Q: Why do I think there's a commie behind every tree?

Utilize the language with the same manipulation the Commies do, using the phrase "VACCINE FREE" instead of "UNVACCINATED" or "NON-VACCINATED"

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Longest and Best Ride In Recent Memory

Like I always say, if you aren't getting caught in the rain on your bike, you don't ride enough. And if you're not riding enough, why do you have a motorcycle?

I am not the old Glypto of 25 years ago when I had my previous bike. Back then, I would make these elaborate plans for a ride, and then feel I had to cancel them for the slightest chance of rain. I would then get so angry about it I was unbearable to be around. Not any more. While I won't venture out if it's already raining, I no longer cancel plans for a simple chance of showers. That's what rain-gear is for. And if plans do get washed out... oh well, just hafta ride another day. No sense walking around all pissed off about something I have no control over.

Several other riders were invited for a ride today before plans or a destination was decided on. They all either had other commitments or simply didn't even respond to the text messages. Since it just ended up being me and my fellow Goldwing rider, we decided our final destination would be Brattleboro, VT for lunch at a place we had been to before. But we were going to definitely take the scenic route to get there.

The plan became meeting for breakfast at Dunkin' Donuts on Windsor Avenue in Windsor near his house at 09:00, because right around the corner is I-91. We take 91 north to exit 27 just above Northampton where we can jump on RT. 5 without too many traffic controls to jam up the ride from there. South of that area are several downtown areas of too much stop-n-go for a nice motorcycle ride. We took RT. 5 to Greenfield where we picked up RT. 2 west, also known as The Mohawk Trail. Since We didn't have all the live long day, we did not go to Shelburne Falls and The Bridge of Flowers this time. We did stop and visit Mohawk Park because I knew my bud had never been there. The plan is to do a foliage ride and go back up there in the fall, stopping at the Bridge of Flowers and then on to Mt. Greylock.

The magnificent, life sized bronze statue of a Mohawk Warrior

A close-up of the arrowhead shaped plaque at the base

"Hail To The Sunrise"


I am so glad to see that like so many bronze statues and plaques this one has not yet been destroyed by junkies cutting it up to sell for scrap to then buy their junk. There is also a stone monument that has all the tribal names, Chiefs and Sachems from over the centuries. We got rained on a little while we were parked there. Just enough to wet the road. A mile west and the road was dry. We continued west on RT. 2 and crossed the railroad tracks as shown on the GPS in Florida, MA but there were none to be seen. That's because they were several hundred feet below us in the famous Hoosac Tunnel. There is also a sign on the side of the road that lets you know you are passing over it. Next up, the famous hairpin turn before the descent down into North Adams.

The Hairpin Turn circled in yellow

Just before you reach the turn you cross the summit of Mount Whitcomb with the large bronze elk statue and vistas on both sides of the road. The westbound side has a distillery, and the eastbound side has a brewery. It was pretty crowded so we did not stop.  We did stop at the hairpin turn.

Looking down on North Adams

There was a biplane flying up and down the valley. We were watching from the parking lot of The Golden Eagle. When the plane turned and came right at us to fly over the building, I did my best Cary Grant imitation and ran from it looking over my shoulder like in the movie "North By Northwest." The restaurant staff got a good laugh and the chef said, "Yeah, but he's not shooting at you!"

The Golden Eagle on the Hairpin Turn

We mounted up and headed down into North Adams to pick up RT. 8 north to Vermont. The plan was to hookup with RT. 9 over Hogback Mountain to get to Brattleboro. The trip was uneventful except for a few sprinkles and the traffic jam in the little tourist town of Wilmington. All kinds of little shops, cafes, bars, and pedestrian traffic. It is also where RT. 100 continues north. We sat through a couple of traffic light cycles. Those sprinkles were so brief in places, it was like someone sprayed you with water as you drove by. Finally into downtown Brattleboro where we headed north on RT. 5 to our lunch destination... the Top Of The Hill Grill.

Yup, the little piggy sculpture on top is made out of old license plates

When we were here last summer, the place was a zoo and we got in just in time before the huge crowd hit. It was about 2 PM when we got there today, so the big lunch crowd was done. First thing to do after parking was to hit the restroom. My back teeth had been floating since Wilmington. We got right to the window to order food and it came out relatively quick. I got a catfish wrap and a side of delicious coleslaw, washed down with a Pure Leaf raspberry iced tea. My bud got a combo plate with pulled pork, brisket, and burnt ends. The food is really good but a little pricey. Meh... since I didn't go away on vacation who cares. I sprung for lunch for both of us.

