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Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Change My Mind...

Feel free to copy and distribute my artwork at will


Blatantly stealing the idea of a "Doomsday Clock" from the old hippies and the anti-nuke days.

Between the actions of the scum on both sides of the aisle in the cesspool known as congress, the endless pile of executive orders from President "Gropey Joe" Asterisk, and the threatened actions coming from both... is it any wonder why the country is where it is?

Soap Box - They don't listen when you write them or call them. They ignore you when you engage in peaceful protest. They ignore you when you engage in violent protest.

Ballot Box - It used to be their biggest fear. Now that they have figured out how to rig elections they're assured election and re-election.

Jury Box - Courts so full of left-wing activist judges, that the cases just get summarily dismissed as soon as they are filed. That way they don't even have to rely on a jury decision.

Cartridge Box - It might just be the final solution to take our country back to the Constitutional Republic it was founded to be.

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