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Utilize the language with the same manipulation the Commies do, using the phrase "VACCINE FREE" instead of "UNVACCINATED" or "NON-VACCINATED"

Saturday, December 31, 2022

The 90-7-3 Rule On Full Display

 The 90-7-3 Rule defined:

  • 90% of LEO have one firearm, their duty weapon, which they begrudgingly qualify with once a year. They do not hunt, target shoot, plink, or compete off duty. In the event of a justified shooting, they will empty their magazine(s) towards the perp and maybe hit them. IMHO, there should be no more than one or two shots fired, and unless the bad guy is wearing body armor, should result in a fatality every time. Instead what we get is the ground littered with empty LEO brass, and a perp hit once or twice and recovering in the hospital.
  • 7% of LEO do own and use firearms outside of their normal duties. They will hunt, target shoot, plink and maybe even compete at a lower level by shooting clays, silhouette, bullseye, or at a turkey shoot. They might even load their own ammo.
  • 3% of LEO are truly firearms experts. They most likely grew up with firearms and served in the military. On the job they are instructors for other LEO and may be members of tactical teams. Not only do they participate in all types of recreation with firearms, they probably compete at a high level shooting like 3-Gun, Military, SWAT Challenges, IPSC and IPDA. They are NRA safety instructors, Range Safety Officers, and belong to the local sportsman's club, teaching the civilian population firearms safety. They may even be advanced hand loaders, gunsmiths, and hold an FFL. I actually know one of these. He's a retired LEO that works at the state's largest gun retailer at their indoor range as an R.S.O. and instructor. His son has followed in his footsteps at a different police department here in Kommiecticut. Both are big Second Amendment supporters and support civilian firearms ownership and use.


So here is what prompted this post... an EMS call last night involving a violent individual with a firearm. For our part, we were to stage until state police made the scene safe. We got called in to provide EMS services after the individual was taken into custody. But it turns out, the scene wasn't 100% safe. The handgun, a J-Frame 5-shot S & W revolver was in the hands of an inexperienced state trooper trying to unload it and all the time exhibiting poor muzzle discipline. He and his partners could not get the cylinder open, and they asked ME if I knew how to do it. I professed to them to be a gun guy quite familiar with wheel-guns. I immediately saw the problem... THE FUCKING HAMMER WAS BACK! The cylinder release is never going to work that way on any modern revolver and that trooper had no idea how little trigger pressure it would take to cause a negligent discharge. He handed me the gun, and I moved over to the lawn area, pointed the muzzle to the ground, and properly lowered the hammer. I pushed the cylinder latch and popped the cylinder out. I then handed the gun back to the trooper with all the rounds still in the cylinder. All of state troopers admitted that they were unfamiliar with revolvers, because they are used to dealing with semi-autos. We got the patient to the hospital without incident.

I would be more than happy to provide firearms training to these guys. They don't know revolvers? The cylinder mechanism is different between Ruger, S & W, and Dan Wesson.What would they do with a lever action? A Henry unloads differently than a Marlin or Winchester. How about a bolt or semi rifle with a flush fit box magazine? How about a mil-surp? An M1 Garand? How about a Mauser or a Mosin-Nagant where you pop open the magazine floor plate? The list is endless.

Friday, December 30, 2022

Winter Wind Therapy

Yup. Got out on The Beast this afternoon. Roads were 99% dry, it was partly cloudy, and temps close to 60.

"The Beast" taken in the driveway during warmer weather.


Even in the above freezing weather we've had the past few days, the iceberg at the bottom of the driveway was persisting. I really did not want to attempt crossing it especially while turning. When I got home from my morning errands, I stopped at the bottom of the driveway and attacked it with the shovel I keep in the truck bed. I easily removed more than half of it, which was plenty of room to get in and out safely on the bike.

