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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Play Stupid Games - Win Stupid Prizes

Like the eternal dirt nap.

A Kommiecticut college student, Nicholas Anthony Donofrio age 20 was fatally shot in Columbia South Carolina where he was a student at USC. He was apparently shot trying to enter a house that turned out not to be the address he thought it was.

CT college student shot in South Carolina

The local news stories all inferred the same thing... a poor innocent college student got blasted to Kingdom Come by some gun-totin' toothless hillbilly down south. Those backwards hicks will just shoot anyone. And they shot him THROUGH THE DOOR! OMG the horror! And perhaps this will spark a national debate to repeal those horrid "stand your ground laws."

It turns out.... not so much


So today the story has been updated.

South Carolina Shooting Deemed Justified 

It seems that rather than say... politely knock or ring the door bell because he couldn't get in, he decided to kick and beat on the door until he smashed his way in and reached in through the broken window to access the doorknob. THAT is when he was shot once in the torso by the male resident while the female was already on the phone with 911. Having been in a similar situation, I am sure they were both absolutely terrified. I'd be willing to bet young Mr. Donofrio was also totally shit-faced, hence the lack of knowledge of his location and prudent judgement given his actions in surroundings where Second Amendment Rights are respected.

I am armed on my property at all times, and 99% of the time off site. If an individual(s) attempt to breach my perimeter, they may only have about a second to see the error of their ways and retreat before they won't have to, because they won't be able to.

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Notes & Observations From Vacation

I typed these off-line into my phone when I had down time and while the thoughts were fresh in my mind. The raw notes have been refined for posting.


FIRST... Road Travel and AirBNB

1. My bedside Glock 21 with Streamlight TLR-4 laser/light combo came with me. It was unloaded and locked in a hard steel case that was tethered to the seat mounting and hidden way up under the back seat. The ammo was locked in a separate hard steel case and inside my luggage, following the rules of "no quick access" set forth by F.O.P.A. Travel across the 71 miles of Hochul's Hellhole (NY state) on I-84 to PA and back was uneventful. Traveling through PA was not a worry. Although more direct, I chose to completely avoid NJ for the obvious reasons. Those fuckers will arrest and jail anyone that dare cross their imaginary line at the state border with a firearm, regardless of how it is stored and secured. The weapon was loaded with Hornady Critical Defense 185gr .45ACP with a spare mag and placed by my bedside every night. For the entire vacation no one knew including wife, and they still don't. It keeps the subject off the table for possible future vacations. In the morning it was unloaded and secured. The only place to keep it secure when not at the house was in my vehicle, locked in the lock box and secured the same way I traveled. The ammo container stayed at the AirBNB house locked and hidden in my suitcase. AirBNB does not forbid weapons on either side; rental or renter. If you are renting out your property, all weapons must be secured and out of sight of renters. Renters are supposed to get prior permission to bring weapons onto a rental property. FUCK THAT! I don't beg for permission to exercise my right to self defense. I think AirBNB's would be the perfect target for home invaders, especially if criminals were to just use the app to locate them and then prey upon unsuspecting folks on vacation when occupied. If no one breaches my perimeter, no one gets hurt and no one will ever know I was armed. Since PA dos not honor my pistol permit, I carried an assortment of blades while out and about. Better than nothing.

2. AirBNB house: I live on a quiet rural back road. This rental house was on a very busy road that had traffic (including trucks) 7/24. The first night was tough but we quickly got used to it. Our first house was in a busy neighborhood. The next door neighbor has what looked like an old classic bike in his garage. I only saw it at night in low light inside his garage while the door was open. I waited until I saw him outside and went over to say hello and talk bikes. The guy and his wife are nice friendly people. It wasn't a 40+ year old bike but a nice 2005 Kawasaki Concours with really low miles. In low light the twin exhaust and shaft drive had me thinking something like a 1980 Suzuki GS850. Plus he had the removable saddle bags off so that also gave it a retro look. I showed him photos of "The Beast." Turns out his wife doesn't ride much either.


SECOND... Hershey Park

1. No weapons allowed. PFFFFT! I carried my Gerber GDC money clip with discreet blade and my Blackie Collins "CIA Letter opener." On Wednesday I accidentally also carried in S&W Border Guard in a belt sheath. I only got stopped on the way in Tuesday because of my metal eyeglass case. The guard wanted a looksee at my glasses. He said people use eyeglass cases to sneak stuff in. They never knew about any of my blades.

