Q: Why do I think there's a commie behind every tree?

Utilize the language with the same manipulation the Commies do, using the phrase "VACCINE FREE" instead of "UNVACCINATED" or "NON-VACCINATED"

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Made A Change

One of the blogs I regularly read is Women's Outdoor News. I am a firm believer that more women need to be exposed to firearms and shooting activities, and by all means carry one for personal self defense. That said I can not get my wife to participate at all. Every time I go to the range when she is around, I invite her to go, but she always declines. She has her Kommiecticut pistol permit, but she is reactive not proactive. It will take her getting assaulted and robbed or carjacked to finally consider carrying a firearm. Anyway I found this post from the other day interesting and dropped a comment that got a positive reaction from the author Michelle Cerino. Read my comment for the little reminder saying I came up with for remembering where to aim when closer or farther than the set aim point. It got me thinking about my own laser equipped pistol.

I have a Streamlight TLR-4 laser/flashlight combo. It was mounted on my Colt Government Series 70 1911 with a Recover Tactical grip/rail system. I also have the Recover Tactical active retention holster that locks onto the grip/rail system and accommodates the TLR-4. It has been just sitting in the safe set up that way unused for a long time. My home defense firearm on the nightstand is my Glock 21 Gen 3, a spare mag, and my SureFire E2D Defender flashlight. I went with this combo years ago when my daughter still lived at home. The thinking was, not to go searching for the source of noises in the dark with a gun mounted flashlight because what if it was my daughter coming in late? Pointing a gun to light up and identify someone I would not want to shoot to me was a bad idea. Those days are over. My wife is in bed with me, the dogs sleep secured in our room, so anyone/anything causing "bumps in the night" are unwelcome visitors that probably need to be covered with my gun muzzle. I decided to go ahead and move the Streamlight TLR-4 to the Glock. Both guns were removed from storage, ensured they were cleared, and had a bright yellow chamber flag inserted in the chamber. I then pulled out the storage box containing the spare mounting parts for the TLR-4 and rubber Pachmyr 1911 grip. I took everything down to my basement gun bench to do the swap. There was no ammo or magazines involved or anywhere near the area I was working. I did have my Ruger SR9c in a holster on my hip because I am always armed after all.

I started with the Colt. Using my Wheeler 89-piece gunsmith screwdriver set, the TLR-4 was removed using the curved large bit designed for Redfield scopes and set aside. You're supposed to use a coin not a screwdriver, but this bit fits perfectly like a quarter in the slot without slipping or marring. I switched to a hex head bit to remove the grip screws, then a smaller one to disassemble the nuts and bolts on the trigger guard and rail. The nuts and bolts were put back into the rail and trigger guard for safe keeping. The gun was disassembled and lightly lubed, then wiped down with a silicone infused cloth. The rubber Pachmyr wrap-around grip was put on the gun as it once was. The gun was checked again to ensure it was cleared, function tested, a chamber flag placed in the open action, and it was set aside.

Turning my attention to the Glock, I had to change the rail adapter per the instructions for the TLR-4 from "B" for the Colt, to "C" for all Glocks with a rail. You have to remove the TLR-4 retainer bolt completely to change the adapter. It is held in place by an "e clip" so it can't come all the way out and get lost. I then mounted it securely on the Glock. Knowing where the gun hits, I adjusted the aiming set screw for elevation only. The windage was right on. The bullet strike and laser point are set to coincide for the seven yard mark. I will make a trip to the range soon to verify and tweak if necessary, but it should be fine for close quarter defense inside my home. Here is the finished setup.

I don't yet have a holster that will accommodate this setup, but for now with warmer weather, I won't be carrying this gun anytime soon. My favorite supplier On Your 6 Designs does not have a version of their kydex holster for this combination. I could send them the TLR-4 and have them make it up, but I would prefer to find one already made. If anyone has a suggestion, leave it in the comments.

Monday, April 25, 2022

Call It What It Really Is

Like El Rushbo always used to say "words mean things."

This Saturday the 30th is "National Prescription Drug Take Back Day" where you're supposed to turn in unused and unwanted prescription drugs in order to keep them out of the wrong hands. I have no problem with the concept, but I think it should be called "National Prescription Drug Safe Disposal Day." Just like the gun "buy back" programs, government NEVER owned private firearms, so there is nothing for them to "buy back." The DEA and FDA never owned these drugs, citizens do, again nothing to "take back." I have a bottle of prescribed oxycodone that I will hang onto, thanks. Its only 10 pills, but if I do something stupid and really hurt myself, they may help take the edge off. Besides, I paid for them, you expect me to dispose of them without compensation? Fuck off.

