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Utilize the language with the same manipulation the Commies do, using the phrase "VACCINE FREE" instead of "UNVACCINATED" or "NON-VACCINATED"

Sunday, October 31, 2021

I'm With You, Brothers & Sisters

FUCK COMRADE DIBLASIO (aka Warren Wilhelm)!!

FDNY, NYPD, and all other city workers: STAY STRONG, STAY COMMITTED. You have many more supporters than you can imagine, or that the propagandists will tell you.

Thursday, October 28, 2021

Damn... I AM OLD!!

The text message I sent to my wife earlier this afternoon:

So, 40 years ago this weekend, 

I met a girl at a party. Her date

passed out drunk by the campfire.

Lucky me!


Her response:

So sweet, love you


So here is the whole story that spans about 2 weeks. I was 19, a year out of high school and recently home from boot camp and AIT because I was in the Army Reserves. I had broken up with my long term girlfriend a couple of months earlier, and was dating a high school senior, but we weren't all that serious. But she had been pretty much dating just me, while I casually dated 2 or 3 other girls at the time. I wasn't being a dirty dog, I just went out with whomever was available for a date, ending with nothing more than a quick smooch goodnight. Since Suzanne and I were together the most I was thinking of officially asking her out. One of her girlfriends was having a Halloween keg party/bonfire and she asked if we could go together. Perfect I thought, I will ask her after the party and we will officially become a couple.

A quick FYI.. at the time, the drinking age was 18, and everyone was either over 18 or "slightly" under. So alcohol consumption was a given. We went to the party and were having a good time. Until, this new boy at school showed up, and he was just "oh so cute!!" Suzanne and her other friend Peggy chased this kid around like two lovesick puppies, forgetting all about yours truly. I plopped down at the campfire with a Solo cup of beer by myself. Oh well I thought, I can't get mad, I guess I just should have asked Suzanne out sooner. I sat there for a while staring at the flames when something hits my shirt and lands in  my lap. I thought something fell out of one of the trees. Then something hits me again but I saw it didn't come from above but from the side. I look in the direction it came from, and this cute blonde I've never met before is sitting there eating roasted peanuts in the shell and looking all innocent. She finally looks at me and giggles. I moved a little closer to talk to her and then notice her date. He is passed out drunk lying on the ground behind her (funny side note, he is a successful real estate broker a few towns away. I can't help but think about this every time I hear about him). She is bummed because he got so drunk so fast. We exchange pleasantries and chat for a while (I don't remember about what). My mind was still on Suzanne, not trying to get a replacement. Kind of guy I am I guess. We got separated, the party ended, and I took Suzanne home.

A couple of days later Suzanne calls. She asks if I remember Brenda, and I'm like, "who's Brenda?" She reminds me about the girl I was talking to at Stephanie's Halloween party. OK, I said I remembered her now what about her. Suzanne told me Brenda really liked me, and was having a surprise birthday party at her house for Stephanie on Saturday and wanted me to come. I told Suzanne I was not going to just show up at some girl's house unless she invited me herself. The next night I get a phone call from Brenda, inviting me to her house for Stephanie's birthday party. I accept and told her I 'd be there.

I felt a little out of place, because Brenda was busy being the gracious party hostess and we didn't really get to talk one on one. She took me aside at one point and told me not to leave, but stick around until the party was over. Well I felt better and did have a good time with something to look forward to. When the party was over I helped Brenda clean up. Then she brought out her little toy poodle Baby. Baby had a broken leg in a cast because a friend of Brenda's little sister was holding the little dog and dropped her, breaking her leg. The dog was quietly resting in Brenda's bedroom during the party. We sat talking for a long time, with Baby curled up in her lap. Although she was a senior in high school, she was well over 18, and would be 19 by graduation the following spring. We decided to go on an official date the following Friday the 13th. The date meant nothing because superstitions are lost on me.

I don't remember what we did, but if I had to guess it was a movie followed by a few drinks afterwards. I remember having dinner at home with my family that night (because I did something really stupid that is a family joke to this day, and required me to have to change clothes before I went out). Brenda was so nice, so sweet, and so cute, that I fell for her big time. LOL... love at first sight but it took this dumbass two weeks to happen. We got married in August 1983. While it hasn't always been rainbows, lollipops, and unicorns, we have stayed together through good times and bad, and have an adult daughter. She's been married over 10 years herself.


