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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

I Am Changing My Stance

NOTICE: Unless a very expensive (and rarely actually done) genetic marker test is performed on a COVID positive test sample, the actual variant of Chi-Com Xi Flu is NOT KNOWN... THEY ARE GUESSING AND SPEWING BULLSHIT PANIC PORN! I will now call it Chi-Com Xi Flu to intentionally insult the CCP officials, unlike the CCP bought and paid for W.H.O.

And now the content of this post.

Until now, if you wanted the jab, I didn't care whether you got one or not. All I cared about were two things:

1). I wasn't getting any... EVER.

2). No one had better try to force me to. That will end in violence, carnage, and death.

With this supposed new variant, the calls for "safety measures," jabs and boosters, and at worst reinstating tyrannical lockdowns, I am now going to go full ANTI-VAXX and tell you right to your face "YOU ARE STUPID TO EVEN CONSIDER IT!" If I am asked for my opinion or my advice about the jab, I will vehemently argue in opposition to this dangerous, experimental, unlicensed and unapproved poison they are sticking in obedient sheeple. I have shunned this years flu shot and the recommended shingles vaccine due to distrust of anything in a needle. I am currently awaiting the results of my Chi-Com Xi Flu antibody test which I am willing to bet comes back positive, meaning I have the pooh-poohed NATURAL IMMUNITY. I will put up a separate post with the results as soon as I get them. BTW, I am scheduled next month for the initial consultation to get a routine screening procedure. If a jab is required to get the procedure, I will say "thanks but no thanks."

Do not get a jab if you are still a Pure-Blood. It is an irreversible mistake. If you have gotten a single jab, do not get any more. If you were previously "fully vaxxed" and contemplating a "booster," Minimize the damage already done to your body... DO NOT SUBMIT!

I don't know what else I can say to convince people, other than list my opposition bullet points:

  • mRNA "vaccines have been in traditional development since 2011, but never made it past animal testing, because 100% of the animal subjects DIED when subsequently exposed to the virus. If you took the jab, you are the animal testing right now.
  • The J&J one and done jab is nicknamed "The Clot Shot" because of blood clotting issues.
  • No long term testing on humans and unknown devastating effects on humans for any of the jabs
  • No control groups except for us Pure-Bloods, but we are not being utilized
  • Natural Immunity is not just totally disregarded, but treated as though it is non-existent 
  • The possibility of ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement). The jabs are geared towards the spike proteins, not the virus itself. That's how you get the breakout cases and the possibility of strange and possibly deadly mutations.
  • The CDC's own VAERS
  • Total loss of trust in the medical community, because healers have become politicized and shills for big pharma.
  • The supposed FDA approval for the Pfizer jab is for a product that does not yet exist. If you go right now to get the Pfizer jab, you are getting the same old experimental goo they have been dispensing for the last year, for which they have ZERO liability.

Still want a jab? I guess I can't stop you from committing slow motion suicide if that's what you really want.


Ed Egan said...

So Glypto, how do you really feel?


B.C. said...

Couldn't have said it any better myself, except I'd have used a whole lot more "creative invective". ;-)

Glypto Dropem said...

LOL! My wife asks me that all the time.

But seriously, I do have to reel myself back in occasionally so I don't do anything, shall we say, "premature."

My Dad grew up on the banks of the CT River in Chicopee, MA. Back in the good ol' days when everyone had a C.B. in their vehicle, River Rat was his handle. As a kid, we had a base station in the house and would talk to him all the way home from work.

I had forgotten all about that until now. Thanks for the memory trigger.

Ed Egan said...

You are welcome! I am sure your dad was a wonderful man. It is always good to remember our parents and our youth.

Pigpen51 said...

In a moment of weakness, I took the J and J shots. I have a wife and 25 year old daughter with chronic illnesses whose doctors convinced them they needed the shot, and to comfort my wife, I did also. I will not get any so called booster.
I waited for some time, until I had seen some data, but the problem is, the data was never released. And now, I am pissed, not about just this fake pandemic, but about the entire government and what they have done to my America. I was not in love with Donald Trump, but I supported his policies. We saw what the Republican party did to him. They might as well have just called themselves the second Democrat party, the way they tried to screw their president. Yet despite the things that they did to hold him back, Trump achieved huge success, because he rang a bell with the American people. He just wanted to remove roadblocks and let us live. And it worked. Now we see the opposite, and we also see the results.
I predict some very bad things ahead.

Glypto Dropem said...

@Pigpen51: The jab is an obviously touchy subject in my house, since my beloved wife succumbed to external pressures and got the single J&J "Clot Shot." I am trying to get up the nerve to ask her if she plans on a booster jab. I tend to think she won't since the first one hit her hard and fast, and I hope I'm right. I'll write a brief post when I find out.

Grog said...

I have not and will not. I haven't been sick for three years, and this is a chemical mixture of who knows what. And the gnome that thinks he is "science" can get bent.

polimath said...

So, what do we (as in I) do now? What do I do after being called names, being doubted, and mocked by those who chose the jab?
What do I do when they come to me and ask for help and prayers, now their family is scared, sick, their hearts are quaking with the knowledge they may have just committed a Russian Roulette of medical disaster?
I know. I have a family member with heart issues now. Just buried another guy a few weeks ago, now thinking he may have had a series of brain strokes.
We will be watching now for the next one to go.
"What shall be the sign of your coming?"
"Do not be deceived." and yet, there they go and do this.
My heart is aching for all of them.

Glypto Dropem said...

@polimath: I wish I had an answer for you. Other than helping them however you can and praying with and for them, there is no antidote or reversing the jab. I am sitting here right now watching the 6 A.M. local news, and they continue to push hard for jabs and boosters. It is only a matter of time before the next round of weak sheeple give in, since anything negative about the jab is suppressed unless you seek it out.