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Thursday, September 29, 2022

The Plaintiffs Need To Lose, AND BIGLY!!

Smith and Wesson is being sued for their advertising methods by the Highland Park, Illinois shooting victims and families.

Smith & Wesson sued over advertising by Highland Park victims

Just like when the manufacturer is rarely responsible for the misuse of their products because it is no longer under their control, the same rule should apply to advertising. Unless a manufacturer is putting out false claims, what some nuts thought process is after seeing an advertisement is between the nut, his shrink, and law enforcement. Too bad if a "troubled 21 year old male" sees the ad... it is his actions and his actions alone that cause the problem. Plus the fact, just how many of these mass murdering fruitcakes were already on local law enforcement or the Fibbies radar... HMMMMM? The guy from Highland Park was. The fact that the Libturd activist Kommiecticut Supreme Court allowed such a lawsuit brought by the Sandy Hook Hoplophobes to go forward against Remington, just opens the door for a SCOTUS case to a manufacturer willing to fight it. Remington was in bankruptcy, so they just rolled over and the damages were paid by the insurance carriers. I hope Smith and Wesson fights this case... and hard.

Speaking of the Sandy Hook Hoplophobes enriching themselves over their dead, I hope the jury in the Alex Jones defamation civil suit awards each family a symbolic $1. Otherwise, he should appeal to SCOTUS as well as a 1st Amendment case.

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Justin_O_Guy said...

It's another piece of insanity that could be endorsed in a so called courtroom. IDK when it started, but seeing judges prohibit evidence from being brought in by the defense until they have no defense seems wrong,, okay, seems unreasonable, nuts.. If a defendant wants a juggling clown, it's HIS defense. The idea that an advertisement caused someone to go murder people is ludicrous.