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Thursday, October 7, 2021

BOHICA - You Know What That Means!

Get ready, residents of Kommiecticut, NY, NJ, and PA.. the four governors tyrants are announcing new initiatives in a joint conference this afternoon to combat "gun violence" because as we all know, guns load themselves, jump up off the table, and kill only random innocent people. It was announced on the 11:30 A.M. news break on WTIC AM 1080. I can not find any online info about this to link to.

In reality, there will be no sweeping up of the suspected street thugs, gang members, or drug dealers to find illegally possessed and stolen firearms. Oh no, they will be going after the hunters and permit holders, as well as makes and models of firearms that frighten them or the ammo that feeds them.


Continue with The Armed Civil Disobedience started in post Sandy Hook 2013 and frighten the tyrants into the inaction they still find themselves in from the last times they passed unconstitutional/intolerable acts.

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