NOTE: Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Not My Idea, But I'm Gonna Run With It

I wish I could be there when some LIBTARD finds it in their hand or wallet


I saw it done somewhere online with an ink stamp that actually said, "FUCK JOE BIDEN" right across the middle of the bill. I decided to hand write the less offensive version (but we all know it means the same exact thing thanks to the dipshit NASCAR correspondent from ESPN). I have marked all the bills in my wallet, and passed the first six such marked $1 bills at the local convenience store earlier this afternoon. Because of how I keep my bills in my wallet, putting it on the back minimizes the chance of a cashier seeing it and either refusing to take them or otherwise flipping out.

Apparently it is perfectly legal and is called "decorating dollars." There are only three things illegal to do with paper U.S. currency.

  • You CANNOT change the denomination — for example, you cannot add two zeros to a one dollar bill and pretend that it’s a one hundred dollar bill.
  • You CANNOT burn, shred, or destroy currency, rendering it unfit for circulation.
  • You CANNOT advertise a business on paper currency. For example, if you own a Bagel shop, you cannot stamp “Eat at Joe’s Bagel’s” on a dollar.
So have at it people... let everyone know your displeasure with the current state of government on their own increasingly worthless pieces of paper. For quite a while after January 20, 2017 I was writing on the back of all $20 bills "Donald Trump Lives Here" with an arrow pointing to the White House. He may not live in the White House any more, but he definitely lives rent free in LIBTARD's heads.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

I'm An Idiot!

I thought there was a Patriot Guard Riders funeral mission today. I got an email from the MA Patriot Guard for the cemetery in Agawam on October 25th. We were to meet in the usual spot on Main Street at 12:45. Problem was, I thought today was the 25th. I didn't realize I was off a day until I pulled into the lot at 12:47 and was the only one there. I pulled my phone out and checked the email and it said the 25th at 12:45. Then I looked at my watch. Shit! Oh well, it was a beautiful day for a ride. I went to the cemetery anyway and placed a brand new shiny penny on all my relative's gravestones. Then on the way home I stopped at a friend's house that had been after me to stop by. He and his wife live in a lake community in his grandmother's old house. Next door to him was a totally dilapidated seasonal house that was falling down for decades. He had pursued buying the property for many years, but the family refused to sell. They finally had to sell and he bought it. He put up a nice garage/workshop/man cave where the house had been. I didn't stick around too long because they were headed out for lunch.

The other thing about today turned out to be a quick dry run of bringing a handgun in and out of The Peoples Republik on Massachusetts. Rather than carry it locked and loaded on my hip as I normally do, it was unloaded and secured with a cable type lock in the hidden compartment in the trunk. The magazine and ammo were locked in a separate compartment in the fairing. Carrying this way is a test of FOPA, since the bike is locked when parked and would only be searched if I wrecked, in which case I would be travelling through MA to a state where my firearm is legal. When I got to the convenience store near home to get a snack, I got some practice strapping on my holster, loading my pistol, and placing it in the holster right out in the open unnoticed. I then went in the store for some junk food and a soda. When I headed out for home, my gun was in the holster under my leathers as usual.

Friday, October 22, 2021

Fuck Alec Baldwin

Too bad he wasn't rehearsing a suicide scene where he had the gun to his temple.

If I had the chance, I'd hand him a gun with a single bullet in it and tell him to "do the honorable thing." It would be the ultimate "CANCEL."

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Restarting The Job Hunt

A little personal work history... from 1981 until 2008, I enjoyed a very lucrative career in telecommunications. From 2008 until I got permanently laid off in 2016 it slowly went down the shitter. I started out on small business systems of many different manufacturers, settling down on Northern Telecom equipment in 1984. Every year I got a raise, especially at the company I worked at starting in 1998 after leaving Nortel. Every year I was there until 2008, I got a 3% cost of living and a 1-2% merit raise. The raise of 2007 put me at $40.59 per hour with full benefits, 401K with company match, and a home-based company vehicle. It put me well over $100K per year.

