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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

A Review - The 2021 Big 'E'

This year is the 39th time in a row that my wife and I have attended together. Last year, because of C-O-O-O-O-V-I-D! 😱 the normal fair held at the exposition grounds in West Springfield, MA was turned into a drive through food event only. You drove through in your vehicle and bought your fair food to go. The Log Cabin Restaurant in Holyoke did their "Taste of The Big 'E'" at their own facility on the side of Mt. Tom. My wife and I went with one of my biker buds on motorcycles. We had a nice lunch on their outdoor mountainside terrace overlooking the valley. Afterwards, we took the long way home east through MA and then headed south into Kommiecticut by way of Somers. While not the experience we are used to, I contend our record of attendance is intact.

This year the Big 'E' was happening at the exposition fairgrounds as normal. Well... almost. Right before it started, the city of West Springfield decided to institute a "Mask of Oppression" mandate just for the fair anytime you were inside the buildings. How'd that work out for them? Maybe 50% average compliance. Earlier in the day compliance was higher. We delayed going because it was raining pretty hard in the early morning, and it remained cool and cloudy until mid-morning. My wife wore her thin blue medical mask and I wore my 19th century train robber bandana. The way I wear it, it looks like it is covering my air intake/exhaust, but it is pulled up high on my face and there is almost ZERO restriction that way. It takes some extra fiddling for me to get it that way. In between buildings it was pulled down around my neck. As the morning wore on, the sun came out and by the afternoon it got warm, I just stopped putting my mask back up. So did my wife. So did a lot of other people. And NO ONE MADE A STINK! Outside, only the very few idiotic Branch-Covidians wore a face diaper walking around outside. One libtard ass-clown sitting outside with his wife by themselves on a bench nowhere near anyone were covered up, with their official "Biden-Harris" labeled face diapers virtue signalling all those around them how enlightened and extra special they were. I so wanted to take their photo to turn it into a meme, but they would have seen me and I had no intention of engaging with such morons even to lie to them.

In all the state buildings, we noticed lots of empty exhibitor floor space, and some of the permanent setups closed up with a sign saying "See You in 2022!" While outside in the open areas it was the same. Not as crowded with vendors and purveyors. At the main entrance to The Better Living Center, it is usually full of vendor tents, and 2 to 4 fundraisers raffling off cars and/or motorcycles. Nothing. Open pavement in the whole area. Inside The Better Living Center which is almost 3 acres of indoor exhibitor space is usually cram packed with fair-goers and exhibitors. Not this year. Again lots of open floor space and easy to walk around. Even though we always go on a weekday and it started out rainy, I believe attendance was off. I think it is because instead of a full year of planning like normal, the exposition was in doubt up until it was confirmed to occur a few short months ago. I assume many exhibitors and vendors went and made other commitments.

The Big 'E' has a no weapons policy, enforced by bag searches at the gate and metal detectors. Since I was in MA I was not carrying a firearm. But I sure did have a weapon. I possess a Blackie Collins poly resin serrated straight knife (aka The CIA Letter Opener) with an added para cord wrist loop. I carry that whenever I  have to pass through a metal detector. Airports are a different story, as the knife would get picked up on a full body scanner or x-ray. For those times it is packed in my checked luggage. While bringing a knife to a gunfight is never a good idea, the only guns inside the Big 'E' are hopefully on the hips of the numerous cops on the grounds.

This knife holds a pretty good edge and the serrations are nasty. I wish the handle were just a little more robust and the added wrist loop ensures I don't lose it in a fight. It sure would be a good offensive weapon too, say deployed from behind and jammed into an enemy's brain stem. But I digress.

This year's Big 'E' gives me hope that next year, people will be so fed up with all the BKT that the exposition will be like it always has been, and the wife and I will hit the Big Four-Oh anniversary of attendance.

