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Friday, June 30, 2023

3 SCOTUS Rulings That Give Me Hope For The Country

As long as your not one of those that insist on wiping their ass with The Constitutution, that is. If you are, TOUGH FUCKING SHIT!

1). Fuck Joe Biden and his $400B vote buying scheme using taxpayer dollars to erase college debt at the expense of those that never incurred such debt.

2). Bye-bye affirmative action and race quotas. From the racist responses I read from the left today, minorities should be pissed at those racists and not SCOTUS. The lefty racists say you can't do ANYTHING based on your merit or abilities, and have to have quotas to "succeed." Rubbish.

3). If you are religious and a business owner, and the Globohomo agenda goes against your faith.... YOU DON'T HAVE TO PROVIDE YOUR SERVICES. This shouldn't be a problem really, since there are plenty of heathens out there that would be more than happy to gay it up for them. But no, that's not good enough for militant fags that seek out Christian businesses just to destroy them. 

I can only hope that someone screaming at the sky in agony over these rulings finds my post and has the appropriate medical emergency reaction.

Monday, June 26, 2023


Found this and thought it plausible. I mean there are amateur astronomers scanning the skies, HAMS monitoring all manner of radio waves, why not folks having their own sonobuoys and listening to the oceans? I doubt it got leaked from the US Navy, but that's only a matter of time before a leak or actual release. Maybe another friendly country in the North Atlantic; Canada, Greenland, Iceland, The U.K.?

The static right after the bang is from the sudden release of air. I was surprised by the echoes, but it makes sense. Look at what happens when a tsunami occurs and how the motion can circle the globe.

It Got Muggy Quick

We built our house in eastern Kommiecticut in 2005 and opted to delete the proposed central air conditioning, since this is New England and not Arizona, Texas, or Florida. At most there is a period of 3 1/2 months where it is needed at times, not 8 months where it is mostly needed. Since our house has all Andersen double hung windows, yearly installation of window mount air conditioners is a breeze. I normally pull them out in late September/early October.

So Saturday morning with summer heat and humidity finally on the way, I spent about an hour and a half to put four units in place. It goes pretty quick because the hard part of initial installation is already done, these are re-installs. I have a fifth, but since the job I had that allowed me to work from home vaporized in 2016, I don't put it in our home office any more. It is just a spare.

My wife was going to be grooming dogs over the weekend, so I started with the basement. Being a walkout, there is a double hung window by the door. In a house with a basement an air conditioner keeps it cool and dry, which helps keep the rest of the house that way. This one is an older Frigidaire 8,000 BTU model that I got from my cousin for nothing. On the lowest setting it keeps the whole basement comfortable and dry. I originally used it for the first floor before upgrading. I store it under the basement stairs so it is handy, unlike the other units that I store in the garage attic. Because it is at ground level, for security purposes, the lower sash that holds the A/C unit in place has 2 L-shaped brackets screwed in place to prevent removal. If a criminal decides to just destroy the entire window and make entry, the monitored alarm system will go off.

Next up was the first floor. That one is a newer LG 10,000 BTU that I had to carry down from the garage attic. I store them in the boxes so while there is some heft to it, I can manage it just fine. We have an open floor plan on the first floor, so the single 10,000 BTU in the family room window combined with a ceiling fan keeps the whole downstairs cool, even on low. Because of the walkout basement, no security measures are required, but the slope doesn't put this one at full second floor level, so the L-brackets are also used to keep the sash locked down.

All of the bedrooms are on the second floor, and for those I have a pair of small Frigidaire 5,000 BTU units. Both are also stored in the garage attic needing to be carried down, and then back up to the second floor. One of the bedrooms is the office I described earlier. I put one in the master bedroom (I don't care if that is now a verbotten term, I will use it) and one in the guest room currently occupied by my Father-In-Law. Leaving both units on low, with the ceiling fans also turning on low, keeps the entire upstairs comfortable.

They only run as described when it is hot and sticky out, and when my FIL isn't staying at the house (he occasionally spends a few days with my wife's brother's family), the upstairs ones are off during the day. While running them certainly shows up on the electric bill, it is not all that much. Once the humidity breaks, we'll go back to having the windows open. My wife will only run the one in the basement if she is actively grooming dogs. In the wooded hills where we live, it can be almost 15 degrees cooler than in the Greater Hartford area. You can actually see the temperature drop on the vehicle outside thermometer as you head east to where we live.