In 2008 there were no annual raises for anyone. The 401K match was gone. That morphed into a 10% across the board pay cut and staff reductions in early 2009. In the early spring of 2010 things got really shitty. The state of Kommiecticut instituted a program called "workshare." Employers were encouraged to not lay anyone off but reduce weekly work hours by 20%, for which the state would pay unemployment to make up the difference. I would have rather picked up a part time job, but the dickheads I worked for changed my day off every week, and didn't tell me what day I was off until the last fucking minute. At that time technology was changing from legacy stand alone phone systems, to complex network based VoIP systems and servers. I was senior guy in the field.

In early 2011 things started looking up. The weekly furlough and unemployment ended and I was picking up overtime. We were picking up more and more AVAYA systems since they had bought NORTEL out of bankruptcy. In late April the company decided to hire a salesman they could not afford... until they re-instituted the weekly furloughs to pay his salary. I got pissed and fired them as my employer, and told them exactly that. I don't burn bridges, I fuckin' nuke 'em!

The new company I had been considering had just opened an office in Kommiecticut and needed technical staff. They hired me for what I asked for including my four weeks of vacation that I had earned as an experienced telecom engineer. It turned out to be a crappy company to work for too. The constant diminishing benefits and never a penny raise for anyone. The attitude of management to do more with less and then less again. I made it known on a regular basis I was not a happy camper, but my complaints fell upon deaf ears. Their business plan was based on new sales, but no one was selling much, and they left entire geographical areas wide open and untouched. I contend because of that, the Kommiecticut office was closed and I was the last employee let go on August 18, 2016.

The in-between in brief: sold a bunch of stuff to keep the roof over our heads, on unemployment until benefits ran out, a month after that landed a promising job in aviation that turned out to be a dud. Not eligible for unemployment, we burned through savings until I landed a truck driver job. I had a truck driver license since the 1980's when one was needed to drive a volunteer fire department apparatus. I just always kept it up to date. That lasted about a year and a half and I was out, but eligible for unemployment. I collected for a little over a month, and have been at the fire department ever since early 2019.

I love my job, I really do. I wish (if wishes were fishes, we'd never eat meat on Friday) I had made it my career when I was in my 20's, not late 50's. I never could locate a working crystal ball to know the future. Firefighting as a career is really a young man's job. The CPAT entry exam is designed to keep ADA type applicants out. I mean you can't be a firefighter if you're a paraplegic in a wheelchair, and this is how they legally prevent it. It will also just about kill anyone over 35 unless you run marathons. So I have to settle for lower paying, non-union, per diem jobs with no benefits that don't require CPAT. I'm lucky to get as many shifts as I do, most guys like me work at 2 to 4 different small departments. It was paying the bills until the Gropey Dopey economy and inflation have sucked the life out of our monthly income. And we recently refinanced the house saving $300 per month, but that too is GONE! So, I need to do something to make more moola.

I reactivated my Indeed.com account and started searching for anything I can do. I filled out my first app today for a municipal DPW job that starts at $10.44 more per hour than I make now with full benefits. The posting did not say anything about a mandatory jab, but I will find out as soon as I can communicate with someone if they are interested in me. If it requires a jab, I will tell them "thanks but no thanks" and withdraw my application. I am hoping to score something that pays better, is open because schmucks don't want to work, and doesn't require a jab.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

STOP! Mail-In Cheating

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I received our mail-in ballot applications for use in our upcoming municipal elections. Today they went through the shredder at my work along with a pile of other PERSEC and INFOSEC documents, ground into little bits. This serves two purposes, first we refuse to use them and second, no one else can either. Most likely by intercepting our ballots from our mailbox, when the bad actors know they are to be delivered.

I suggest everyone do the same, and keep elections fair by voting in person unless absolutely necessary. You know, with a signed, in person absentee ballot like in the good ol' days.

Monday, October 18, 2021

A Poem - That Comes With A Macro-Aggression Trigger Warning

If you are a sensitive little snowflake SJW, stop reading here and close your browser window. FINAL WARNING!

















Whatcha Gonna Do in ACW2?

When the shooting starts, where will you be?

Hiding with the lights off... or taking aim from behind a tree?

On the phone to 911 in a panicked call?

Or armed behind the cover of a stone wall?

Under the bed covers just trying to get some rest?

Or in the deep concealment of a wet, miserable sniper nest?

Will you be praying to God to save you from danger?

Or praying to God for help to win in your righteous anger.