Of course, I believe it is purposeful wording, to condition people to think things like guns, prescription drugs, or money actually come from a benevolent government. So if you don't want it, you should turn it in to them.

Friday, April 22, 2022

Going On A Picnic ?


It's Erf Day

Or as I call it, "Pagan Dirt Worship Day." The religion of the Commies as an excuse to control you to save the planet. Horseshit!

Its 39 degrees out right now. My big V-8 pickup is sitting outside running to warm up inside before I drive away. Tonight I will have every light on inside and out as a beacon of freedom.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Apply The Rules From Zombieland

Violent crime has been spiking across the country for the past couple of years. Last night I watched a rerun of the  movie "Zombieland" and was reminded of the rules to survive a zombie apocalypse put forth by the characters "Tallahassee" (Woody Harrelson) and "Columbus" (Jesse Eisenberg). In an era of coddling criminals, BLM bullshit, de-funding the cops, rampant mental illness and drug use; there's no reason to not apply these rules to the violent sub-human criminal element.

The original rules from the first movie:


Rule #1: Cardio

"When the virus struck, for obvious reasons, the first ones to go were the fatties."

Rule #2: Double Tap

"You had to get a gun and learn how to use it, which leads me to my second rule: the double tap. In those moments when you're not sure the undead are really dead-dead, don't get all stingy with your bullets. I mean, one more clean shot to the head."

Rule #2: (Deleted Scene): Ziploc Bags

"You got enough problems, moisture shouldn't be one of them."

Rule #3: Beware of Bathrooms

"Don't let them catch you with your pants down."

Rule #4: Seatbelts

"Fasten your seatbelts. It's gonna be a bumpy ride."

Rule #6 (Promotional Video): Cast Iron Skillet

"Big. Cast iron. Contrary to what you've seen, it won't flatten a face, but the feel of it when you hit something, chills. Your whole arm vibrates."

Rule #7: Travel Light

"And I don't mean just luggage."

Rule #12 (Promotional Video): Bounty Paper Towels

"If there is one way to describe Zombieland, it is 'moist.'"

Rule #15 (Promotional Video): Bowling Ball

"Nothing says massive head trauma like a bowling ball -- preferably 16 pounds. Don't use a little pink one."

Rule #17: Don't be a Hero

As Columbus says, "Some rules are made to be broken."

Rule #18: Limber Up

"Going down that hill, it is very important."

Rule #29 (Promotional Video): The Buddy System

"We have each other's backs."

Rule #31: Check the Back Seat

"No one back there but my duffel bag."

Rule #32: Enjoy the Little Things

"I hate to give credit to anyone who looks like Yosemite Sam, but I'm writing it down." Thanks for this one, Tallahassee!

Rule #33 (Promotional Video): Swiss Army Knife

"The Swiss army used that knife for a reason."


I'm good with these for a start. Stealing catalytic converters in the dark of night is a big thing in Kommiecticut right now, mostly in large parking lots like apartment complexes or shopping centers. Come out my way to the rural hinterlands and you may find my pickup truck with the electrified exhaust system. The cause of death of the potential thief will simply be listed as cardiac arrest.

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

First Real Bike Cruise of the Season

But not without some mechanical gremlins requiring a 45 minute real pit stop.

I called my most reliable riding bud earlier in the week to discuss a ride on my day off Friday. He is retired, so he goes whenever he fuckin' feels like it. I suggested meeting for breakfast, but he said he had a chemo treatment in the morning so it would have to be lunch instead. The chemo cocktail he is currently on does not kick his ass, and he doesn't even feel it for a few days, so he would be good to go. He suggested I meet him at medical building and we go from there. It was sunny and warm last Friday so waiting out in the parking lot listening to the sound system on "The Beast" was not a big deal. As usual I was armed and my bike gun has become the S&W 45 Shield because of how slim it is compared to my Ruger SR9c. I had two spare mags at my 7 o'clock and all fit secure, comfortably, and concealed.

He comes out later than expected because the infusion center was running behind. No problem, because I always carry snacks and munched down a package of Belvita biscuits to take the edge off my growing hunger. We mounted up and headed out. The plan was lunch at Harry's Drive-In located on RT. 85 in Colchester. But first a stop for fuel on RT. 30 in Manchester. I take the lead from there.

