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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Two For Two

I finally got up the nerve to ask my wife last night if she was planning on getting a booster jab. Her answer was a resounding "NO!" As I suspected, she only got the J&J because it was claimed to be "one and done."

When I asked my shift partner, who got his jabs in the first rounds of availability, the same question, his answer was the same as my wife's. He said he is pretty much over the whole thing.

At this point 100% of the people I've asked are done with this jab nonsense.

I am still waiting for the results of my antibody test. It has been twice as long as Quest's website says it should be. I am starting to get suspicious.

1 comment:

Trumpeter said...

I gotta change up my family and friends. I like 'em and all but I only know 3 other people who passed on the jab.
Talked at dinner with a nice, sensible lady (in her70's) who jot the booster in time for the holidays.

So many sheep.