Monday, September 27, 2021

The Safest Place In The State

This past Saturday was the Poker Run held by the CT Citizens Defense League (CCDL). It was more than just a motorcycle event, as cars and trucks participated as well. Most of the participants, myself included, were armed, and openly carried. I had my Smith and Wesson M&P 45 Shield in my DeSantis "Speed Scabbard" at 3 o'clock. While on my bike, I am not concerned if my properly holstered handgun is visible or not since open carry is legal. Since I follow the biker tradition of never removing my leathers, my gun is concealed if I have to stop somewhere. We were welcomed at every stop, and it was the final destination I write about here. There was a huge crowd that only came to the BBQ that was also well armed. It was a classic example of "an armed society is a polite society" as well as the last place there was going to be some act of violence perpetrated by some nut or jihadi. These were definitely my peeps, I mean... GUNS and MOTORCYCLES and good food.

Oh yeah, one other good thing... there was no hint of BKT to be seen any where. Between all the pro-Trump and 2A stuff for sale and lack of face diapers, it was like summer of 2017 all over again.

Another Firearms "Expert" Has a Negligent Discharge

 Hartford PD Deputy Chief under investigation for firearm discharge

Another shining example of the 90% from the "90-7-3 Rule" pertaining to law enforcement and firearms. I can't be too harsh on her though, because I had an N.D. once myself. Once. As in that was my "ONE." Luckily I was by myself, and the round went harmlessly into the ground. But talk about being scared straight, and that was almost 40 years ago. I never take a cleared weapon for granted, and I never pull the trigger unless A) I am about to fire, or B) it is required for disassembly, in which case C) the muzzle is pointed in a safe direction. As a refresher on the 90-7-3 Rule:

  • 90% of LEO have one firearm, their duty weapon, which they begrudgingly qualify with once a year. They do not hunt, target shoot, plink, or compete off duty. In the event of a justified shooting, they will empty their magazine towards the perp and maybe hit them. IMHO, there should be no more than one or two shots fired, and unless the bad guy is wearing body armor, should result in a fatality every time. I am sure Deputy Chief Sonia Watson is one of these.
  • 7% of LEO do own and use firearms outside of their normal duties. They will hunt, target shoot, plink and maybe even compete at a lower level by shooting clays, silhouette, bullseye, or at a turkey shoot. They might load their own ammo.
  • 3% of LEO are truly firearms experts. They most likely grew up with firearms and served in the military. On the job they are instructors for other LEO and may be members of tactical teams. Not only do they participate in all types of recreation with firearms, they probably compete at a high level shooting like 3-Gun, Military, IPSC and IPDA. They are NRA safety instructors, Range Safety Officers, and belong to the local sportsman's club, teaching the civilian population firearms safety. They may even be advanced hand loaders, gunsmiths, and hold an FFL.

I am personally somewhere between the 7% and 3%. I'd like to get NRA certified as an instructor, but it is difficult and expensive to do here in Kommiecticut. To make it worth your while, you have to commit to holding regular classes like a side business, and I am not interested in doing that.

Don' Be Like This Guy!

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Huge "Unauthorized" Motorcyle Rally In New Haven

I hope they bring that shithole city TO IT'S FUCKING KNEES!!! And that will happen without causing the destruction like BLM and ANTIFA does, but simply the big crowds on... gasp... MOTORCYCLES!


The organizers have tried for months to get the permits required, but the city just jerked them around. So, the organizers have given a giant middle finger to the city and will hold it anyway. As a gesture of goodwill to the city, the organizers did decide to not hold it on Labor Day weekend like last year.

I will not be attending, but as a 1st Amendment supporter of the freedom to assemble, I will be there in spirit. Saturday, weather depending, I plan on doing a poker run to benefit the CCDL. If the rain doesn't get out of here fast enough, I will be power-washing the back of my house instead.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

What Are The REAL Numbers, Though?