After lunch it was going to be a straight ride all the way down I-91 until I got off in Enfield and my bud continued to Windsor. A quick fill up with fuel was in order before getting on the highway. We got spit on a few times traversing MA, but when we hit Springfield it was raining harder. We pulled over under the I-291 overpass to get on the rain-gear. By the time we hit Longmeadow there was no rain and the road was dry. Oh well, better safe than sorry. Good thing, because I got rained on one more time on RT. 190 in Stafford and then nothing the rest of the way home. So how far did I go today? The next photo of the display from my bike tells the story.

TRIP B is my daily ride total. TRIP A is used to see how far I've gone on a tank of fuel.


Since I didn't go on vacation, my wife is staying the extra day we would have had to miss out on to get back since the house/animal sitter had to leave a day early. Good for me! I will be out on my bike again tomorrow, but for a much shorter duration.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

"Deal's Off, Jihadi Scum!"

Photo of the broadcast of FOX News from 13:25 today

If I were all of a sudden the C.I.C., a crushing force of all branches of the U.S. Military would be immediately on the way.

But then if I were C.I.C. all along, this would have never happened, and the word "Taliban" would be stricken from all language. Anyone claiming to be a member would be summarily executed.





Wednesday, August 25, 2021

A Never Discussed Problem With The Mask of Oppression

It has to do with the deaf, or hard of hearing like myself. The problem is twofold for the hard of hearing. First, if a person wearing their obligatory face diaper is soft-spoken, it muffles the voice making it tougher for me to hear what they are saying. Second, I occasionally use lip reading to reinforce what someone is saying. I can decipher words that sound similar or letters if someone is spelling something out (like B,C,D,E,G,P,T,Z). And there are those that are totally deaf but can speak and simply use lip-reading to understand what someone says. They typically don't bother with A.S.L.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Update - Post Hurricane Henri'

For me in my specific location, it was a big nothing burger. I like to use "Murphy's Law" to my advantage. 😏 I'll make all kinds of detailed and elaborate storm preparations and end up just putting everything away. If I didn't, then I would be one of those idiots scrambling last minute at the height of a storm. Because of the long duration of the two passes the storm made I did not go on my road trip. I was not going to head down this morning for 3 days at the resort to turn around and come home Saturday. Wifey is pissed at me because I did not head down to meet them all in Virginia. Well, first off, I was not going to leave a house/animal sitter in charge of keeping my house running, my generator properly fueled, and the electrical load properly balanced. Then there is the problem I had in July with T.S. Elsa and the flooding in the lower area of my yard (that has never occurred in 16 years) that blew out the fence in the dog yard. The runoff swept all the forest floor debris against the fence, which acted as a dam creating a wall of water a few feet high that just snapped the wire fence wide open. I didn't notice it at first and thankfully did not just open the door and let the dogs out until I was able to make temporary repairs. Thankfully none of this even came close to happening this time.

The second thing was not having two vehicles in Virginia. I told my wife to suck it up and ride down with her brother. He has the largest Ford F-150 crew cab with plenty of room for 5 adults. If she did and the storm petered out, I would head down and then she and her other brother would ride back with me. Instead she chose to drive all the way down. That would make an already expensive vacation (no paid time off for me, paying the sitter, and all the gas for my truck) stupid expensive for doubling up on gas. Fuck it. Not only am I working my normal workdays, I picked up Friday too since she isn't here. She thinks I am just being a dick I guess, but I am truly disappointed in not being able to go. It is my sense of duty that makes me stay to take care of my own homestead. I'll see if we can get away for a long weekend in the near future to help her get over being pissed off.

Since the weather is supposed to be mostly sunny, cooler, and less humid Saturday and she will be not home until the evening, it will be a motorcycle day. I haven't been out for a couple of weeks. I'll throw out some feelers to other riders to see wazzup.

As a side note; now that the Pfizer jab has full FDA approval (cough-BULLSHIT-cough) and is no longer experimental, does that mean anyone getting their jab now can sue them for adverse effects? What about retroactively to December 2020 when it first came out? Are the "shall not be held liable" forms signed by compliant sheeple still valid? I am not familiar with the exact verbiage and whether it could expire upon approval. Asking all this for a friend.

Monday, August 23, 2021

Answer: The FDA; Another Crooked Federal Agency

The question: How do you approve a "vaccine" without proper long term testing?