Be that brave person to go deep behind enemy lines

To disrupt, destroy, burn, steal, and kill all you can find

When there is nothing left to lose, there is everything to give

Your life as a free citizen remains yours to live

Do what you must. Offer "No Mercy" and "No Quarter" 

Kill all of those that are "just following an order"

Take out their families, burn their homes to the ground

Leave their bodies hanging to rot, gagged and bound

When the count of the dead on both sides become too high to bear

There will be plenty of blame for all combatants to share

When the tyrants are dead and us Citizens can be left alone

Only then will we lay down our arms and return home

Glypto Dropem - 18 October 2021

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Want a good written explanation about personal Liberty as applied to the "Not-A-Vaxx?" I came across a piece that lays out why you may think the way you do when it comes to government telling you what to do. Especially when it comes to things like the mandatory jab. The bullet points are:


  1.  My body is mine.  What goes into it, or not into it, is my business and mine alone.
  2. What I have or have not put in it is also no one’s business.
  3. What ever I claim for myself, I must rationally and morally accept when anyone makes the same claim.
  4. I should stand in solidarity with anyone in jeopardy for claiming these liberties in some way to the best of my abilities.

Therefore, Declarations Concerning Covid Related Policies

  1.  I will not tell any governing personnel or business what I have or have not put in my body.  Even if I’ve been ‘vaccinated’, I stand in solidarity with all those who have not, will not or cannot provide documentation or affirmation about that status for any reason.  That is a liberty I will not give away and I will stand beside all those who are victims of such coercive aggression.
  2. I will not submit to any testing until I believe it is medically prudent for myself.  I will not give the results to anyone that I don’t choose to based on my own ethics and choices while considering others I’ve been in contact with.
  3. I will not apply for any medical exemption for anything.  I don’t accept that I need to ask permission in these matters from anyone and I stand in solidarity with those who cannot get such an indulgence from those in power.  They shouldn’t need one either.
  4. I will not apply for or claim any religious exemption.  My status in that regard is my business alone.  Whether my claim for my liberty is religious to me or not is irrelevant.  I will not justify my liberty by my or anyone’s religion.  I just claim it.  It is self-evident and unalienable.
  5. I will not falsify documentation or affirmation of my medical status to evade mandates.  I stand with all those who cannot or would not comply whether any or all of us could evade such mandates. I will not leave behind those who cannot or would not evade them by evading them myself.


I'll take this even farther as applied to organ donation after hearing Walter E. Williams talk about it while guest hosting The Rush Limbaugh Show. I believe my body is the ultimate item of private personal property. A test of personal property is whether you can sell it or any part of it. Everyone involved in an organ donation makes money on the transplant... except the donor or their estate. Current law prohibits the selling of human organs. But... the recipient receives a new functioning organ. The entire medical and support staff that removes the organ and the entire medical and support staff that implants the organ are paid their salaries. The courier that hands the organ in the cooler to the hospital staff, the pilot and air courier staff all get paid. The guy that fuels the courier vehicle or ambulance and the airplane gets paid. The hospital cafeteria workers get paid for feeding the hospital staff. See what I'm saying... lots of money changes hands excluding the donor or their estate. Therefore, until the laws are changed, I am NOT a designated organ donor. My surviving wife could certainly override my wishes if she's right there when I cash in while lying in a hospital bed. But without the "DONOR" designation on my drivers license, the chances of my organs being preserved for donation are slim to none. I am a motorcyclist and a firefighter after all. If recipients are prevented from paying me for a spare organ, blood, plasma, or bone marrow while alive, or all of it when I'm dead, then I'll just take them with me into the cremation furnace, thanks.

RTWT @ disturbeddeputy

Why? BFYTW  H/T to fellow blogger Phil at Bustednuckles

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Who's Hitler Now... Hmmmm?

Kommiecticut Governor "Jolly" Ned Lamont, that's who.

The self-appointed king of Kommiecticut "Jolly" Ned Lamont says this shit with impunity



And both parties of the establishment are apoplectic, because Republican State Rep. Anne Dauphinais has had enough of dictatorial rule in Kommiecticut, and doubled-down on her statements. The pearl clutching, and wailing and gnashing of teeth by all those that were silent when the Hitler and Nazi terms were casually thrown around for the previous four years is not surprising. “King Lamont aka Hitler dictating what we must inject into our bodies to feed our family!” Dauphinais wrote in a reply late Thursday to a Facebook post. Kommiecticut has lived under single party rule for decades prompting this “Hitler too was a dictator enabled by the rule of the single Nazi party.”You know you hit them in a sensitive spot when they go after you personally instead of trying to refute your statements.

