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Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Still Here

Miss me? I am still around, just have not had much time for the blogosphere. But I wanted to put something out for my readers.

I have one of these on lay-away awaiting my tax refund to hit my bank account.

Ruger PCC-9 with Kommiecticut approved stock and 10 round mag

I would much rather it had the AR style collapsible stock, but the tyrannical Commies in this state have declared it to be super-de-dooperly scary looking and dangerous therefore verbotten and it can't be sold here. The stock and receiver are only held together with two set screws, so it will eventually get one, tyrants be damned. It will also get five new contraband SR-9 17 round magazines from a trip to Kittery Trading Post or a gun shop somewhere in New Hampshire. I have a Mag-Pul M-LOK Hand Stop Kit (supposedly OK because it is not a vertical grip) and SIG Romeo 5 red dot with witness mount coming from Midway USA. I will also order the muzzle brake from M*Carbo which installs on the barrel threads easily. Since it is a muzzle brake and NOT a flash suppressor Kommiecticut has no issues with it (LOL even though anyone that knows firearms knows a muzzle brake suppresses muzzle flash!). 

This gun breaks down and goes back together easily and reliably so hidden in a non-descript back pack can be carried just about anywhere. Paired with my SR9c will make a formidable combination to anyone wishing to do me, my loved ones, or property harm. Once I get it put together and have it zeroed in, I will do a blog post review. I still have a post in draft mode from back in December for my Beretta Tomcat 3032 and DeSantis ankle holster waiting for the opportunity to test at the range.

On a side note, I requested my official firearms "list" from the state police firearms unit. You see, Kommiecticut has always attempted to maintain their own registration list of firearms purchased within the state. When I spoke to a woman at the agency, she told me that these lists are highly inaccurate. She also said I can add "missing" firearms to the list (HA! not bloody likely!) but none on the list in error can be removed without supporting paperwork. I won't go into detail about why I requested my list but I had reason to believe it was really fucked up, and she wasn't kidding. About half of my firearms are not listed. Half of those were private undocumented cash sales or gifts that they never would have known about anyway, but the others all went through FFL's since 1980. Even one of my recent handgun purchases from 2020 isn't on there. If I were to ever get wind of being red-flagged, you better believe there are a lot of firearms and their ammo that I will be keeping hidden away.