We cut across some back roads to get to the intersection of US 6 and RT. 85. When we get to the intersection we have the green light and shoot across US 6 heading south. A short distance later at I-384 there is a stop sign and when I look in the mirror, he is nowhere in sight. I pull over and put the 4-way flashers on watching for him. As I prepare to double back, here he comes. He tells me his rear wheel locked up causing a stall, and it did the same thing earlier in the day. He says lets go not to worry. OK... but I make him lead so I know if there's a problem. He misses the hard right turn to follow RT.85 and I try to signal him, but he doesn't see me so we end up in Bolton Center. When he realizes he fucked up he pulls over again. He tells me to lead because he's not sure where that turn is coming from the opposite direction. We continue on.

RT. 85 has another stop sign at West Street/Camp Meeting Road in Bolton. He pulls up next to me and says his wheel locked up again, and I say we need to stop and see what is happening. There is a cabinet company just south of the intersection so we pull in to their parking lot for the pit stop. 15 minutes into the ride and mechanical issues either need to be solved or we bag the ride and get his Goldwing to the Honda dealership.

We dismount and he informs me he did put a new brake pedal on the day before, and never had problems previously. A quick examination and I've found the problem; the pedal is not returning all the way up, the arm is bumping into the bottom of the foot peg bracket. The pedal attaches to a splined shaft for the rear brake mechanism, and was one spline off. Luckily, he carries a real good tool kit and I get busy trying to fix the problem. The mount for the brake pedal is behind the foot peg mount, so that has to come off first. I remove the pedal and rotate it one spline clockwise, then fit it back to the shaft. I put the foot peg mount back on for a test fit and VOILA! that's all it took and the pedal returns all the way back up. I pull the foot peg mount off and set to installing the brake pedal permanently. Arrrgh! the splined shaft slides in and out, so I have to hold it from behind to permanently mount the pedal. Of course, right in my way is the screaming hot exhaust pipe. I was able to use a box wrench in between the arm for the rear brake mechanism to hold the back of the shaft in place to get the pedal in its proper place. The shaft clamp retainer bolt was tightened, and the foot peg re-installed and inspected to make sure everything fit and worked properly. It did. So just to bust his balls a little bit I started quoting him labor charges for a motorcycle roadside mechanical service. By the time I added extra fuel and COVID charges I was up around $200. He told me to get bent. The ride to Colchester was uneventful so my repairs were obviously spot-on.

We got down to Harry's and since it is Good Friday and we are good Christians, we order fish sandwiches. Harry's food is good, but kind of expensive. Another biker friend of mine that lives near Harry's calls it "Buck-A-Bite." Two sandwiches, each with a side of their homemade potato chips and a soda was $25 bucks! But hey, I only eat there once or twice a year, so no big deal. We finish lunch and decide to continue down RT. 85 to the Kommiecticut shoreline.

We get to New London and hopped over the Gold Star Memorial Bridge on I-95 to get across the Thames River. It is the only way to continue east without going all the way back up north to Norwich. My plan was to head for Avery Point in Groton. We get there but we don't stay too long. UConn has now taken over most of the property and school is still in session, plus it was blustery with the wind coming right off Long Island Sound over the cold water. I know the way back out to US 1 and I lead us out and into downtown Mystic. My plan was park downtown and grab some ice cream at a place on Main Street near the drawbridge. I thought we'd have no problem because it was a weekday, but I totally forgot that schools and businesses were closed for Good Friday. Shit... downtown was a zoo, forget it. We just continued east on US 1 to RT. 27 where we started heading north again. We stopped at a gas station to use the restroom and ran into a guy from Rhode Island on his brand new 2021 Goldwing. We bullshitted bikes with him for a good 40 minutes before heading north on RT. 27 again until the end. I then used the on-board GPS and the compass heading N-NW to get us up to RT. 2A through some real nice country roads. Pleasant riding through there. We went RT. 2A across the Thames River on The Mohegan-Pequot Bridge to I-395 north to RT. 2/RT. 32 to head for Willimantic. We crossed the Frog Bridge in downtown Willimantic and headed up RT. 195. Since my riding partner needed to return to Manchester before heading home to Windsor, I got him to the entrance of the US 6 highway portion and we parted ways. He called me later to let me know he made it home with no issues. My riding total for the day was 138 miles, not a bad start for the season. Depending on fuel prices going forward will determine how much more I get out.