This one woman has MORE BALLS THAN ANYONE in the entire state government... COMBINED! I hope she never apologizes, and wish she were my state rep.

Monday, October 11, 2021

Fuck Twitter. I Am on Mastadon!

Vlad Tepes Mastadon pod


My handle is @glyptodropem

From what I gather, users create accounts through pods (on mesh connected servers) so it can't be shut down like Parler was with centralized servers in one place. And there is no dictatorial central control limiting speech. Schmuckerberg and Dorkey can go fuck themselves in the ass with a thorn covered dildo.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

5th Weekend Motorcycle Outing

And yesterday's was a good one... "The Battle For The Airfield" at The Collings Foundation in Hudson MA.



This is the 5th weekend in a row I have been able to get out on "The Beast" for an event. The four previous were:

  • 9-11-21 - "2021 Ride For Gage" to benefit the Jordan Porco Foundation for suicide prevention
  • 9-18-21 - Patriot Guard Riders; Framingham, MA bridge dedication for USAF Senior Airman Deanna K. Richards.
  • 9-25-21 - CT Citizens Defense League Annual Poker Run
  • 10-1-21- Patriot Guard Riders; procession escort ride, military honors and funerals for eight CT Veterans with no families whose remains went unclaimed. The PGR now claims them as our own.


Yesterday's ride started early. I was meeting the bikers I ride with the most at a convenience store local to me. From there the plan was to meet up with another group I know from southeastern CT. They were coming up I-395 and hooking up with us at the Burger King in Dayville at 09:00 which is right off the exit for RT. 101. Right on time, everyone was together in the BK parking lot and had time to go use the rest room. We then had a quick riders meeting. This ride was going to be a long stretch of interstate since I-395 to I-290 and then I-290 to the end was a straight shot and the best way to go. With a total of 13 bikes it would not be a hard group to manage, and it wasn't. We arrived safely and all together about 1/2 hour before the scheduled start time for the first battle at 11:00.

The battle got started late and I got some great video footage from the 50 yard line with my Nikon D5600 mounted on a mono-pole held up over the crowd. I had on my 70-300mm VR lens which allowed for some excellent framing. I had the monitor turned facing down so I could look up and see it. Unfortunately, something happened to my video files when I took the memory card out of the camera and plugged it into my PC. Nothing bad happened to the still photos. The videos were all there when I watched them on the camera. I used the Windows file recovery to get some back but not the second half of the first battle. That 15 minute long video is gone and THAT FUCKING SUCKS!!!

Anyway, after the 11:00 battle, we toured the museums and got some food. Some of the group wanted to stay for the 3:00 PM show, and then go for pizza later while still up in MA. About half of the group either had enough or had other commitments after. I was in the latter group. I had been in contact with my wife and she informed me we had plans for the evening, so getting home just after 3 PM worked out perfectly.

Friday, October 8, 2021

Well, Here's Their Plan

They're not coming after us... they're coming after YOU! (meaning Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina).


Yesterday I did a post about the governors tyrants of Kommiecticut, NY, NJ, and PA having a conference on gun violence. It turns out they have a problem with free states not having onerous gun control like they have implemented so that MUST BE the problem. It certainly can't be the fact they coddle criminals and are soft on crime? Nah. 

Since they have no legal authority to do anything, they will work to turn those states blue, and let the imported LIBTARD voters do their bidding.

Thursday, October 7, 2021

BOHICA - You Know What That Means!

Get ready, residents of Kommiecticut, NY, NJ, and PA.. the four governors tyrants are announcing new initiatives in a joint conference this afternoon to combat "gun violence" because as we all know, guns load themselves, jump up off the table, and kill only random innocent people. It was announced on the 11:30 A.M. news break on WTIC AM 1080. I can not find any online info about this to link to.

In reality, there will be no sweeping up of the suspected street thugs, gang members, or drug dealers to find illegally possessed and stolen firearms. Oh no, they will be going after the hunters and permit holders, as well as makes and models of firearms that frighten them or the ammo that feeds them.