2. OMG! Talk about the oversexualization of children, particularly young girls. Most girls were wearing the same basic outfit from about age 8 to early 20's; high tight shorts with crop tops or baby tees. I spotted girls as young as 12 sporting cameltoes while walking around with their parents. I saw one girl of about 12 or 13 repeatedly in a ride line so I know what I saw. Too many mentally ill tranny weirdos as well wandering around instead of being committed to a facility. Day 2 at the park was a combination of roller coasters and several hours in the water park. It wasn't as warm on the second day and we froze getting off water rides. But the rides were just too much fun to care.

3. There was plenty of black and brown people but the parks were not overrun and everyone behaved themselves.

Trip to Amish country 8-24-23

Amish Marketplace: I'd never been to one before and it was a feast for the eyes. The meat cases were incredible. A young Amish man asked if I needed anything, but I said no, I was just enjoying the sights and how delicious everything looked. He said "We are blessed!" and I heartily agreed. Then there was the breads, pies, candy, and canned goods. Everyone was so nice and lots of samples. I bought stuff I liked; fruit preserves, some bacon jam, and some pineapple salsa. Both of my Grandmothers had these wall mount folding wooden drying racks in their houses. When I saw these for sale I had to get one for my own laundry room. $37 and NOT MADE IN CHY-NAH!

Fully extended and ready to use. No need for paint or poly







Folds down flat against the wall for storage















Fisher Farm: We stopped there because of the homemade root beer. I met what I assume was the family patriarch Elim Fisher and had a nice conversation with him. He was curious where I was from and what I did for work. He told me Amish are being pushed out because of high land prices. I have never interacted with The Amish, only viewed from afar. I really like and respect them and am just a bit envious of their way of life. While I could never convert myself, I would enjoy living among them as their neighbors.

Kettle Village: outdoor market place with more good eats. My wife picked up a couple of jars of spicy pickles, and a pot holder for the handle of a frying pan. She makes delicious frittatas using a large oven safe non-stick frying pan, so that will make it easier handling the hot pans.

Shady Maple Smorgasbord: I am not normally a fan of all you can eat because I never feel I get my money's worth. We went on a Thursday which is their Wing/Rib Night and was reasonable at $21.99 per person with senior discount for three of us. So I just ate what I liked in normal portions. I started with a good salad loaded with my favorite veggies, toppings, and super chunky bleu cheese dressing. For my entree I got the "burnt" end of a juicy, tender brisket. A helping of smooth mashed potatoes and gravy, a heap of string beans, and a hunk of cornbread, all washed down with some ice cold chocolate milk. For dessert a serving of cherry cobbler and a cup of coffee. I was definitely satisfied without feeling stuffed and bloated. After dinner we all returned to the house to play Marbles. Guys against the girls, and the XY chromosome team dominated.

The other side is for four players. Two decks of cards for moves.














Most of family left this morning, but we stay until 26th. We took a ride to Bird In Hand for a horse and buggy ride at Abe's Buggy Rides and took the longest ride they offer at 6 1/2 miles. Our driver was a delightful Amish girl in her late teens/early twenties named Naomi. She had been driving horses since she was very young and made it look easy. She is getting married at the end of November and we wished her well. She clarified what Elim Fisher told me about the Amish being pushed out. She said because of land prices, it is very hard for young couples just starting out to get a place of their own. Midway through the ride is a stop at an Amish bakery. I got a pecan sticky and an ice cold chocolate milk. So good! I took some great photos of the countryside with my Nikon D5600. After that we went to a place called "The Amish House and Farm" for their on-site tour of an authentic house and farm. It is surrounded by shopping plazas but once inside you don't see them. A stop for ice cream at the Strasburg Creamery in Strasburg and then over to the Tanger Outlets and the New Balance store for new sneakers. We headed back to our AirBNB for a dinner of leftover pasta that my wife turned into a cheese covered pasta bake. After supper we started making preparations for the trip home tomorrow.



Check out time is 10:00 AM, so we got up early to pack and clear out on time. We pulled out at 09:30 and headed to Gus's Keystone Family Restaurant in Mount Joy for a big breakfast. Holy shit they serve a full plate of food. I got one of the day's specials.... a Mexican Omelet. Charizo sausage, peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, and melted shredded cheese. It comes with salsa and sour cream and a side of fried sliced potatoes and toast (I opted for raisin toast). Everybody's breakfast was absolutely delicious and filling so we would not have to stop for lunch on the way home. The only traffic we hit was in Kommiecticut at the NY border that went almost to Waterbury due to the shitty highways we have that are a total choke point when coming into New England. A stop for gas at BJ's and we were home by 4:30 PM. Vacation is great, but returning home to my own bed and the peace and quiet where I live feels real good after being away.