I had no doubt this was gonna happen outside the realm of the normal processes of vaccine approval.

Not just no, but now FUCK NO!!

Not now... not ever.

Your move.

Q: How Can Someone Be SO WRONG ALL THE TIME?

The inspiration for this post came to me as I was winding my cuckoo clock this morning.

A: It takes effort. And Gropey Joe the Sniffer in Chief is just that stupid. As a U.S. Senator from 1973 to 2009. Veep from 2009 to 2017. And now God help us, (p)Resident*. His record is 100% fucked up, yet the uninformed voters of Delaware kept putting him in office, then he rode the Kenyan's coattails into the adminstration. Now he occupies the highest office in the land by way of a questionably fraudulent "election."

A stopped clock is right twice a day. That is unless someone keeps moving the hands ahead every 11 hours  and 59 minutes, and Gropey Joe puts that much effort into fucking things up because he can't help being that wrong.

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Some Random Musings

Oh we are so safe now, because the idiot governor, "Jolly" Ned Lamont has banned motorcycles from I-95 due to the approaching  tropical storm. If you are a hardcore enough biker to be riding in this shit, then you are obviously more than capable of handling it, and you are not a pussy like me.

Here in Kommiecticut, the biggest danger we face is not the weather, it is the on-going tyranny exerted by 40+ years of single party rule, under the guise of the Wu-Flu.

Oh, BTW... before you reporters go out to report on the storm on location, you might want to catch up on the original Star Trek series, and what the color of your jacket might mean. Just sayin'.


Saturday, August 21, 2021


Sell me some U.S. small arms weapons and gear that was left behind by (p)Resident Gropey Joe. One of everything, please. Use the contact form on the right side of my blog. I will send you U.S. cash dollars in small bills upon delivery to me.

Do we gave a deal? 

Direct Hit From Hurricane Henri

Headed right for us in Kommiecticut. Time off and vacation plans for next week scrubbed. Prepping for the worst today. Making sure gutters and downspouts are clear, setting up my generator, topping off my truck fuel tank, making sure my chickens will be safe and dry, and grabbing some beer and wine at the packy.

It really sucks because I was so looking forward to the big family getaway, getting away from emergency services for a week, and seeing my FIL that I haven't seen in almost two years. Disappointed, sure. Angry? Nah, that was the old Glypto of 30 years ago. Getting mad at something I have zero control over is a waste of effort.

Friday, August 20, 2021


The groping hair sniffer was on TV trying to 'splain hisself and the administrations actions. And when the scripted and coordinated Q&A was over, them traitors spun on their heels and marched out the door, turning their backs on the press corps and the American people.

What an bunch of incompetent morons, lead by a flaming fucking MENTAL DEFECTIVE!!

Heads should be rolling for this whole debacle!

What an absolute shitshow.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

You'd Better Not Ask

Any questions about having to get a 3rd jab if you were previously deemed to have been "fully vaxxed" that is. Because if you do, you are now being lumped in with those of us crazy conspiracy theory nut-jobs that have refused any and all jabs.

But you know what? If you took the jab and NOW have questions... well, its a little too late for that, my friend.

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Update On The GFDZ Post

Immediately after my visit to Town Fair Tire I received an email invite to review my experience. I gave them a well deserved 5-Star review and it was immediately published.

Last night I received another email invite for a review. This one was from corporate and was more along the lines of "how can we improve the customer experience?" I let `em have it on that one.

I told them they need to get rid of their GFDZ policy and pull down their stupid signs. That a sign on the door alone in lieu of armed guards and/or metal detectors is totally meaningless, except to disarm the permit holding concealed carry public that may obey their signage. That an armed violent person hell-bent on killing will not stop at the door because of a sign. I went as far as to tell them that I was in their store armed anyway, that no one knew, and yet somehow no one died [sarcasm off]. Imagine that?

I am sure this will never be seen by the decision makers. Much like the letters I used to send the corporate hierarchy at the companies I once worked for about their moronic diversity programs, this one too will be discarded because it goes against the agenda.

I will continue to carry in all manner of GFDZ, and if I have to be the one to put a stop to an act of violence, I will deal with the consequences of potentially saving lives, especially my own.

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Great Day With Bikes

Today was planned for a week and a half depending on weather and whether my town DPW chip sealed my road. The chip sealing was postponed in July because of flooding rains, and again this week because of the extreme heat. Good for us because it is impossible to ride a motorcycle on 3" of loose gravel until it settles and mixes with the oil.