Continue with The Armed Civil Disobedience started in post Sandy Hook 2013 and frighten the tyrants into the inaction they still find themselves in from the last times they passed unconstitutional/intolerable acts.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Kommiecticut Statewide "Gun Buy-Back"

On Saturday October 16th, a statewide gun "buy-back" scheme will be held in Waterbury, Hartford, Guilford, Bridgeport, Newtown, Stamford, and Norwalk. Privately owned firearms were never owned by any level of government (except for mil-surp or LEO turn-ins but once sold they no longer have a legitimate claim) so there is NOTHING for them to "buy-back." It is simply a sham to destroy privately held firearms by preying on the uninformed/uneducated that may end up with firearms they don't want. Or the desirable ones turned in end up in some cop's private collection. When these schemes are tried in The Free States of America, buyers will set up a booth right across the street from the cops and derail their efforts by offering "cash for guns" instead of bullshit gift cards. Here are some examples:






I have reached out to the CT Citizens Defense League (CCDL) suggesting they at least reach out to dealers in the vicinity of the buy-back schemes, but preferably statewide to hold a widely publicized "Cash For Guns" event on the same day. Most of the time the guns turned in are not from street thugs or criminals desperate to buy groceries or go shopping at Target or Best Buy. They are from widows and families that have acquired firearms they don't want from estates that they just don't know how to get rid of. Many times the guns turned in to be destroyed (or kept by crooked cops) are high quality firearms worth thousands. Bought for cash they can still be sold at a profit to someone that could only afford a good quality used gun. Or if not a good working model, they can became parts guns for repairs.


Tell me these aren't members of "The Blue Line Gang" and media sycophants that want you disarmed

Seek out a reputable dealer, and if you don't think they're being fair find another. Don't be afraid to get multiple quotes and take the best offer.

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

No Fat Chicks

We were streaming "Tacoma FD" on TruTV this afternoon and the annoying latest commercial from Old Navy came on a couple of times. It features some ugly fat chicks shakin' their booty's in their size 30 jeans. I don't know what was more annoying, watching them jiggle or the song they were jiggling to.

Monday, October 4, 2021

Commies Just Gonna Commie

"There comes a time when you do have to give up what you consider your individual right of making your own decision for the greater good of society" Dr. Anthony Fauci

True. When you are behind the barbed wire of the camps. But history has shown that such a situation is usually temporary, and afterwards those in charge of the camps find themselves dangling from a noose, or lined up against a wall. This is the same line of bullshit given every time the Commies in government need to get that pesky Constitution out of the way.

If anyone was still on the fence as to whether it is time to "refresh the Tree of Liberty" or not, this very public statement should have you making final preperations to throw off the shackles of these oppressive "rulers" posing as a government.

Yeah... that's right, I said it! BFYTW

Friday, October 1, 2021

Honored To Be A Part Of It

I have been an active member of the Patriot Guard Riders since 2018 and try to attend as many missions as I can. Today's mission was one of those that was extra special.


Posted: 28 Sep 2021 05:19 PM PDT

FRIDAY 10/01/2021
317 BOW LA
FRIDAY 10/01/2021
Patriot Guard and Associates;
We have been invited by DVA Commissioner Thomas Saadi to participate in the Escort and Final Military Honors for 8 Unclaimed Military Veterans.
CT PGR along with the CT Funeral Directors Association, CT State Police, Local Law Enforcement, will Escort these Veterans to their final resting place at the CT State Veterans Cemetery in Middletown.
CT PGR will now be the family for these Veterans.
A flagged Vehicle Escort has been requested.
ASC Skip Petras (XXX-XXX-XXXX) will be RCIC for the escort.
We will Stand a Flag Line for the Cemetery Ceremony and Military Honors.
RC Gregg Karal (XXX-XXX-XXXX) will be RCIC at the Cemetery with flags on site.
Any RC that will be attending are requested to bring their flags to the cemetery.
Members are reminded that Personal Weapons are not Permitted on State Property.
Masks are encouraged by the DVA though not required. Members may make their own choice.
God Bless America, Our Troops and Our First Responders.
Every time one of these has come up in the past, I was unable to serve for whatever reason but today's occurred on my regular day off and the weather was absolutely beautiful. It was a somber but joyous ceremony, for eight men whose remains have been in storage at various funeral homes because they were unclaimed. One of them since 1976. Here is a couple of news stories covering the event. If you knew where/when to look... yes indeed... Glypto's mug and bike is there to see. For PERSEC though, I will not give it away.


