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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Glypto Recommends It

If you have access to Disney+, and are even remotely a fan of The Beatles, you gotta watch this 3 part series. My wife and I just finished the final part, culminating in just under 8 hours in total. We watched it Friday,  Saturday, and this evening. This will not be a detailed review, you can find plenty of those elsewhere on line.

 The only real downsides... and the worst of all, having to see and hear so much Yoko. I know she's part of the story, but I could do without her annoying constant presence, hanging all over John, and that screeching noise incorrectly referred to as "singing." There is also quite a bit of footage of Linda Eastman (McCartney), Maureen Starkey, and Pattie Harrison. Some of the studio meetings tended to drag on, too. But, oh the music! They played all kinds of music and non-Beatle songs while rehearsing or just jamming. There was also songs that seemingly came out of nowhere and became huge hits. Harrison's "I Me Mine," McCartney's "Get Back" and "Let It Be," and the Lennon/McCartney "I've Got A Feeling." You get to watch these songs go from being chords and riffs and a couple of sentences of lyrics, to the songs we know today. I was also glad to see so much about the "5th Beatle," Billy Preston. I was amazed at how much younger he was than the Fab Four. But man, could he play! He has a lot of keyboard work on the Let It Be album.  And it happened quite by accident.

The series culminates with the rooftop session at Apple Records. Not to spoil it, but it was way more than just "Get Back" and the snippets of movie footage we have all seen. There were lots of cameras rolling, from many angles, other rooftops, as well as down on the street where they interviewed many people in the crowds. One spoiler though... The cops came due to noise complaints. The interactions with the Bobbies was amusing as the production and office personnel stalled them as long as they could. The other thing was, this was January 1969 in London, and it was blustery. There was one point between songs Lennon was trying to warm his hands. I can only imagine how cold and raw it must have felt.

So yeah, I know. Virtue signalling COVID compliant shit-ass Disney. And Lennon was a total Commie. But... I get Disney+ for free courtesy of my daughter (I trade her access to some of my DISH channels). And Lennon was a fantastic musician that's been dead 41 years now, so he's being a good commie. 

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