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Saturday, February 20, 2021


Because I love cold weather motorcycling, but not in wintry weather. My driveway is all snow covered because I use a snowblower and the driveway is gravel. The roads are all sloppy and covered in the sand/salt mix from the storm that pulled out of here last night. So this is where "The Beast" remains, as it has since right after the New Years Day ride.


A full tank of treated gas. Hooked up to the Battery Tender smart charger. Up on the center stand and a homemade oak front fork stand to keep the weight off the brand new tires. And finally covered up with a full cover from Wingstuff.com to keep the dust off. The garage door opener for the bike is locked out so no one accidentally opens the door and lets a blizzard in.

My biker bud and I have been out at least once a month since April 2019. It is looking like we will have to miss out on February.

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