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Sunday, May 22, 2022

The Past Couple Of Days

Yeah, I know... posting has been light here on the blog, but trust me, I have been poking the hornet's nest and pushing the envelope on Twitter with tweets that previously would have gotten me suspended. They are so shit scared of Elon Musk they are too busy to bother with l'il ole me.

An Evening Ride

Last night after work I went out on "The Beast'" for a ride to get some supper. I had a hankerin' for a Whopper with cheese & bacon with some salty fries. Plus my wife had spent the afternoon in mystic with friends and had a large late lunch meaning I was on my own for supper. No problem, I headed to Burger King in Dayville to satisfy my hunger. It was an uneventful ride out and I got my food to go so I could eat outside by my bike and listen to my streaming tunes. There were lots of bikes out last night and several groups went through the intersection of RT. 101 and RT.12. There were a couple of Harleys and riders at the BK, but we just exchanged nods and kept to ourselves. On the road, I passed quite a few bikes and several had the `tude. I put up this post from March of last year about assholes that REFUSE to wave back at another rider because they believe any brand of bike that is not what they ride (*COUGH* Harley-Davidson *COUGH*) is a worthless piece of shit. Fine look like an ignorant dickhead when you don't wave back to a fellow biker, that's on you.

This Afternoon's Ride

My wife's mentally handicapped brother lives in a group home a few towns over. My wife picked him up yesterday afternoon to spend the night at our house. She is his conservator and both legal and medical power of attorney, and looks after him like the perfect example of what such a person should be. He's in his late fifties but has the mind of a child and works every day at a job he loves. He was there when I got home from work and he had already had supper as well. I was busy at my sportsman's club for the first half of the day today, and when I got home wasn't planning on going for a ride. I had to take my refuse to the dump and while I did that, my wife and her brother went out for ice cream. We all got back to the house within a few minutes of each other. When they had been home for a few minutes, my wife tells me her brother has something he wants to ask me. He wanted to know if I could take him for a ride on my motorcycle. Uh... okay.

Normally I wear proper riding attire, but for this little (13+ miles) cruise we were staying mostly on some nice twisty and hilly shaded back roads with minimal traffic. So, no helmets, sunglasses, shorts, and I wore a pair of regular old work boots and he wore sneakers. I cranked up the rear suspension to accommodate two adult men and my wife showed him how to mount and dismount while I held the bike steady. To my knowledge he had never been on one before, but he was like the perfect passenger. I told him he had to sit still and not try to lean away or lean in too much, but he did fine. He enjoyed the hell out of it and said he wasn't scared. The last leg of our trip was a two lane state road back to my road. I told him we were going to be going faster on that road but nothing crazy. Top speed was 55 MPH and he liked that. When we approached my driveway I warned him we were going to lean way over. No problem at all. In front of my garage I leaned on the horn hoping my wife would come out and assist with the dismount, but she didn't hear us. He got off by himself a little on the awkward side, but it worked out and I consider it a success because we didn't dump it.

Freak at the Restaurant

When we took her brother home this evening we all went out for dinner on the way. At the restaurant, one of the waitstaff was an obviously mentally ill male individual serving other tables. I first spotted this guy from behind, he was like 6'1" and I thought he was channeling LT. Jim Dangle from "Reno 911" with the short shorts he was wearing. Like these being worn by actor Tom Lennon portraying LT. Dangle:

Sheriff's Dept. or Village People tryouts?


Oh no... I then caught him from the front and realized the blue hair (why do all the freaks seem to have blue hair?), makeup, nail polish, girly shoes, and swishy way of walking were all part of his obvious "look at me" ensemble. Thank God he was not my waiter, because I would have asked for another table. Since I was armed as usual, I had to maintain proper situational awareness, but I turned my gaze away whenever he came in to my line of sight. Am I an insensitive dick, you'd better fuckin' believe it, `cause I'm not playing along or enabling such stupidity, and I am sick of having to be polite and ignore it when it is shoved in my face.


Anonymous said...

I avoid “colored” hair, especially anything to do with food.

Too many are clinicly insane.

Cederq said...

You and me both brother, I do not take kindly to self absorbed freaks. I have an MS in Behavioral Science and have an understanding of the behavior, but not the whys except for the "look at me" angle. I ignore them, refuse to use the pronoun they want me to use and ridicule them at every chance.

Anonymous said...

I have a phenomenally low threshold for getting up and leaving any eatery these days. There are so many tatted up low personal hygiene lefties in food service work(tats do not mean low hygiene fuck you if offended) but shoving your life story in ink in my face & expecting me to deal with it & enjoy my meal. No! If a restaurant manager allows uncovered tats on the serving floor you have no idea what they allow in the kitchen where you can't see. It is rarely appetizing. Ugh, I'm gonna be sick.