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Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Words Mean Things... Except When They Don't

This is what prompted today's post, from The Blaze.

So in order to totally get the attention of bored FIBBIE analysts everywhere, I will give them the what for. Have fun assholes.

AMazing hERo    going ER    Supreme Gentleman    Ascension    -cel    Chad Chadpreet    Chang

Tyrone    Femoid    Foid    Roastie    Just Be First    JBF    It's Over    LDAR    Looksmatching

Looksmaxxing    MGTOW    NEET    Normie    Blue Pill    Red Pill    Black Pill    Rope    Stacy

I488    14    88    ((( )))    Accelerationism    Alt Right    Based    Blood and Soil    Day of the Rope

Goys    Goyim    Great Replacement    Jews Will Not Replace Us    You Will Not Replace Us

LARPing    /pol/    RaHoWa    Shoah    Shoah'd    Siege Culture    White Genocide     

Zionist Occupied Government    ZOG

Two things; first, until I heard this story and read this moronic document, I had never heard or even read 95% of these words and phrases. Second, because Fedboi retards supposedly have issues reading anything written in Times New Roman, I have made their job even more difficult by using that font.





  1. Those words are as they say so start your door knocking assholes after the first one the rest are free, their neighbors know where their family lives. BFYTW


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