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Saturday, July 3, 2021

As The Saying Goes...

"If you shoot at The King, you'd  better not miss."

I am the King Of My Realm (meaning ALL of my property) and I am always armed. To the Fudds that think that is just crazy I say "FUCK OFF!" What happened yesterday morning in the normally quiet wealthy Hartford suburb of Glastonbury should be a wake up call to everyone. A woman heard a noise outside and went to check. She opened her front door and saw thugs attempting to break into her car. She yelled for them to stop, and the thug response was to fire a couple of shots at her. Luckily she was not hit because as we all know, not being proficient in firearms or shooting a gun gangsta style does not make for effective fire. In my younger days, getting yelled at by someone like that for doing something bad would make me want to just run away, not attack them. Like a rabid dog, these animals cannot be helped and must be "put down."

A link to the story on NBC CT can be found here.

Pull that shit at my house muthafuckas. Go ahead, I dare you. You will simply disappear off the face of the Earth and maybe just become a missing person never to be found. We can all laugh at your momma's tears on the evening news as she cries about her missing good boy(s). I have learned long ago that out here, the cops ain't comin'. Although I have carry insurance through CCWSAFE (their Ultimate Plan), I would rather not have to use it.

1 comment:

  1. I ain’t a Religous man....
    Got No problem with it.

    I Pray there is a God, now.
    I Pray he’s a Angry and Vengeful God.
    I Pray he just does it and gets on with it.

    I guess at that point, we shall see.
    Where the chips lay

    Cause Vote’n ain’t gonna fix the Mass Insanity to Become ANOTHER Septic Tank Nation..
    As is Evidenced.

    And this shit has got to stop. It’s insane.

    Shudder the thought, as grandma use to say.

    Of whats too come.


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