Take your government jab/mask/distancing/lockdown mandates and cram them up your ass! WE WILL NOT COMPLY (and you all just might die)

If you're a cult following Branch-Covidian who believes that; COVID-19 isn't just an extra contagious real bad common cold that is on average 99.7% survivable, that will obey your evil overlords and wear the "MASK OF OPPRESSION" or blindly follow the diktats of the evil little elf St. Anthony of Fraud-Xi as well as Marxist politicians & bureaucrats, and then run around in a frenzy trying to get an experimental jab of God knows what... you might want to leave now, `cause I am surely going to commit heresy and offend your ass. Feel free to grovel about in fear elsewhere!

Sunday, September 19, 2021

They Need To Be Destroyed

Governments, politicians, bureaucrats, political appointees, healthcare professionals, media, big tech, big pharma... they are all enemies of freedom loving people around the world. They are suppressing the truth about the jab, in efforts to get absolutely everyone injected with their poison concoction. 

 This post from The Burning Platform has a good example of what I mean. If the truth EVER comes out, The WWII Nuremberg trials will pale in comparison to the trials and executions that would take place for the genocide occurring now. After The Holocaust, the cry was "Never Again!" yet here it is happening again, driven by a propaganda machine that is so effective, people are driven by false fears to willingly get their death jab. Hitler himself would be envious of such success.

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