My fellow Goldwing rider wanted me to do an oil change on his bike. He had already provided me with the oil, filter, and drain plug gasket. The plan was to come over early, have a nice big home cooked breakfast to let the engine cool, then do the oil change, and go riding afterwards. Another couple we ride with asked if they could join us for breakfast and a ride so I said sure. Bacon, sausage, homefries, my farm fresh eggs, toast of all kinds, juice and coffee. I started prepping and cooking an hour earlier. Yep... ole Glypto does know his way around the kitchen, and I cleaned it all up as well as loaded and ran the dishwasher before heading out to the garage.

The air was thick and humid with temps climbing through the 80's and dew points in the low 70's. Gross. Since I have an oversized garage all the bikes were inside. Good thing because the skies opened up. It doesn't take much in the hilly area I live to squeeze moisture out of a juiced up atmosphere. The oil change on a Goldwing must be done on the sidestand for proper drainage, and since I don't have an elevated ramp to drive up on, it meant rolling around low on a creeper. The oil drain plug and filter are located behind the lower front fairing. Two pop pins, six hex head bolts, and some "wrestling" to wriggle it free. There is only a few inches of space between the garage floor and the bottom of the engine, so I use a shallow aluminum steam table pan to catch the oil. Then I dump the pan into a 4 gallon plastic jug I keep for transport to the town transfer station. Oil drained, a new aluminum drain plug gasket, and the plug tightened to the proper torque spec. Next came filter removal and draining, mounting surface cleaned, and a new filter screwed on and properly torqued. Finally the engine was filled with 4 quarts of Honda HP4S full synthetic motorcycle oil. Yeah, I know its stupid expensive at like $11 a quart, but I will not entertain cheaper unapproved alternatives. I have heard it all before about how its a waste of money. On big jap bikes, the engine and transmission share the oil, and I will not fuck up an expensive to repair machine by going cheap on oil. But hey you feel free. With the oil change finished, I pulled out the air hose and pressure gauge chuck so everyone could check tire pressure. Everything was set to go with the bikes so it was giddyup time.

 We did a 75 mile loop around Windham County. Once the earlier rain showers passed, the sun came out with a vengeance. There were some stretches of RT. 12 and RT. 169 that were out in the open with no shade that were really warm. The plan was to end the ride at the car cruise at Loos & Co.  at the corner of RT. 101 and 169, and get some lunch at Pizza 101. The car cruise was a bust because it was cancelled due to a previous request. A local home in the immediate area was hosting a wedding and asked for the cancellation to keep down traffic and noise. Oh well, we still got some grub and then headed for home. Because my house was closest, I peeled off from the group first and waved goodbye to my friends.

Friday, August 13, 2021

Carried In Two GFDZ's Today

Put new sneakers on the Tundra today at Town Fair Tire. I've lost track how many full sets of tires I have bought there in the past 30+ years. Always great price and great service. I got another set of exactly what I had. Michelin LTX AT2 off-road tires in LT275/65/R18E. After all, I got 78,000 miles out of the last set and they were still road legal. With 155K on the truck, this may be the last set. Who knows?

Gotta have the raised white letters showing. Can't afford new rims, they are more than the tires.


As my usual SOP I was carrying. Since it was so bloody hot, I opted for the LCP in .380. The ammo is Hornady Critical Defense which has good penetration and expansion, especially against lightweight summer clothing. As I went to enter the store, I noticed and then promptly ignored their Gun Free Death Zone (GFDZ) sign on the door. I refuse to be disarmed, not only while standing in the store, but to and from my vehicle in the parking lot. If I followed their signage completely, I could not carry at all, including to and from home because the only place to secure it was in my vehicle. And they were bringing my vehicle into their garage. Since I carry concealed, its nobody's fucking business what is in my pocket. But I'll bet there would be plenty of grateful potential victims if I was to put a stop to an act of "gun violence" by being that good guy with a gun. BTW... my truck rifle was locked up inside the cab, so as long as no one was poking around the inside of my truck where they shouldn't be, they'd never know.

Since today is also yours truly's anniversary (#38), wifey and I went out to dinner with another couple. Because we were going out for the evening, I had upgraded my carry gun to my normal S&W 45 Shield. The plan was to go duckpin bowling afterwards, but my wife had too much tequila in the form of margaritas, so bowling was out of the question. Instead, the girls wanted ice cream and that was fine with us guys. The closest (and best) place to go was the UConn Dairy Bar. The ice cream is made right there with milk from the cows in the agricultural program. Located on the UConn campus, I found myself armed in a GFDZ yet again. And yet again... IDGAF! My alternative would have been no ice cream for anyone, or go out for the evening unarmed. I'll just stick with ignoring GFDZ designations and doing what I please, thanks.

