gift from my former neighbor when they moved away. It was removed by his Dad's construction company on a street renovation project, and my neighbor had it in his yard. It is deceiving how heavy those bastards are until you try to pick one up. The yellow second flag is for The Patriot Guard Riders and has their "Riding With Respect" saying on it. That will fly until November 1st, when I switch it out for the standard black and white POW/MIA flag for Veterans Day. That will stay up the entire month of November.

I may get a side benefit of annoying my *COTHO neighbor "Mrs. Bitchy McBitchy Bitchface" (H/T to fellow blogger Mr. Garabaldi for that nickname) as she leaves for work in the dark wee hours of the morning. The light shines into the woods past the flagpole and eventually onto her driveway. I hope it shines just right nice and bright as she drives by now that most of the leaves are down. Now it is setup exactly as the old one was, so only the higher light temperature may get noticed. However, I'm sure you can figure out what my response to any complaints will be.

*COTHO: Cunt Of The Highest Order

Remembering 23 October 1983

From Military.com:

"Between 1975 and 1990, Lebanon was embroiled in a country-wide civil war that saw its rival religious, ethnic and nationalist populations form armed militias and shifting alliances. The fighting inflamed regional tensions and provoked international responses.

One of these was a peacekeeping mission of American, British, French and Italian forces called the ​​Multinational Force in Lebanon (MNF). Deployed as part of an agreed cease-fire after a Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) attack on Israel and Israel's subsequent invasion of Lebanon in 1983, the MNF spent almost a year and a half in the Lebanese capital.

The MNF was responsible for training the Lebanese military, restoring the country's central government in Beirut and overseeing the withdrawal of all foreign forces in Lebanon. A massive suicide bomber attack on the Marine Corps Barracks in October 1983 wiped away any success the MNF could claim, and led to the eventual withdrawal of American forces in March 1984."

From The Marine Corps Times - "The BLT Building is gone!!"

This date holds special significance for me. At the time, I was serving in the US Army Reserve and sleeping comfortably in my own bed at night, every night. I reported for duty one weekend a month to Westover AFB in Chicopee, MA and went on a two week "summer camp" every year. I was not on watch 7/24/365 in some shithole country of ingrates somewhere. I had been married just a little over two months, and my wife was out of state for the funeral of her uncle Gary in Austin, Texas. When I heard the news of who was killed when the names were released I was devastated, and remember crying myself to sleep that night. I mean deep wracking sobs that left me out of breath and my eyes burning so bad they hurt to close.



Stephen was a childhood friend I had known since the fourth grade. When he first came to my elementary school, he was in a set of leg braces to stabilize his weak hips. The brace went from his waist, down both legs keeping them straight, with a cross-bar between his feet. His feet rested on steel plates with thick rubber treads for traction. He "walked" by using a pair of arm brace crutches and kind of skipped along. He was a clown and smart ass and he and I got into a lot of mischief together. In middle school he no longer needed the braces and from then on and in early high school we played Senior League baseball together. His Dad was the football and baseball coach at Rockville High School and our Senior League baseball coach. Because we went to different high schools, we lost touch, but I always heard about his athletic exploits, especially in baseball. It was no surprise that Stephen would join the Marines right out of high school.

His funeral service was an impromptu reunion of old school chums, but certainly not joyful. No one spoke to each other, just glances and silent nods of recognition. We followed the horse drawn caisson on foot from the church to the cemetery, where full military honors were rendered. It was my first exposure to Taps played at a funeral service, and is why to this day while doing a Patriot Guard mission for a perfect stranger, I get a little tug at the old heartstrings and a little choked up.

The athletic fields at Ellington High School were named in his honor a few years later with a permanent stone monument placed in one corner. I wear this patch on my biker vest in his honor.

Years later, his parents bought the house in the cul-de-sac two doors down from my parents, and his sister Nancy already lived a few houses down in the other direction. I had gone to the cemetery trying to find Stephen's grave, but could not. I went over to his dad's house to inquire where his grave was. All he would say is that Stephen had been cremated, which lead me to believe they kept his ashes. Rather than push the subject, I wished his father a good afternoon and simply left. I never had the guts to go ask his sister. Last I knew, Stephen's parents were living the retired life somewhere in Florida.

As a side note, my own cousin Steven is a Marine veteran a week younger than I am. He was part of the MNF in Beirut, Lebanon but I believe he had rotated out before the bombing. I don't know if he was in those barracks or somewhere else. But I do remember him remarking what a beautiful country those animals destroyed.


Stephen Tingley's death is the reason I get so miffed at the way people view and "celebrate" Memorial Day as the "1st Day of Summer" or National BBQ Day. It is also one of the many reasons I am a Patriot Guard Rider.

Friday, October 21, 2022

WTF Assholes?