Another BKT milestone reached. Supposedly Chink-Bug deaths have surpassed the 1918 Spanish Flu deaths in the U.S. I suspect both numbers; first because of the technology of 1918 how accurate were those stats? Probably more accurate than the ones we have now because there was no incentive to falsely inflate them. Because of BKT and the continuing panic porn, this milestone is supposed to make us "purebloods" freak out and run to get jabbed.


Yeah, nice try... NO.

Monday, September 20, 2021

Sunday, September 19, 2021

They Need To Be Destroyed

Governments, politicians, bureaucrats, political appointees, healthcare professionals, media, big tech, big pharma... they are all enemies of freedom loving people around the world. They are suppressing the truth about the jab, in efforts to get absolutely everyone injected with their poison concoction. 

 This post from The Burning Platform has a good example of what I mean. If the truth EVER comes out, The WWII Nuremberg trials will pale in comparison to the trials and executions that would take place for the genocide occurring now. After The Holocaust, the cry was "Never Again!" yet here it is happening again, driven by a propaganda machine that is so effective, people are driven by false fears to willingly get their death jab. Hitler himself would be envious of such success.

Friday, September 17, 2021

Planning On Doing A PGR Mission Tomorrow

USAF Senior Airman Deanna K. Richards bridge dedication.

She passed away in January 2017, and the PGR was already committed so they could not render honors at her funeral. The bridge dedication was cancelled last year because of C-O-O-O-O-VID!! 

The very first PGR mission I did was the naming of the Bristol, RI Post Office in honor of the highly decorated Green Beret 1SGT Andrew McKenna who was KIA in Afghanistan. That was 3 years ago yesterday.  It's a nice change to do a mission that is not a funeral.

I wonder how 1SGT McKenna's family feels about the fucked up retreat from "The Rockpile" after their son made so many sacrifices there?

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Approval Numbers Continue To Plummet

(p)Resident* Gropey Joe the Sniffer continues to fuck up everything he touches. His approval ratings tell the story. Obviously, Republicans don't approve of his shenanigans, but it seems like there is a substantial amount of "buyer's remorse" from the living humans that supported him. The dead and house pet voting block could not respond to pollsters for the normal reasons.

Scroll down for a solution...

Keep scrolling...

There it is!

Tuesday, September 14, 2021


It stands for "Bullshit Kabuki Theater" and I have used it in passing here and there. But now I am going to use it more regularly to describe the situation we find ourselves in with regard to the Chink Bug. Mask of Oppression, social distancing, phony baloney "vaccines," tyrannical orders and mandates, and the steady march to armed conflict with those of us that refuse to comply.

H/T to Midwest Chick

Monday, September 13, 2021

Looks Like New!

Back at the end of April and early May, I did a couple of posts on a deck rehab project at my hacienda to replace rotted floor boards, and to replace the rotted stairs with wider ones. The plan was to then power-wash and then treat the entire deck. Birds nesting underneath and a shitty wet summer was not conducive to power-washing and treating the wood. To review how bad the deck was at 16 years old:

I had just started replacing the worst floor boards. It was really gray and weathered

A closeup of the rotten original stairs

The new wider stairs in place. Now 54" wide

New railings in place

Construction complete

Wifey and I spent a good chunk of yesterday power-washing the entire deck. The far side requires being on a ladder to get the outside of the railings since it is on a slope that puts it at second floor level. I took care of that and then had to head over to my sportsman's club for a couple of hours to do a work party I volunteered for earlier in the week. While I was gone, she did the inside of the long side railing and the floor. When I got back I moved the ladder and got the outside of the long railing. I am always surprised by what a power washer does to old weathered wood.

From this morning... you almost can't tell the old wood from the new

I use ZEP Power Wash Concentrate mixed at double normal strength of 10:1. It really breaks up grime and removes mildew and lichen growth. The weather this week should be mostly not rainy, so the wood will dry nicely. I HATE working with Thompson's Water Seal (actually "painting of any kind) but I like how it repels water. I can't stand how it makes everything sticky. I am admittedly a messy painter. My wife has volunteered to do it all herself. She did the front porch last year and it didn't seem to take her too long, plus she didn't make a mess. Hopefully we can get it done this coming weekend. I will help by getting on the ladder and doing the outside railing.

