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Friday, August 13, 2021

Carried In Two GFDZ's Today

Put new sneakers on the Tundra today at Town Fair Tire. I've lost track how many full sets of tires I have bought there in the past 30+ years. Always great price and great service. I got another set of exactly what I had. Michelin LTX AT2 off-road tires in LT275/65/R18E. After all, I got 78,000 miles out of the last set and they were still road legal. With 155K on the truck, this may be the last set. Who knows?

Gotta have the raised white letters showing. Can't afford new rims, they are more than the tires.


As my usual SOP I was carrying. Since it was so bloody hot, I opted for the LCP in .380. The ammo is Hornady Critical Defense which has good penetration and expansion, especially against lightweight summer clothing. As I went to enter the store, I noticed and then promptly ignored their Gun Free Death Zone (GFDZ) sign on the door. I refuse to be disarmed, not only while standing in the store, but to and from my vehicle in the parking lot. If I followed their signage completely, I could not carry at all, including to and from home because the only place to secure it was in my vehicle. And they were bringing my vehicle into their garage. Since I carry concealed, its nobody's fucking business what is in my pocket. But I'll bet there would be plenty of grateful potential victims if I was to put a stop to an act of "gun violence" by being that good guy with a gun. BTW... my truck rifle was locked up inside the cab, so as long as no one was poking around the inside of my truck where they shouldn't be, they'd never know.

Since today is also yours truly's anniversary (#38), wifey and I went out to dinner with another couple. Because we were going out for the evening, I had upgraded my carry gun to my normal S&W 45 Shield. The plan was to go duckpin bowling afterwards, but my wife had too much tequila in the form of margaritas, so bowling was out of the question. Instead, the girls wanted ice cream and that was fine with us guys. The closest (and best) place to go was the UConn Dairy Bar. The ice cream is made right there with milk from the cows in the agricultural program. Located on the UConn campus, I found myself armed in a GFDZ yet again. And yet again... IDGAF! My alternative would have been no ice cream for anyone, or go out for the evening unarmed. I'll just stick with ignoring GFDZ designations and doing what I please, thanks.


  1. I have had very good mileage longevity results with the General X3, but if the Michelin works for you, go for it. Not that you need my recommendation. chuckling

  2. NH, the Live Free Or Die state, recently reinforced their Constitutional Carry laws to prevent any infringement by municipalities or businesses. Only one restriction in NH, can't carry in a court house. The Post Office prohibition is federal and NH has no control over that. Schools, government offices in general, cannot enact gun free rules or laws. Local businesses can request no open carry, as the Wally World's do here, or can ask you to leave which is a bad idea since the majority of people in NH carry.


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