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Utilize the language with the same manipulation the Commies do, using the phrase "VACCINE FREE" instead of "UNVACCINATED" or "NON-VACCINATED"

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Tweaking Those That Need It

Some background... Kommiecticut has had a magazine ban since 2013. Magazines over 10 rounds must be registered with the state and even if it is registered, you can only load more than 10 rounds in your home or at the range. You can't carry it around at full capacity where you might actually need it, God forbid. Under the ban are any ammunition feeding devices, including machine gun belts and links. Yes, even the strip of canvas that was used on WWI vintage M1919 machine guns would need to be registered. That would include disintegrating links. FYI... I do not own a single unregistered "large capacity magazine." True statement.

In this previous post I detailed the Turkish M2 ammo I purchased that came linked for an M1919-A4 machine gun. Yesterday it was too windy to do yard work, so I decided to spend the afternoon de-linking the remaining two thirds of a case and stow it in a 30 cal ammo can for future range use. But first, I decided to have a little fun and commit yet another "paper felony" in my basement. First, how the ammo came. There were 100 of these in the case.

4 rounds, the 5th would have been the tracer


Next, a "Kommiecticut legal" 10 round miniature belt. If I owned an M1919-A4 this would not be very much fun, or be very effective.

Here is the photographic evidence of my "felony." I re-linked a bunch of the 4 round assemblies together for a total of 89 rounds in a single belt. No schools were shot up and no one died, but how can that be? I did something so egregious and dangerous according to state officials!

Because I am a peaceable citizen, not a violent criminal. 

Only in the warped thinking of the anti-gun Commie crowd do they equate keeping and bearing certain arms with someone like me being just one step away from murder and mayhem.

The 30 cal ammo can is full to the brim. In order to fit it all, the rounds are laid in the can and stacked neatly to maximize the space. Originally I was just tossing the rounds in there but it became apparent that only a little more than half were going to fit. On my next range outing I will re-zero for this ammo and update the dope card I keep in the stock, saving most of the Greek steel penetrator ammo for....


Twitter (X) Activity

Over the past couple of days, a bunch of gun grabbing hoplophobes spewing their anti-Second Amendment propaganda have been appearing in my Twitter timeline. I will not link to these fucktards, you can find them by going to my profile to read my posts and replies. The brainless puke David "Camera" Hogg, K-12 School Shooting Database, Newtown Action Alliance, Students Demand Action, Everytown, Shannon Watts, 97 Percent, Kristin Song (mother of dead dumbass Ethan Song), and the Karen's known as Moms Demand Action (sounds like a MILF hookup site to me). I have hammered all of them to the point I thought I would at least get blocked if not suspended again. The majority of replies are antagonist and some are downright vicious, which leads me to believe the hoplophobes just post shit out there to spew their message and ignore the replies. That's fine.... because it lives forever in my profile.

Sunday, October 8, 2023

It Was A Trip Back In Time

Last night the wife and I went out for an impromptu date night that turned out to be like we were dating 42 years ago. We got a later start than I hoped for because I needed to go on shift at midnight, but it all worked out. We started with dinner at a Mexican restaurant we had not been to in years called Coyote Flaco. We used to just walk in and get a table. Not any more. Even with the shitty weather last night, the lot was full and we would have had to wait a half hour for a table. Since it was just the two of us we opted to sit at the bar since they would serve us food there. My wife had a house margarita and I had non-alcoholic lemonade. I thought the food was mediocre because it was prepared plates heated in a convection oven, not fresh made. How do I know? When the plates come out screaming hot and the server warns you not to touch them, that's how. Then there's the consistency of the food which is more like re-heated leftovers than a fresh meal. Hey, as long as it doesn't make me ill I'm OK with it. How many people do you know that willingly eats an MRE after all? So, at a bar with my honey? Retro item number one.

The main event of the evening was to go bowling. But not our normal Ten-Pin.... we were going to bowl Duck Pins at the nearby Lucky Strike Lanes. Duck Pin is totally different and way more difficult then Ten-Pin using smaller balls, shorter smaller pins, different pin action, and each frame allows the bowler up to 3 balls to knock down all the pins. Unlike Candle Pin, you cannot use the deadwood (pins knocked over but lying in the pin area), you must press a foot pedal between each ball to clear fallen pins. All ten on the first ball is a STRIKE and to score the frame you add the pin falls for the next two balls. Knock all ten down in two throws is a SPARE and just the next ball's pin count is added. If a bowler throws all three balls the total pin count of the three balls goes in the frame total for a maximum of 10. When a bowler finishes, they press the "RESET" button to clear the deadwood and bring down a fresh rack of pins for the next bowler.