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Fantastic Benefit Ride

In this previous post, I detailed the "Ride For Gage" scheduled for today. The forecast called for a cool start, ending up with mostly sunny skies and temps in the mid to high 70's. The meteorologists were spot on, because that is exactly what the weather was. It was a chilly 44 degrees when I left at 7:45, so I dressed like an onion, in layers. I am sitting in the shade on my front porch, enjoying a nice cool breeze in shorts and a t-shirt composing this post.

The staging spot for the ride was Old School Harley-Davidson, with registration starting at 09:30. I left early (yup... wifey bailed) so I could get breakfast and coffee at the nearby Mickey D's in Ellington. Since the rest of the crew was coming from Manchester, they would have to pass right by, so that is where we met up. I had my favorite #5 McGriddle combo and a large black coffee. I had plenty of time to eat and finish my coffee before they finally arrived. By the time they pulled in and circled around, I was ready to roll. The tunes for the day cranked out of my bike sound system from my cell phone via bluetooth was iHeart `70's on iHeart Radio. That channel is a mish-mash of Top 40, disco, and classic rock. A lot of music from my youth.

It is only a couple of miles north up RT. 83 to Old School. We got lined up near the top of the second group of bikes. This was going to put us pretty close to the front of the ride.

The line up not long after we got situated. Can you find "The Beast?" She is pretty easy to spot.

We got registered and picked up our t-shirts, pins, and black rubber bracelets. I don't wear my bracelet, I put it around the brake and clutch master cylinders. Then it was time to just hang out and enjoy the camaraderie until K.S.U. around 11:30. Remember those layers from earlier? I was down to just a t-shirt and my biker vest.

A shot from the other direction of the quickly growing crowd of riders.

If it was like the last two of these rides I went on, it would be a police escorted 45 mile non-stop jaunt, and it was! We ended up 1/4 mile back from the front, and never did see the tail end. The CT State Police not only provided 2 motorcycle cops to ride with us as road guards, but there were CT State Police 4 wheel cruisers stopping traffic for us at some of the bigger intersections. Through Vernon and Coventry, both towns provided local police at major intersections so we got through unimpeded. Members of The Combat Vets Motorcycle Association also provided road guards at smaller easily controlled intersections. There were lots of supporters along the ride watching as we went by and waving, as well as traffic that pulled over to let us by waving and honking. Except one total dickhead. In Vernon, as we turned onto RT. 31 from RT. 30, this dickhead in a black S.U.V. with out of state plates stuck at the intersection gave everyone that went by the hand motion of jerking off. Obviously a V.I.P. that had urgent places to go. That was a long line of bikes, FUCK `IM, I hope he got stuck there good and long.

The ride was uneventful and we ended up at the Rockville Elks Club for a BBQ and entertainment. Being at the front of the ride meant our group got pretty good parking. I did not stick around too long. There were four bar stations set up, but I never imbibe when riding. I got a bottle of water and my plate of food. I chatted for a few minutes after lunch, but headed home soon after. On a warm day like today, I find these events tiring and will certainly sleep good tonight.

This would be classified under Chink-Bug panic porn as another super-spreader event. The only masks I saw were on a couple of servers at The Elks Club, but most were not wearing one. I did not see one single "Mask of Oppression" on any of the ride participants. Except for very few gullible people, most of the population is so over this bullshit.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Sad - I Will No Longer Hold True To My Oath

I swore my "Oath of Enlistment" on April 12, 1981 and have tried to uphold that Oath ever since. It goes as follows:

I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God."

Even when The Kenyan was in office, I have not so despised and was so willing to completely disobey and not comply with a (p)Resident*. After all, although he wanted to destroy America, his efforts were mostly thwarted. Therefore, effective immediately, I must revise the Oath as modified below:

 I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same. So help me God."

