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My Self Defense Story

Preface: I have carried a firearm since 1983, when at age 21 one of the first things I did was get my state pistol permit. For the next almost thirty years I never once even thought of having to draw my firearm for defense. This is the story of my first and so far only occurrence where I thought that was necessary.


It was December 24th 2012, Christmas Eve, and 10 days after Sandy Hook (not that the fact means too much, just interesting timing). It was a Monday...I had gotten out of work early that day and we were busy at home getting ready for Christmas. I had to go out late that evening for a fire department car accident call and while I was out, a band of snow squalls came through and coated everything fast. I went home, where the wife had finished all the Christmas preparations and gone to bed. I climbed in myself at 11:45 PM.

At 1:00 AM Christmas morning, we were startled awake by a loud banging sound. The dogs went absolutely bullshit. The sound repeated and it was loud! My wife's handicapped brother spends the holidays with us, and she was concerned he might have fallen out of bed. I got up wearing only my skivvies, opened his bedroom door to check, and as usual he was sound asleep and heard nothing. Then the banging sound occurred again, and I could tell it was coming from the front door at the foot of the stairs. Now my heart was pounding almost right out of my chest and my wife was petrified. I grabbed my Glock 21 always kept at the ready and my SureFire flashlight and went cautiously down the stairs. I turned on the porch lights and peered through the window of the door. Standing on my porch was a character I would not ever consider inviting into my house. I stepped to my right in front of the dining room window and got a good look. He sees me and steps in front of the window as well, where I lit him up right in the eyes with my flashlight. Through the closed window he tells me his truck is broke down at the end of my driveway, and could I come out and help him. Now, I have no idea if he's telling the truth, or how many friends he may have waiting outside. He can clearly see I am standing in my underwear and holding a very large handgun at the high ready. I tell him, "GET THE FUCK OFF MY FRONT PORCH!" Now he tells me he has kids in the truck, and could I give him some gas or something? I now tell him I ain't Triple A and this ain't a garage.."GET THE FUCK OFF MY PROPERTY!!" He now gets that I am not messing around, and I am determined that he will be leaving in a body bag if he attempts to enter my house. He realizes I am not coming out, turns to leave and mumbles "Merry Fuckin' Christmas." I watch him trudge off in the dark and then I get busy. I run around my house, double-checking that each door is locked, and turn on all my exterior lights. Once I am relatively sure he's gone I call 911 and request a transfer to the state police.

The state police dispatcher comes on the line and I tell her I have a possible intruder on my property. He has left but I want someone to come out to check. I say NOTHING about being armed. Remember the snow squalls earlier? Her response was? "Well, with the weather that came through, all the troopers are tied up with the fender benders." Are you kidding me? Dicking around with minor accidents is more important than my situation? I was stunned to say the least and simply said, "Thank you very much." then hung up. I sat up for a while, then went back to bed, but never fell back to sleep.

On Christmas morning at daylight, I went out still armed to check on things. There was one set of footprints to and from my house, and one set of tire tracks in the snow at the foot of my driveway. Perhaps he was telling the truth, and maybe if it was two o'clock on a Saturday afternoon, I'd go lend some assistance. At 1:00 AM beating on my front door, he was one wrong move from death. Call me heartless as some have, but this is my reality where I live. No trooper ever showed up, even the next day to check things out.

Epilogue: When we moved out to a rural area of eastern Kommiecticut, we always thought we might be on our own if something bad were to happen. There are only six shift troopers on duty in our area at any given time, where response time under normal circumstances would be about 5 minutes. Bad weather, trouble at one of the colleges, or one of the prisons, and we would be completely on our own. This incident confirmed it...bad weather and no law enforcement available. The only record of this incident is a call log at the state police of my call. Along with the dogs, we have a monitored home alarm system that is armed every night before bed. It goes off only 10 seconds after a sensor is tripped. It also has several "PANIC" buttons that if activated result in an immediate law enforcement response without a phone call from the monitoring service to first see if all is well.

As far as future 911 calls go, regardless of the outcome, will go like this:

911 Dispatch: "911, what is the nature and location of your emergency?"

Me: "I need law enforcement and EMS to [my location]. I (we) have been the victim(s) of a violent incident."

911 Dispatch: Whatever additional questions they think they need to ask

Me: "I need law enforcement and EMS to [my location]. I (we) have been the victim(s) of a violent incident." This will be the only answer I will give over the phone because all lines are recorded. If it gets recorded, it can and will be used against you. Watch the background noise/talk too.

Lather-Rinse-Repeat if you get my drift. Hang up if they persist. Nothing against law enforcement, but I live in Kommiecticut, and they will fuck you six ways from Sunday if they think they can build a case.


UPDATE June 3, 2020: I now have an "Ultimate Plan" with CCWSafe, which covers both my wife and I. I will not speak to the police until my attorney has arrived and I have consulted with them. All law enforcement will get is my limited cooperation and state ID.

UPDATE March 31,2022: On Sunday March 13, 2022 at 01:13 AM I had my home alarm system go off, prompting me to get up and go on a search and destroy mission in my own house while armed. It turned out the door to my garage was not latched securely, but was closed enough to allow the alarm system to arm. We had high winds over night, and the pressure difference between the garage and the house made the door open slightly, triggering an entry alarm. The door was secured and the alarm reset, and state police alarm dispatch was cancelled. Because it was a nothing-burger, I went right back to sleep.