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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Eligible Again - NFW!

At Governor "Jolly" Ned Lamont's COVID press conference yesterday afternoon, he announced the latest "vaccine" schedule. 55 and over can get jabbed starting March 1st. It will be the second time I am eligible, and this time I won't just say "NO!!!" but "FUCK NO!!"

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  1. 1973 Biloxi, Miss. The Air Force told us we would march down and get our flu shot. Something inside me said don't. I dropped the sleeve and laid my shot record down
    And stepped behind the tables, got my sleeve up, followed my shot record, stepped out and grabbed it. Next day everyone was sneezing, eyes itching, feeling like crap, not me.. Dodged another one the same way a few days later. I've never had the flu. Not taking the shot.
    As IF they are doing you some kinda favor.
    I've seen the video of the woman who lives in a convulsion.


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