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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Oh Goody... A New Commission of State Government Bloat and Waste

As if Kommiecticut state government isn't onerous, intrusive, and wasteful enough, the General Assembly has passed a bill that declares... are you ready for this one... RACISM IS A PUBLIC HEALTHCARE CRISIS!

It is all set to be sent up to Jolly Ned Lamont for his signature. Here is a link to the news story in the CT Post.

There is so much wrong with this type of crap, but mainly declaring something that has NOTHING TO DO with healthcare as healthcare so government can exercise control over that thing. The two subject points for me that concern me are these. First is this: Under the bill, a commission on racial equity in public health would be formed to examine the impact of racism “on vulnerable populations within diverse groups … including on the basis of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity and disability, including, but not limited to, Black American descendants of slavery.” The panel would be required to submit a report to the state’s Office of Policy and Management and to the Public Health and Appropriations committees by Jan. 1, 2022 and every six months thereafter outlining recommendations and documenting progress. That's right, a whole new bureaucracy where a person can be appointed if they are connected or a member of the Dimmocrats/Communists party (lifetime appointment mind you) 2nd Administrative Assistant to the Assistant of The 3rd Deputy Commissioner for a "no show" job with a six-figure salary and great benefits. Also, referring to the "Black American descendants of slavery" sounds like setting the stage for a future amendment for reparations. That's the kind of thing those fucking slimey scumbags pass in the wee hours of the morning just before the regular session ends, and boom... it's law.

The second problem is this: The measure also establishes a “gun intervention and prevention” advisory committee to consult with community groups, victim service providers, researchers and others and to identify strategies for reducing gun violence. Kommiecticut ranks right behind Kommiefornia, Illinois, NJ and NY for the constant barrage of infringements against the 2nd Amendment in the form of unconstitutional and intolerable acts. By tying the tribal jungle warfare occurring nightly in the shithole Dimmocrat/Communist run jungles known as the large cities, they can try to ram through MORE GUN CONTROL. Although read into the intent of the bill where they are trying to reach out to the communities of color, and it sounds RAAAAACIST to me. But, just like the person that self medicates, if a little is good, more must be better! The part about consulting with unnamed "others" sounds like the Doomberg, David Hogg, and Shannon Watts types. I still can't figure out why there hasn't been a violent crime in my little town in almost 6 years. That incident was a knife wielding robber at the local convenience store where no one was injured. I can't remember anything prior to that. I know of very few people in town that most likely don't own a firearm, but many more folks with arsenals that would frighten the average hoplophobe to death, so gun ownership and use isn't really (and of course never has been) the problem.

I have had to unfortunately resign myself to the fact that I have only two legal choices when it comes to what to do about getting the fuck out of Kommiecticut. Leave my wife and seek my fortune elsewhere on my own, or wait until I possibly become a widower. If it is the latter I will be signing on with a realtor to sell in between making her funeral arrangements. My wife will not go because she is reactive, not proactive and there is nothing I can do about it. Something really bad would have to happen to her for her to want to get out. I have been trying to persuade her unsuccessfully since 1991. It is the same with firearms. She has had her permit since 2014, but never once considered carrying one. It will take her getting assaulted and robbed or car-jacked while out shopping before she will think about carrying a firearm.

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  1. Hey Mysterious blogger;

    Georgia is not near as bad, but my county is, it went hard blue and I want to move, but the wife don't. I just want to move out of the county and move toward a "red" county where I don't have to worry about getting targeted by the DA because he gets money from George Soros or if I God forbid have to shoot some one of the "Protected class". even though it would be a lawful shoot, I would still get charged because the mob would demand it and the DA would do it. I still have to work at the airport because that is where my employer is and finding good jobs that pay well I want to keep.


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