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Friday, May 14, 2021


I just finished writing and then posting content about a gun control movie, and after publishing and me viewing it one time live on the blog... IT DISAPPEARED! Completely. Not even in the list of my blog posts as a draft. Deleting is a two step process so it wasn't accidentally deleted. Anyone else ever have this happen?

I guess from now on anything even remotely "controversial" will be backed up locally on my PC until I am sure it stays up. I am not going to recreate that post... too much work.

Fucking Google!


  1. I think you are correct, I had something change a post I did, and am still scratching my head about it.

  2. You've also picked up a new warning from Google or whatever. You're now a "phishing" site.

  3. Aesop N Me both got the same stuff happening... my Poast at https://www.bigcountryexpat.com/so-it-begins/ shows the warning and the email I got... they deleted the poast that I put up saying they were flagging me as a 'dangerous' site... yer in the same boat. "Welcome to the party pal!!!"

  4. I've gotten the "phishing" warning when I click on links at Knuckledraggin several times tonight.

  5. Just like screaming "RACISM!!" all the time eventually falls on deaf ears, these warnings will cause everyone to kill their web security settings and simply ignore Google's recent snowflake tantrum.


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