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Thursday, November 24, 2022

Nice Addition

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers.


So this arrived last night and got put into service this morning.

Proctor-Silex Model #31124 6 slice/12" pizza Toaster Oven

Our firehouse has a simple residential type kitchen, not the big fancy commercial kitchens like you see on TV shows or in movies. We have an electric range, a microwave, a side by side refrigerator, and a four slice bread toaster. No dishwasher either. We have other things like crock-pots and coffee makers, but nothing fancy. When the station was built, career staff manning the station was unheard of. Now several people are in the shift rotation, and everyone brings leftovers or cooks. There have been many times I wished we had a toaster oven for leftover pizza, chicken wings, Marie Calendar's pot pies, or appetizers like jalapeno poppers or pizza bites. Homemade cornbread or muffins sliced in half don't fit in a slice toaster. So I proposed getting one to the leadership. This came from the Proctor-Silex website direct and listed for $74.99. On the main page is a 20% off coupon good until December 5th and all orders over $50 are free shipping. With Kommiecticut's money grab off the sale (sales tax) made the total come to $63.80. I made the purchase and had it shipped to my house, and the department has agreed to reimburse me.

I chose this particular model for a reason. It is a newer version of the one I have on my kitchen counter that we ended up with after my wife's grandmother passed away in 2008. When we cleaned out her place we were using a small Back & Decker unit, so grandma's was put up in the attic. Being from the depression era, Grandma Gladys saved everything, so it was safely stored in the original box and packing. When the little Black & Decker unit died, we put the Proctor-Silex into service. It has been over 10 years and still works great.

The toaster oven got its inaugural use to warm up the Thanksgiving blueberry pie for dessert this afternoon. My wife cooked a Thanksgiving turkey dinner and brought it down to the firehouse with her handicapped brother from his group home. She's awesome... what a feast! One of our engines needed fuel, so I took her brother with me to get diesel up at public works across town. He thoroughly enjoyed it. I did run the lights, siren, and air horns on the ramp before we got on the road.


  1. Sounds like a perfect thanksgiving day!

    1. @Anonymous: Well, I don't know about perfect. Not being at work yesterday would have been better for sure. But it was great for the circumstances. Someone has to answer the 911 calls for "savin' lives and fightin' fires" (LOL... we had no calls all day, just manned the firehouse). I did Thanksgiving like this a couple of years back with a different shift partner. As my wife was preparing to come to the station, the tones dropped for a medical call. I quickly called her to hold off until we got back so we ended up eating a little later.


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