I figured I'd take a ride out to the big shopping area in the Dayville section of Killingly on RT. 101, but first I had to stop at the firehouse to torment my normal shift partner who was working today. I received the expected response from him because he was stuck inside and I was riding. Anyways, I needed to go to Lowe's to get some batteries for my stockpile and figured I would grab lunch too. I also wanted to get an LED headlamp that clips on the visor of my ball caps. First lunch at Taco Bell, or so I thought. They have the dining room closed with only the drive-thru open. Yeah, that doesn't work on a bike, so FUCK YOU! I decided to try my luck at the McDonald's next to Lowe's. I have not eaten anything there except coffee or breakfast (a McGriddle and hash brown) in many years. I got a 10 piece chicken nugget meal. OMG! it was sooooo good I couldn't believe it and it came out piping hot! I saddled up without my helmet or gloves to shoot across the parking lot to Lowe's.

I have stated previously that I do not normally park in the "Reserved For Veteran's" parking spaces at Lowe's or anywhere else that has them, leaving them for a vet that may be elderly or otherwise disabled. Three out of four of those spaces were open, so because I was on the bike and wearing my leathers with my military stuff on it, as well as the PGR and military decals on the bike I parked in one. I wasn't going to be there very long to grab what I needed anyway. I went to the only open register with a cashier, got my 10% military discount and got out of there. FYI... until retail outlets give me a discount for scanning and cashing myself out, I refuse to use it... BFYTW!

The ride home was nice and uneventful. The outside temp on the bike said "61." I saw a handful of other bikes out and waved to them all. I got home and put it back into full storage mode; topping off the stabilized fuel, putting it on the center and front stands, plugging in the Battery Tender, and putting on the cover. I am hoping to get out on Sunday New Year's Day for the traditional ride, but it depends on how quick the rain we're supposed to get Saturday night clears out. At least if I don't get out the bike is ready for a winter slumber.

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

I Have Made My Decision

In this post from October 9th, I had received my C & R renewal forms and was contemplating not renewing. I asked for reader advice and got lots of comments, mostly in favor of ditching it. There is a mechanism for non-renewal that requires the FFL holder to send in the form and all their records. Since I have never used my C & R, I have no records. Therefore, I will simply let it lapse, making it no longer valid as of January 1st.

Fuck 'em! As I have stated before, there us no alphabet agency I hate more than the BATFE. So the less I have to do with those assholes the better.

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

The Reason Is F.N.!

So the indigenous population of the Demon-Crap controlled shithole city in the Demon-Crap controlled shithole state that is Buffalo, NY have decided that a dangerous winter storm is the perfect opportunity to go on a looting spree.


I mean why not, right? They deserve to get what they want, because as Hizzoner Da Mayor pointed out, they are not stealing essentials to survive.

 Funny, why der no whypeepo in that store? 

"F.N."... THAT'S WHY!


What does "F.N." mean? I think you can probably figure it out. Here's a hint: a shithole city's violence and crime problem is directly proportional to the percentage of F.N.'s that occupy it. 

If there is a "Korea Town" in Buffalo, they need to get to the rooftops.


Saturday, December 24, 2022

Ten Years Ago Tonight

We were awakened at 01:00 by some undesirable individual beating on our front door. He was told repeated to leave as his story kept changing. He finally left when he saw I was armed and not fucking around.

Read the whole story here.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a SAFE night.

Thursday, December 22, 2022

#TBT - From The Days When They Were REAL GOOD

Because now they are total CRAP!

Of what do I write? Why modern Duracell copper top batteries MADE IN FUCKING CHINA of course.

What I have found time and again in anything that still has these P.O.S. batteries in it

I am not the only one. Read the reviews about Duracell batteries at PissedConsumer.com

Once upon a time, Duracell copper top batteries were made in the USA, and you could leave them in anything battery powered and not ever worry about them leaking and damaging devices. Even after they were long dead. Now you can find them looking like those pictured above when your devices suddenly stop working as well as while STILL IN THE PACKAGE and well prior to the use by date.