It was 40 degrees when I left my house so I had on some cold weather gear. We met at the VA Home and Hospital in Rocky Hill. Unlike most PGR missions, there was no waiting around in staging to have coffee or to bullshit with the other members. This was a joint effort between the state VA and the CT Funeral Directors Association. It also involved the CT State Police, Rocky Hill Police, Cromwell Police, Middletown Police, Middletown FD, and military honor guards. All 8 cremated remains arrived in a single hearse, but there were three others provided. Each hearse had the magnetic branch insignia on the drivers door for the respective service branches, so the urns needed to be moved according to the deceased's branch of service. This was done by members of the PGR and the Combat Vet Motorcycle Association, including yours truly. We lined up at the rear of the main hearse, and the president of the CFDA distributed the urns to us. Slowly and deliberately, the CFDA president would pick up an urn, bring it face to face to the waiting personnel. The person receiving the urn would render a salute, do a left face, walk several steps, do another left face, and slowly walk to to appropriate waiting hearse. I walked in a similar way to the Honor Guards at The Tomb of The Unknown at Arlington... that slow and deliberate walk. I did a left face, 3 or 4 steps, then a final left face to hand the urn to the funeral director waiting at the back of the hearse. After the urns were all properly placed, everyone posed for photos in front of the cannons and flagpole in front of the admin building. It was soon time to saddle up for the police escorted procession. There were 2 flagged pickup trucks (one in front, one in the rear) and about 22 bikes in between, followed by the four hearses and the CT State Police motorcycle troopers running as roaming road guards. The town police in Rocky Hill, Cromwell, and Middletown were waiting for us at the larger intersections. We had to do a short hop on the RT. 9 state highway, which was shut down for us to enter and exit unimpeded.

We arrived safely at the cemetery and had a parking area set aside for the escort vehicles and bikes. We parked and headed over to the cemetery Ride Captain's truck to get our flags for the flag line. We lined up about 25 feet from the large tent that was set up behind the speaker's podium. The line was one of the longest I've seen in a while, about 45 participants since there were quite a few PGR members that either don't have bikes or chose not to ride today and were waiting there for us.

In attendance were many veterans groups from around the region. American Legion, VFW, The Marine Corps League, DAV, CT State Honor Guard and others that I couldn't quite tell who they were. The hearses were brought up one at a time to the rear of the tent, and military honor guards brought the urns up one at a time and set them on a special table each with a folded flag. When all were in place, we recited the Pledge of Allegiance, sang the National Anthem, and bowed our heads for the invocation prayer. The Master of Ceremony was state DVA Commissioner Saadi. There were 6 speeches including his that were nice and short. Military honors were rendered for all 8 deceased at once, and the Army Honor Guard ceremoniously folded a US Flag. That flag was presented to Commissioner Saadi. It concluded with a closing and a benediction prayer and it was done. We did the usual PGR exit. We stayed in our line, called to attention, did a right face, and marched off single file holding our flags. Only when we get to the RC vehicle to we break rank and disassemble our flags. I have heard directly from mourners over the years that the march off impresses the hell out of them.

You may have missed in the mission notice the reminder "Members are reminded that Personal Weapons are not Permitted on State Property." Well guess what, as usual I was armed. You see, by attending these missions unarmed, not only am I disarmed at the mission (which isn't a big deal since there is usually a police presence), but traveling to and from and while making any stops. I had errands to run afterwards today, so I was not going all the way home to get an EDC and then back out to do my errand. Nor am I going anywhere disarmed. My compromise was having my gun and holster locked in the trunk of "The Beast" while at the VA, riding in the escort, and while standing a flag line. However, after the conclusion of the ceremony and while no one was looking, I strapped on my holster and placed my 45 Shield in it. Since it had warmed up, I ditched my leather jacket, neck covering, and winter gloves. The gun was immediately covered by my vest and disappeared. I rode out right past police in the cemetery and no one was the wiser. Like I always say, my gun sitting safely in my holster harms no one. I do not discuss this issue with any PGR members, and let them all just think I am being a good boy.