In February 1950, Sen. Joseph McCarthy (R) Wisconsin had a list of 205 suspected Communist party members working in the U.S. State Department. I contend that these days, you'd be lucky to find 205 people working in the entire federal government that aren't FUCKING COMMIES!

Q: Why do I think there's a commie behind every tree? A: BECAUSE THERE IS A FUCKING COMMIE BEHIND EVERY TREE!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Oh Yeah Wikipedia?

This was a huge post. I moved all the Wikipedia content to a separate page on my blog.

Apparently, Big Tech wants kill this Wikipedia page. So I copied and pasted THE WHOLE THING to live here on my blog forever. They think scrubbing the details will put commie's record of killing people out of existence? I say "Nay nay."

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Mike-SMO said...

You might want to keep your eye pealed for "edits" on Kenosha and the "Christmas Parade". There is lots of painful reality there also. The Commie Murder page spent lts of "argle bargle" about "Genocide" vs just killing them others. I don't think that Darrell and Jojo will give a darn. "kill! Kill! KILL!"