What prompted this post are what I found on my wife's night table when I was examining her failing alarm clock the other day. A decent 2 D-Cell halogen flashlight that was half dim when turned on. I pulled the batteries and found these inside:










































Two like new D-Cell batteries dated 2010 that still had a little life in them and looked like brand new. The versions made 17 years ago (because the shelf-life was at least 5 years back then) that held up like I remembered. I have swapped out all Duracell batteries in my battery powered anything for Energizers and have not had a single problem. In the fire service, there is a bulletin from our equipment provider about NOT using Duracell copper top batteries in any life safety equipment, particularly SCBA packs.

I had been buying the large multi-packs at BJ's for my emergency supplies. I now buy the slightly smaller multi-packs of Energizers at Lowe's. There has not been one instance of leakage in any of my devices since.

UPDATE 19:10 - When I wrote earlier about the bulletin to not use copper top batteries in our Scott SCBA air packs, I did not mention that Duracell "ProCell" batteries were supposed to be OK. HA!

We had a late day fire call for an electrical problem in a single family residence, and DAMMIT! my flashlight on my bunker coat was dead. Convenient to have but they always get accidentally turned on and ya find it dead when ya need it. It is a right-angled head high-intensity LED unit made by StreamLight, and uses four AA batteries. When I got back to the station I grabbed some fresh ProCell AA batteries, and look what came out of the box:

Yup... brand new and all crusted up HARD!

Duracell ProCell, "For Professional Use Only." Fuckin' joke!

Well, whaddya know.... MADE IN CHY-NA!





The rest of the batteries in the box were fine, and this is the first ProCell battery I have come across doing this. Apparently the FD is just going to have to get away from Duracell completely.

Monday, December 19, 2022

Wreaths Across America 2022

Up and out early this past Saturday morning to the Massachusetts Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Agawam, MA. My parents and several other family members are interred there. The Patriot Guard Riders nationwide play a huge role in this event. The truck convoy carrying the wreaths gets an escort. We stand flag lines for the ceremonies in the cemeteries as well as lay wreaths, and in January assist cemetery crews and other volunteers with picking them all up for recycling. I join the CT P.G.R. at the state cemetery in Middletown for wreath pickup. Because of the recent crummy weather only a couple of local MA guys had their bikes, everyone else was on four wheels.

Because this event has grown so large, parking for most volunteers is remote and they get brought in by shuttle bus. Six Flags New England provided the parking lots and free shuttle buses. The P.G.R. had our own coned off parking area because we were doing a police escorted procession to the cemetery. The ceremony was to begin at 10:00 so at 09:15 we did our procession, got parked, and assembled our flag lines. A lot of citizen volunteers were already in the cemetery so they got to see us roll in. We parked, assembled our flags, and lined up. We had a service flag held by a P.G.R. member behind the respective service monument as well a a POW/MIA and Gold Star flag. The rest of us had U.S. flags and formed a semi-circle behind the speaker's platform.

The ceremony was short and sweet, covered heavily by local media, and I heard several crowd estimates of 500+. It was opened by the singing of The Star Spangled Banner and Pledge of Allegiance performed by a local Army veteran. There was a guy that was the M.C., a short speech by the event organizer, and a short speech by the cemetery director. There were several politicians in attendance that were recognized but not allowed to speak. The rifle volleys were fired and taps was played by two local high school students. The ceremony concluded and it was time to lay wreaths. I missed last year and was told that this year was run differently and was structured to make sure no one bailed on the ceremony. Also, distribution of wreaths was much more controlled. Sounds like last year was a free for all.

I stowed my flag and quickly hoofed up the hill to get a wreath for my parent's grave. Their grave is located to the rear of the section so the chance of their grave already having a wreath on it was slim. I got to their stone, and in a loud voice recited Dad's name, service branch, rank, and era served. As I placed the wreath and stepped back to salute, the tears welled up. I bent down and kissed the back of the stone where Mom's name is and headed back down the hill. I procured another wreath to place on a random grave and placed it on the grave of one Francis J Murphy that was also a Navy veteran of Korea like my Dad.