I am not very active at work because we are stuck at the station on standby most of the time, and then most of our calls are for EMS. My activity level goes way up when I have days off catching up on yard work. For all the eating I did on vacation, I also did a lot of walking and amazingly dropped a couple of pounds. All the walking did my knee good too.

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Turning Meme's Into Reality

H/T to Midwest Chick over at Non Original Rants (one of my favorite daily reads) for the Sunday Meme Drop this morning and this little gem.

So of course, I just had to change the name on my 06:00 alarm on my Android phone.

It helps to be reminded to oppress others when you are not actually an oppressor


At home I use my Midland Clock radio that also provides my severe weather warning. But at the firehouse when I go in at midnight, I'll set an alarm on my phone for the 06:00 shift change so I am up when the next person comes on. If we get hammered with calls over night or both of us are doing an 18 hour shift, I will sleep in for a couple of extra hours and get up if there is a call or whenever.

FYI... I will have no computer access until August 27th, so no new posts until then.

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

The King Is Still Dead

Elvis Aaron Presley - The King of Rock-n-Roll

January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977

Elvis has been dead longer than he was alive for four years now.


I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news on WSPR AM 1270 out of Springfield. I was on my annual two week summer vacation away from my siblings at my grandparent's house in Chicopee Falls, MA. I had gone on a shopping trip with my Nana to the Fairfield Mall on Memorial Drive in Chicopee just outside of Westover AFB. We were parked in front of the old Two Guys anchor store and were getting ready to leave in her 4-door 1970 Chevy Impala (a car that would eventually become mine) when it came across the radio. The car was equipped with an AM only radio that played through the single speaker on the dash. I remember my Papa at some point added an FM converter but I think that was after I got my drivers license the following year.

So in honor of the anniversary of Elvis' passing, I give you one of my favorite cartoons from when Flash Animation was a new and popular form of mindless internet entertainment with many sites devoted to just that.

From the racist and twisted minds at the old Icebox site, I give you..... Mr. Wong


Mr. Wong - Urine Trouble, Part I

Mr. Wong - Urine Trouble Part II

The story line is that Mr. Wong is the houseboy to the rich and snotty Miss Pam. She lives in luxury while Mr. Wong has a bare bones crappy room with a single light bulb. The full series with all 15 episodes can be found at this link. In these two episodes, Mr. Wong is crying over the fact that Bing Crosby is dead on what would have been Bing's birthday, and he blames Elvis Presley and Rock-n-Roll for killing him. When Miss Pam goes to Memphis for a cotillion, Mr. Wong goes too and exacts his revenge on Elvis. I forgot how hilarious this all was. How it still exists on YouTube without being cancelled is beyond me.

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Q & A

H/T to Irish for the meme at The Feral Irishman



Additional Items: 

They'll keep fucking up the economy until there is only digital currency they control.

They'll keep destroying energy production until you buy an EV or only use mass transit.

They'll just keep the border open forever.

They'll keep trafficking in children until pedophilia is totally legal.

They'll keep rigging elections until they are in power forever.



Q: For these things and many more, what will it take to stop the progress and reverse course?





A: Shoot them all in the fucking face! 😏Vote them out of office.

They Are Trying So Hard

To light off ACW2 that is, but American Patriots are not taking their bait. More on that in a moment.

Trump Indicted a 4th Time

Supposedly for election interference by doing nothing more than publicly questioning Georgia's methods and results. He did not block access to, flood, or kill the electricity to polling places. He did not stuff ballot boxes. He did not find ballot boxes in the trunk of his car or steal them. He did not falsify vote counts. He told the Georgia Secretary of State on a phone call he needed 11,700 votes in order to win and to find them, NOT MAKE THEM.

So this poses a question... why hasn't that fat loser Stacey Abrams been indicted? After all, she called into question the legitimacy of the 2018 and the 2022 elections where she lost the governor's race. Here's why:

[X] Woman 

[X] of color

[X] Demon-Crap

Yup, that's it.... three big check boxes and the American (In)justice system could not care less. But Donald Trump, oh not only is he a male, white, and Republican, but he had the gall to go after and expose the big government swamp monster for all to see. That is why he must be taken down. Donald Trump will eventually come out on top as he ALWAYS DOES, so no need for Patriots to "rescue" The Republic and take the bait for ACW2. No, we will continue to wait until the Commies in power lose their patience and strike first. Probably when they see their precious assaults on the Second Amendment either fail completely, or continue to be ignored and not complied with (bump stocks and pistol braces for example). Or like at the state level where non-compliance with Kommiecticut's own magazine and "assault weapon" ban is 85% and private gun sales continue unabated with no state authorization (registration), and is a reported 95% non-compliance in NY. These are not official numbers because A) the tyrants do not have any type of accurate firearms count, and B) they have refused to release their official estimates since 2013.