I have noticed a recent phenomona... drivers that do not dim their high beams regardless of where they are driving or if there is oncoming traffic. The absolute worst offenders are those obviously night-blind fucktards that can't see shit without driving with their high beams on the interstate, blinding drivers ahead of them as well as in the opposite lanes. This evening I had to run out for a gallon of milk and a pizza. 16 miles round trip and countless morons that refuse to dim their lights. Now I know we were taught in drivers ed to dim your lights anyway so only one driver is blinded. Fuck that! You get one, maybe two flashes and then its in your face, asshole! There are those that do get the message and turn them down at the last second, but its too late for me to bother to reach for the lever.

Don't get me started on those idiots running off-road LED light bars on the road. Those clowns I aim for.

Saturday, October 15, 2022

Gorgeous Fall Afternoon

Sunny, 70 degrees, and the slightest hint of a breeze. Right now I'm sitting out on my front porch having just refilled the bird feeders and bird bath, enjoying the company of assorted woodpeckers and song birds stopping by for a meal. About an hour ago I got back from a 73 mile jaunt around Windham County on "The Beast" enjoying the spectacular fall foliage. Brilliant yellows, reds, and oranges that show up well in the sun's lower angle this time of year. I went by myself since my wife is at an event with her sister-in-law, and had the tunes cranked up on iHeart.com on the Rock Nation channel. I stopped at Riverside Pizza in Thompson for lunch and chowed down a BLT wrap, Lipton lemonade (no brewskis while on two wheels) and bag of Lays BBQ chips. I continued south on RT. 12 to RT. 6 in Brooklyn to start heading west towards home. A quick stop for fuel by Windham Airport, and I jumped on the L.A.H. (limited access highway) portion of RT. 6. Abandoned on the side of the highway was a white BMW 4 door sedan, that looked like a 5 series with it's hood up. Oh, the hood was up all right... it must have flew open, smashing the windshield and front of the roof. The car will probably also need new upholstery on the driver seat because those deep shit stains are never coming out. 

As usual, I went out well armed, today carrying my 9mm Ruger SR9c with 2 spare mags, all safely tucked in my OWB kydex holster and dual mag carrier from On Your Six Designs. The hoodie and leather vest kept everything nicely concealed, and since no one decided to FAFO, it all stayed put.

Friday, October 14, 2022

Get Ready, Kommiecticut Compliant Fudds

Those of you obedient sheep that got in line to register your firearms and magazines in 2014, get ready to lose them all. The peaceable citizens that dare keep and bear arms in Kommiecticut will once again be held accountable for the actions of the criminally insane.

The compliant Fudds lined up around state police headquarters in Middletown in 2014


Word is some type of eeee-vil semi-auto "assault" or sporting rifle was used in the Bristol cop shooting Wednesday night.

But wait! Gov. "Jolly Ned" Lamont tells us those are illegal (technically they are not, but he's a moron, after all...) so how can this be?

Go to the 2:32 mark to hear Jolly Ned declare "assault weapons" illegal. Oh that fucktard just could not be more ill-informed or stupid.


As I told anyone that would listen back then, do not comply with their pre-confiscation registration scheme. That registration is always a precursor to confiscation, because they need to know who has the guns before they can take them (and then make you get in the boxcar). And if it's time to hide your guns, it's time to use them. I registered NOTHING! 

Everything of mine was tragically lost in a kayak capsize. Oops!

Update on Bristol Police Shooting

The story so far goes like this; Bristol Police were called to the residence at 310 Redstone Hill Road earlier in the evening for a disturbance. Two brothers lived alone at the residence. They were called back to the house a little before 11 P.M. for some kind of violent domestic incident. As police arrived, one of the two brothers was waiting outside heavily armed (at this time the weapon used is unknown), and he opened fire on the officers killing two and wounding one. The shooter is also dead meaning at least someone got some shots into him.

As far as the story goes, it was nothing more than a setup and ambush to kill cops. My flag is at half-staff in honor of these two guys that were just doing their job. One of the deceased leaves behind two young 'uns and a wife pregnant with their third. Terrible shit.

Thursday, October 13, 2022

2022 Midterms

If you are a libturd Demon-Crap running for office on a pro-abortion platform, then you support murdering innocent babies, in some cases AFTER live birth, nothing more. Calling it reproductive health is the most disingenuous line of bullshit being put forth. I hope you are all damned to eternal torment in the deepest pit of hell. That goes for your supporters, voters, and donors as well.

The inspiration for this post comes from the barrage of disgusting pro-abortion Demon-Crap campaign ads on TV this evening in Kommiecticut.

Reserving Sympathies For Details

Last night in the Kommiecticut town of Bristol, less than a mile from my daughter's house, 3 Bristol police officers were shot responding to a domestic incident involving a pair of siblings. Two were killed and the third is in the hospital in serious condition. Below is a link to the news story.

