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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

TDS Is Worse Than China Coof

Although I never agree with her politically, I do enjoy reading Comrade Misfit's blog Just An Earth-Bound Misfit, especially on Sunday mornings with her regular feature of Prop/Jet/Rotor Noise featuring military and sometimes rare aircraft in flight. I mean she is obviously a Pink Floyd fan, so....

But her post today cracks me up. The title is "Don't Let Them Live in Your Head Today" yet that is exactly what is going on with her and every other TDS sufferer. All the D/S/C propaganda media and Faux News wanted Nikki Haley to win, but there was and continues to be no way. I wish I could stomach an hour each of CNN and MSNBC to watch the meltdown post Iowa of Trump's historic win, but I am on shift for the FD and hunched over the toilet puking makes it hard to fulfill my duties.

As always, I wish Comrade Misfit well, and just imagine how much better the country would be if she and all the other TDS sufferers held the D/S/C's feet to the fire to follow The Constitution, actually improve the economy, close our borders, crack down on crime, etc. etc. instead of directing so much negative energy to one man and his supporters.


  1. I've stopped visiting her blog because of the TDS.

  2. I commend you on your intestinal fortitude to read that blog.
    Full of unredeemable stupid and ignorance.

  3. I also go to her blog on occasion, especially when the Gun Blog Blacklist shows an interesting topic. Because I unfailingly post that which is totally opposed to most of the people on her blog, as well as her, I try to limit my posts to only once in awhile. I actually posted on her blog today, Wednesday, about her asserting that the Republicans, and Nikki Haley especially, seem to be anti constitution and somewhat racist.
    I brought up the years after the civil war, and how the Democrats tried to stop the newly minted Black Americans from exercising the rights that they got with the 13, 14, and 15th amendments. From poll taxes to out right hostilities, they really made it difficult for former slaves to truly be free.
    Of course some may complain that the Democrats in question were Southern Democrats, a different critter than those of the North. Maybe so, but they were still Democrats.
    I made the point that the two parties of today are not those parties that existed back in the late 19th century. The thing about Trump and those who hate him and want to practically send him to Gitmo is that the reason they fear Trump is that they cannot control him. Plus Trump has a track record of making things better for almost all lower to middle class Americans, from reducing bureaucracy to making America energy independent to lowering the unemployment levels for Black Americans to their lowest % since they kept records of such things.
    Speaking of records, I note that the so called Climate Change Experts say that the temperature of the planet has gone up something like 1.5 degrees Celsius since 1850 or something. I don't know why no one else questions the fact that in the middle of the 19th century nobody could measure temperature to the tenth of a degree Celsius.
    I know that it is not popular to question climate change, but I don't question it, I think that it is complete hogwash, and while I know the temperature is changing, we call that weather. When they called it global warming they could not explain how the temperatures in various places were actually cooling off. So they came up with the term climate change, and covered all of their bases. Temperatures go up? Climate change. Temperatures go down? Climate change. Scientists are pretty good politicians, especially when they have a financial incentive in continuing to push the governmental agenda.

  4. Smooches to you, too.

    Love your blog title. Keep in mind that 81 million people who believe in this country voted for the guy you hate. And wave your musket all you want, you have the right to do that.

    (And we also have guns.)

    1. E.B. Misfit: Went to check your blog also, and almost broke myself laughing at the opinions there, both yours and your commenters.
      I don't have the time to try to respond to people's religious beliefs, as I see the political and social positions held there unsupported by logic, hence, as religion.
      Your statement here, about 81 million ballots counted for Biden may be correct. My disagreement with that claim is about the claim that those ballots represented actual, living, qualified voters. You say that you or your people have guns.
      I hope this helps you understand the heavy duty of care that carrying or using a gun is, that you are always aware and always do it responsibly.
      I will put your site on my "check occasionally to see what you people are up to" list, along with Politico, etc., but I don't think that it would be worth my while to comment there, as I think it unlikely that any communicative discussion would be possible. Tx, John in Indy

    2. I started the above comment before taking down my email shields, so there was no way for you to respond directly, should you wish to do so. I am posting this through my Google account, so that you might not dismiss me as an anonymous troll. John

    3. @Comrade Misfit: 81 million votes, yes. 81 million legitimate votes? Now THAT is where we differ. And yes, I am aware of your affinity for firearms and count you as a fellow gun owner, happily so. I would also be willing to bet you would not just hand them over willingly.

  5. I have seen her name dropped at a few other blogs and never had an inclination to wander over and gawk like a rubber-necker at a freeway twenty car pile up. I did this time and let me tell ya, you can never un-see that! What a waste of guns and bullets. So, she has them, is she inclined to use them? Thought not. Why people have TDS, I mean I didn't vote for him, hell I didn't vote for shitting joe or the magic, gay mulatto either, I haven't voted for a president since Reagan when an epiphany struck me like a wet noodle, our vote for a president doesn't matter one sucker fish at all. All it is is just a popularity poll amongst voters. My liberal brother and SIL and my four sisters have TDS and it use to make interesting get togethers and now, I just stay away from their insanity. I like Trump, he did a hell of a job despite his naivety, which, I hope and pray he has learned his lesson and kicks ass, doesn't take names and just shift them off to Guantanamo Bay or a third world children in action rendition prison.

  6. Although using TDS pretty much describes their thinking I prefer using TTS (Trump Tourettes Syndrome) to describe their affliction.


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