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Sunday, October 10, 2021

5th Weekend Motorcycle Outing

And yesterday's was a good one... "The Battle For The Airfield" at The Collings Foundation in Hudson MA.



This is the 5th weekend in a row I have been able to get out on "The Beast" for an event. The four previous were:

  • 9-11-21 - "2021 Ride For Gage" to benefit the Jordan Porco Foundation for suicide prevention
  • 9-18-21 - Patriot Guard Riders; Framingham, MA bridge dedication for USAF Senior Airman Deanna K. Richards.
  • 9-25-21 - CT Citizens Defense League Annual Poker Run
  • 10-1-21- Patriot Guard Riders; procession escort ride, military honors and funerals for eight CT Veterans with no families whose remains went unclaimed. The PGR now claims them as our own.


Yesterday's ride started early. I was meeting the bikers I ride with the most at a convenience store local to me. From there the plan was to meet up with another group I know from southeastern CT. They were coming up I-395 and hooking up with us at the Burger King in Dayville at 09:00 which is right off the exit for RT. 101. Right on time, everyone was together in the BK parking lot and had time to go use the rest room. We then had a quick riders meeting. This ride was going to be a long stretch of interstate since I-395 to I-290 and then I-290 to the end was a straight shot and the best way to go. With a total of 13 bikes it would not be a hard group to manage, and it wasn't. We arrived safely and all together about 1/2 hour before the scheduled start time for the first battle at 11:00.

The battle got started late and I got some great video footage from the 50 yard line with my Nikon D5600 mounted on a mono-pole held up over the crowd. I had on my 70-300mm VR lens which allowed for some excellent framing. I had the monitor turned facing down so I could look up and see it. Unfortunately, something happened to my video files when I took the memory card out of the camera and plugged it into my PC. Nothing bad happened to the still photos. The videos were all there when I watched them on the camera. I used the Windows file recovery to get some back but not the second half of the first battle. That 15 minute long video is gone and THAT FUCKING SUCKS!!!

Anyway, after the 11:00 battle, we toured the museums and got some food. Some of the group wanted to stay for the 3:00 PM show, and then go for pizza later while still up in MA. About half of the group either had enough or had other commitments after. I was in the latter group. I had been in contact with my wife and she informed me we had plans for the evening, so getting home just after 3 PM worked out perfectly.

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