The amazing thing about this place is the look and decor. We had a nice chat with the owner, who told us it was built in 1967, it has always been privately (not corporate) owned and has never been renovated. It looks exactly the way bowling alleys looked when me and The Missus were dating. The carpeting, wood paneling, retro arcade machines, snack bar, etc. I wish I had taken some photos of my own, these are stock photos from the interwebby and doesn't show how retro this place is. It is not by any means run down or worn out, it is incredibly cool! The machinery was all in perfect working order. We kept score with paper and pencil!



As I wrote above, my wife and I were always Ten-Pin bowlers; open bowling for fun, bowling together on mixed leagues and separately as subs on men's and women's leagues. The problem is burned in muscle memory of throwing 12 to 16 pound balls for many years. That made the difficult game even harder. Neither of us broke 90 after bowling 2 games. But we were told that is not unusual at all. No one has ever... in the entire history of Duck Pin bowling, bowled a perfect 300 game. The highest recorded score ever is a 279. A 300 would be the equivalent of someone shooting a 18 for an 18 hole round of golf, its that difficult. The pins reaction (or lack thereof) is strange to us. It takes not much variation in how you held the ball or rolled it to have it go where you didn't want. I found I did better with a short approach and rolled the ball more with my arm than my body. In Ten-Pin I use a long stride 3 step approach ending with a slide to the foul line and hook my 16 pound ball depending on the amount of oil on the lane. This all felt totally alien to me, even though it wasn't my first time bowling Duck Pin. The owner said we could probably bowl better NOT coming on Saturday night between 7 and 10 PM like we did with the kids, distracting loud music, and light show. I think we are going to do this more often in the future to try and get better at it.

Thursday, October 5, 2023

I Could Not Just Let This Go Unanswered

From my Twitter timeline until the Newtown Hoplophobes block or report me, but it will live here forever. Up first, the original post:

I despise the whole premise of phony gun "buy backs" and in some states, guys will set up right across the street from the buy back with tables and large signs offering cash for guns. They may be dealers or just private citizens. In Kommiecticut, they would definitely find a reason to arrest you for trying that even if you were a FFL dealer. So I decided to act virtually on Twitter with this response:


If you look at the responses to the original tweet, every single one is negative and many are downright vicious. Tough shit to them. They are nothing but a political machine that only has one purpose, infringing on The Second Amendment rights of peaceable citizens. Nothing they ever propose will ever have any effect on the criminal use of firearms. NOTHING!!

Most of the guns they receive at these fake buy backs get are from people that end up with them from an estate and they don't want them. But in a lot of cases they have no idea what they have. I have two handguns that came to me indirectly by this route that I paid $200 for both. One is a 1958 vintage Colt Woodsman, the other is a verified 1935 Smith and Wesson K-22 Outdoorsman. Together they are worth about $2500. I did not know at the time just thinking they were just shooters, in fact I do shoot them. If you have ever seen the photo-ops from these buy back events and the firearms they receive, you will pick out some pretty rare and valuable firearms that will either be destroyed or end up in some cop's personal collection.

Monday, October 2, 2023

But, But, The Infringements Will Save Lives!

Turns out, not so much.

CT Teen Shoots Himself With Unsecured Gun

I omitted the  word "accidentally" because modern firearms never just go off by themselves. They need to be loaded, cocked, and have the trigger pulled by a person. This negligent discharge took place as the safe storage laws in Kommiecticut known as Ethan's Law (so named for another uneducated teen that blew his head off with his friend's father's gun) were expanded and the new provisions took effect on October 1st.

I have said over and over; the ONLY WAY these laws could possibly work as intended, is for LEO to constantly violate 2nd, 4th, and 5th Amendment Rights by showing up at your door (hourly I guess?) to verify your firearms are properly secured. Otherwise, a firearms owner gets charged AFTER another uneducated and unauthorized user blows their brains out with their gun. But the dopey kid is still just another Darwin Award winner.

They can pass all the laws they want, I will continue to NEVER COMPLY. At night, my firearm and a spare mag are lying out in the open on my night table a foot from my head at the ready. In the morning it is unloaded and secured in the safe, and replaced with one of my EDC pistols on my person.

I am 100% positive that anyone using a firearm for self-defense going forward in Kommiecticut will be charged with these new "safe storage" laws, because the bad guy wouldn't be at room temperature if the gun storage law was obeyed.