Patriots Know This Date Well

April 19, 1775

as well as other "events" that took place on April 19th, mostly bad and perpetrated or caused by government actions.

Sunday, April 17, 2022


 For He is Risen!


I will be celebrating with family later on today. Armed of course, to protect my loved ones from the perpetrators of evil. Fudds say that can't happen to you, you're just a paranoid idiot. Oh yeah? The residents of this home or the quiet suburban neighborhood in Killingly, less than 20 miles from my house didn't think so, either.

Killingly Home Invasion

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Fast Food? Hah! Hope You're Not In A Hurry

I don't eat fast food often, less than once a month. But when I get a hankerin', I gotta have it. With my wife working late yesterday and it being a nice night for a cruise on "The Beast" I wanted a bacon cheeseburger and fries. I headed for Wendy's out on RT. 6

I have had issues at this Wendy's before that actually prompted a complaint to the local health department for their lacking food safety practices. But it is the only one in the area so I tried again. On the bike going through a drive-thru is impossible. It takes several minutes to park and secure my bike and riding accessories, so going into any place is a time investment.

There have been many other retail establishments I have been to since dotgov fucked up our economy for the past couple of years because of the Chi-Com Xi Flu. After being paid more to stay home, even though that is pretty much over, people still don't want to work. And those that are working don't seem to give a shit but are too valuable to get fired, and they know it. Customer service is in the shitter. That was the case at Wendy's tonight. There were only about six customers in two or three groups ahead of me. I stood there and watched chaos behind the counter as they mixed up orders between the counter and drive-thru. In the 5 minutes I was there, no one was taking orders and they were scrambling to get things unfucked. Yeah... bye! Back outside and several minutes to get ready to ride to my next choice a few miles away, Burger King.

I have had good luck at this Burger King in the past so I was hopeful. Again several minutes to secure everything before going in. Here there was a line but initially I was not concerned, and the yummy smells just made me even more hungry. After just a few minutes of watching the operation I knew I was screwed, but I was starving so I stuck with it. They seemed to be a couple of workers short, and fucking up every single order. A guy came back in after going through the drive-thru because he didn't get what he ordered, and each order going over the counter had to be "adjusted." When it was my turn to order, the cashier said she had to go "help" and would be back in a few minutes. I watched as she bumbled around like it was her first day. There was what appeared to be a manager, but he looked as lost as the rest. A young hispanic male was stomping around and slamming stuff on the counter with a pissed iff look on his face. The only person that seemed to know what to do was the kid on the fry-o-lator. When she finally came back I said, "You know, it isnt't that hard. Take the order, make the order, happy customer." She apologized and successfully took my order, and I went to get my drink and wait for my food.

Another counter person looks at me and asks if I am waiting for something. I tell her my order number and she quizically repeats it. I tell her its a #1 Whopper with cheese and bacon small combo. She looks up at the computer screen rather dumbfounded and is scrolling through the orders. She eventually hands me my order and asks if I want any sauce. Sauce? Its a burger and fries for Christ's sake, right there on the tray! I repeat the "take the order, make the order... " statement. The pissed off hispanic male now hears it, takes off his headset and asks if I have something to say. So I lean in and repeat it just for him. He realizes now I am not to be trifled with (I am in my biker wear) and asks if I have a complaint. I tell him I do, and corporate will hear about it tomorrow. He says gave a good night and walks away. Smart boy after all.

So today, I will call the franchise headquarters for both restaurants to voice my "dissatisfaction." I already know that they will tell me they are unable to do much about it, because they can't get workers. Then they'll try to appease me with a coupon.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

According To Gun-Banners, Waterbury Murder Is Partially My Fault

Waterbury mother Mabel Martinez, 56 was killed Saturday afternoon by a stray bullet (negligent discharge) while sitting in her home sewing, as urban jungle warfare involving a drug deal gone bad took place outside. She was fatally struck in the head.

Waterbury Mother Killed in Home by Stray Bullet

From the video: Waterbury Police Chief Fernando Spagnolo said, "What disturbs me, yet again, we have another convicted felon, that's on probation, that's in possession of a gun, that's involved in someone's death. I mean, this is a story... it's a broken record. We hear it time and time again in every urban community in this state... and we need to take a look at that." Yeah, how you gonna do that, Chief? Police can't do anything unless they are there while the crime is in progress. Anything "proactive" usually violates civil rights. All they normally do is investigate and arrest. These vermin need to be off the streets permanently... PERIOD. I don't care if its in a cell, or a box 6 feet under.

