Q: Why do I think there's a commie behind every tree?

Utilize the language with the same manipulation the Commies do, using the phrase "VACCINE FREE" instead of "UNVACCINATED" or "NON-VACCINATED"

Just A Mental Exercise, Forever I Hope

Let me begin by saying that my wife and I have been together for 40 years in November 2021. I love her with all my heart, I truly do. I have always been comfortable with my own mortality. After all, being a FF/EMT is an inherently risky job. So is being an avid biker. I have come close to getting killed a few times in my life, so I know I am a mere mortal that could be snuffed out in an instant.

Where I am going with this, is the fact that while my wife doesn't have chronic health issues... yet, she submitted to the J & J "Clot Shot" back in May detailed here. I am afraid it is only a matter of time before she suffers the awful effects that seem to be quite probable, and possibly succumbs to them. As we all know, there is no reversing the jab, and I have never chastised her for getting it. With her and before her, I have had a female companion most of my time on Earth. At this point in my existence, I would have to find another. Otherwise I end up a bitter, lonely, old man peaking out the window from behind the curtains watching the world go by. But she would be more of a really good friend first, and then maybe something more in the future. Creating another family unit is out of the question. Been there-done that, not doing it again. I just want a female companion to enjoy my passions with. It also would not be where I live now. I would IMMEDIATELY pay off and then sell my house, moving out of state far away if something happened to my wife. Since I would be going alone, I am thinking somewhere like a good 25 miles outside of Rapid City, South Dakota. The shorter bike season would be supplemented with a snowmobile season and a yearly trip to Sturgis.

So I have been contemplating what would I want in such a woman. My wife and I grew together to be mostly like minded and compatible. I don't have 40 years to do it again, nor do I want a cute little 20 something to have to work with. Could I actually find someone? I finally sat down and listed out everything I could think of, and prioritized the bullet points.

My list for potential future dating:

ABSOLUTE DEAL BREAKERS - Find the following offensive? Too fucking bad. This is my GO - NO GO all in type list. A single NO GO means “You lose, thanks for playing.”


        White preferred. Asian, Hispanic, Native American maybe…

        At least 50 years old, but not much older than me


        No midgets or giants

        Decent health (nothing chronic/terminal but no fitness instructors)

        No STD (gotta be tested), normal sex life/partners

        Tasteful tattoos are OK. Not inked from head to toe.

        Same goes for piercings. No grotesque body modifications including plastic surgery

        Belief in God, Christian preferred, but no JW or LDS

        Patriotic. Must LOVE your country, not necessarily your government

        No drug or alcohol abuse – “social” alcohol consumption is fine. No Pot.

        Non-smoker and no vaping. (but she wouldn’t mind an occasional premium cigar)

        Anti-Abortion and must never have had an abortion (but not Pro-Life)

        Conservative/Libertarian. MAGA… YOU BET!! 

        No Mental Illness of any kind

        NO LGBTQXJGKDVZR12345… (see mental illness above)

        Motorcycles; must at least love to ride. Having her own bike would be awesome

        Firearms – meaning full 2A with no infringements and carrying all the time



Expanded Preferences


        PUREBLOOD: No jab of the “Not-A-Vaxx” creating future avoidable health problems 

        Solid career and steady employment. Independently wealthy would be fine, too

        Strong and independent spirit

        Shuns social media

        loves dogs; no cats, horses (unless a rancher), or other weird critters

        Divorced and kids OK. Not playing Daddy, though

        Maintain separate residences

        Loves the outdoors and outdoor activities

        Educated, but not indoctrinated

        No criminal or wacked out friends/family members 



So the QOTD is: does such a woman exist? I hope I don’t have to try and find out. If the time ever does come, I will turn this into a printed checklist and let a potential companion fill it out. With this nit-picky of a list, I think I would be remaining alone.


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