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Friday, June 25, 2021

THAT Looks Like Fun!

As my regular readers know I am a long time biker, and my current ride, "The Beast" is a big honkin' Honda Goldwing GL1800. The 1800 isn't just a random model number, it is rounded down from 1832 meaning CC's in engine displacement. It is basically a six cylinder 1.8L fuel injected car engine.

But a post from fellow blogger Tam highlights a full kit that adds a 2-stroke gas motor to a bicycle. It makes a motorbike that looks reminiscent of one of those early H-D or Indian motorcycles that were basically motorized bicycles anyway.

While I do love cruising on my Goldwing, putting one of those kits on a bicycle would be terrifyingly fun. In Kommiecticut, as long as your engine is smaller than 50cc, the only regulation is the driver must be older than 16 with a valid drivers license.

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