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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

All Done, Ready to Mount

The bell restoration is finished. Below is the turn knob and escutcheon plate caked in a century's worth of thick brown paint before stripping.



And here is the same assembly restored back to the original brass.

All the mechanicals have been taken completely apart, cleaned, reassembled, and lubed with a light bearing lubricant. I put the bell in my vise to hold it so I could ring it while shooting a quick video.



That bell had not worked in decades. I remember it worked when I was a kid, but in later years the knob just spun because the gears were out of alignment. Now I need to go out and purchase some decent wood to construct the display mount. I will then need to go to a trophy shop to have the engraved brass plaques made up.


  1. I got my grand Mother's cast mail box and door knocker off her house when she passed. Their on the wall in my shop office. They don't do anything just bring memories when I see them. I sure miss them.

  2. PS. That bell is to cool. I've seen them before but never shinny like yours. They've always had a gob of paint on them

  3. That turned out beautiful, nice job.
    My Aunt and Uncle had a place with one of those on the front door that was still fully functional as of a couple years ago when they sold the place.
    It's a shame they went away in the first place, replaced by the electric doorbell.


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