Friday, June 23, 2023

A Four Day GFDZ in Kommiecticut

The Traveler's Championship pro golf tournament begins today at the TPC River Highlands course in Cromwell. In standard Kommiecticut modus operandi, personal concealed carry defensive arms of any kind are forbidden. All bags will be searched, and I'm sure everyone will have to pass through a metal detector then get wanded if necessary. Now, I don't really care because I hate golf and would never attend, in fact I don't attend any sporting events, concerts, or places with large crowds armed or unarmed. The exception is the Eastern States Exposition, but I carry a polycarbonate undetectable blade for that since there are plenty of West Springfield cops on the fairgrounds.

So hopefully nothing bad happens there in the next four days. But the potential for violent mass murder is high, and who is going to stop it, the unarmed security guards? Shoot them first and waltz right in.

*GFDZ = Gun Free Death Zone

Wednesday, June 14, 2023


For me anyway. Had my post MRI consult with the orthopedic doc today. NO SURGERY! He reviewed my case notes and the MRI and pointed out the tear to me (see image below).

Click it to big it. My personal info was scrubbed and those are my notes on the slide.









It turns out (no surprise) I had no idea what I was looking at when I got the results a week or so ago, but then, I am not a radiologist. The doc then performed a physical examination and manual manipulation of my knee. I winced a little for some lateral motion and he said there was no point going further and causing me unnecessary pain. Because I have been basically pain-free for the last six-weeks right after the injury and able to do normal stuff outside of work there is no way insurance was going to pay for what amounts to preventative arthroscopic surgery. He recommended just a cortisone shot, ice if I need it for post-shot pain, and a follow up visit to his office in six weeks. I've never had a cortisone shot before, it felt weird. It was a 3 inch long large gauge needle and the syringe held about an inch of white cortisone. He numbed the injection site with lidocaine and buried the entire length of the needle into my knee joint (smartly I might add) by my kneecap. It didn't hurt at all but I felt the pressure of the juice going in. The doc said as long as I don't firmly plant my right foot and then twist, I should be fine going forward without surgery. He said I still may need surgery at some distant future date, possibly a full replacement because there is some thinning of the cartilage and arthritis that isn't going to get better on its own. Hopefully that will all be after mandatory retirement as an interior rated firefighter. I told him I would do my best to be cautious with lifting and such so as not to repeat this mess.

This means that as of Monday, I will be up on a ladder cleaning my gutters, get out on "The Beast" for a post-injury ride, and get out in the canoe with my FIL to do some fishin'! My next scheduled shift was supposed to be an 18 on Sunday, but that is a day before authorized. Therefore I will be on duty Thursday as my next scheduled shift. I can't wait!

UPDATE 6-14-23 @ 21:00 EDT: I have taken the doctor's advice and put an ice pack on my knee. It's just a bit sore from the cortisone shot, and I figure if I do it now maybe it won't wake me up out of a sound sleep at Zero-Dark-Thirty.

Time To Update My Clothing

Since we now obviously live in the FUSA I may as well dress for the new environment.

The storefront from when it was cool, and before it was a store for the hipster doofus

Pith helmets and jungle wear. I should probably stock up on cigars and rum, too. Maybe I'll pickup a Kukri blade to wear on my hip with those Gurkha shorts.

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

I'd Go See This One

 Driving a team of horses and dragging more than one freak at a time would be more efficient.

Go ahead and ask me.

Tuesday, June 6, 2023

New Blog Header

My little tribute for "Pride" month

Offended? Too fuckin' bad. 😭 


Because six days in and I've had enough of this shit. Of course, if you are offended, feel free to hop in for a ride.









UPDATE 7-1-23: Because Globohomo month is now over, I have put my header back to something else. Below is what the header was referenced in this post and can live on in perpetuity.


Monday, June 5, 2023

Once Again, In The Dark of Night

While the citizens were asleep at 04:19 Saturday morning: New Kommiecticut Gun Control Passes Senate

Yup, that's how they always do it here in Commie Land, vote for infringements right before they scurry away to their little hidey holes. Then get it right to Jolly Ned for his signature. It all takes effect on October 1st. The lawsuits are already written and ready to be submitted immediately upon signature, so the pearl clutching and wailing and gashing of teeth will commence henceforth.

One of the things these unconstitutional/intolerable and unenforceable acts does is strengthen gun storage laws. Previously it only applied to young children in the home, but no more. It applies to everywhere. PICTURED BELOW WILL NOW BE ILLEGAL, however without daily violations of my 4th and 5th Amendment rights I can't be charged with anything proactively.