As far as I am concerned, the (p)Resident* has openly declared war on freedom loving Americans, and I will respond in kind.


(p)Resident* Gropey Joe can lie, mislead, and mandate all he wants, I will never be part of such medical experimentation. The FDA approval is for a vaccine that does not yet exist.

That motherfucker must really want to light off the "party" because that little show this afternoon sounded like a direct threat, to all freedom loving citizens and the governors of free states. So BRING IT ON, ASSHOLES... the Taliban have showed us how weak and feckless you really are!


The traffic on this blog, in the six short months of existence, has today surpassed the total traffic count of my previous effort that was up for 5 1/2 years. A good portion of those views were caused by bot activity hammering it. The same goes for the frequency of comments. Since I moderate all comments, I look at every one and approve 99.99% of all comments. I write this mostly for myself as a place to vent and to keep my writing skills sharp. The fact so many of you take the time to read it never ceases to amaze me. Thanks so much.

This Is So "Tornado Alley"

While Kommiecticut is no stranger to tornadoes, they typically occur in the heat of the day in late afternoon. Not in the dark of night or wee hours of the morning. They are also usually EF0 or EF1 and don't get very large or travel very far due to the terrain. At 03:50 this morning, my weather radio went off for a tornado warning. I grabbed my phone to check the radar and there was an emergency alert on the lock screen. It didn't go off with the sound because I keep my phone face down on the nightstand by my gun and silenced. I don't care to hear boops and beeps all night long from emails and such or see my screen lighting up either. It is there for me to call 911 only.

A screenshot of both warnings. First at 03:50 and updated at 04:13

I hit the bathroom and woke up my wife. We roused the dogs and all headed for the basement. I put the TV on (yes we have our satellite TV extended to the basement) for the Hartford news and sure enough, doppler radar indicated a severe thunderstorm with rotation, and we were in the warning area. The TV went out because of the storm and I grabbed a couple of flashlights in case power went out. We both had our phones on us in case it all went south we could call for help. Thankfully it was short lived, and the storm passed to the south of us and was a nothing burger. If nothing else, it was a good drill. At this time there have been no reports of damage from the area.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021



More fun with General Pinochet

UPDATE: About the song in the video "Mi General Augusto Pinochet" with lyrics and translation.

Finally... A #TwoWheelTuesday

On this first day after the unofficial end of summer, I finally get to ride "The Beast" in to work. All summer long, it has been either rainy in the morning, rained all day long, or thunderstorms in the afternoon. On the one or two days I might have been able to ride, I needed to go somewhere after work and needed my truck. My shift partner has not ridden in since back in the spring.

This Saturday September 11th is the 5th annual "Ride For Gage" to benefit the Jordan Porco Foundation for mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Gage Rondeau was a 15 year old motorcycle enthusiast that committed suicide. It will be my third time on this ride, which is police escorted and goes for 45 uninterrupted miles through Tolland and Windham county. It ends at the Rockville Elks Club for a BBQ and band. The weather is supposed to be fantastic and wifey is supposed to come along again this year. She actually had a good time. Because of Chink-Bug, last year the ride group was smaller, and the BBQ at the end was limited in attendance. The gang I rode with broke off in Rockville before the Elks Club and we had a nice lunch together at the famous Rein's Deli.

On the 25th is a poker run for the CT Citizens Defense League. I had such fun at my first ever poker run earlier this summer I'm gonna do it again. 