Dad's older brother and my aunt are buried in the first section used when the cemetery was opened. Since their grave is only four rows back it normally gets a wreath quickly. Not this year. The wreath pickup was too far away, so I asked woman nearby if she wouldn't mind laying one of her wreaths on my uncle's grave. She was more than happy to, and I loudly read his details. He was a Marine in WWII and Korea. I also bent down and kissed the back of the stone where my aunt's name is inscribed.

There are 3 more family members buried there, but their graves are all over the cemetery so I just let others place the wreaths. When I am there for a P.G.R. mission, I visit them all and leave a shiny penny on the stone showing the graves were visited.


Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Happy Firearms Appreciation Day

Here in Kommiecticut we celebrate to poke a finger in the eye of the Sandy Hook hoplophobes. We're all sorry your loved ones are dead, but the peaceable gun owners of Kommiecticut and the nation are in no way the cause of the mayhem and death that occurs daily.

So go out and by a new firearm. Stock up on or load some ammo. Spend time at the range making some joyful noise. Go out and harvest game for your table or freezer. Stay strapped all day and open carry if its legal where you live. Let EVERYONE know you will not be beaten into submission to give up your God-given right to be armed for self defense because of the actions of the criminals or the insane.


Purposely not counting Nancy and Adam Lanza among the dead is disingeuous and simple anti -gun propaganda. Their deaths are just as much the fault and failings of the state of Kommiectict as the other 26.

Monday, December 12, 2022

Racism In Meteorology?

So we got our first snowfall yesterday afternoon and evening. I received 4" of powder that I removed with my new Stihl leaf blower. All 300' of the driveway and the turnaround done in 45 minutes cleaner than with my snowblower. As usual after a storm the fresh snowpack, clear skies, and no wind means plummeting temperatures. Combined with any melting that occurred in the bright sun today creates black ice.

The "racism" comes from the way certain TV meteorologists warn about black ice. The way they say it sounds like "watch out for black guys." It cracks me up after every winter storm year after year.

Somebody should let Jackson, Sharpton, and Benjamin Crump know so they can file lawsuits.

Thursday, December 8, 2022

Gotta Keep Picking That Scab and Keep The Wound Open

Never allow any real healing from such an event. That would put the brakes on fundraising, political activism, and the scheme for total civilian disarmament.

All over the local news the past couple of days and continuing up to December 14th are the news stories reminding us of the 10th anniversary of Sandy Hook. I will link to none of it, you can dig it up yourselves if you really need to. More importantly to me will be Christmas 2022, which is the tenth anniversary of my own personal defense story.

Sandy Hook Elementary School... where they tell us 26 died. Or did they? See what happened to Alex Jones for questioning such things publicly? FUCK `EM! Here's a link to the full book "No One Died At Sandy Hook." Read it for yourselves. It may or may not just be a work of fiction. But I always ask "why did such a book get published?" I believe it's because of all the secrecy behind the investigation and in the report issued by the Kommiecticut State Police. The secrecy was put in place quickly in the dark of night (as usual) by the state legislature and immediately signed into law by then Governor Emperor Dannel Malloy I. Also, 28 people died that day, NOT JUST THE 26 the media always reports on. The first murder victim was Nancy Lanza, when her mentally ill son killed her to steal her legally purchased and owned firearms. The final victim was the killer himself, Adam Lanza, when he committed suicide at the end. I contend that EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE 26 28 VICTIMS was actually a victim of the failures of the State of Kommiecticut to act beforehand. They failed Adam, they failed his mother, they failed the 20 students, they failed the six school staff, they failed law enforcement, and they have failed the entire remaining citizens of the state.

As far as the Sandy Hook families and their supposedly "grass roots" organizations for gun safety; no one... and I mean NO ONE that turns so hard from victim or survivor to political activist first and foremost deserves ANY SYMPATHY! Especially when their work becomes dedicated to stripping citizens of their rights based solely on the actions of criminals or the mentally insane. They must be shouted down and thoroughly defeated, because they have said (on video) repeatedly about the 2013 post Sandy Hook gun control "this is only the beginning." They have also been recorded a few times on audio stating they will not stop until all civilians are disarmed nationwide.

