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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

A Small Window For A Ride

Between the wet roads and murky skies this morning, and the front coming through now at sunset with dropping temperatures was an opportunity to get some ass time in the saddle of "The Beast."

I had errands to do and left late morning. I took my male poodle with me because he loves road trips with Daddy. First to Kohl's to exchange some jeans my wife got me for Christmas that I did not like. Next to the Toyota dealer practically next door to get oil filters and drain plug gaskets for the wife's RAV-4. I had gotten a $100 gift card to Cabela's from my daughter for Christmas so I figured I'd go see what they had. Poodle boy got to go in the store and he behaved himself as expected. Ammo is coming back, but nothing for me. I bought another 50 round rifle cartidge case for my 7.62x54r ammo. A whopping $4.24 off the gift card. I then took a ride down to Hoffman's Gun Center to see what they had for ammo. I was looking for one 50 round box of Federal .357 Magnum. Nope. The only 30 caliber ammo they had was some 350 Legend and the new 30 Carry. They also had shitloads of the new CCI Velocitor hyper speed hunting ammo. They had a lot of 9mm, 40, 45ACP,  5.56, and shotshells. They used to carry a large and varied selection of paper targets, but had squat. I left to head home with my Christmas VISA gift cards intact, but stopped at Wendy's first for a quick lunch.

By the time I got home and ready to ride, it was closing on 4 PM. It was still warm and sunny. My first stop was the firehouse to taunt my usual shift partner and fellow biker that had to work today. I circled around in front of the Day Room window honking my horn. He saw me. Now before you think I am just a mean prick, a couple of Saturday's ago it was warm and sunny. I had to work while he cruised the shoreline with his friends on bikes. I got a constant stream of picture text messages from him, so today was a little payback. I did a loop of about 46 miles through Windham County and a long straight stretch on US 6 where I wound it up to about 85 MPH. When I got to Hampton, I stopped at the Shell station convenience store for a snack of a Hostess cherry fruit pie (just what a fatty like me needs). I cruised through Mansfield Hollow State Park and was surprised how much ice was gone leaving open water. I stopped back in at the firehouse for a few minutes to chat with the boys. The sun was going down and with it the temperatures when I pulled into my garage. That ride should hold me for a while.

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