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Thursday, February 24, 2022

Tell Me Again....

What POTUS is Putin's stooge? 

Sorry LIBTURDS and "Never-Trumpers," guess again. (Hint: it never was Donald J. Trump)

It is current (p)Resident Dopey Gropey Joe Xiden. HE IS THE "FECKLESS CUNT" (h/t to TBS' Samantha Bee for that description she used for Ivana Trump on her TV show) for displaying weakness not seen from a world leader since before WWII.

But don't worry. Later today Jen "Little Red Lyin' Hood" Psaki will tell us (p)Resident Dopey Gropey Joe Xiden's weak foreign policy had NOTHING TO DO with any of this. They'll blame it all on Chi-Com Xi Flu, like they did with high fuel and transportation costs, the broken supply chain, as well as the ongoing violent crime wave.

1 comment:

  1. Biden is now Putin's bitch. All information on the Biden cartel is now in his hands, and Putin is holding all the high cards.


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