Since 2013, I celebrate December 14th as "Firearms Appreciation Day" and have actually purchased a firearm on that calendar date. If for nothing more but to irritate state firearms officials by having to process sale paperwork marked with that date. I urge everyone to celebrate F.A.D. this year by treating themselves to a new firearm and/or use it to make some joyful noise of FREEDOM. I have to work the 14th, otherwise I'd definitely be at the range commemorating the day.

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Happy Chickens Are Productive Chickens

Mine get lots of goodies. Cracked corn and freeze dried mealworms for breakfast every morning as long as the weather permits them to be outside. All the insects they can forage for all day long. Over ripe (but NEVER rotten or moldy) fruit and vegetables as long as the items are on the "OK for chickens" list. Earlier today a collection of small pumpkins left over from autumn/Halloween decorations at my wife's work place. I removed the stems and cut them open.

They eat everything but the skin, and in just a couple of days make the skin like a piece of paper on the ground. They do the same with cantaloupe and watermelon. They had a single large pumpkin last week that was from our front yard. Is it any wonder they all come-a-runnin' when they hear the door open and see me coming out? 

Unlike other backyard egg farmers, I get eggs all year `round. That is due to providing them a light source for 15 hours a day. Lights in the coop on a timer that come on before sunrise and shut off after. Natural daylight until sunset and then the balance from the coop light until bed time. Be cautioned, because too much light is not good, and they will begin exhibiting undesirable behaviors.

Below is a comprehensive list of good and bad foods for chickens.

Foods that chickens can or can't eat

Monday, December 5, 2022

New Jerry Cans Filled And In Service

So the cans arrived on Wednesday Nov. 30th. Since the insides of the cans smelled of the solvents from the petrol-proof coating, I left them open in my garage for a couple of days to finish drying and/or the smell to dissipate. By Thursday evening the smell seemed to be completely gone. I poured one ounce of Sta-Bil 360 in each can and closed it up, then placed the four cans in my truck. My plan was to go to BJ's in Manchester after the family dinner out Friday night and fill the cans as well as top off my truck's fuel tank. We got out of Texas Roadhouse about 8:40 PM and the BJ's closed at 9 PM, but the restaurant was less than a mile away, so plenty of time. The BJ's gas station is normally a zoo, except late at night. I drove right up to a pump, got my fuel and got out of there before closing time. The person that pulled up behind me didn't have to wait long. I was done with the cans and part way through filling my truck when she pulled up behind me. No disgusted looks as someone has to wait until I am done getting all my fuel like normal. If anyone was ever to actually get out of their vehicle and start bitching at me, I would just tell them they should have gotten off their ass and come earlier.

Having to work Saturday, I left the filled cans in the garage. I got up early on Sunday morning because we were going out to breakfast and then cutting fresh Christmas trees with friends. I brought the cans down to the barn to be permanently stored with the others since I had to go down there and get my chainsaw. I now have 60+ gallons of fresh, treated gasoline on hand for emergency generator use. That is above and beyond the full fuel tanks on my vehicles and motorcycle I would tap into during a regional disaster where buying gas might not be available for some time.

So referring only to my dedicated generator gas; I have enough on hand ready to go to run my generator at full capacity for 15 hours a day for 8 days. My generator fuel consumption at that rate is exactly 7 1/2 gallons per day. If not the depths of winter or in the middle of broiling in the summer, that could be stretched out significantly. For the first six years I owned the generator it only ran for preventative maintenance. So far, we have had three or four major outages lasting a week or more since 2011 and each one left electric power available in the vicinity along major state roads and power feeds. Gas was definitely easy enough to get. Living along a back country road, we aren't the very last customers to get power back, but if our road has utility infrastructure damage we won't get it back for days.