Self-defense at the ready. Oh, how they REALLY hate this!!

This is my night table right next to my bed as I was getting ready to turn in last night. The cord from the clock radio is for my cell phone and the fob for my alarm system sits on top of the phone all next to my glasses. The dogs will wake and start barking before the alarm goes off, giving me plenty of warning and ability to get up and prepare for a breach of my perimeter. Here's how this infringement will be enforced going forward. If I have to defend myself from an intruder, how did I have such quick access to my firearm if it was locked away unloaded and secure in compliance with the law? By non-compliance, of course. I'll just let the lawyers provided by my CCWSafe Ultimate Plan I pay $500 a year for defend me. Preventing citizens from self-defense, NOT CRIME PREVENTION is the true intent of the petty tyrants in Hartford as always.

The proposed bill in original form was much worse, here is a link to what actually passed. A provision I was happy that got removed was the prohibition of carrying any place that served alcohol. Currently that only applies to bars, and even then only if the owner specifically posts and prohibits it. Otherwise, every time I went out to eat, I would have to make a choice between ignoring the newly created *GFDZ and carry anyway, always going out to eat unarmed, or just never going out to eat. The prohibition of buying more than 3 handguns per month doesn't personally affect me because I can't afford more than one handgun every couple of years or so, BUT... it is still a stupid and unnecessary infringement that has zero bearing on what the criminal element does in acquiring firearms. They can expand the "assault weapons" and "large capacity magazine" bans all they want, I have been happily non-compliant since it's inception in 1994. The ban, in place since 1994, expanded in 2013, and now expanded again have been declared to be aggressively enforced, however the opposite is actually true. The 85% non-compliance rate has frightened the authorities into inaction, because they know there would be a lot of dead tyrant goon squad members not going home to their families.

*GFDZ = Gun Free Death Zone



UPDATE 6-5-23 13:40 EDT --  Here is a link to the bill history showing the votes. In typical Demon-Crap fashion, they apparently just kept voting and counting until they got the desired result. TELL ME THESE FUCKERS DON'T NEED TO BE DRAGGED OUT BOUND AND GAGGED FOR A CITIZEN TRIBUNAL! My rep and senator know their constituents and did the right thing by voting against it.

Sunday, June 4, 2023

Annnnnd... It's Still There.

Had a day out with my wife and her Dad, but it was the third stop that inspired this post. We started at the local town farmer's market. Strawberries are just coming into season here in Kommiecticut, and my wife was looking for some fresh and local to make strawberry shortcake with homemade whipped cream. It was kinda drizzly out and there were only a few vendors at the market. No strawberries but she did pickup a block of fresh sharp cheddar cheese.

Next was on to the flea market held every Sunday at the Mansfield Drive-In. My wife was looking for a couple of more plants for her seasonal floral setup on the back deck, and she said the flea market is a great place to get plants at a discount over the greenhouses. I wandered around looking at lots of junk. An item that caught my eye early on was on the table along with some other assorted tube powered electronics; a CRT pattern generator in a carrying case with a mirror in the lid. The guy didn't know or care what it was, he just said "ten bucks." I documented my use of these 40+ years ago in this post where I detailed my work in a TV repair shop doing 25" picture tube replacements in console TV's. While a neat thing to have, I am not going to start an electronics collectible display in my house so I just walked away. There is a building on the property that was once a huge chicken coop, but is now the indoor portion of the flea market. Most of the spaces inside are permanently occupied by vendors with large assortments of stuff like at a tag sale. One guy had quite the display of knives and swords, along with models, train sets, and other high end toys, so I spent a little extra time in there. I was tempted to buy a modern kukri that had a kydex sheath and a composite handle. It was $30 and I definitely would have bought it, except it was made in CHY-NAH. I'll pass, even though the real ones would be made in Nepal which China likes to think it rules. Anyway, my wife found a nice full geranium for her welded tricycle plant stand on the deck and we left to go get lunch.