But according to the likes of  just about EVERY Demon-Crap, Gov. "Jolly" Ned Lamont, and especially (p)Resident Drooling Meat Puppet Poopy-Pants, people like me (peaceable citizens) are to blame because of our "ghost guns." I haven't said "law abiding" since 1994, because they continue to enact illegal, unconstitutional and intolerable acts, and I continue to not comply. But my non-compliance is also non-violent... for now, as long as I am left alone. But as far as me and others like me contributing to the skyrocketing crime, especially violent and tragic instances like this one... we do not, and them fuckers know it.

Friday, April 8, 2022

There's A Reason It's Free



















Whether it's welfare, EBT cards, government provided cell phones or "security." It comes with control, up to and including disposal when you are no longer a "useful idiot." Just like the "free" peanut butter in a mouse trap.

This thieving little fucker is all done trying to build a nest in my grill and live rent free! This isn't Section 8 housing.


For the past few weeks, every time I went to use my grill, this little fur ball was inside with the nest it was building along with a stash of food. This was the first time I have had this problem in 17 years of having a gas grill on my back deck. Even if it was only a couple of days since the last use, there it was looking up at me. When I would try to grab it with my gloved hands, it would escape. I would clean out the nest and food and cook my meats. After the last time I got fed up and set a couple of traps inside. I dumped its body in the trash and reset the trap just in case it wasn't the only trespasser. I'll get rid of the traps if I can go a few weeks with no additional visitors.

Wouldn't It Be Great?

In a turnabout on Demon-Craps, conservative commentators are now referring to Obummer's little photo-op stunt at the White House as a "COVID super-spreader event," just like the #LIBTURDS did with every Trump rally. Multiple high ranking Demon-Crap elected officials that were jabbed and boosted have now tested positive for Chi-Com Xi Flu. So I pose the question here;

"Wouldn't it be great to just have a mass die off of these fucking traitors, saving American Patriots the effort, rope, and bullets to dispose of them in the future?"

Asking for a friend.

Thursday, April 7, 2022

I Did It!

I am back on Twitter as @glyptodropem

I had been suspended and then put in Twitter jail several times, so I figured why not start out with a tweet that will get me suspended right off the bat.


Where The Hell Is It?

I am filling out a job application and they ask for any licenses I hold. So I put down my CDL, my EMT, my state pistol permit, and C&R FFL. I have the first three in my wallet. The C&R license original is at home (you don't carry it around and it is supposed to remain unsigned. You only sign the photo copy you send to the other dealer)  and I thought was in my safe with my valuables. When I went home to let my dogs out and went to get it to jot down the number, it wasn't there. I didn't have time to search around for it. It could be in one of two other fire proof safes, or in the pile of crap on my home office desk. I would have bet a shit-ton of money that it was sitting right in the drawer of my safe where it has always been. Good thing we didn't have a fire.

So, guess what I will be doing when I get home this evening? 

Yeah.... a fucking treasure hunt.

UPDATE 21:33: After a couple of hours of searching several places and sorting through tons of old paperwork, I found my C&R license. It was in the safe all the time, just not in the drawer where I used to keep it. I had it lying flat on top of my printed tax returns and under some other valuables. Whew!

Now Only $9.99!!

 Talk about Shrinkflation.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Info On The Silverware Set

Because of yesterday's post about silverware, I did pull out that set I have for examination when I got home from work. I found out some interesting stuff and found out I was wrong about where it came from. First, some photos:

The complete 8 piece set in the felt-lined box

The knife steel with the dark plastic handle doesn't belong with the set, it was just in the box and I didn't think to remove it before taking the photo. There is eight of everything; knives, dinner forks, salad/dessert forks, teaspoons, and soup spoons. There is also a sugar spoon and a butter knife.