For a long time, I had little use for the CCDL, because like the NRA (Negotiating our Rights Away) they were a toothless organization under the old leadership. I abandoned them after the former president, Scott Wilson, told me directly he did not believe in the existence of or the participation in the ARMED CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE OF NON-COMPLIANCE against the unconstitutional/intolerable acts passed in 2013. They were all too happy to let gun rights in this state slip away, and IMHO to keep them all employed while at the same time supposedly "fighting real hard." You know, just like the minority poverty pimps need to keep the minority poor... poor. The new president, Holly Sullivan must have Scott Wilson's balls in a locked box so she can use them since he never did. CCDL recently sued all the Demon-crap controlled shithole large cities in the state, for purposely drawing out the permit application process from the statutorily defined 60 days to 7 or 8 months. Poor New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker was on TV crying about have to expend resources to defend the city. Meanwhile, he is on board with the whole de-funding the police movement and his city has an almost nightly body count. In that press conference, he tried to allude to the application for permits as a contributing factor in the violent crime on the streets. Hey Asshole... it's not permit holders shooting up your city, it's the thugs and street vermin you and your ilk coddle.

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Finally... A Day At The Range

Ah yes, a range day on a beautiful sunny Friday that I am off and no one else is at the range. As usual, I carry a firearm that I will not shoot, but for protection of myself and my firearms. I call it my "fuck around and find out" gun. For Friday's outing, I chose my Ruger GP-161 openly carried in my "*Wyoming Deputy Sheriff rig." Ammo was Hornady Critical Defense 125 grain .357 Magnum and included a pair of HKS speedloaders. I will describe the firearms in vague descriptions so no one has access to an actual "list" of what I may or may not own, or perhaps I just borrowed for the day.

A semi-auto .22:LR

This particular rifle was the first real gun I bought over 40 years ago at age 18 from KMart (remember those days when stores like KMart had an entire gun department in Sporting Goods?) I think I paid $59.95 for it. It has consumed thousands of rounds and the only problem was a broken extractor. The manufacturer (back when they were a stand-alone manufacturer not a subsidiary) sent me a new extractor AND and new style bolt. That was at least 25 years ago and the gun has been fine ever since, just not shot as much as it used to. I had put a Fiberforce skeleton stock on it, but wanted to go back to original. The eye relief on the scope changed, so I wanted to re-zero it. I sight in all my .22's for 50 yards which IMHO is practical. Sure, I can lob rounds out to 100 yards, but I normally don't.

My best effort. Minute of squirrel, minus the 6 o'clock flyer






















Since this is a forty one year old rifle, it has the original magazine capacity of 18. But for my purposes on this outing I only loaded 10 each time. The trigger pull is more than I remember, and with a little work on trigger control I could really tighten up that group. Also, I need to go for an eye exam and new glasses as you'll see on the next evolution.

A bolt-action .22LR

This was a 1947 vintage single shot bolt action rifle fitted with a Williams peep sight. It has a 25" long barrel and has a split in the stock. The gun was a mess the first time I saw it but it cleaned up really well. The split is minor in the butt stock on the right side, but does not affect the way it shoots. And it shoots way better than I can make it until I get new glasses. This would be a fun gun for silhouette shooting.



Since the Williams sight is kind of a pain to adjust, I will wait until I get new glasses before fine tuning it. The stringing across once again is trigger control on my part.


A semi-auto U.S. mil-surp

Oh yeah! A 30 caliber WWII battle rifle that now is properly sighted for 200 yards. The basic procedure is to shoot a group at 25 yards to "get on paper at 200." Pictured below is at 25 yards.  Once zeroed at 200 I whacked the 12" steel gong consistently.

The low one was the first shot. One click up and I was in the red.


I have spent more time at my new club since December, shooting, pulling work details, and working events than I did in the last five years of my previous club. Of course, the main reason is the facility is only a few miles from home, not 20.

*My "Wyoming Deputy Sheriff Rig" consists of a Bianchi thumb-break holster, a Bianchi dual speedloader carrier, a carabiner for my keys, all carried on a Wilderness Tactical 1.75" belt. I think it is pretty bad-ass, is very comfortable, and works really well for such a large handgun.

This is what I normally wear hiking in the woods or out walking the dog. I use a different ammo, Federal 158 grain JFP for bear or other creatures. It will certainly fuck up the two-legged kind as well.