I suggested we go to the Willimantic Brewing Co otherwise known as WilliBrew for burgers and a beer which was only about 10 minutes away and my wife and her Dad were good with it. We were last there a little over a year ago, and in this post I wrote about the mentally ill freak on the waitstaff. I was hoping that with either the passing of a year, or the shortage of help in the restaurant business these days, it had moved on elsewhere or at least wasn't working there today. The parking lot was full but the restaurant was not, in a case of every single patron driving their own car? Who knows, we got seated right away at a table that gave me a good tactical advantage and ability to see everything in my A.O. I look up and what do I see? Yup, the freak from last year is still there and was working today. Dammit, now I am hoping it does not come our way to be our server because if it does, I am moving or leaving. Nope, it was working the other end of the restaurant, while we had a very nice and kinda cute 100% real woman waitress not suffering from gender confusion due to mental illness. The freak stayed far away and we had an enjoyable meal. I had a "build your own" burger and a dark lager, my wife had a lobster roll and Diet Coke, and my father-in-law had a Reuben and a lager. My FIL and I both dislike IPA's, and really can't stand the double and triple IPA's. But it seems that what most breweries specialize in, so you have to really peruse the beer menu to find something else.

When we left, we made a quick stop at BJ's in Willimantic. We picked up a few of our regular sundries and my wife got an angel food cake and some heavy cream for whipping but passed up on the strawberries from out west or down south. When we were leaving BJ's, I suggested stopping at Stearn's Farm Stand high up on the hill in Mansfield to see if they had any. Bingo! She came out of the store with 2 quart containers of local strawberries. OMG were they delicious, just sliced up on their own. The fresh angel food cake and her homemade whipped cream made a complete tasty treat. My chickens got the strawberry tops for an afternoon treat of their own.

Saturday, June 3, 2023

I Got Yer Pride... RIGHT HERE!

Of course, I just refer to it all as MENTAL ILLNESS

A few memes lifted from Gab for your viewing and stealing pleasure.


And of course, my favorite. Why do they call butt-fuckin' sodomy again? Oh yeah, that. Get away and don't look back.

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Stupidity From National Parks

My post today is prompted by this one from wirecutter at Knuckle Draggin' My Life Away, regarding stupidity with nature at Yellowstone National Park. I figured I would document a bit of my own with photos and videos. Not of us though, we know better.

For 3 weeks in August to September 2016, my wife and I embarked on a cross country RV trip that took us from Kommiecticut to Glacier National Park and then home via a different route. I still refer to it as "the trip of a lifetime." We made many stops along the way. Cedar Point Amusement Park, The Badlands, Devil's Tower, Yellowstone, Glacier, visiting relatives in Big Timber, Montana, a wolf sanctuary in Indiana and many other small places. Prior to our arrival in Yellowstone, there were two incidents only a couple of days apart, one resulting in a gruesome death. 

This first one resulted in a 13 year old boy being severely burned when he was walking off the boardwalk on the thin crust over a subterranean hot spring and he broke through. They warn you repeatedly to not just go walking around and to stay on the boardwalk.

This next one resulted in an actual Darwin Award. What moron thinks slipping into one of these boiling acidic pools is just like the Jacuzzi at the hotel? The dope in the news story I guess.

Look inviting? Sure... just have your estate in order before hopping in

My stupidity documentation begins with this video of bison walking on the side of the road. We were on our first day in Yellowstone. I was focused on the bison and not on the idiots out of their cars so they are out of frame. I was safely away inside my truck zoomed in on them. At the 00:17 mark you catch a glimpse of my father-in-law in my rear view mirror. My wife yelled at him to get back in his truck after I stopped shooting and the bison went by when she saw him in the road. He didn't do that again the whole trip.


Next up is a narrated/commentary video of a group of people exhibiting multiple facets of stupidity. This was late in our few days visit at Yellowstone and I was so hoping to see them all scatter as the herd of bison charged at them. That would have been HIL-AR-IOUS!

Next up are a couple of photos of equally dangerous wild beasts.

Taken with a zoom lens from inside my truck, Far away

Just a big open petting zoo. Go feed `em!

See that giant nutsack? That mofo WILL KILL YOU!

And this last one I thought took place in Yellowstone as well, but it was at Glacier National Park. People are just as stupid there. We came upon a traffic jam in a strange place, and this is why.

A full grown grizzly bear in the weeds next to the road. We shot this with a zoom lens from the truck in between the cars and morons. They were actually out of their cars and taking selfies with it. I was driving, otherwise I would have taken video of potential evolution as morons might have been removed from the gene pool.

At one point while we were at G.N.P. there were search and rescue choppers buzzing around up in the mountains. Later that night we found out why. A father and adult son were hiking and fell down the glacier. The son was able to stop his fall but the father did not. A link to the story can be found here and here.