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Thursday, September 29, 2022

The Plaintiffs Need To Lose, AND BIGLY!!

Smith and Wesson is being sued for their advertising methods by the Highland Park, Illinois shooting victims and families.

Smith & Wesson sued over advertising by Highland Park victims

Just like when the manufacturer is rarely responsible for the misuse of their products because it is no longer under their control, the same rule should apply to advertising. Unless a manufacturer is putting out false claims, what some nuts thought process is after seeing an advertisement is between the nut, his shrink, and law enforcement. Too bad if a "troubled 21 year old male" sees the ad... it is his actions and his actions alone that cause the problem. Plus the fact, just how many of these mass murdering fruitcakes were already on local law enforcement or the Fibbies radar... HMMMMM? The guy from Highland Park was. The fact that the Libturd activist Kommiecticut Supreme Court allowed such a lawsuit brought by the Sandy Hook Hoplophobes to go forward against Remington, just opens the door for a SCOTUS case to a manufacturer willing to fight it. Remington was in bankruptcy, so they just rolled over and the damages were paid by the insurance carriers. I hope Smith and Wesson fights this case... and hard.

Speaking of the Sandy Hook Hoplophobes enriching themselves over their dead, I hope the jury in the Alex Jones defamation civil suit awards each family a symbolic $1. Otherwise, he should appeal to SCOTUS as well as a 1st Amendment case.

Friday, September 23, 2022

Great Fucking Job Brandon

 How's that "not in a recession" but "transitional" bullshit working out for ya?



Screenshot of the live stock tickers at 10:57:38 on 23 September 2022, still trending DOWN!

Oh yeah, what are the 30 year fixed rate mortgages right now again? Averaging 6.50%




 Update 11:52 on 23 September 2022

It just keeps getting better, don't it? I wonder when they'll suspend trading?

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Marlin 1894CB Mod

I have some experience with Marlin lever guns. Obviously the most important safety on ANY gun is the mushy gray matter between the ears of whomever is handling said gun. That said, the only manual safety on the pre-1983 lever guns is a "half-cock" position on the hammer. Post 1983 guns have a cross-bolt safety as well, which I find extremely annoying. More times than not, the stupid safety was on as I went to fire my 2019 vintage 1894CB, making me have to stop, take the safety off, reset myself, and take the shot. That's because with the safety there, I feel compelled to use it, but because muscle memory tells me to ignore it, I forget its on.

The Marlin 1894CB wearing the Marlin lever rifle lock. The leather wrapped lever is for high speed use.



*Stock Photo* A close-up detail of the cross-bolt safety, circled in yellow. Button out is safety "OFF"


There are mod kits available to remove the safety and install a simple "filler" which I had contemplated doing but never did. Until today, when I came across this from Beartooth Mercantile out of Cody, Wyoming.

The cross-bolt safety replaced with a Cavalry Saddle Ring from Beartooth Mercantile

A close-up of the saddle ring mount that goes through the receiver in place of the safety

I also opted for the additional set screw and pin that replaces the original detent spring and ball for $5.00 which is recommended for strength and stability if you plan on heavy use of the saddle ring. Standard use would be to secure the rifle in a scabbard, and heavy use would be like for a single point sling. The pin prevents the notched bar from movement that could stop the hammer from falling onto the firing pin. $40.00 for everything including shipping (and they don't play tax collector for the state of Kommiecticut...SHHHH!) Once the ring is installed making my rifle look closer to original style configuration, I may explore a suitable single point sling. I would lean towards one that can be quickly added or removed.

Monday, September 19, 2022

Range Day 9-18-22

I spent a few hours yesterday at my club range shooting my real "weapon of war" ensuring I had a 200 yard battle zero and a dope card made and rolled up inside the buttstock. I also shot my varmint rifle to make sure I was still zeroed at 100 yards, test my skills with longer and shorter ranges using hold over/under, and two different bullet weights. Being a Sunday afternoon instead of a weekday meant I had company at the range, but it was pleasurable shooting with some other guys, and we adjourned to the clubhouse after for a beer and munchies.

First up, my SHTF "weapon of war" battle rifle. Made just after D-Day and still in original WWII configuration, it is not an impossibility that my rifle has spilled enemy blood before. However, there are no records available to ever know where it has been or how it was used. Only mil-spec surplus ammo is ever fired from this rifle. While most SHTF types will say you should have weapons that eat the same ammo as our potential domestic enemies, I am too old and out of shape to play run and gun. I am more than happy to act as a squad rifleman, picking off targets of opportunity from afar. Being old and out of shape also means I won't outlast my ammo supply. I last attempted a battle zero and dope card about a year ago. My glasses were old and scratched to shit making it hard to get any accuracy from the peep sight. My glasses are now current and scratch free and the 200 yard target was easy to see. Elevation was good, but the rear sight needed to go left a couple of clicks and then "BINGO!" I was grouping about 3 inches in the center at 200 yards. I finished off the mag clanging the steel gong at 200. A fresh load and I began shooting at the 100 yard target, with the first group of course, a little high. Three clicks down on the rear sight and I was in the center with an even tighter group. Then a couple of  rounds on the 100 yard gong. Absolutely effortless. Three clicks back up and the 200 yard gong rang out with every shot, so confirmed. The dial is calibrated so that at 200 yards, the dial is on the "2" and my dope card is in the rifle. I will try to get to some longer ranges to expand my sight settings. Once I was done, as usual if someone else is around, I show off and give instructions on my rifle as well as allow those that want to, to shoot it. I had two takers and they were awed by my rifle.