Then it will be go time. All privately owned "arms" will instantly become "Weapons of WAR" and those that just wanted to be left alone will get involved. The tyrant's enforcers need to realize that they have families as well, and perhaps should resign from their posts before its too late.



Good luck with those F-15's, Jack! You fucking fed clowns could not even beat 7th century goat herders that had no navy, air force, standing army, or nukes. But they had one unifying ideal that we Patriots also have... 

they hated YOU!

Monday, August 14, 2023

Wanna People Watch? HOLY CRAP!

As I wrote in yesterday's post, my wife and I were headed to Foxwoods Resort Casino for our anniversary dinner. Our dinner reservation was for 6 PM so we decided to go a couple of hours early. Because it had been so long since I had been there, I was not up on their security procedures. Since Foxwoods is on sovereign tribal land, the carrying of weapons is verboten and my state pistol permit is not honored. That never stopped me before, but I did not want any hassles of having to pass though metal detectors and instead have to return to my vehicle to secure a firearm. I opted for my Blackie Collins "CIA Letter Opener" poly-carbonate blade that I have carried for other such circumstances. In my weak side pocket I had my Gerber money clip holding several hundred dollars that has a hidden blade inside. The blade is small but razor sharp and will lay a person open pretty good. It turns out nothing had changed since the last time I was at Foxwoods. I could have carried concealed and not had an issue unless I needed to use it.

Blackie Collins "CIA Letter Opener" with paracord lanyard

Gerber GDC Money Clip and Knife


Apparently, every Sunday from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM they have something called the "Wave Foxwoods Day Party" that requires advance tickets (costing $60) and over 21 only. I can tell you right now, this is not something I would ever consider attending. When we arrived, the whole complex was swarming with dindus and bubble-butts adorned in their finest swim wear. Please, someone point out to me any man that thinks glued-on eyelashes an inch long or longer is some kind of attraction? Because I need to have a talk with this fool. And ladies.... just don't! Thankfully, the majority of pool party attendees all cleared out when the event ended at 5 PM.

While that got rid of the potential troublemakers starting mob riots or the senseless violence they are well known for, there were plenty of individuals there to give the place "character." If you think the people that shop at WalMart are freaks, well WalMart ain't got nothin' on a casino. We walked by people on the casino floor sitting at machines that they probably haven't moved from in days. One guy was slouching in the chair with the telltale "Depends" bulge in the front of his pants. And so many people gambling that most likely have no business blowing their money in that way. I can't fathom the mindset it takes to be afraid to walk away because they're sure the machine is just about to pay off. Then there are the different ways people are dressed. I was dressed in business casual and my wife wore a pretty floral warm weather dress. There were people walking around dressed like total slobs. Then there were those that looked like characters from "Jersey Shore" or "The Sopranos." There was also the women.... dressed in revealing or form flattering wear. Short tight skirts that barely covered their coochie and allowed the peek-a-boo fanny shot. While I was noticing the very fit blonde walking by in a skin-tight exercise outfit, my wife spotted another in a sheer blouse, out there for all to see. Dang! How did I miss that one? We spent our before dinner time window shopping in the Tanger Outlet's mall area. My wife spotted a small orange handbag at the Kate Spade outlet store she thought our daughter might like for Christmas. I told her she should just go in the store, grab one, and walk out because that's how people shop now. Wifey was not amused.

I don't personally gamble. I flat out refuse. The odds are always in the house's favor and I would rather keep my money than willingly give it up. Megabucks jackpot is $1.5B? Nope, I will keep the $2 in my pocket which is a sure thing rather than take a single chance that is practically zero to win. The lottery is nothing more than a voluntary sucker's tax anyway. The only exception to gambling is when I am absolutely right about something and someone disagrees telling me to "put my money where my mouth is." In that case I am more than happy to take their money for being stupid. My wife on the other hand, likes to play just a little. She will buy the Megabucks or Powerball ticket for a huge jackpot. Last night after dinner she spent a whole $20 on one video slot machine, and at one point had won a whole 85 cents when she was already down $10. She continued to play until she was down to her last nickel and could not play any more. She cashed out laughing and gave the nickel credit slip to the woman a couple of machines over. I told her the go to the cashier and actually get a nickel coin for a souvenir. It was a nice long walk back to the parking garage which felt good after a big meal. We got home a little before 8:30 PM