Police Officers Shot in Bristol - NBC Connecticut

Once upon a time, my heart broke as soon as I heard one of these stories. While I generally support (and work closely with) law enforcement, I now reserve any feelings of sorrow for the LEO's until I get some details. Were the cops just doing "normal" police work and caught unexpectedly in a deadly and tragic situation? Were they practicing too much restraint because of the way Kommiecticut state government has hobbled their actions with criminals? Or were they acting like "The Blue Line Gang" kicking in someone's door unannounced in the dark of night, while "just following orders?" I gotta tell ya, I'm not a criminal, so I never expect a visit from police or an opposing criminal element. Kicking in my door means one thing; HOME INVASION! and for me the "invaders" will be met with a hail of gunfire. Just in case those individuals are clad in body armor, it will be a lips and hips mag dump. Law enforcement better have the proper address when they come to my house, and politely ring my doorbell. Of course, my security camera will let me know as soon as anyone rolls up the driveway.

I have been personally dealing with the hobbling of cops legitimately performing their duties. When my EMS service gets called for an intoxicated individual or a psych eval, we typically stage for state police. We only go in once given the all clear. The problem becomes searching the individual for weapons or other dangerous items. State police used to do that as a matter of course before our arrival. Now they are considered violating rights if they even ask for permission to search. But what I always do, is ask the state trooper in front of the patient if the patient has been patted down. When they say no, because I "opened the door" they will now ask the patient for consent to a search. Bottom line would be, if they refuse to consent to a search, they WILL NOT ride in my ambulance, but will be offered to go to the lockup with the state trooper while wearing handcuffs.

Bottom line, I am not going to make comment either way until I get details. But however this plays out, all LIBTURDS should be on notice....


All the Kommiecticut hoplophobes need to immediately sit down and shut the fuck up!! 

Monday, October 10, 2022

To The Dustbin of History

I have had a PayPal account for pretty close to 20 years. When they can change the user agreement willy-nilly because they think they should be the arbiters of free speech and in the process confiscate my hard earned money as some sort of  "penalty," then I am fucking out. Even though they have supposedly back-pedaled on their original statements, they have permanently violated any trust I may have had for them to allow me to do business as I see fit.

As of just a few moments ago, my account is no more. It was easy-peasy with just a couple of clicks. If they send me some kind of "sorry to see you go" email exit survey, I will be sure to let them know EXACTLY why I will no longer do business with them.

Sunday, October 9, 2022

What To Do - Advice Welcome

I hold a C & R FFL, and have since 2008 making this my 5th time receiving the renewal paperwork. I originally applied for it on the advice of a gun buddy at work who used his to buy several interesting mil-surp firearms, but have never used it. At only $30 for three years I figured it would be a good thing to get. Well, I don't have the disposable funds he has to buy firearms at will. The only real reason I have kept it to this point was in the wake of Kommiecticut sweeping gun control (unconstitutional/intolerable acts) post Sandy Hook 2014, a C & R is the only way a private citizen can purchase directly from the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP). Otherwise the purchase has to go through a standard FFL as a normal gun purchase. Because of my sportsman's club affiliation, I have access to FFL services free of charge, BUT... the state will have their hooks in such a sale adding to their registry of firearms and their owners. The CMP transaction directly to a C & R kinda bypasses that. The problem is, having and using the C & R means you are subject to scrutiny and premise search by the ATF goon squad. I can't think of any federal alphabet agency I hate more that the ATF, therefore I am once again entertaining the idea of not renewing. If an agency can call a chunk of metal a firearm using unrealistic definitions and circular logic in order to simply confuse the firearms public resulting in criminal prosecutions, then there is nothing I want to do with such assholes. Any firearms purchased under a C & R become an official "collection" with record and storage requirements much like the inventory of a gun shop. They will fuck you hard if you make an innocent paperwork mistake. God forbid if you happen to sell one of those collection firearms. There is no hard and fast number of firearms you can sell per year before they determine you are engaging in an illegal firearms business. The one time I did attempt to use my C & R was at Cabela's to purchase a qualifying mil-surp rifle, but they "refused" to honor my license or make the sale because they "didn't want to get involved" whatever the fuck that meant. Below is the redacted renewal form and instruction sheet.

C & R Renewal Form page 1 (REDACTED)

C and R Renewal Form page 2 (REDACTED)

C and R Renewal instruction sheet page 1

C and R Renewal instruction sheet page 2



Since my town does not have a standing police force, a copy must be provided to the 1st Selectman's Office as a CLEO (Chief Law Enforcement Officer). Every time I renewed previously, the secretary has no idea what I am turning in or what she is supposed to do with it. Yes, each time is like the very first time because she has been a scatterbrain for years. I told her I don't care what she does with it, I provided it as required. I'm sure if the ATF went to town hall looking for proof I made notification there would be none. Just another excuse to prosecute an FFL. 

