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Sunday, August 15, 2021

Update On The GFDZ Post

Immediately after my visit to Town Fair Tire I received an email invite to review my experience. I gave them a well deserved 5-Star review and it was immediately published.

Last night I received another email invite for a review. This one was from corporate and was more along the lines of "how can we improve the customer experience?" I let `em have it on that one.

I told them they need to get rid of their GFDZ policy and pull down their stupid signs. That a sign on the door alone in lieu of armed guards and/or metal detectors is totally meaningless, except to disarm the permit holding concealed carry public that may obey their signage. That an armed violent person hell-bent on killing will not stop at the door because of a sign. I went as far as to tell them that I was in their store armed anyway, that no one knew, and yet somehow no one died [sarcasm off]. Imagine that?

I am sure this will never be seen by the decision makers. Much like the letters I used to send the corporate hierarchy at the companies I once worked for about their moronic diversity programs, this one too will be discarded because it goes against the agenda.

I will continue to carry in all manner of GFDZ, and if I have to be the one to put a stop to an act of violence, I will deal with the consequences of potentially saving lives, especially my own.

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