Sunday, August 13, 2023

Update Of Turkish M2 Ball

Since it is hot and sticky outside today and the grass is not drying out from the storms early this morning, there will be no mowing today. I will hit it after my 18 hour FD shift tomorrow evening. Today makes 40 years of wedded bliss for us, so we are going out to Foxwood's for an awesome dinner, just the two of us. When we get home I have to don a duty uniform, prepare my bunk duffel, and food for the day tomorrow because I go in for midnight. I am usually at the firehouse by 22:30, stow my food, make up my bunk, and catch the last of the late news turning in before 23:00. If there is an earlier call and I respond I go on the clock right then. I'll set an alarm and get up at 06:00 if there are no overnight calls and there is a shift change. Otherwise I will sleep in to make up for getting woken up in the middle of the night.

So, in anticipation of an upcoming range day, I spent some time in the nice cool basement de-linking some more of the Turkish M2 Ball ammo I got from Tacticalshit.com  The cardboard case is divided into three partitions, so I figured I would finish the first partition and use the space to store the Ziploc bag of machine gun links. In my previous post I described how easy it is to accomplish. I grabbed a piece of scrap PT deck board and clamped it in place on one of my Stanley Workmates. I placed a small bucket on the floor to my right to toss the links in. The .30 cal ammo can I have my M1 target ammo and accessories in was in front of me for the M2 Ball rounds to go into, and the pile of 4 round assemblies are sitting on the end of the board by the ammo can.

Below is a closeup of the end of the board where I dimpled it with a punch to keep the bullet point from sliding away as I pressed down.

Rather than taking a chance on chewing up my hands and fingers I wore a pair of gripper gloves to perform the de-linking operation.

Each 4 round assembly took only seconds to take apart. Links tossed in the bucket, rounds in the ammo can. Being dissimilar metals (steel links and brass cases) there was no electrolytic caused corrosion that made the components stick together or have to be cleaned. IMHO this ammo was properly stored in a dry environment. When I was done, this is what was left for the future; two partitions of ammo with the bag of links.

I sealed up the cardboard box with packing tape and labeled it with a Sharpie. Hmmmm.... a dilemma; where am I going to store a cardboard box of ammo? While my basement is nice and dry, all of my ammo in my large steel storage box is stored inside individual sealed 30 and 50 caliber ammo cans. So I made room in my super fortified and alarmed gun closet in the living area above grade. I just had to move some hard handgun cases around. As for the ammo can full of M2 Ball...

It already had a spot in the ammo box. Without counting I should now have about 132 loose rounds. The 6 loaded clips with cardboard covers are the Greek ammo that is going to be used for comparison. The white box are M1999 blanks and lying on the cover is the blank adapter. Years ago, we had a miniature poodle that my wife had trained to retrieve ducks. We would train him in the yard where my wife would throw the dummy duck high in the air, I would fire a blank, and as the duck fell she would yell "GET IT!" and he would get it and drag it back. The yellow device allows me to shoot my M1 as a single shot rifle. It locks down the bullet follower and allows the bolt to move freely to manually load a round and then automatically eject the brass. To remove it from the rifle you simply hold the bolt back and press the clip ejection button on the left side of the receiver and it pops out.









I put a tape label on top differentiating the Turkish and Greek ammo head stamps. When I uploaded this picture I realized I incorrectly put "MKE 82" instead of the actual "MKE 83".  I'll fix it at a later date.

Stay tuned for the upcoming range report on how this ammo functions and performs. When I get a range day depends on weather, work, and family obligations. I should have multiple opportunities before Labor Day.

Sunday, August 6, 2023


Them foul soccer bitches lost to the gorgeous Swedes. I am so glad that unpatriotic green haired cunt ends a career on a huge loss. The schadenfreude is immense.

Now go away and become as invisible to me as the whores on The View, Greta The Little Mental Defective, and Killary.

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Do Big Bugs Freak You Out?

Last night as I pulled into the firehouse for my midnight shift, this was fluttering around the front entry under the lights. It landed on the concrete in front of the door, and stayed put as I opened the door to get this photo.

Click it to big it. A Polyphemus Moth. It was at least 6" from wingtip to wingtip

Here is a link to a page about it.

Earlier in the week, there was a large Luna Moth hanging around out in back along the wood line. My partner almost ran it over when he was leaving, so I let it climb onto my hand and I moved it to the leafy thicket.