A close up of proof marks. There is an interesting reason that there are two. "IS" = International Silver

Not silver, silver plated stainless, as stamped just above the handle

The first thing I did was some research on the Rogers & Bro. company. "Formed in 1847, they perfected electroplating with silver. Rogers Brothers Silver dates back to the early 19th century. In 1847, the company became a household name when it perfected a process for electroplating silver. The Meriden Britannia Company bought Rogers Brothers Silver in 1862. Meriden, in turn, became the International Silver Company--a name it has carried since 1898. International Silver continues to produce Rogers Brothers Silver." During some of my research I looked up what stuff is worth. Holy shit... real sterling silver complete sets in the original chest go for thousands! This set is probably only worth a few hundred to the right collector. If it was the real deal I would be actively looking to sell it. Because of the sentimental value I'm not interested in selling it. More on that later.

First, I went to this page on sterlingflatwarefashions.com and matched up the pattern to find out what it was. Weird.. two years and two names listed, WTF? So the story I found from someone in a forum that is a collector goes like this; In 1934, International Silver produced a design they called "Manhattan" and was inspired by the top of the Chrysler Building in NYC completed in 1930. Here is a side-by-side photo of the Chrysler Building and the inspired design on the fork.

HA... Found it!


The pattern in the photo on the website is slightly different than what I have. Mine have three sets of "scallops" but the photo I found has four. Ah... the story continues; this pattern was re-released a couple of years later as the Rogers & Bro. "Beverly Hills." While I can not find a definitive photo for proof, I believe I have the "Beverly Hills" version, which is most likely why the silverware wears both proof marks. The "Manhattan" was re-released in 1951 and most likely was the original four scallop design. Again, no definite proof, just reasonable speculation on my part.

So after I had supper, I called my Aunt in Massachusetts. She was married to Dad's youngest brother and is the last survivor of my Dad and his two brother's generation immediate family. I haven't spoken to her since the holidays and I visit her as often as I can, usually on my motorcycle after a Patriot Guard mission to the Massachusetts Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Agawam, MA. Back in the late `50's and early `60's, my Grandparents owned a triple decker in Willimansett, MA that was a 3 generation home. They lived on the first floor, we lived on the second, and my aunt and her family lived on the third. I asked my Aunt if she remembered the silverware set from my Memere'. She told me that family gatherings were always on the first floor with my Memere' and Pepere'. They had a nice dining room where everyone sat for dinner (I remember that when I was older and we had moved to CT), and she said my Memere' had no such formal silverware set. My Aunt is in her early `80's, a real hoot to hang with, and is still mentally sharp with a good memory. She asked if maybe it belonged to my maternal Grandmother, but I said no, I know where that set is and what it looked like and this isn't it. I then asked if maybe it belonged to my Great-Grandmother. She said she was 100% sure it did not. When my Great-Grandparents were elderly, they moved in with one of their daughters and gave away everything from their household. My Aunt said they did not have much to begin with, and she said my Grandparents got very little, certainly not a set of formal silverware. So the question became, where did this set come from?

Reminiscing with my Aunt about my Dad and my Uncle, we came up with a theory as good as any I guess. Both brothers had a penchant for picking up... uh, shall we say... "treasures." My Dad and Uncle would bring things home from the town dump/transfer station. My Mom flipped out on my Dad once for bringing home a huge stack of old aluminum framed glass storm windows. If I remember right, he thought he was going to build a greenhouse in the backyard. Needless to say, the following week the windows went back to the dump. My Aunt postulated that my Dad "acquired" this set either at the dump, at a tag sale, or from someone he knew, and then thought my Mom would like it. Most likely my Mom DID NOT like it thinking the design was dated and ugly, or it was someone else's old junk. Dad had a history of thinking something was really valuable, when it was not. An example... he received a tax declaration form about my Mom's retirement fund after she passed away. It was a copy of some document that said something like, "These funds are worth $3,000,000.00 or less." Well Dad stopped reading at "$3,000,000.00" and assumed Mom had that much money, and promptly started writing 5 digit checks to everyone in the family, closing out all his accounts. When I got involved after the fact, I asked him why he did that and he showed me the form. I pointed out that it wasn't a statement, it was just a copy of a notice. Luckily, the bank called and put a stop to everything and that's when he was diagnosed with dementia and got a conservator. My Aunt had never heard that story, and although on the one hand it is a sad example of what happens with dementia, it was funny because it was also so Dad.

Dear Old Dad probably assumed it was real silver and squirreled it away as a future investment, instead, I ended up with it when I cleaned out his house after he passed. At this point, there is only sentimental mysterious attachment to my Dad, so I don't know what I'll do with it yet.

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Found A Treasure In Plain Sight

It was lying in a junk drawer with other assorted miscellaneous utensils. The fact that it was tarnished is what caught my eye. I went through all the other drawers to see what else I might find. Nada.