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Moving Into War Mode

No details for OPSEC and PERSEC, but think of the movie "The Great Escape" and some of the things they did to try and blend into the regular population.

I'm thinking it better to fight these commie fuckers from behind rather than direct confrontation. I'll let 'em think I am one of their sheeple right up to their last moment consuming oxygen.

Monday, August 9, 2021

12,000 Years

That's how long the 2 billion year old Chamberlin Rock sat in place at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Estimated to be 70 tons, naturally immovable and deposited by a glacier, it took racially motivated SJW's, university money and heavy construction equipment to have it moved. You see, almost 100 years ago, large dark-colored boulders in that region were called "niggerheads." Therefore, that big dark rock by its very existence was "painful" to those always looking for ways to be offended. A link to the story can be found here.

My property is littered with all kinds of glacial rubble left behind by the retreat of the ice sheet 12,000 years ago. A few are the size of compact cars. Thanks to the U of W social justice warriors pointing out something I had never heard before, they are all now niggerheads, even the lighter colored granite ones. Don't like that? Then please feel free to have them all removed from my property at your expense, thereby making my property more usable. BFYTW!

Now let's talk about one of my favorite snacks, Brazil Nuts. You see, my Memere' as well as my wife's grandmother referred to these yummy nuts in the shell as "Nigger Toes." If that phrase, which was last uttered in my presence sometime in the early 90's when my wife's grandmother (who was from the south by the way) was still alive offends you, then rush down to your local store and demand their removal from the shelves. Contact nut companies to have them taken off the market. All because some old people that are now deceased used to call them that.

See how stupid all of you wokesters and the cancel culture is?

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Open Carried On "The Beast" Today

No all day excursion today, just a 50 mile solo loop to satisfy the urge to get out. Overcast and cooler than normal with a chance of showers all day, but that doesn't discourage me from heading out. I got sprinkled on briefly, but no need for rain gear. All the rain drops were dried up on the bike when I got home.

Since my biker vest is currently being worked on, and I wasn't stopping anywhere, I decided to just open carry my S&W 45 Shield. The vest has built in concealed carry holsters so normally my firearm is out of sight, and known only by few. Today I carried the 45 Shield in my DeSantis Speed Scabbard on my belt at 3 o'clock. I used a 7 round extended magazine for the full size grip. Since it was warm enough I wore just a t-shirt, so my gun was out there for all to see. 

Today was a test. First, how secure would my firearm stay on my hip? I know someone that lost his gun riding a sportbike on I-95 in the Stamford area. His gun was recovered and returned to him. It turns out the riding position on my Goldwing keeps the holster as vertical as if I am standing. While riding, I periodically checked to see if it was still secure. It was. The second part of the test was to see if anyone freaked out and called the cops. Open carry is perfectly legal here in Kommiecticut, but the hoplophobes in the general population still go mental if they see a gun. Most cops will arrest you on some bullshit charge, but as usual it all gets tossed out. Plus a motorcycle is a motor vehicle, so I am in complete control of my firearm while operating the vehicle. It's too bad if someone happens to see it. Besides, if anyone called I would be long gone anyway. I rode through several intersections with stopped traffic on my right. I'm not sure if anyone saw it or not and I don't much care.

After issuing the challenge to gubmint jab goonsquads in my previous post, I will be sure to be armed more than normal. What does that actually mean?



Challenge Issued

First let me say that with every passing day, the distrust, disdain, and outright hatred I feel for government officials, elected or appointed from either party burns hotter than the surface of the sun. The local CBS affiliate has a half-hour political talk show, and the final segment was with the idiotic Jahana Hayes from the Kommiecticut 5th district. Her only qualifications were being a female, of color, that won a teacher of the year award. She is as dumb as they come yet there she is, in congress (sorry for the redundancy). But there she was on TV, advocating for get the jab or WE WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE HELL IN OH SO MANY WAYS!

Well yours truly doesn't take such things lightly. So I say, let's get this party started because I am sick of listening to your bullshit and threats. I will ignore your lockdown and face diaper diktats. Make it a condition of employment and I will file a religious exemption. Deny the exemption and I will force them to terminate me. Terminate me, and I will join every class action lawsuit there is. I WILL NEVER take your jab of poison, so go ahead and send your armed jab goons to try and administer one. I guarantee a body count. In fact...


