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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

STOP! Mail-In Cheating

A couple of weeks ago my wife and I received our mail-in ballot applications for use in our upcoming municipal elections. Today they went through the shredder at my work along with a pile of other PERSEC and INFOSEC documents, ground into little bits. This serves two purposes, first we refuse to use them and second, no one else can either. Most likely by intercepting our ballots from our mailbox, when the bad actors know they are to be delivered.

I suggest everyone do the same, and keep elections fair by voting in person unless absolutely necessary. You know, with a signed, in person absentee ballot like in the good ol' days.


Mike-SMO said...

It is typically attributed to Stalin to say, "What matters is who counts the ballots." In the single county that was audited, there were far more votes than there were voters and/or ballots. There are similar stories from all over the country. In our area, the votes were "tabulated" by machines connected to and vulnerable to tampering from the internet. There was no printed record that could be audited. Voting in person is meaningless as long as the count can't be verified.

Poor Richard said...

I realize that in shredding the paper ballots you did the right thing but:
You should have copied them. A hundred or so copies would do and then mark them for the conservative candidate and bring them in one pile to the election office while a second person is videoing. Tell the clerk that these just arrived at your house and you want to know where to file them.
Either we need to expose the fraud for what it is or learn how to be better at cheating than they are.

Glypto Dropem said...

@Poor Richard: They weren't actual ballots, they were ballot applications. Kommiecticut has not gotten to the point of just mailing every household a live ballot... yet.