Next up was my 1971 vintage lever action varmint rifle with a Bushnell Trophy scope on top. Since I am not a hunter, this rifle is my set up for predators around my property, whether four-legged or two. My next door neighbor informs me he has had a pack of large coyotes passing through supposedly coming up from between my place and the adjacent horse farm. I believe because of my dogs, they are steering clear of my yard and not coming after my chickens. Just in case though, I have an ammo sleeve of nine 150 grain lead pills on the stock and keep the rifle handy. So yesterday I verified zero at 100 yards with the 150 grain rounds with a nice tight 3 round group on the center of a splatter type bullseye target. I then dinged the 100 yard gong a couple of times for fun. Switching to 170 grain rounds required a 2 inch high hold at 100 yards, and dinged the gong with a little more authority. Moving out to the same type of target at 200 yards required holding at about 4 inches high with the 150 grain rounds, and printed a respectable group. Switching to 170 grains again, required me to use a 12 o'clock hold on the 12" bullseye target. Again a respectable group at 200 yards and the last couple of 170's on the 200 yard gong. Anything I was to shoot at either range was going to be a center mass shot and most likely a kill. That was it for me for the day. The other guys were packing up to head for the clubhouse, but my rifle was too hot to slip in the case. I didn't want to chance melting the synthetic case lining. They had policed up all their brass, and I told them I would go down range to clear all the targets from the backers before joining them for a cold one.

As they were packing up, I pointed out the Ruger SR9c and two spare mags I open carried on my belt that I did not shoot and explained its purpose. It is the gun I carry whenever I have my firearms out of the security of my home, to protect them from being stolen that remains in the holster locked and loaded but at the ready. One of the guys that is also a club member also does the same as I, and lifted his shirt to reveal a pistol that he did not shoot either. While the potential for firearm theft at the range is much less of an issue at my present club than at my former club, I trust no one.

I got the range cleaned and my gear packed up, and headed for the clubhouse. I grabbed an ice cold Yeungling Lager from the fridge and spent the next hour hanging out with the fellas I shot with and a couple of other members just hanging out. With my wife away for the week, I was in no hurry to head home to start laundry.

NOTE: In the interest of keeping authorities in the dark about firearms they know nothing about, that I may or may not actually possess, no make or models are described. The state/ATF only knows about most of my handguns and only 2 rifles. The rest simply don't exist.

Useful Information

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Sunday, September 18, 2022

Well, It's Happened Again

Suspended from Twitter.

Apparently someone took the time to wade through several thousand tweets in my timeline to dig one up to flag as "offensive." I believe this tweet was right before the same time as the other tweet that got me suspended at the end of July.



The last time this happened it was for the exact same hashtag of #GayPox and the suspension occurred well after my tweet was posted by a few weeks. As usual, the Twitter Nazi's demand my phone number in order to unlock my account, which I flat out refuse to provide. The last time I held out and my account just magically unlocked. #GayPox was actually trending  at the time.

But hey, they can just keep denying who is getting #GayPox and what behaviors they are engaging in to get it. It isn't heterosexuals, lesbians, or the gay male monogamous couples, it is the man-sluts banging a dozen different bung-holes every night at fag orgies. Boo hoo.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

When There Is Nothing to Lose...

 Lifted from Western Rifle Shooters Association.

This is the mindset required when you, a working class family man, has lost everything you loved and worked a lifetime for due to the actions of the tyrants. Your life as you knew it is over, so work to end the lives of as many tyrants and armed goons as you can. I say a man with nothing to lose, should fight like a man with nothing to lose.

Monday, September 5, 2022

I Crossed The Rubicon - Part II

In a post dated August 13th, I detailed how I carried a firearm on the streets of Providence, RI without a permit. There is no reciprocity between Kommiecticut and RI, so technically I was a criminal for deciding to exercise the God-given right of personal self defense. Last night, I did it again, this time to Massachusetts.

For decades, at the state border on the interstates crossing into MA was the large warning sign stating a mandatory 1 year jail sentence for carrying a gun. It was a stark warning to everyone that without exception, get caught with a gun and go to jail. Those signs have been gone for years now, not that it matters for this post, just an interesting side note. Prior to his return to Florida, my father-in-law wanted to take everyone to dinner at his and our favorite seafood place, Sturbridge Seafood. I was going to stick by my commitment to never go anywhere unarmed any more. For last night's foray into "illegal" concealed carry, it was the 45 Shield and a spare magazine in my cargo shorts, loaded with Hornady 185 gr Critical Defense ammo. In MA, even ammo is illegal if you don't have a state FOID. I did not care. I chose my seat in the restaurant to give me a clear view of the door, and in a chair at the end of the table instead of the bench on the side so I could get to my feet quickly. My wife sat at the other end of the table next to her handicapped brother and near her Dad. Dinner was delicious and uneventful, and I returned home without incident. Just like the last time, my wife and the rest of the family were unaware and I like it that way.