Friday, August 6, 2021

Why Is It?

That just about everything that government tries to "improve" they fuck it up. Let me explain.

We had a favorite kayak spot that got us to the beautiful and always empty West Beach in Charlestown, RI. We would go once, sometimes twice a summer up until last summer because C-O-O-O-V-I-I-D!!! We go to the boat launch by the breachway on Lake Quononchontaug to put in and park. The access road was 3 cars wide, which allowed for plenty of parking on the breachway side of the road with room for 2-way traffic. The parking lot at the launch area was only for vehicles with boat trailers. We would drop everything at the launch out of the way, I'd leave my wife to start loading up the boats while I would go park. Get there at a decent time in the morning and there would be plenty of parking. The late-comers got to park in the small lot over a half mile away if there was still room.

I had heard that changes were made down there. The one I was sure of was the new boat launch ramp and dock. What I didn't know, was that the State of R.I. (or town of Charlestown) turned the entire access road into a fire lane with NO PARKING on any sides. That meant I had to park in the far lot if I was lucky enough to find a spot. Seeing that it was almost 11 AM, I wasn't very optimistic. But it turned out, since it was a weekday a spot for my truck was available. I hoofed it back to where wifey was waiting and we headed out.

We had an enjoyable paddle over to the sandbar on the south shore where the path crosses the dunes to get to the beach on ocean-side. A short hike of a couple hundred yards and we were on the beach. We took a nice long walk back towards the breachway and then back for lunch.This brave guy got the scrap bread from my wife's lunch.


He hung out for quite a while hoping for more. He didn't get everything at first. So I got up and tossed him the rest. He stayed put and got his reward. He finally flew off. We kicked back on the blanket and napped in the sun. Wifey went for a quick dip and it was time to head out for home.

Since it was low tide, I decided to walk through the less than knee deep water and tow my kayak. Lots of wildlife swimming around on the bottom. Horseshoe Crabs, Hermit Crabs, and assorted fish. I walked until just before the deeper water and then climbed back in. My wife paddled the entire way along side where I walked.

We decided that since the truck was parked in the lot along the breachway by an opening, we would head right for it instead of messing with the boat launch and having to move the truck. It worked out good, even though we had to lift the kayaks over the boulders lining the breachway. We got the truck loaded quickly and headed for home just after 4PM.

Future trips there on weekends are out of the question. We used to be able to do it if we got there around 8:30. Now God only knows what time we'd have to be there just to be able to park. Now weekday trips will mean getting there by 8:30. STUPID!

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Here's Hoping

UPDATE 8-5-10: Ah shit! The fuckers won. Oh well.

The U.S. Womens Soccer Team plays their final 2020 Olympic game for a bronze medal tomorrow morning at 4 AM. It will absolutely make my day if I turn on the news at 6 AM and hear them nasty unpatriotic cunts have lost bigly to Australia. Go Aussie Ladies!!

Especially this fucking thing.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

How Can You Tell?

Q: If you suddenly woke up and found yourself in a Walgreen's, how would you know if it was located in a suburban town or shithole city?

A: See if there is a display of candles for the street memorials to the latest shooting victim.



I had an interesting conversation with someone today who actually claimed he was "scared to death" of unjabbed people like me. His reasoning was that WE un-not-vaxxed are going to cause the Chink Bug to do a future mutation that will spell doom for humanity. 

Dude needs to turn off the CNN, MSNBC, and NPR once in a while.

Monday, August 2, 2021

A Story For The Times

This is a work in progress and the story will be continued as these "vaccine ambassadors" begin going door to door nationwide. We'll see just how violent this story gets. It will be quite graphic if it does. I have not written fiction since I was in school and it is a great mind exercise to write like this. Lemme know what you all think.