Either a "sucket fork and spoon" or an "olive pick and spoon" in sterling silver

From what I have read "suckets" were sweetmeats or other "dainty morsels." In more modern times probably something closer to fruit cocktail. Because of the length, though, I believe it is an olive pick and spoon. A sucket spoon and fork would be closer to the length of a standard place setting fork. Also, the shape of the spoon for sucket is more elongated like a teaspoon, not round like this example. The only marking on it is on the untwisted portion of the handle just below the fork where it is stamped "STERLING" making it 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. There are no manufacturer or proof marks making it totally unknown. The "STERLING" mark was supposedly used from 1860 to 1970 but mostly prior to 1940. Since I can't find any info on it, I'll probably just put it in my "Silver stash" of Morgan and Liberty Head silver dollars.

I do have my paternal Grandmother's silverware set I found in the basement of my Dad's house when we were cleaning it out after he passed. The felt lined box is in tough shape, but there is a complete setting for at least 12. When I get home today, I will get it out and see if it is solid silver or silver plated and to look for manufacturer and/or proof marks. It is at least plated because it is tarnished. I remember it kind of has an Art Deco looking design on the handles which makes sense since it was probably a wedding gift. My Grandparent's were married in 1922. My shithead sister absconded with my maternal Grandmother's set. I believe that was stainless steel because Nana used it at every family holiday meal and simply washed it and put it away. It was also a more modern design than the one my Memere' had.

Monday, April 4, 2022

I May Go Back On Twitter!

I was once on Twitter with my former Blogger handle. I had almost 3,000 REAL followers, none that I bought and paid for. I had been in Twitter jail a few times, being forced to delete offensive tweets before being allowed to be active again. I would usually wait weeks before finally deleting the offending tweet. When Twitter cancelled President Trump, I immediately deleted my account.... BOOM! all tweets and followers gone. I have not considered going back, until now.

Elon Musk is now the majority shareholder of Twitter. Somewhat of a free speech advocate, he has been thrown in Twitter jail himself for wrong speak.

Musk Buys 9.2% of Twitter Stock, Now Biggest Shareholder

Now if only he can force out the Rasputin looking microdoper Dorsey and his little basement dwelling censor minions.

Arguing Guns... With a Fudd Butter

To quote Charlie Brown after Lucy pulls the football away....



I was going to write the whole story of interacting with this guy today who is not only a Fudd but is also a Butter. But it was pissing me off just replaying it in my head and typing the words, so I scrapped the whole thing. Bottom line... DO NOT BOTHER TO ENGAGE WITH THESE PEOPLE MORONS!! 

Just. Walk. Away.

FYI in case you didn't know...

Fudd: Named after the lovable bumbling hunter from the Warner Brothers cartoons Elmer Fudd, hunting wabbits or ducks with a double-barrel shotgun. This person thinks no one needs to have (a) __________ (pick a weapon, any weapon). All anyone "needs" is a bolt action rifle with a 3-4 round capacity to hunt with. Maybe a .22 rifle as well. Handguns are mostly a tool of the criminal. If you carry one all the time, maybe YOU are a criminal. Yes, they actually think that nonsense.

Butter: Says "I believe in The 2nd Amendment, but... (insert bullshit excuses here)"  There is NO BUTS! The 27 words of the 2nd Amendment are simple to read and absolute. Every single firearm law restricting access or use of a firearm IS an infringement. Got the money? Buy a fully functional and armed F-16 fighter, M1 Abrams tank, a 5 inch Naval gun mount, any machine gun ever made, etc WITHOUT restriction or permission. Just like the gun I carry every day concealed in a holster on my hip HARMS NO ONE because I am not a violent criminal, having my own M1 Abrams is not going to make me roll through downtown like Kill Dozer.

Sunday, April 3, 2022

Nice Outing With My Boy

Gorgeous afternoon yesterday for a couple of miles on the Nipmuck Trail, and then off the side trail to Pixi Falls. My wife was out of town at a fundraiser for my niece's high school senior graduation party for this year (my niece is only a sophomore). I grabbed my trusty walking stick, packed a small backpack with water, snacks, extra dog treats, and emergency supplies and took my 23 month old male Rhodesian Ridgeback. I also strapped on my Ruger GP-161 loaded with Hornady Critical Defense .357 Magnums with two speed loaders. It was all carried on what I call my "Wyoming Deputy Sheriff Rig*."

