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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

This Is What It Will Take

So the Gropey Joe/Harris Ho administration has declared their allegiance to the EnviroNazis that are going to dictate our lives in the future based on the farce that is global warming/cooling - climate change/disruption caused by human activity. NEWSFLASH - temperature on the planet is controlled by one thing only... the giant ball of fire in the sky. Find the thermostat and try to control it instead of trying to control the world's population.

Here is what it will take for me to willingly purchase an EV (electric vehicle), bullet point by bullet point. There are no compromises, this is an "all or nothing" GO-NO GO list. This was lifted and updated from a post on my old blog.

  • A new vehicle will have to be comparatively priced to its gas/diesel powered counterpart, whether a sedan, SUV, or full-size pickup truck. WITHOUT TAXPAYER FUNDED SUBSIDIES
  • All vehicles must have "horsepower" equal to or greater than fuel power counterparts.
  • Sedans and SUV's must have comparable comfortable passenger capacities
  • Full size pickups must have comparable passenger, cargo, and towing capacities. The vehicles stand- alone GVW must not push the GVW of a combination with a trailer to require a special license.
  • Battery range must be equal to or greater than liquid fuel, including when carrying cargo or towing a trailer. This includes the operation of environmental controls, lighting, and windshield wipers.
  • Charging stations are as numerous, compatible, and easy to use as a gas station.
  • A re-charge while on a road trip is as quick as filling a liquid fuel tank. Charging overnight at home is optional.
  • Battery re-charge prices are the same or less than a tank of liquid fuel.
  • Battery banks and motors last as long as a gas or diesel powered drive train, and are not any more expensive to replace. 
We bought a brand new 2005 Toyota 4Runner and traded it in at the end of 2019. It had 268,229 miles on it and basically only needed fuel, oil, tires, brakes, and batteries. It had a couple of repairs for normal worn parts. It was in need of tires and a worn wheel bearing, but we traded it in because the tailgate was rusted out. If not for the tailgate, my wife would still be driving it because the engine and drivetrain were running strong. The vehicle that replaced it was a 2017 Toyota RAV-4.
  • Normal maintenance items are not stupid expensive (like a routine brake job on a Mercedes or Range Rover for example)
  • Aftermarket accessories are easy to add and connect to power
  • The choice to buy is mine, not a government mandate. 

The irony is funny as to how much environmental damage occurs in mining the minerals for the batteries, and how much "dirty" electricity from coal, oil, and gas is used for charging these supposed clean vehicles. Then there is the HAZMAT problem of battery disposal. IMHO, the only real reason to buy one of these things is to virtue signal how much you care about the environment. If new gas/diesel vehicles become extinct, I see myself becoming like a Cuban that keep 1950's vintage cars on the road into the 2020's.

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  1. I drive a 2006 Toyota 4Runner V6. Great car. Bought it new. It currently has 167,000+ miles on the odometer and is still going strong. The damn thing is built like a German panzer. It just goes and goes and goes. I’m 59 and I reckon it’s gonna carry me well into retirement. Hell, I may have to write it into my will as I expect someone else in my family will still be driving it long after I am gone. I previously owned a 1998 4Runner and put 285,000 miles on it before letting the ex-wife keep it in the divorce. She is still driving it. Another unstoppable vehicle.


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