So, I am looking for advice from my readers. I have until January 1st to renew. Leave your thoughts in the comments. As it stands right now, unless someone can come up with a super compelling reason to renew, I am going to forfeit my license. My wife always says once you have it to keep it, because it may be impossible to get in the future. Yeah... don't care.

Monday, October 3, 2022

2022 Big 'E'

For the fortieth consecutive year in a row,  my wife and I attended the Eastern States Exposition also known as The Big 'E'. While weapons have been forbidden for years, it has been the last few where patrons are forced to walk through metal detectors. Therefore, in order to at least have some type of defensive weapon, I have carried my Blackie Collins poly-carbonate "CIA Letter Opener."

Normally, we go earlier during the fair on a warm sunny day and I am wearing cargo shorts. The blade is easily concealed in my thigh pocket without needing a sheath of any kind. We planned on going on Friday the 30th and the weather was cool and breezy, meaning I would be wearing jeans and needed a way to carry my knife safely and concealed. Whatever I made would have to be completely non-metallic. So this is what I came up with.

I made a simple pocket sheath out of the heavy cardboard from an old pad of paper. The cardboard was folded along one edge and the two halves were put together with hot glue. The paddle hooks the pocket lining and stays put while the blade is drawn out. To ensure a smooth draw, the serrations were positioned to the fold. It worked like a champ and is surprisingly durable. I went right through the security checkpoint twice that day with no issues. There were no situations that ever called for my blade to come out of hiding.

There were however, a large number of mutants and other assorted human debris wandering around the fairgrounds. It is said that nature adorns toxic and poisonous plants and creatures with vivid colors as a warning to stay away, and it is absolutely the same with the mutants. Blue/green/purple hair, androgynous beings that don't know what they are today, and certain minority women with 4 inch long brightly colored fingernails and stupid long eyelashes. My wife pointed one out to me as she came out of the ladies room, and asked me how I thought she did her post-potty paperwork. I said with a wad of T.P. on the end of a stick I guess.

Later in the afternoon we met up with my wife's brother, his wife, my niece, and friends of theirs that we know. We went to the 7 PM show at the circus. As people file into the tent to take a seat, a clown in a tuxedo named Ronaldo follows them around throwing a boomerang around their heads catching them by surprise. He only communicates with a coaches whistle. Then as it gets closer to showtime, he takes center ring and starts doing tricks with his hat. He tosses it into the audience and wants it tossed back to land on his head. No one seemed to have ever tossed a Frisbee, because the throws were terrible. One woman was so busy trying to video herself she threw his hat into the dirt on the floor. IDIOT! Try putting away your fucking phone and living in the moment for a change. The show was pretty good, a couple of decent illusions, then out came "Anna Dangerous" doing trick shots and marksmanship with a crossbow, and with whips. After her, Ronaldo came back out with a bow and some arrows. He pulled a couple out of the audience to be his volunteers. The husband was placed against a back board and tied into place. The wife was to be Ronaldo's assistant, swishing around all sexy like to hand Ronaldo his arrows. Ronaldo lines up on the husband, and just before he fires, another assistant placed a hood over his head. The assistant that placed the hood stabs an arrow by hand into a target block, the crowd goes wild, and the hood is removed from the husband. So he's thinking Ronaldo hit his target. Now Ronaldo says he is going to shoot two arrows at once. The victim's wife brings him two arrows with drum rim shots with each wiggle of her hips. Ronaldo lines up with two arrows, a hood is placed over the victim's head at the last minute, and the assistant stabs two arrows into target blocks on either side of him. The crowd goes wild and the hood is removed again revealing Ronaldo holding the bow and taking his applause. Now for the finale. He places a balloon between the victim's legs, and let's the victim see Ronaldo put on a blindfold. The hood is placed over the victim's head, the assistant stabs the balloon with the arrow, and just before the hood is removed, the bow is handed to the wife as though she made the shot. When the hood is removed, water shoots out between the victim's legs like he pissed himself and the crowd laughs uproariously. It was a well done gag.

A little more food before the hour plus ride home. My wife and I went to Porky's Pork Palace for a pulled pork "Sundae" to share. Layered like an ice cream sundae, corn bread on the bottom, BBQ baked beans, pulled pork, cole slaw, and topped with a cherry tomato. We left around 8:30 PM so traffic was only a few minutes getting out of the parking lot.

Saturday, October 1, 2022

The media in Kommiecticut are full of the campaign ads (LIES) of Demon-Craps running for office. None are more putrid than those of incumbent U.S. Senator Richard "Da Nang Dickie" Blumenthal. Now he is the proclaimed savior of seniors needing affordable prescription drugs, because he fought hard against the eeeevil drug companies.

Newsflash people... Da Nang Dickie doesn't do ANYTHING that doesn't somehow benefit Da Nang Dickie.