Paul and Heather Morris were the classic empty nesters. They lived in their modest house on a few wooded acres about a mile off the state road. The road they lived on was paved and carried very little traffic. On a normal weekday, a dozen or so cars in the early morning of folks that worked out of town. The few cars during the day could be spaced out by a couple of hours each. Then in the evening, the commuters from the morning returning home from work. Late in the evening traffic was next to nothing. On the weekends, cars passed the Morris house on a semi steady basis throughout the day, and even the occasional group of motorcycles venturing up the road just for a nice ride. Paul worked from home as an I.T. consultant and was a first responder with the local volunteer fire department. Heather worked as a veterinary technician at a small practice out of town. Initially, neither one were going to get the jab, but Heather gave in and got the J & J shot so she would have no problem flying out to visit her father. It really knocked her on her ass the day she got it and she recovered. Paul was disappointed with Heather’s decision, but still adamant he was never going to get poked with what he viewed as an experimental medical procedure. They both believed they had COVID in early 2020 but had never gotten tested, and they just got over it. Over the last year, Paul was up close and personal, getting exposed multiple times to COVID positive patients on medical calls, but neither even got a case of the sniffles since he and Heather had been sick.

Paul was wafting in and out of consciousness as he sat in his favorite chair with the TV on. He was tuned to FXX on satellite, watching the movie "The 5th Element" for like the hundredth time, and watching TV always seemed to make him sleepy. The sweat on the bottle of the half-finished beer on the end table ran down to the coaster he had always remembered to use. Every window in the house was open, and Paul was enjoying the warm, sunny, Saturday afternoon with the little breeze now and then. Heather was out of town with her girlfriend at a winery. That was when he heard the unmistakable sound of tires on gravel. He was instantly wide awake now as the alert for his security camera dinged his phone. The driveway was at the other end of the house where the attached garage was, so it was impossible to see approaching vehicles. As he listened, he thought sure he heard more than one vehicle's tires moving on the gravel echoing off the trees. The gun he always carried had been lying on the table next to his beer so he could be more comfortable sitting in his chair. A Smith & Wesson M&P 45 Shield, it was now tucked safely in its holster, the 2 spare mags still in their carrier on his belt. Paul always kept a spare remote for the automatic door opener handy in the kitchen and he grabbed it as he headed towards the door leading to the garage. He waited until he was in position to see but not be seen in the garage before he punched the button to lift the door.

There was more than one vehicle, in fact there were three. The lead one was an unassuming light blue Ford Escape with regular passenger plates. Behind it was a maroon Chevy Malibu with US Government plates, but it was the third vehicle that really raised Paul's hackles... a military Humvee. From the first vehicle exited a man and woman in casual business attire. From the Chevy were two obvious male government types in dark suits complete with the earbud on a little curly cord coming out of their collars. And out of the Humvee came two apparently unarmed U.S. soldiers in camo fatigues. From the dark corner of the garage where Paul stood, he already had his hand on his pistol and had made his target selections in order. He ordered them to stop where they were; that they were uninvited trespassers, and to state their business. They all stopped in their tracks because they still could not see Paul and his voice had an authoritative almost threatening tone to it. "We're from the North Central Health District" the woman called out, "and we'd like to discuss the COVID-19 vaccine with you. Are you Paul Morris?"

Paul had seen the news stories that this was coming, although he didn’t think he would personally experience it so soon. The leaked government procedures for these “vaccine ambassadors” laid out how they were going to proceed, some of the scripts, and to ignore “No Soliciting” signage. In preparation for such a visit, Paul had put up a couple of prominent NO TRESPASSING signs at the bottom of the driveway and on the garage. Heather thought he was overreacting, but Paul knew he would be at a better advantage in kicking these people off his property with proper signs. He chose his response carefully, so as not to confirm his identity from the dark garage interior. “You are all trespassing! Leave this property IMMEDIATELY!” Paul knew they had probably confirmed property ownership from tax records, who resided there, and had photos of both he and Heather before arriving. The woman tried to engage Paul further. “My name is Linda Chalmers and this is my co-worker Steve Glynn. Could you step outside and talk to us?” Paul was having none of it, wanting to maintain OPSEC, PERSEC, and INFOSEC. “You are trespassing! Leave this property immediately, and do not return without a warrant!” he yelled from his concealed vantage point. The G-men and soldiers had maintained their distance staying in the background near their vehicles the entire time without making any type of tactical type moves or potential reaching for weapons. Ms. Chalmers made a hand gesture in the air and everyone returned to their vehicles. As she got in the Escape, she hollered out, “We’ll be back!” One at a time, the vehicles backed down the driveway to the road, and then headed out in the direction of the main state road. Paul closed the garage door only after he made sure they left and kept going out of sight. Being a little shaky and jacked on adrenaline from the encounter, Paul went back in to finish his beer and then grab another.

A Day At Six Flags With Family

Sunday is normally bike outing day, but when the invitation came from my SIL and niece for my wife and I to join them for free, I couldn't pass it up. I haven't been in several years and looked forward to it. They have season passes and this weekend was one of Six Flags "bring a friend" events. The season pass includes free parking for a bonus.