My dog is smart enough to stay on and follow the blaze marked trail. Once we got a couple of hundred yards from the parking area, he came off leash. He will run on ahead and then come back when I call him for a treat. Later in the hike, not so much. On the way out we ran into an older couple with their two dogs. Because my dog has a growth on his left lower lip that is unknown (and will be surgically removed by the vet in the next week or so) my dog went on leash as soon as I saw them coming. I did not let the dogs come together, and their dogs gave my dog some growling, snarling, and barking. We chatted for a moment and then I continued into the forest, they headed out. Once they were far enough away, my doggo came back off leash for the rest of the hike in and out.

The falls were running nicely. At the top of the falls was an easily accessible pool where the dog got a nice long drink of ice cold water. When conditions are dry, you can hear the water under the rocks but that's it, nothing to see. I have also been there after a rain storm during spring snow melt, and if you get too close it will reach out and grab you. The ride down the falls would be like a frog in a blender.


I'm not sure why the video appears this way on the post, but click in the middle and it will play.


Here is a map of the area of the trail we were on. The yellow circle is our hike, about a mile in and back out on the main trail. Look at the contour lines, it is very hilly. This area of Kommiecticut is absolutely covered by glacial rubble (rocks from the size of a potato up to a compact car) and the terrain is torn up in places down to ledge from the retreat of the North American Ice Sheet about 12,000 years ago. This is not like walking down a dirt road, it is very rugged and uneven. My feet and ankles are still sore. Clicken the map to embiggen. The entire map can be viewed at https://ctxguide.com/nipmuck.htm and is broken into sections by URL on the main map. The one I have embedded is "RT. 74 To Hillside Road."

I have hiked most of it over the years from the MA border down to Mansfield. There are a few sections in Ashford and south of RT. 44 I have never done. Some day I will get to them.
















There is lots of wildlife out in these forests. The bears are awake and looking for food and to deliver any cubs. Moose are around but infrequent residents. Coyotes are prevalent as well as bobcats, and the rare mountain lion. The state wildlife officials tell us the Eastern Mountain Lion is extinct so there are NO MOUNTAIN LIONS! But the dirty little secret is once in a great while, a male Western Mountain Lion will migrate east in search of food or mates, and end up in NY or New England. One was hit and killed by a car on the Merritt Parkway several years ago. My pistol is a last resort tool of defense. Clapping and shouting and otherwise making aggressive moves is first. My walking stick is second. When all else fails, I will do whatever I have to to save myself or my dog.





Wyoming Deputy Sheriff Rig*: The gun belt setup for my Ruger GP-161 is a Bianchi thumb-break holster, a Bianchi dual speed loader carrier, two HKS #586 speedloaders, a snap carabiner for my keys, and everything carried on a 1.75" Wilderness Tactical belt. I wear it over the belt to hold up my jeans, unlike my EDC holsters and mag carriers.

Friday, April 1, 2022

Thank You COVID - School Curriculums Exposed

First, I am really glad I do not have kids in any school system. My own progeny will soon turn 37. If she was still in school either my wife or I would probably be quitting our jobs to home school.

At the height of government imposed restrictions and lockdowns (I don't follow the media's line of "blame the pandemic" it was all government's fault), schools were shut down and learning went remote. Parents having to stay home with the kids got a good look at the garbage being force-fed to a captive audience that they were paying for. This lead to vocal protests at school board meetings wanting there to be curriculum changes, and the declaration by the Department of Injustice  of concerned parents to be "domestic terrorists." CRT and exposing young children to the LGBTQGJFDP1V3@&XZ0.... mental illness making these still forming brains susceptible to questioning who they are, WITHOUT the knowledge of the parents. Why does anyone think introducing young children to sex of any kind is relevent to their education or good idea? Wood chipper sales and rentals will soon be a booming business.

What prompted this post is this news story out of Hartford.

Hartford School Nurse On Leave After Posting Comments About LGBTQ Students 

The spin is "OMG! She said offensive wrong speak!" When in actuality, she blew the whistle on the indoctrination crap taking place in the Hartford schools. From what I understand she described in some detail the goings on with enabling what could be described as mental illness. This woman is a FUCKING HERO!! The following link is from The Blaze.

The Blaze - Nurse On Leave For Social Media Content

While it doesn't display the actual post, it details the context. Comments on this subject are encouraged below.