My wife won't ever understand the need to keep so much fuel on hand until the day comes where we need it and it's available. I don't believe we need to stockpile any additional gasoline, although I would not be opposed to doubling my current supply... or even more. I used to rotate it all at once, but with current self-inflicted gas prices I do 10 or 15 gallons at a time, dumping it into and using it in our vehicles. Since all the cans are tagged it is easy to keep track of which ones are filled and when, as well as spreading out the financial pain..

A Christmas Tale of My Own

So last night, my wife and I watched the christmas classic "Christmas Vacation" for like the hundredth time. Poor Clark (Chevy Chase) tries so hard to pull off the perfect family Christmas celebration and ultimately does. And my little tale has to do with the character, Clark W. Griswold.

It was around Christmas 2005. I was working for a telecommunications company that at the time was still going gangbusters and one of our most lucrative customers was a factory in South Deerfield, MA that made food grade packaging film (think the clear plastic wrap around a package of steaks). There was a big telecom project going on that required two of us to be there working on it. Our customer contact was a guy named Clark Sylvester and we had been dealing with him for years. He was the go to guy for anything in the plant facility wise. We got on site, met with Clark, and got our work assignments. We needed to confer with Clark when we were done before going any further. That day, Clark was not going to be in his office but out and about in the plant. He told us to page him over the P.A. system and he would call us back. I jokingly said to Paul my co-worker, "I better make sure I don't accidentally page Clark Griswold, ha-ha." Because as smart and organized as our Clark was, he was also kind of goofy. We got to work for the next few hours.

When we finished we returned to our equipment room, got some paperwork and miscellaneous items together, and I grabbed the phone and punched the "PAGE" button. I started talking without thinking... "Clark Griswold call 2599. Clark Griswold 2599." I hung up the phone and clapped my hand over my mouth. "Fuck! What did I just do?" I thought Paul was gonna piss himself laughing. Of course no one called, because Clark Griswold doesn't work there, but I am pretty sure someone somewhere on the factory floor was also having a good laugh. We waited several minutes before attempting the page again. I tried to get Paul to do it but he would have no part of it. So I spent those minutes rehearsing what I was going to say. I picked up the phone, punched the button, and successfully paged Clark with his proper name. Imagine that, he immediately called us back and never questioned us about the bogus page.

Saturday, December 3, 2022

Not Glamorous, But Still Sexy

Lifted from The Feral Irishman's "Friday Femme Fatale Farrago..." post from late last night.


She reminds me of those girls from high school that most guys wouldn't pay any attention to. But snag yourself one and she was a hidden gem, loyal to a fault, and horny as fuck. I remember guys holding out for a Farrah Fawcett look alike and always being alone. I always had a girlfriend. I actually had my first real girlfriend in 8th grade. The bus ride home was a makeout session every day, even though her older brother liked to rough me up when he caught me in school. She was a cute, freckle-faced, curly haired brunette with blue eyes named Phyllis. We got together because I thought she was funny, I paid attention and was nice to her, and it was she who initiated the "romance." I mean, here I am writing about a girl from 46 years ago that I will never forget. I ended up playing on the same softball team as her brother in the 1990's. Her brother told me she was married and her and her husband owned and ran a successful pizza restaurant. There were many others after Phyllis and before I met my wife and I believe every single one helped make me the man I am today.


I would be very interested in comments from both guys and gals on the subject.

Thursday, December 1, 2022


I have to word this post very carefully so as not to be perceived as a direct threat against anyone.

However, if presented with the opportunity and the means to send certain individuals worldwide that wish to oppress or reduce the population of freedom loving individuals on a one-way trip to hell... then yes I would. Without hesistation or second thought. And the number of such scum is Y-U-U-U-U-U-G-E!

What keeps these never-to-be-named individuals from meeting their fate at my hands is the fact I live in relative seclusion and have no desire to travel and track them down. And they certainly won't be coming to me.

Nah. As Johnny Ringo said to Doc Holliday in the movie Tombstone, "I was just foolin' about."

Or was I? 🤔