Yesterday in preparation of our outing, I went on the Six Flags website to read their Health & Safety policies. I was pleasantly surprised. The jist of it was that the Chink Bug is out there and contagious, use caution, and any exposure you think you get at their facility is ON YOU! Face diapers are recommended for the non-jabbed but not mandatory and no jab checks. Perfect!

The other thing I did was to fuck with the NSA. I shut my phone off before we left the house, and turned it back on halfway home. Let 'em try and figure out where I was all day and who I might have been associating with.

We got to the park just before noon and parked way out in East Bumfuck meaning a brisk 10+ minute walk to the entrance. We got in, hit the restrooms, and went to get some food. Their season pass has the added meal plan so lunch was included and plenty to share. Lunch was finished time to hit the rides. The crowds were large with no stoopid Chink Bug distancing and hardly any face diapers. Jabbed or not, nobody cared and nobody asked.

My wife and I love roller coasters and have been enjoying them together for the better part of 40 years. We have been to amusement parks all over the U.S., the best one by far is Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH. However, I have my limits. The effects of coasters are cumulative on me and if I am not careful to know when to quit, I will be puking my guts up, although in a private and controlled manner. My wife, however has no such limitation. First up was the redesigned Cyclone, a wood and steel hybrid. The original was all wood and IMHO fast, rough and not pleasant to ride at all. I remember riding the original for the first time the day after my wife's senior prom in 1982. This new version was fast and smooth with at least two full barrel rolls. Very enjoyable. The characters in the lines and in the general crowds were... uh... shall we say bizarre? First, there was a group of mentally ill black and hispanic "boys" that were obviously male but were dressed like and acted like girls. What the fuck... do you really think 99% of the NORMAL PEOPLE around you don't feel ill looking at you and watching your antics? One was dressed in a brown bikini, denim Daisy Duke's, fuzzy slippers, purse slung over a shoulder, and full makeup and nail polish. Total case for an asylum to be sure. I was so glad they got ahead enough to get on the ride and out of there before we did so I didn't have to see and hear them any more. We thankfully never saw them again.

Next up was the Superman ride in a different section of the park, which meant a walk through the main walkways. Wanna see actual racial diversity and harmony with not a hint of dreaded white supremacy? Go to this Six Flags park. I would make a good guess that white folks like me and my little group were definitely in the minority. Didn't phase us in the least. That said, there are some (mostly, but not just) black households that must not have mirrors. When you are 300+ pounds and stuff yourself into leotards or yoga pants, parts of you pop out in... shall we say, unnatural places. Boobs, butts, and hips flopping and flapping as you walk is not a good look. And for those babes that look smokin' hot rocking that look, don't be shocked by those of us healthy Alpha Males that give you an up and down or second look. I had my sunglasses on all day, so long looks went unnoticed by wifey and those I was looking at. The Superman coaster had a couple of short pauses while we were in line for whatever reason. My niece had never ridden it and my wife and I applied severe peer pressure to her to ride. The second pause lasted almost 15 minutes and just as were about to enter the boarding area. I told my niece each pause just adds to the "danger" and our chances of death just jumped tenfold from .000001% to .00001%. The ride resumed and in short order we were on board. The ride was as exhilirating as I remember, and for all her nonsense and hesitation my niece loved it. She would have ridden again if the line wasn't so long. As an aside, my Dad loved the Superman ride and was probably 77 years old last time he rode it.

Because it was a short day, I was done with rides. My wife and niece rode a spinning ride (I always avoid those) and the Batman coaster. There were a couple of brief rain showers, but not enough to shut down any rides. As we made our way to the exit, we stopped and got ice cream. There is a place near the exit that serves premium hard ice cream, no soft serve crap for us. Surprisingly, it took us longer to walk back to our cars than it did to drive out to the main road. The park and local cops do a good job of directing traffic and getting everyone out of there.

One last thing. As usual I was carrying earlier in the day. I forgot to remove my 45 Shield from my pocket, and halfway there realized I was still carrying it. Oops, I am heading to MA where my permit is not valid. When we met up with my SIL in Enfield, I unloaded my pistol and stashed it deep under the back seat. Six Flags is less than a mile over the stateline, so I was not too concerned about getting caught. But it is just beyond stupid that there is no national reciprocity, and I am a criminal for simply crossing an imaginary line in possession of my legally owned property.