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Friday, May 13, 2022

Nobody Really Cares

Yup... nobody gives a flyin' fuck about your state  sponsored panic porn and Chi-Com Xi Flu propaganda.

Here is the current map of horror from the state of Kommiecticut Dept. of Health:

According to the key at the bottom right, we need to listen for the cart to "bring out the dead!"

My own town is in the red. So what? There are no huge wide open free testing facilities any more. Do you mean to tell me people are testing at home and calling some kind of department of health hotline to report their status? What the holy fuck? Below is what the state wants you to do to STOP THIS PANDEMIC MADNESS!!

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No one except those that are immune compromised or are the most paranoid moronic sheep are bothering with a face diaper/Mask of Oppression. No one is practicing "distancing" and handshakes and hugs are the order of the day for greeting each other. The lies about "your mask protects me" and how the jabs and boosters prevent infection and spread are ignored. From what I gather, about 95% of the state should be practicing what the state has highlighted in red. But almost everyone is simply ignoring it all. I believe since the mid-term elections are approaching, state officials will remain silent so as not to piss off the electorate.


Anonymous said...

Still…trying to get it.
My precautions, i washed my hands and kept my finger outa my damn nose.

Haven’t worn the Diaper, worked every damn day in a gun shop that for 7 months was complete and utter insanity. Shook hands with those that weren’t wearing a skirt or colored rainbow hair..

I don’t know, but thats where I stand.

Glypto Dropem said...

From the very beginning I was an advocate of "protect the vulnerable, then get it and spread it!" Witout an actual immunity test, I can only guess as to whether I had it or not. Working in EMS for many years, I already have a strong immune system, so no jabs for me either.

Anonymous said...

Food for thought. I have been listening to hundreds of hours of interviews by Drs and researches on the bioweapon, both covid and the shots as well on the shedding from those that took the shots. The shedding of exosomes, spike proteins and other proteins tney are just funding out about from things like other micro-RNA that were put into the shots is real and uncharted territory. They believe there is evidence to suggest a micro-RNA was put in the shots that is being shed that shuts off interferon production so the other MRNA can be taken up by the bodies cells. They are finding this in those thst didnt take the shots, as well as latent viruses in unvaxxed coming back. I have been sick three times in the last 6 months here in Florida. I was my hands frequently, dont hangout with vaxxed people, yet I ambeing exposed to vaxxed retards frequently as I am a disable combat vet and have frequent Dr and hospital appts. Each time the sickness followed the same pattern, i start taking ivermectin and NAC and detox tea, and it goes away within three days. My position is its from shedding from the vaxxed. So, maybe wearing an N-95 isnt a bad idea. They lifted mask mandates and their enforcement which all were a violation of 18, USC, section 242, Deprivation of rights under color of law to get the vaxxed and vax-free to mi gle and shed whatever is in these damn shots, which still is t k own. Just food for thought.