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Friday, October 22, 2021

Fuck Alec Baldwin

Too bad he wasn't rehearsing a suicide scene where he had the gun to his temple.

If I had the chance, I'd hand him a gun with a single bullet in it and tell him to "do the honorable thing." It would be the ultimate "CANCEL."


Mike-SMO said...

Couldn't happen to a better guy.

Judging by the dead and injured, they were doing a close-up dramatic shot. But remember that the actor (talent) is a stage prop. There is, supposedly, an expert who maintains the firearms and selects the proper blank load for the flash, smoke, or muzzle blast that is needed for the scene. They may have hired "some guy" to save on salary and they paid the price. Firearms with "blanks" are not "cap guns". As usual, an employee paid the bill. The Director got nicked and the Producer (Alec B.) was apparently unharmed. Many of the historical firearms came from the era of black powder and thus had high volume cartridge cases which could easily accept a double charge of a modern propellant. Even with a blank, not a "cap gun".

Anonymous said...

no one has done sh*t. 300 million gun owners.
500 million guns
500 billion rounds of ammo.

Not one brave patriot.

I don't have, nor would I ever consider having a google account. Google? you're kidding right?

Glypto Dropem said...

@Anonymous: Hey dumbass... just what the fuck are you going on about? Did you even read this brief post? Of course you did, but reading comprehension is hard, and you are just a gun and freedom hating troll anyway. Since you're so brave, how about you arm up and lead the charge?

Don't think for one second that by not having a Google account that insulates you from them hoovering up all kinds of data on you for just visiting my blog, never mind when you post idiotic comments.

Mike-SMO said...

The term "prop" is short for "property" owned by a theater or touring company and used in stage productions. It doesn't mean "fake". The firearms used in Baldwin's movie were "real" functioning firearms that should have been loaded with blanks. I haven't seen any explanation of why live rounds were in that firearm. It really doesn't matter. Baldwin blew a series of obvious safety rules when he picked up the firearm, didn't check the ammunition, pointed the firearm at the woman and then pulled the trigger. He owns the result. He took all the foolish steps that made it happen. There was no mechanical failure involved. There was no screw-up in a scripted performance. The screw-up was the failure to honor a string of firearm safety rules, any one of which would probably kept the woman alive.

Since he is one of the Hollywood "worthies", this will probably be handled as an "accident" by an insurance company.

Anonymous said...

exactly my questions; any competent gun owner knows that all guns are considered loaded when picked up; i am surprised that the gun was not loaded in front of the actor, with each round carefully examined before chamber insertion... we all know that ADs happen, but this doesn't sound like a sensitive trigger issue - it was a single action, right?

and if the round(s) were blanks what was discharged as projectiles?

Anonymous said...

How in the hell do we know when bloated arrogant hack baldwin is acting or actually telling the truth??? And did he say as soon as it happened that he did not pull the trigger?

Glypto Dropem said...

Without being part of the investigation or being able to examine the gun, I did read an article online that gave an example of how it is possible for a particular type of gun to have fired without a trigger pull. IF it was an authentic replica or real 1800's pistol, the trigger mechanism would not have been the modern version, nor would it have a striker plate. The article said those are sometimes preferred for authenticity. Even so, there is still absolutely no reason live ammo should have been anywhere near that set.