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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Not Glamorous, But Still Sexy

Lifted from The Feral Irishman's "Friday Femme Fatale Farrago..." post from late last night.


She reminds me of those girls from high school that most guys wouldn't pay any attention to. But snag yourself one and she was a hidden gem, loyal to a fault, and horny as fuck. I remember guys holding out for a Farrah Fawcett look alike and always being alone. I always had a girlfriend. I actually had my first real girlfriend in 8th grade. The bus ride home was a makeout session every day, even though her older brother liked to rough me up when he caught me in school. She was a cute, freckle-faced, curly haired brunette with blue eyes named Phyllis. We got together because I thought she was funny, I paid attention and was nice to her, and it was she who initiated the "romance." I mean, here I am writing about a girl from 46 years ago that I will never forget. I ended up playing on the same softball team as her brother in the 1990's. Her brother told me she was married and her and her husband owned and ran a successful pizza restaurant. There were many others after Phyllis and before I met my wife and I believe every single one helped make me the man I am today.


I would be very interested in comments from both guys and gals on the subject.


  1. Personality is important.... But if you can pull a hot chick with a good personality then why not. My wife is 66.....still looks good for her age. Long time ago she could stop traffic. Never dated a plain jane....never had too.

    1. @Dan: When I met and dated my wife, she was a smokin' hot teeny-bopper that was an 18 year old senior in high school when I met her and 19 when she graduated, that hung out with several other hotties. We met by chance at a Halloween party, when her date passed out drunk. The rest is history. At 59 she has also aged well. The point is I never set standards for dating that was so high and unattainable that I ended up sitting at home watching TV with my parents. And I truly enjoyed the company of all of those girls.

  2. I have always preferred the "plain Jane" girls.
    A lot more important attributes than looks

    1. @Matthew W: a lot of times the amount of crazy is directly proportional to physical beauty or hotness. I got lucky. 2023 will be our 40th Wedding Anniversary.

  3. This gal also caught my attention. And the same thing, as far as my first girlfriend. My first girlfriend, was 3 years younger, and also initiated the romance.
    We actually married, had 3 kids, but only stayed married for 11 years. She also initiated the divorce.
    My present wife and I adopted 2 girls, have been married for 30 years, she is 3 years older than I, she initiated the romance, and we are closer than when we began.
    The term, soulmate is true, but only happens when two people work together to make it happen. Romance does not equal soulmate, it equals a chick movie. It is too bad it takes so long to figure that out.
    I was an athlete in school, so I was playing football on Friday nights in the fall. But for my last two years, in high school, I worked 5-10 Friday and Saturday night, and 9-9, all day Sunday, at the small town gas station pumping gas. So to date was kind of hard. I actually was the shy sort with girls, as far as romance, but was the friend of all of them. The non threatening guy, I guess. I was focused on being a good person, and such, trying to do well at everything.
    Then, after my senior year of football, and only spring baseball left to worry about, I got a girlfriend, and it has been downhill from there. College scholarships to play music, football, or other things, turned into a lifetime of foundry work. But due to my kids and my present wife, and even my first wife, who is now not a part of my life and I have no feelings for her either way, I would not change a thing. If we would change the bad parts of our lives, we would lose the good parts as well.
    Just as an aside, I love your blog, keep up the good work. Many would write the same thing, if they could.

    1. It's kinda funny... of all the girls Irish has featured on his blog, this one caught our attention enough to still be writing about. All the girls I dated were only slightly younger than I. My wife and I are separated in age by 10 months. Even now, while the young hot bodies are certainly nice to look at, I wouldn't care to be involved with the airbrushed perfect makeup, fake tits, and plumped lips or ass. This chick I featured put herself out there, imperfections and all. That makes her more real.

  4. My girl was a 6 or a 7. Suppose I was a 5 on a good day. Met her in grade 11. We had a shotgun marriage and everyone figured us for a broken family but we held together. Been married ever since.

    In fact it went the other way: all our relatives (brothers, cousins, some parents) got divorced. The women in our circle all got woke and socially progressive and that seems to be a marriage and family deal breaker, in my opinion. We’re going on year 37 now. I’d never get married again if my marriage fell apart. Something ugly has happened to the North American woman and most are not worth the time of day…

  5. She is perfect in my book, a real female, not like the other 99% fake crap out there.
    Firebird Gunner

  6. She is sexy, that's what caught my eye. All natural and a mischievous smile.
    Definitely agree that the wallflowers were more fun than the popular cheerleaders.

    Glad you enjoyed.


  7. I didn't date the prom queens, thought them shallow and narcissistic. Oh, they were nice to look at, eye candy as it were, but, I wanted something more then a pretty empty vase. I went for girls like this, I worked on a hay farm and a decent looking fellow and had a well muscled body and so had my pick. I had money and a pick up truck so asking for dates wasn't a problem. I wanted character and smarts then and now.

  8. I have to say, our prom queen was actually the nicest one of all. And was a beauty as well. She ended up becoming a nurse, although I only have seen her once since high school, she lives in the same city that I do.
    Of course, my high school class of 1978 had 78 kids who graduated. Small town and all, you know. Now that small town is fighting over a marijuana issue, people wanting a slice of the pie, here in Michigan. And the two counties that it straddles are both the meth capitols of the area. It seems like the poorer the area, the greater the drug problem. Chicken or the egg, I guess.
    Drugs have always been a problem up there, but they used to be mostly weed, and of course, booze for underage kids. Now the heavy drugs are so easy to get, with meth seeming to be the drug of choice.
    The war on poverty, the war on drugs, the war on terror, when will the politicians learn that unless you are fighting a real war against a real enemy, that you are willing to destroy, it is unwinnable? I guess an unwinnable war is too easy to take graft from. And only you can say that it is still ongoing. Pretty sweet deal, if you can get it. Here in Michigan, with our economy in the toilet, and our governor among the worst in the nation, we just had an election, and the people supposedly elected an entirely Democrat government, both the legislature and a second term for the Empress of Lansing. I wonder how they cheated to count those votes, because who would want the Democrats to run things, when they can't be trusted to run the city of Flint's water supply?

  9. Irish

    04 December, 2022 11:37

    And she had a great set of knockers !

  10. One word = Keeper

  11. Absolutely gorgeous in her Gawd-given beauty. Thanks for sharing this lovely lady and her ass-ets!


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