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Monday, June 5, 2023

Once Again, In The Dark of Night

While the citizens were asleep at 04:19 Saturday morning: New Kommiecticut Gun Control Passes Senate

Yup, that's how they always do it here in Commie Land, vote for infringements right before they scurry away to their little hidey holes. Then get it right to Jolly Ned for his signature. It all takes effect on October 1st. The lawsuits are already written and ready to be submitted immediately upon signature, so the pearl clutching and wailing and gashing of teeth will commence henceforth.

One of the things these unconstitutional/intolerable and unenforceable acts does is strengthen gun storage laws. Previously it only applied to young children in the home, but no more. It applies to everywhere. PICTURED BELOW WILL NOW BE ILLEGAL, however without daily violations of my 4th and 5th Amendment rights I can't be charged with anything proactively.

Self-defense at the ready. Oh, how they REALLY hate this!!

This is my night table right next to my bed as I was getting ready to turn in last night. The cord from the clock radio is for my cell phone and the fob for my alarm system sits on top of the phone all next to my glasses. The dogs will wake and start barking before the alarm goes off, giving me plenty of warning and ability to get up and prepare for a breach of my perimeter. Here's how this infringement will be enforced going forward. If I have to defend myself from an intruder, how did I have such quick access to my firearm if it was locked away unloaded and secure in compliance with the law? By non-compliance, of course. I'll just let the lawyers provided by my CCWSafe Ultimate Plan I pay $500 a year for defend me. Preventing citizens from self-defense, NOT CRIME PREVENTION is the true intent of the petty tyrants in Hartford as always.

The proposed bill in original form was much worse, here is a link to what actually passed. A provision I was happy that got removed was the prohibition of carrying any place that served alcohol. Currently that only applies to bars, and even then only if the owner specifically posts and prohibits it. Otherwise, every time I went out to eat, I would have to make a choice between ignoring the newly created *GFDZ and carry anyway, always going out to eat unarmed, or just never going out to eat. The prohibition of buying more than 3 handguns per month doesn't personally affect me because I can't afford more than one handgun every couple of years or so, BUT... it is still a stupid and unnecessary infringement that has zero bearing on what the criminal element does in acquiring firearms. They can expand the "assault weapons" and "large capacity magazine" bans all they want, I have been happily non-compliant since it's inception in 1994. The ban, in place since 1994, expanded in 2013, and now expanded again have been declared to be aggressively enforced, however the opposite is actually true. The 85% non-compliance rate has frightened the authorities into inaction, because they know there would be a lot of dead tyrant goon squad members not going home to their families.

*GFDZ = Gun Free Death Zone



UPDATE 6-5-23 13:40 EDT --  Here is a link to the bill history showing the votes. In typical Demon-Crap fashion, they apparently just kept voting and counting until they got the desired result. TELL ME THESE FUCKERS DON'T NEED TO BE DRAGGED OUT BOUND AND GAGGED FOR A CITIZEN TRIBUNAL! My rep and senator know their constituents and did the right thing by voting against it.


  1. Replies
    1. "Get to the CHOPPAH !!!!"

    2. @Bear Claw Chris Lapp and Matthew W: You guys will appreciate this old post of mine from 9-7-21.


      The meme is my own. You know what to do with it. The video is awesome.

  2. Replies
    1. As you can imagine, they won't just allow themselves to be bound and gagged to be frog-marched to a tribunal. They will be delivered to the citizenry quite bloodied and broken I am sure.

  3. When having to make my choice of carry or not carry in a prohibited zone, I will never admit to breaking the law........

    1. I will admit it .... just not to cops and well after the fact when it becomes third party "hearsay" not admissible evidence or testimony.

      Of course, having to defend myself will give it away.


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